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Velma and Ron Study Buddies
By Doc Icenogle

Hey Velma!

We can go up to my room to study. With all these guys around down here we could never get any work done. Ok with you?

Sounds like a very good idea Ron.

As on entering the room Velma seen it was a nice clean room but not overly furnished. Its was a boy's room all right.

Where should we sit and lay out the charts?

Well we can do it on the bed if you like or on the floor it's all up to you.

I think the floor would in fact be the best place to conduct our homework assignment. After all it would not seem appropriate for such work on the bed of a boy.

Well it depends on the work you plan on doing now I would think don't you? Heh Heh!

Ahhhum! Yes. Well lets see I have every thing we need for the project here.

Velma placed the supplies on the floor.

Ok our first project for the semester. Sociology has always been a strong part of my studies. But the subject I must admit is one I have always had problems relating to. The Sexual Views And Thoughts Of The Average American Teenager.

Well Velma I have always thought of you as being not quit an average girl if not quit normal.

And you Ron from what I have heard of you. Your outlook on this subject is over zealous to say the least. I guess that is why Professor Hunglong put us as study partners. Yah guess he though you would need all the help you could get on this subject. I mean we would all hate to see you end up with an A and not an A plus now would we?

Now look here you smarty pants I don't happen to be that big of a prude. I know the concepts of the coupling of the male and the female of the human race thank you.

You know you're right with that little speech you changed my mind. You probably would end up with an I for incomplete.

OOOOWWWW! Boys, you're all alike.

Velma then flopped down on the floor.

Lets get this thing going so we can get it over. tonight is Every 2nd slice of pizza free night at Pizza shack. Not only that there is also 2 extra hours of study time at the Library every Friday night. And I don't want to miss them.

Well wow 2 more hours of study time that's so WILD REALLY. Heh heh! And AND every other pizza slice is free oh man what are we waiting for lets run down there right now!

Boy Velma you sure know how to live. Yah I bet you are the Pizza Shacks best customer most of all when they have a bonus food night.




Velma pulled her self from the floor and in her hast gave Ron a nice View of her smooth inner thigh as well as her flowered cotton pantied crotch. Velmas thighs where pail and full well formed. The panties where cute and seamed a little snug as the covered only half of the cheeks of her well rounded ass that quivered slightly with her movements. Velma soon found her mistake and pulled her skirt down in place between her legs.


Velma blushed.

You could not look you know.

Hey your the one flopping your legs open it's not fault. Besides I thought you wanted me to look. Wanted you to look!

You duffis don't be silly. Besides you probably did not see any thing any way.

Oh I seen it all.

Oh yah! what color panties am I wearing smart guy?

Flowered, And with a big hole in them.





Velma turned quickly and retched between her legs to feel for the hole. Then turned to Ron.

You fibber I do not.

Ok ok! Sorry Velma I could not pass it up. But you have to well admit I got the Panties right. And it all looked good to.

Velma was once more fond herself in a situation she was not use to.

Just a little soft and out of shape is all.

Out of shape!

Sure I am a girl and I am suppose to be soft you know. But out of shape I am In very good shape.

Velma held out a arm.

Feel that.

Ron felt her arm and whistled you know you are soled.

I take it back. but your butt looks to be a little lose. But then that's the way I like them.

My bottom is not lose its as tight as the rest of me as if it is any of your concern. I take Karate and Yoga I will have you know.

Karate really?

Well I have had only one class but I learn fast. Don't you worry.

Sure thing.

How about something to drink?

Well thanks Ron that would be very nice of you as a host. Do you have any tea or even Milk?

Well no. But how about a soda?

Well I don't normally partake in carbonated tonic drinks. But I cant see the harm in one.

One carbonated drink coming up.

Ron reaches in to his little frig and removes the bottle of soda he had there. Filling glasses with ice and then filling the content half full of soda and then reaching for a bottle of Rum filled it the rest of the way for both of them.

Here you go.

Velma takes a drink and then coughs and crinkles her nose.

Ack I don't recall them being so strong.

Oh well this is "Jolt" its has twice the caffeine as most sodas. I thought the extra caffeine would be a plus for our studies.

Well I certainly can feel its effects kicking in.


I can see why some people enjoy them so much.

Lets see what we have here now ok?

How many Teens do you belive are in fact sexually active? Well with tv and the way people act today I would have to say at least 20% are.

Try 85%.

Your kidding?

Yah probably more like 99%.

Do you really think it's that high?

I sure do Velma.

I find that hard to belive Ron.

I am out there every day I see things heck I am a part of it. I am not like you hiding away in your own little world. In fact I would be surprised if your not the only one who is like this.

Hey there is no need to get abusive.

Some people like myself don't find the act of intercourse to be that important in our lives at this time. We have other golds first. And some of us still like to save out self for the wedding night still. So you are a Virgin.

I knew it. Heh

You Ron have a way of even making that sound nasty.

Well you know that there are other ways of having sex and be a virgin at the same time.

Yes I know Self dilatation.



Oh yah!

Next question right on track.

Do you masturbate?

Lets see now Yes about 5 times a day.


Are you going to post that on the paper? Sure am.

That's disgusting!


Let me guess you don't?

I don't see any point in responding to such a question.

I cant belive you are such a prude Velma that you don't even finger your self as some sort of satisfaction well?

I am not a Prude stop calling me that.

Ahum! Yes I do.

How often?

It ask for a number.

When its needed.

A number come on.

Once a night.

It helps me sleep.

I bet it does.

Wooo Hooo Velma's human after all.

How many fingers?

Jinkies! It ask that as well?

No! I just wanted to know.

Funny Ron.

Velma snickers and slaps his arm. Then looks at him closely. One.


Ok the average Length of the male penis is? Velma finishes her drink. I did not think I was so thirsty. I know that one I read about that in my Biology class. 4 to 5 inches. Oh man them poor fuckers.

Ron please your blue language is not needed here. It is home work not a stand up comic routine.


I was sort of surprised there so small.

Rilly now I guess you are going to tell a story of how your are above average?

You got that right.

Here let me get you another drink.

Well I suppose one more.

Handing Velma the glass once agen with a mix of Rum with some coke. Lets sit on the bed it's better then just standing and the floor has already been tried.

Well I guess there is no harm in doing that. So your above average in the boy area are you?

Well I guess you are about to find out. Next question Draw on the chart supplied the size of your penis.

You are Joking Ron.

This is a test you don't have to be a wit with every question.

Nope here.

Ron hands the papers to Velma read it your self.

Well I am going to leave the room and you can do that part your self. Hey I can't do that.

This is a team thing and it has to be done by both of us. And besides it takes 2 to hold it down almost.

Well I can't do it!

What you are suppose to be a scientist or something that's like a Doc right? Come on now just do it like its a experiment. You may make A's and stuff but some of us need this stuff done to pass the class you know Velma.

Well all right but don't get all crazy on me now.

Velma takes a place on the end of the bed with the chart and marker. Ron the opens her pants.

Show time!

Velma dose her best to not look directly at his penis.

Is it on the cart?

Not yet.

Why not?

I think they want it hard.

Yes of course they would.

Well is it now?

Not yet.

What are you doing?

Getting it hard silly.

You mean mean you are doing the nasty with me in the room with you?

Sure am!

How else would I get it up?

Unless you want to help?

Don't be a Smarty.

It's ready.

Come on Velma you are going to have to look to do it. Velma turns to look at the penis laying on the chart.


Ron it is the most beautiful. I mean ahum. Your Penis is in fact more then average in fact it is of mammoth in proportions. I must say I am very impressed.

He then took his prick and waved it in front of Velma.

Hey its double penis night in my pants every night. And it is all you can fucking eat for free Velma.

Care for a bite?

Velma was blushing so bad she was glowing.

Ron please its bad enough with out you doing that. So let's get on with our work.

Will you put that away now Ron? We have all the info we need from your boy part.

Hey it is a lot more easy to say that then do Velma. Come on Velma look. This thing don't bend in the middle. Unless you want to do something to get it back to normal?

Well do something with it. Try Tossing a cover over it then.


Velma it is a dick not a bird. I don't think that will make it go to sleep.

Velma took another drink and the chuckled at the way the cover tinted from Ron's crotch.

Come on there is lots of ways a boy and girl can find some relief and have some good sex at the same time.

And not have to have intercourse.

You would be referring to mutual masturbation I would think?

Well yah that could be a starter.

No thank you Ron I have my needs feel there with no problem. I don't need a 2nd party with that.

Well then how about you watch me as I do it then?

Ron laughed and put a hand under the cover and rubbed his penis.


Ron what are you doing?

Velmas eyes bulged and her face turned a beat red.

Stop That!

Velma gasped and then laughed.

Oh come on Velma why not?

I am not going to site here and watch you manipulate your thingy till you make boy batter are you crazy?

Come on I'll let you lick the spoon.

OOOO! Gross Ron!

Thanks not even funny.

There is no way I could even consider such a thing and two it's not healthy. Do you know the germs that you can get from being down there. And not being circumcised would probably even double the chances.

I could wash it for you?

Ron come on now besides why would some one want to do Fellatio in the first place? It's a dirty place to be even touching. And the bi product would not be any thing but what one would want to he putting in to there own body for satisfaction. Besides it would clearly be a one sided act to be performed for pleasure. What reward could the one doing such a act accomplishment? The same would go for Cunnilingus there is no benefit to the act.

Well not if are a nave prude who would not even give it a chance. I can see your point.

I am Not a Prude Ron. I simple look at things at there true content.

Oh yah then what about 69?

Ummm 69?


You know you eat me I eat you.

You mean Fellatio and Cunnilingus at the same time between 2 people?

Oh my! Jinkies!

I never even pondered such a thing.

Velma takes a drink from her glass and thinks of the concept.

While Ron now siting next to her on the bed fondles her thigh and sneaks fingers under her skirt.

They would I imagen have to lay over one another bodies and each facing the openest direction and the act could be preformed following this arraignment.

Ron felt the crotch of Velmas panties and found it to be soaking wet from her cunt cream he traced the crotch band with a finger. Shit is she hot. Velma seamed unaware of what Ron was doing.

While as the Male is the more dominate of the the race as with most breading technics he of course would be on top of the female. So that his penis would dangle over her Oral orifice and as long as bother when properly cleaned.

Ron now slipped her panties slowly to one side from her crotch and so pulled the skirt onto her hips to get a better view of Velma's thick matted pubic area. The hair was very thickly mated and was of the same hough as that on her head. It was also surprisingly very soft to the touch. Velma talked on.

He would of course have to remove it from her orifice before he made his Climatic response to the pleasure?




Ron now tried to open the sweet lips of Velmas vagina and at the same time attempted to ease her back onto the bed.

What are you doing? You are going to make me spill my drink.

When Velma did finally look down and seen her bare crotch and Ron's hand there she almost flipped.



Get your hands off me. What in the world do you think you are doing?

Come on relax. It feels good don't it?

Well yes! But you cant do that to me. I know how boy's are next you will want to try to breed with me. I told you I am not going to do that act till I am married. Now that's the way it is and I mean it to.

Ok! Ok! Relax. I will not do that to you. Just enjoy it give it a chance you seen mine so its only fare I get to see yours to. Come on your safer with me them most guys. You know my rep. I have had plenty of sex with girls. I am sure I can control my self and not rape you with out you provoking it. Lets just relax here. That's better lay back and let me have a look. After all who better to do this then me. I know what I am doing.

Ron got between Velma's open thighs and spread the thick hair away from the lips of her Virginia. the muscles of the Virginia where locked tight. But with a little stimulation they began to relax and opened slightly as they swelled with sexual need. Ron then parted the lips and looked long and deep into the pink orifice. Ron and then sniffed deep of it. He knew she would be clean and was right. It smelled of "Zest." But it also was now musky and humid down there and smelled of sex. The clit was erect. Her pussy its self in fact was surprisingly small compared to the ones he had seen. This was also the same with her tiny puckering pink and brown Bunghole that he could but barley see between her full bum cheeks. Ron kissed her Tummy and thighs and flicked his tounge over the hard knot of her clit.


Velma almost shot clear off the bed.

What are you doing?

She looked down at him wide eyed and panting.


Ron said looking at her from his vantage point.



Are you sure about this?

I told you I am not going to bread with you and I really DO NOT! prefer to do the return favor to you if you Uhhh know what I mean?

Will you relax and enjoy it. this one is on me.

Ron when back to licking at the pink folds. Velma watched as his face returned her crotch and as soon as his licking resumed on her dainty virgin lips. She tossed her head back as if in a fit and grasped and the bedding. Her hips pitched and pushed at his face. As she whimpered and mudder as if she was in a spontaneous climax. Her face turning a beat read again sweat popped out all over her body. Velma tossed her head back and forth and licked madly at her own lips. her nails dug into the bed ripping at the sheet.

Oh Yes!




Ron stopped and lifted Velma's hips and tugged off the skirt and slipped the panties to her ankles.

Whats whats wrong?

I need more room panties in the way. You like it?

Oh yes! I love it thank you Ron.

No problem. Besides there are other ways for you to get me off as well as you.

Other ways?

Sure there is anyways anal sex.


Velma snapped from her trance.

Sure a girl like you with a nice big butt like yours should have no problem taking a sexy hard fuck in the ass.

Ron Like!


Ron I am very surprised of you even thinking of such a thing. The bottom hole is for doing dirty stuff. I mean its for your you know doody not sex. That's Just silly talk. It's a dirty and stinky smelling thing so why would any one want to do such a thing. It's a out hole not a in hole and besides it would have to hurt to do such a thing any way.

Velma get real what about gay people they do it all the time. And they like it.

Yes but there not normal they have to do it. I would think though some sick and twisted urge for pain and domination.

Its not for normal people like us.

After all there could not be any pleasure in it. Only to there mate. There could not be any fun to have something like that in your butt.

See now that's where you are wrong. Did you know Velma 80% of women have done anal sex and out of all of them 75% have enjoyed it and done it more then once?


I did not know that.

Hey I read the stories in Playboy as well as look at the other parts. Come on whats wrong with it?

You can wash off after your done and your good as new. You Can stay a virgin and have a nice sex life. And a healthy sex life is very important to your health as well you know. There is no chance of any unwanted problems like with normal sex.

But it would hurt.

Come on Velma you have pooped bigger turds then what most of these guys have for a dick now tell the truth.

Well maybe.

And that's another cool part about anal sex. you have sex with a guy you don't even need a condoms well only if you know them well or something.And When you are done and if the guy nuts in you all you have to do is go take a dump and your clean again. You don't even have to douche. Like the old saying goes with friends like me who needs enemas?

That's disgusting Ron.

Ron laughed. Shit ok! The last one was a bit fare but none the less true. Tell you what you think about it. Here check this out.

Ron moved to his vcr and tv and popped in a tape. Her check this out and let me get back to what I was doing here. the tv came to life and the screen read. Ass Masters 4 the ass lover.

Now I am going to show you something new Velma.


Before Velma could respond velma found herself on her back again and her knees under her chin. And then the sexual shock of her young life. Ron swabbed his tongue over her sweet and virgin pooter.


Velma kicked her feet and screamed. And Ron did his best to hold her in place.

Sorry she then whispered.

Hold it down will you.

Sorry Ron but you tickled my you know what.

I did not tickle your you kow what. I licked your asshole.

Once more her eyes bugged out.

You licked my butt?

Like this.

Looking at Velma Ron flicked out his tongue and fluttered it over the wildly puckering hole there. Velma did her best to suck in the hole from his tongue. He tried to work in the tip and Velma Sqilled.

That's my dirty hole you know?

Taste fine to me.




Ron ran the flat of his tongue over the hole. And winked. Velma bit her lower lip to keep from crying out in response. Velma then smiled. She liked this even better then when he had licked her cunt.

Ron are you sure you want to do that?

Do you like it?


Better then the other even?

Oh yah baby You have one beautiful ass.

Ron pulled her cheeks wide and pushed his wet mouth to the hole and sucked on it. When he removed his face from her and smiled and said. As he tugged on the anal hairs with his shinny white perfect teeth.

I could do this to you all night. If you like it?

Oh My!

She clinched her teeth as he nipped at the hairs.

Now open up and watch the show.

She relaxed and looked at the tv. Velma seen a woman sucking on a mans slong even bigger then Ron's. Velma thought to herself. She sure looks to be having fun with with that thing. Look how much is in her. What can it really hurt it its washed and he was to wear a condom? Velma was about to offer yo Ron a return of Oral sex. When he suddenly slipped his tongue a nice tight 4 inches up her ass. His teeth now bit into her ass as he forced his mouth as hard as he could to her as he forced every bit of tongue deep into her. With this he began to fuck the hole with it. It flipped and then wiggled slurped and darted. It did it's best to go even deeper. This was way to much for her. And for a few seconds Velma lost her consciousness. She then fond her self once more still on the bed and Ron working her ass the same gusto as when she last recalled. Looking over at the tv the man was now behind the girl and was fucking her. In her dirty hole. And you could see from her face she was loving ever part of it. Velma was so aroused she had to do something and now.

Ron RON!

I need you?

What do you need Velma?

I need to be satisfied. I need you to give me what I need. What we both need Ron. Please use my Dirty Hole! I need your love in my dirty hole. Please do it now.

Ron jumped up and smiled.

You are going to like this trust me.

What do I do?

Ron went to the TV to turn it off.

No leave it on.


I helps to see them doing it and having fun with it if that's ok.

Sure Velma no problem with that at all baby.

Ron please be easy ok?

I am still not sure I can do this but I want to try.

Well get you off don't worry one way or another. Now lose the panties and take off the shoes.

Ron looked at Velmas butt. As Velma bent to take off her shoes Ron slipped a wet finger into her ass.




Wet and tight oh baby I cant what to make them big ol' cheeks dance agents my belly.


Do you have to talk so nasty?

Heck that's half the fun velma. Let lose and have a ball. Don't be so fucking retro. You know the words use them. Lets make this as fun as we can.

Ron where do you want me?

Well here and now.


Let me move our stuff and I will be right with you.

Velma placed the items on the burial and then walked back to the bed. Velma still dressed in her Sweater and knee socks.


I really can't belive I am going to get it in my bottom tonight.

Now all I need you to do is to lay down and lift this leg over in front of you so I can better get at you. Here use this pillow to get more confutable.




Like this?

Velma ask as she struck the pose. Now that looks fine.

As Ron scooted on the bed Velma once again looked at his monster size prick. Now that she had a few moments to cool back down she started to wonder if this was a good idea after all.

Ok Velma. Lets get you nice and fucked.

Well lets give it a good try at least.

Don't worry your fucked trust me. I mean look at them 2 one the screen. Shit Velma you know you want it. Look at that. Can you tell me that ass was not meant to be fucked and I meant it?

Velma looked at the screen. They seam to really enjoy the act that is most apparent.

But remember now Ron I am not like your other friends. This is all very new to me so please be patient.

Sure Velma I will not be mean to you I am not that way at all. But I Will do what I have to to make this work. For you and me it's not only for pleasure it's like a science project and me passing this course this semester for sure.

Passing the Course what do you mean?

Huh? A figure of speech is all. I really need to do good on this project that's all.

As Ron rubbed the penis on Velmas hole and he began to press hard at Velma's shitter. Velma then gasped and her own response was to flex her cheeks in response to stop him from using his penis to penetrate her in that manner. Using his thumbs to pull her plump and nerves ass open wider. Ron pushed harder.

Well come on Velma relax. I don't want to hurt you.

It's not that easy. Like I said even if I know I want sex this way. My bottom side is still saying no Ron. It still seams so unnatural to me to be doing this. It's not like I even thought of doing such a thing before 10 minuets ago.

Sure I can see that Velma. Tell you what now you watch the movie and relax that's right. Let me take care of this problem.

As Velma watched the film and did her best to relax. Ron huffed and puffed and pushed and probed and done his best to get into her and was having no luck. As Ron was behind her on the bed on his knees doing his most best in a effort to get the monster size head in at least. He snorted and puffed.

Come on! You little shitter give it up.

Ron spred the cheeks with his thumbs and at the same time scooted her along to him on the bed but with no luck. The head only flattened agents the puckered hole. The only response he managed to get was a small fart. As if it where laughing at him.


Sorry about that Ron.

It's nothing Velma all part of the act. Are you sure you are trying to relax? I cant get it in even a little. Man that's got to be the tightest ass I ever seen. And with such a big ass who would have ever thought it.

Well Ron I want you to know that I have appreciated your effort. Even if it has not been a compleat and utter success. But if you want to give up I will understand and.....

What give up? No I don't think I am ready to give up yet Velma.




Ron then reached around and parted the now soaking lust filled lips of Velmas vagina. They parted with a wet smack. They were so well drenched in Pussy cream. Smooth and oh so fucking pretty to look at. So tight and pink he could smell her musk.

We may have to brake in your little Hoochy after all Velma? I will leave that to you.

But No I am not giving in that easy. You are going to get fucked I told you that from the start one you said you wanted it. And two I don't give up that easy. You are not getting off this bed till we both are happy. Now ass or Pussy pic it one cherry or the other but one gets popped tonight.

Now hold on Ron.


Ron you relax. Don't you get all flustered with me. I told you my Pussy willow is off limits. And if you think you are going to get it you are mistaken. You got that? Well?

Yes Velma! Im sorry but I am so horny right now I could pop a nut looking at you. You got me so hot. You are such a babe.

Don't give me that sweet talk you are just like any boy your all whipper snappers and out for one thing.

Well I said we would give it the best try we both could and we will. Now let me up Ron. And lets see what I can do about this project?

Velma then claimed off the bed and looked around. Then she Marched over to the dresser. Her cheeks quivered as she did so and the pre cum and spit placed there by Ron made them shimmer.

What a beautiful ass.

Velma looked over the top of the dresser.

Thank you Ron and if things go right you can make love to it to before this night is over.

She looked over her shoulder and winked and shook it at for him trying her best to act sexy. And even shocking her self with her new found boldness.

Ron I cant belive you don't have any hand lotion or some sort of petroleum bassed ointment. Most all of you boys are so particular about your hair and such any more now days.

Bottom drawer on the right you will find a jar of Vaseline.

As Velma bent to open the drawer her full up turned cheeks opened and then Ron saw the pooper between her full cheeks once more and it puckered at him almost like it was winking at him. Velma then stood and propped a leg up on the bottom drawer and opened the large 10 oz jar of Vaseline.

May I?

Yes Please!

As Velma scooped the lube she smiled.

You know to keep a piston in a car from wearing out you have to keep it properly Lubed. As well as with any basic machine you get friction and not only does this hamper performance it shortens the life of the said machine. When not properly lubed what can you expect? Well Intercourse is in its self a form of working machine in action. And I am sure anal intercourse is no exception so I am sure that this will go a long way on making our mutual fun a lot more successful.




Velma now placed the jar back on the dresses now more then half empty. As Velma walked back to the bed her swaying ass made nasty but very sexy slurping like sounds as her cheeks where now so well lubed.




Now some for you to.

Velma them reached down and took hold of Ron and wiped the rest of the lube on to his penis head.

Then She claimed onto the bed and pulled the pillow under her and rested on it and tilted her ass at him as she looked at him.




Now lets see what happens shall we?

Ron Climbed behind her and took his thumbs and opened her wide. This made her asshole pucker out like a small mouth as if it wanted to kiss the head of Ron's dick. Ron rubbed the head on the pooter and it would puckered. And when it did Vaseline would come from it like it was trying to lube its self and his penis.




You ready.


Ok when I count 4 you push ok.

Yes what ever you say.


All Right that's the way it works baby!

Oh Jinkies! Oh Jinkies!

No Ron! Oh Ron! Don't Move! I think I am about to poop on your bed. Somethings wrong oh my!

Relax ok! I am in you now. So relax it's in your ass that's all. It is?

No wonder it hurts so much and I fell like I have to take a poopy. Well at least it cant get any worse. Velma sighed.

It's only the head.




The The.... you mean?

Yes Velma we are just getting started.


Ron I cant take much more.

Sure you can your a big girl. And I am in now so that cherry is popped and there is nothing to stop me now. Nothing but me.

Velma gave him a elbow in the midriff.


Nothing but you Velma.

Remember that.

But relax!

Ron massaged her clit and kissed her neck.

You don't want me to stop now do you?


Ron tugged at a nipple and licked her spine what did you say Velma?


He rubbed her clit harder. Sucking her ear lob he gave his penis a little shove and ask her again what was that?


No what?

NO I don't want you to stop.

She glared at him.

Stop what?

Doing my dirty hole.


The Anal Intercourse you are preforming to me now.


Fucking your ass?

She turned to him her face flushed by her own words and looked angerly at him for what he was provoking her to say.

That's right Velma I am fucking your ass. I am fucking little miss prude Velma Dinkley in her ass and she likes it.

Don't you?



YES! I like it in the ass.

Ron looked at her and smiled you like it don't you?

You like talking nasty?


Velma turned her head away.

You don't?

It's no nice it crude uncouth and not very good manners.

You know that's true you are right. But it feels good though huh?


Look at me as I slide it in you. that's right look right at me you know you love it don't you?

Still make you feel like you have to poop?


Don't worry I have you so fucking full of dick there is no way you could shit if you tried.

Try go ahead and try do it. Yah! Do it work that ass and Milk my dick.

You got it baby it feels good work that ass try to shit me out.

Do it Velma come on don't be so fucking shy.

Ron slaped Velma platfully on the ass.

Velma gave a little yip. Then grunted as she bared down harder to try and push him out like she was trying to take a big a poop.

Oh Shit baby keep it up. YES! Milk me with it. YAH! Sweet. Makes me want to even fuck you even more. Yah that's right. Don't stop.

Ron was now pumping in to Velma on a steady pace. The Vaseline in her well lubing her ass was feeling the room with nasty smacking sounds. Ron turned them both so they now faced the dresser and the mirror there.

Look Velma see what where doing?

Yes I can see it Jinkies! I am not blind.

She panted.

Look into the Mirror and smile for me let me know you love it.

Velma looked up panting and smiled.

You love it don't you?

Yes I love it!

You love it in the ass right?

I love it in my bottom.

You Like getting fucked where you shit. You like it in your big ol' ass don't you? Say it!

Looking into the mirror Velma said.

Yes fuck me in the SHIT HOLE!

I love it in MY BIG FAT ASS!

Velma smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Who's a prude she thought to herself. There was no pain no urge to poop now at all. Only pleasure for her She was loving it.

Let's do a swap now. I need a brake here you take over.

What do you mean?

Here let me lay down here.

Ron slipped from Velmas hole with a


Her hole did not close up right away and as it did she let a little fart.

Now site on me.

You mean ride you like a bike?

I would prefer a bull.

Let me get so more lube Ron.

Velma you don't need more Lube trust me on that one. I know it is fine. Ok?


Velma then climbed on to the bed and stood over his belly and then squatted and eased her big sexy butt down on to his dick the now well fucked bottom had no problem taking it all the way down. Velma then garbed hold the bed on either side of him and began to bounce her buns up and down over his penis using her powerful legs. Faster and faster. The bed creaked and shook the springs creaked and the head board banged the wall.

That's it use that ass. Make it fucking cum for you. Make us both cum.

Ron worked on Velmas nipples. Velma slid down taking it all in her ass and hunching her clit on Ron's hard belly. Soon she though back her head and cried out in utter climax.

Yes Yes Jinkies Yes!

Ron at this time also came deep in Velma's over hyper asshole filling it with his seed. Velma then pitched on top of Ron and layed there.

That was excellent.




Now Velma do me a favor.


Don't let me out of your ass but turn to face the mirror.

Velma did so and looked into it. Ron pulled all the way out of her with a wet. PLOOP! Velma was so shocked at what she seen. Velma's asshole was stretched so huge it looked as if it could have took a tennis ball and not touch the sides. Ron then returned it back in her and pulled out and once more as Velma looked on. It made nasty wet sounds each time he did this to Velma. Ron did this several more rounds.




Velma Smile for the Camera.


You mean?


There is a Camera?

You mean all this time that mirror? Ron you big Shit Head.

Velma slammed a elbow into his midriff. Then got him in a Half Nelson.

What is this all about you can't get away with this you know. Even if I was willing here is Laws about a persons own privacy you know. what is this all about?

Ok OK!


Professor Hunglong made a deal with me that if I could bang you and get it on film. Well he would pass me thought his classes.

You did it for that? I have met some Villains in my time but that's low. Velma squeezed him tighter. She then rammed a knee into his side.


Yah !

But also did it because I always liked you so much to Velma. I always liked the way you act and I think you are so pretty.

Are you fibbing to me to get me to let go?

No really.

Well ok!

Velma let him go and they sat on the bed.

Well this is a strange way to show it. Trying to film me for another man to see us doing stuff.

Do you ever think of what you are doing at all?

Velma Fluffed his hair. Ronny you are so silly Ron.

I wonder what he want the tape for?

I don't know what it was for. I guess he was going to black mail you with it.

For what?

Sex I guess he wanted to fuck you as well who knows?


I bet he is a pervert to. ***************************



There is no way to know what that old nasty would have tried to make me do for him as for his odd sexual needs and urges for me it could almost be any thing at all.

Well hey don't worry about it Velma. He is not going to get it any way so be cool.

He's not?

Are you sure you are not still planing on trying to do it?

No way!

I can't do that to you. I mean when I started out it was a good idea but now I could never do such a thing as that. I promise. Just these classes are so hard there is no way I can pass them. I am just to stupid.

Ron don't be silly. What you need it a tooter is all. Yah right I cant afford to get a tooter.

Well I know some one who would be more then willing to be your tooter.


Velma really even after all of this that I did tonight?

Hey it was not all bad now was it? Beside you can tooter me like you did tonight on things I would like to learn more about. And what better person then some one I do care about.

You mean?


So the way I see it we both benefit and Ron you even get some extra perks besides a education.



Now lets say you let me have that tape right now.





I have a call I need to make as well.

No dice.

She was a prude all the way she never gave a inch.

Yah I know.

No tape no free pass for the semester. But I have a felling I will do just fine any way.

Thanks Pro any way.


Velma You are the beat!

The end.

Posted 1-14-05

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