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Our story Begins in a Dark wooded area just out side the city of Gothem. As a large Lonesome figure caries his hostage deeper into the dense woods.




Solomon Grundy will you let me go?


You know you can not get away with this. Batman and Robin and the gang will be out looking for me any time now.




Now lets get this settled in a civil manner and over with.

In other words. What is it you want?

Don't worry Glasses Girl Grundy not going to hurt you. Grundy really not bad, Grundy just Lonely that is all Grundy want is to have a friend and fun to like the rest.

Well Jinkies!

If that is all then why do you always fight and Do so many Bad things then Mr. Grundy?

Because people always run away from Solomon Grundy. That is all they do. That make Grundy mad. That way Grundy is bad. And all the Super Hero's Do is fight Grundy never ask what Grundy want wrong? No Always think Me bad and want to fight never nice to poor ol Grundy. Grundy watch people all have fun. Now Solomon Grundy want to have fun too.


Glasses Girl Smart you Help grundy. Glasses Girl Pretty Gundy like Glasses Girl. So now Grundy want to Play with Pretty glasses girl.


My name is Velma.


In What manner are you indicating? I consider my self a whizz with Scrabble and I do like a brisk challenging game of Chess.

So what is your preference Solomon Grundy?

Humm! Yes Grundy want to play Chest with girl.

Grundy reached out and began to fondle Velmas breast.


Now you hold on right there you big Galoot I said CHESS not CHEST.

Now you stop that silliness.

But Grundy want to play. Solomon Grundy want Sex Toooo!



Are you kidding Me! Sex with you? You have to be kidding me?

You hate Grundy too?

Ok Glasses Girl you can go home now.

I am sorry Grundy but I mean you are well.... Jinkies! A zombie and a giant Zombie at that. I admit I am no Virgin. But I don't even know if such a thing can even be done? I am sorry!

What will you do when I leave Mr. Grundy?

Guess Grundy go bake to what Grundy do best fight.

But why must you do that for?

Glasses Girl was Grundy's last hope for fun. Grundy now stop trying and be what he must be. Grundy will Fight and Smash all who try to bother him.

Jinkies! Are you telling me if you have sex with me you will no longer fight and will be good?


If girl be nice to Solomon Grundy with Sex Solomon Grundy would be nice to all other people.

Now you are not doing this so that I have sex with you and then turn around and be mean?

Do I Have your Promise?


Me be nice then. If you have sex with Solomon Grundy He be good to every one to. Well?

Ok we will give it a try but I am not making any promises. And you still have to be nice even if we try. But lets start slow.

I have had a little active sex life but I still am sort of new to it in ways. Do you remember much about your sex life before Mr. Grundy? Have you been active at sex at all?


All he remember was Sex was good and he like it very much.

Ok lets start with a little foreplay.




Putting her shoulders back Velma lifted her lower half as she drawled her self to where she had pulled her legs in to where he could see her pantied crotch. They where quit sexy one would think for such a girl of Velma's nature. They where of a a leopard pattern. And there shiny viberint orange color and bold black spots made a nice contrast to her pail inner thighs.

Ok lets see how well you take suggestions Mr.Grundy?

Here we have my doodle hole! Now you can touch me if you like? But only thought my panties. For now.




As he ran a finger over Velmas Crotch. She just realized just how much of a Big man Solomon Grundy truly was.

Jinkies your finger is a big a Shaggy's prick.




True the digit was as large as most mens penis. She though that this many in fact have been a very bad idea to agree to such a bizarre plane as this.




As Velma though this over she was very nerves about the prospects of sex with this Galoot. But at the same time it was also very stimulating to her as well.

Hey Lets try it from a bit of a different position shall we?

With that she roiled herself over onto her all 4's for him.

Come and get it.

Lets play with it this way for a bit too.




Velma wiggled her sexy Leopard skin Pantied butt. You said you wanted to play?




Now you can slip the crotch to the side and play with my Virginia Mr. Grundy.

Grundy pulled the cloth to the side and spreads her cheeks wide as Velma lifted her bottom to his inspection. He looked closely at the orifices offered to him.

The pink/brown anus puckered as he pulled the cheeks wider. This fascinated Grundy and with a thumb and forefinger he spread the hole open even wider. Velma as she watched him from over her shoulder blushed and flexed her bottom cheeks to try to stop him from inspecting it further. With a giggled she looked at him.



You big Silly!

Don't look at that that it is my dirty hole you you Igmo. It is the other you want.




So how about we get these wet nasty panties off.

Grundy grabbed the crotch and ripped it from the panties.

Now look here!

That was uncalled for.

You over stepped your line once more and do a inconsiderate act like that again and I may just call this entire thing off.

Now do you understand me you vagabond?


Grundy sorry!

Me not mean to be bad. Grundy so want to play sex with Velma he got in hurry. Me think Glasses girl so pretty me get excited is all. But me be nice now.




Now then lets do this in the correct manner my over sized rascal. You have to give me a little foreplay before we get right to the act of Intercourse.

Alright touch me down there.

If you would like?

Yes like that.




Velma then dropped and rolled onto her back again and parted her legs for Grundy.

Grundy parted the Puffy camel toe of Velmas Pussy with a wet little smacking sound and looked at the wet pink lips. Velma then unzipped her skirt and worked it off her hips and put it behind her head. As the monster man worked her pussy into a lather. Velma layed back and panted in lustful need.

MR.Grundy I love it.

Oh how she now wanted to do the nasty with this huge Super Villain so much she was now on the verge of cuming here and now.

Velma then pulled his cum coated dildo like digest from her pussy.

With this Velma rolled on to her tummy and then got on all 4's and offered herself to him. Velma though with her strong back this would be in fact the best way to hold him weight. And take him as deep as posable.

Now he moved in on her. And was now mounted on Velma.


Velma was wrong and they both fell to the forest floor with a thud.




Velma was pined down and could barley breath let alone move.


Get Off!


Hurry Up!

Ackk! Oh my back! How much do you weigh? I was about smashed flat. Now that is one act that is not about to fit both our needs at all.

Velma rolled over and out of the shallow dent that her body made in the soft forest floor.




What we need is a way for me to support your weight and me off the ground?

Grundy know there a stump over there. you get on stump and then me can fuck you that way.

What you think?

Hey now that's a clever idea you have there Mr. Grundy.

Me seen people doing it like that last night.

With this Grundy began to spank her plump bottom. Velmas full but firm cheeks danced wildly to the love pats bestowed by him.

Hurry and climb over there so Grundy can fuck you.

Velma started to comment to the fact she did not like the idea of being spanked by him. Let alone told what she had or needed to do. But the fact was she was horny now and she wanted this fuck almost as much as he did.

Do she began to crawl to the stub of a tree. Her cheeks where a very tempting as they wiggled and quivered as she crawled in front of him. With him in close behind her.




As she did so he was right with her all the way his large bulging penis was jetted out from him and flopping all the way to between her legs.

When ever she would slow down it seamed to be there to give her a little goose to once agen urge her on.

Velma could feel his dick tapping on the under side of her pussy as well now and then as they crawled along the forest. It was a steady and erotic beat.




Velma crawled onto and took a position on the tree stump and reached back to part the lips of her pussy.

But the huge penis found a hole it wanted even more. And with a move of his super strength it interred her with but little resistance.



What are you doing?

Velma was shocked to find that it was her ass he wanted more then her pussy. She was even more surprised at how willing her ass was to take him. Even thought it did bring her a certain amount of discomfort it was surprisingly nice in all.

She was going to like this.




Velma emitted a grunt as Grundy pushed in deeper.




I have to take a poop!

But he pushed in her even more.

I never thought about the fact you would be so big all over. Heck I never even thought to look.

So easy there big boy and lets take it slow.

Velma tried to take her mind off the ned to poop.

So you said you seen some one doing this last night?

Out here?



They look like they having so much fun doing it that Grundy want to do it even more then ever.

As he told Velma about what he had seen he worked in even deeper.




Yah them have lot of fun. No one would think they do that. But Grundy see them.



Velma puffed and grunted as he fucked her.

Was it some one you knew?

Yes! You know them too.

I do?

Yes! It be BatMan and Bird boy Robin doing it.



Hah Hah Hah Hah!

You have to be kidding Me?

When she began to laugh her asshole puckered and squeezed on his penis. It seamed as if it was sucking him in even deeper.

OHHHH! Yes Grundy Like!

Velma feel so good when she laugh like that.

This made Velma laugh even more. She laughed so much she began to fart.


This really must be tickling my fancy.

Velma now had taken all of the dick in her ass. And she began to pump with even more need. Velma now played with her pussy and he fucked her.

Here let me stand up so you can even get at it even better.




Oh man you are in there all right.

Velma stood up and straddled the tree stub and then rested her head on its bass and looked along between her legs to where she could watch with amazement at the sight of the way her asshole stretched around his mammoth prick with such need.

Yes this even better.

Me like.

Me likey too.

Velma laughed.

So close Grundy going to cum soon.

Yes me too pump me faster faster!

As they pumped together faster the air was filled with there musky smells. the sounds of there act filled the forest with passion. Velma slammed her ass back to his dick and panted and grunted with wild desire. As he held tight to her and slammed hard into her in return her thrust.

Here it come now!

Grundy squirt his seed nice and deep in her shitter. It filled her ass to the bream and once filled flowed down her thighs.


That's it baby fill my butt cream.


Velma watched as filled the hole then slipped out. And slid down her legs to be soaked up into her socks and Velma could smell its musk.

Grundy slipped from velmas shitter with a wet "Plooping" sound.




Velma was now more aroused then ever. Velma's ass snapped shut to hold all that sperm deep in her ass. What did not run out before. It felt so nasty in her so fucking sexy.

Well I wont have no problem pooping tonight.

She laughed.

So was that all you wanted to do? Are you happy now Mr. Grundy? Is there something else I can do for you?




Yes me want more.

Me want to do it all.

Velma crawled over to him and ask.

What would you like to do now?

He took hold of the back of her head. And guided her head to his crotch. Velma suck me like Bird boy do with his buddy Batman. Now till Grundy hard and can do more sex with you.

Well I don't really think that is a great idea.




But from the look of things it did not mater if she thought it was or not.

As grundy pulled her head even closer to his dick. Velma decided it would be best to put her own hygienic problems to the side and do her best to make the most of this act. Velma wanted to fuck to and if this was the the way to get it.

Velma then formed her mouth into a soft wet O shape.




Velma sniffed the tip then licked it. It smelled well besides what was obvious and tasted like Mushrooms. Velma loved to eat them. In fact. She was a hunter them when ever they came into season.

Velma took a deep breath and then took it into her mouth and started to suck on the head. at least it was not as bad as she had thought it would be. She nursed the tip and pumped the meat and it began to harden yet again.




As she sucked his dick. He moaned in pleasure. And pulled himself even deeper into her sucking mouth she began to like the feel of his dick in her mouth. Velma took out his his balls from his pants and rubbed and rolled them adding to his pleasure she sucked harder.




Velma sucked and slurped on his dick as he took a seat on the tree stub and pulled her even more onto his dick. Velma then got on all fours and crawled closer so she could get better between his legs and take him even more into her mouth and now the tight though as well.




Velma soon found her mouth was being fucked as he bobbed her head on his slong. Her lips where now at the very bass of his dick and he was holding her down tight. She liked the way it felt in her thought. Her saliva flowed freely from her mouth and over the man sack as she did her best to relax and breath though her nose. As he held her there she slurped and sucked with gusto. Mmmm! she moaned and churkled.




Then very slowly he pulled from her mouth. With a wet slurp. A long string of saliva connected the 2 for about a foot before it snapped and broke the link.

The Penis was slick with her spit now and almost fully erect.




Velma then began to rub the meat pole and lick at its tip to clean away the pre cum that formed there as she did so. His Dick was even more huge then even before.

Oh it tasted delightful even better then fed or Shaggy's. Oh what I need now is a good hard fuck. I only hope I can take it.




Now velma layed back on the forest floor and Grundy mounted him self on top of her and brought the monster meat to her waiting wet pussy. And then between her lips and started to push it in the willing hole making her whimper with need.




The head soon slipped in. She was very willing and took him with with out an fight at all.




Velma soon found herself almost standing straight on her head again as he took hold of her hips and tilted her up to him so he could now access even more of his meat into her tight pussy. Velma watched as 1/2 of his penis slipped in her and was now so deep it was bulging out her belly.




As velma now layed back. Grundy did his best to slid even more into her. Velma could only stare in amazement at the way her belly bulged with his penis. And wonder how she had ever managed to take this. Let alone how she could manage the rest.

As Grundy pushed at her she felt her self scooting along on the grass till she felt the stump bump against the back of her head. And found her self held in place now.




With Grundy's steady pumping she found that she had no choice but to be able to take even more of him deep in her. Thought she that that was imposable.




There was finally no way for it to go deeper so Grundy began to settle into a steady pace now. With every thrust into her she could see her belly pushed up in the shape of the hug penis head right under her belly button. It looked as if there was something alive in her and fighting to get free. Her belly button was normally a inny but with his thrust it would pop out from the pressure into a outty.




Velma soon found that she was beginning to enjoy the stretching of her poor pussy and belly. There was no erogenous zone in her that was not now being reached and stimulated by is huge slong.

Velmas eyes where now half closed in a dream like ecstasy inflicted on her. From Grundy's now savage assault onto her.

Oh Mr. Grundy I love it more.

Give me more.

Velma hunched her hips and mewed with delight.




Suddenly velma pushed him back and roiled onto him. It was now her turn to take command of this action. Velma worked her ass in a steady beat onto his pole.

Now that's it take hold of my ass spread my cheeks wide and squeeze them hard yah like that spank them. Yeah like that. I want more more.




Velma stood and squatted over him and began to pump faster and harder and doing her best to take him even deeper. Velma closed her eyes tight with her effort she worked faster. She had never felt such pleasure in her life and doubted she would ever so again so why not make the most of it she thought?




The steady flow of precum from the monolith of meat as well as her own flowing pussy cream made this act even more posable as Velma managed to work even more of him into her love crevice.


Good thing I am a tummy kitten.

As they reached orgasm Velma fell back agents him and rested on his belly.

His penis pushed up her belly like a pup tent of flesh.

That now shivered and bobbed from the inside. It was of course caused by his penis as it released its sperma deep in her quivering honey pot.




Jinkies! Mr. Grundy that was great.

Velma rested on her tummy in the grass letting her poor orifices air out and have time to adjust to there sore but most satisfied state.

I don't think I could ever find any one that would satisfy my needs like you have. Maybe you should think of taking up a career as a porn star. Or a high pay gigolo.

You may not be all that much in the light of the day but at night you are one hell of a lover.




As Velma got dressed she carried on her conversation with Solamon Grundy.

Now remember what I said. If you ever get the feeling of turning into being a baddy again over your need for some sexual gratification don't think twice about calling on me for my help in fulfilling your needs.


NO ONE Except ME will have Info to your addy!

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