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. Furrholetitlepage.jpg


. Furrhole1.jpg


Renamon on first coming to Earth found it to be a very strange and unusual place.

All of the furless inhabitants looked on to her in bewilderment and fear.

Unable to find any one who would speak to her let alone help her in her search for her Tamer.

by chance she had came across a sign bearing the name "The Furr Hole". Yes she thought this may be just what she was looking for in helping her find her tamer.

Max was the proprietor of The Furr Hole. Renamon discovered that this was a place of music and drink in many ways like that of her own home planet.

But she had never herself ventured into them at the time for if no other reason her young age.

MAX: So your called Renamon, Yah well that is fine fine. Well I got to tell you honey that is one wild suit you got there. I've never seen one look so real before. The guys are going to love you. RENAMON: I do not understand?


. Furrhole2.jpg


Max: Lets see now ok honey here is your costume.

The costume consisted of 2 suction cups red in color with tassels of a bright and sparkling green material.

A pair of red sheer panties with a little bow on each hip and the leg bands were bordered in ruffles the same color as the tassels. And to completed the the out fit were Green sparkling leg garters.

MAX: I'm afraid I don't have any stockings that would fit over them back paws.

Max did however help assist her in putting on of the clothing. MAX: Yah there going to love you.

As he licked the suction cup and then parted the hair of Renamon chest to expose the full breast hide beneath the fur. The nipple was very puffy and erect and was of a soft pink/brown color 2 1/2 inches wide and almost as long.

He secured the tassel with a firm appliance of pressure. Renamon was very embarrassed by this and let out a gasp. And then cleared her thought. RENAMON: Uhhh! I'm afraid I still do not understand this custom of your Earth? (Max laughed). Max: Ok Ok! You crack me up! You sure know how to play your part well. Yep and this suit its way out of this world. As he reached in to the front of her panties and attempted to enter a finger though the soft fur and between the cuntral muscles the lips of her pussy snapped shut. And she slapped his hand way. Renamon's eyes narrowed cruelly. MAX: Chuckling ok ok! RENAMON: I am here to find my tamer and that is all. MAX: Yah! you were looking for a tamer. Well this is how it works. You go out on stage and do a little Bump and Grind and the men out there will give to you tokens that will in turn help you on your way though this world in you hunt. RENAMON: Bump and grind? MAX: you know Dance? RENAMON: Oh!

This she did understand. RENAMON: I'm not very experienced. (Max laughs). Max: It don't matter. RENAMON: I see and this will find me my tamer? MAX: Oh yah trust me.


. Furrhole3.jpg


  Max steps on to stage in the middle of the darkened room. Max:Well fellows your in for a treat tonight.

We have for the first time any were a new sexy vixen who has just came to our planet Looking for her tamer here she is! RENAMON!

Renamon blushing profusely steps on to the stage the Rhythmic music pounding in her ears.

But even so she could hear the sound of the men in the dark room there heavy breathing as they watched her walk slowly to the middle of the stage.


. Furrhole4.jpg


As renamon started to move and sway to the beat of the music.

Renamon did her best to remember what had been seen by her in the past.

Of the dances she had seen on her own distent planet.

Renamon began to hear loud and happy shouts from the room. Renamon smiled she did not know what some of the things said meant, but she could tell the men were pleased.

Renamon was very surprised the only dancing she had ever seen was the courtship dance.

And this was only done when a female was in heat and was in the need to be bread.


. Furrhole5.jpg


As the dancing continued it would appear that the music appealed to Renamon.

As the dance became more robust and in doing so found that a new trick was found by her with the tassels.

With the bouncing of her titties she could make the little tassels spinned like little propellers and by jiggling them in opposite directions they in turn would spin in difference directions as well.


. Furrhole6.jpg


  As the dance continued the men came to the stage and brought her there tokens.

In the form of small rectangular green paper.

Bearing numbers she did not know there purpose but they would seam to hold some sort of value.

When she had turned her back she felt a hand patting her bottom.


. Furrhole7.jpg


But when the finger of the hand began to caress and probe at the entrance of her virginal protected only by the shear panties she was very flustered and growled deeply and moved away her tail bristled.


. Furrhole8.jpg


As she danced and noticed the metal pole in the stage and moved to it and grasped it and spinned herself around it over and over till she felt herself becoming rather light headed.

Renamon's felt an increasing heat in her groin as she began to sweat from the energy spent to preform with such gusto.

Renamon could smell the musk of the men in the club and yes even there sperm.

She had never been in contact with it before but it seemed as if she had a hidden knowledge of what it was and meant.

Rather it was dripping from them or where some of the men masturbating as they watched her perform.

The wetness in the crotch of the panties increased in to a steady stream.

leaning back while holding to the pole with one paw she pressed her crotch to the cool metal of the pole.

It felt so cold it burned the sensitive exterior lips of her cunt and as renamon leaned in hard to the pole and her hips jerked in a lewd seductive series of pelvic thrust as it felt as if an electric current was pulsing though the pole to her now harding and erecting clit as it popped from its sheath.


. Furrhole9.jpg


As her dance reached a fever pitch her sweating body convulsed as she found herself rapped in and intense orgasm.

which reached such a fever pitch that she blacked out from its intensity on to the stage floor.


. Furrhole10.jpg


As Renamon recovered from the orgasm her head still spinning.

She found herself still on the the stage residing on all fours and as her head cleared even more she felt a cool breeze wash over her anus as she felt the panties being slipped from her up turned bottom.

Renamon then heard the combined breaths of the men suck in and then in unison they released it in a lewd whistle.

Renamon knew that in this provocative pose that her most privet parts were being exposed to the lustful gazes of the men.

But what took it to a step even beyond this humiliating predicament was the fact that her asshole was still being controlled by the intense passion of the resent powerful orgasm.

Renamon could fill her ass ring as it was puckering and pulsing to the rhythmic beat of the music.

As once again the music entered in to her head.

Renamon's asshole worked its magic on the men almost to a hypnotic state. as every eye was riveted to it, it puckered and would open ever so slightly like it was a small beaconing mouth blowing the men kisses and offering them entrance.

All of which took place in a matter of fleeting seconds.


. Furrhole11.jpg


As the panties were being yet again slipped to even a lower junction Renamon made an attempted to remove herself from this awkward position.

But in doing so found herself in the hold of many of the men's powerful clutches and once again returned to her most resent submissive and humiliating poison.

in response to the hand tugging at her panties she tucked her body tight to try to prevent them from being removed any farther.

So that is how you want to play it then renamon heard a man call from over her shoulder.

she then felt the wast band give way as the panties riped from her ass.

As they pulled free in the mans hand.

Strange she then thought to herself.

Renamon had never worn clothing in all of her life besides those of her gantlets yet she had never felt so nude and vulnerable as she did at this moment in her life.

Renamon felt as if the fur its self had been removed from her body it was as if it were totally nude and exposed down to her very flesh.

There were cat calls and whistles as they looked at Renamon.


. Furrhole12.jpg


As Renamon heard the sound of boots on the stage.

A man said if you need a tamer furry Here it comes.

as the man began to remove his pants Renamon Growled and tried to sound a feares as posable but when she seen the looming erect penis her growled stilled And her eyes bulged.

the head was large the angry red gland looked to be every bit of a full 4 inches wide and extended all of no less then 7 inches back to the shaft the back of the head was   then followed by a thick meat handle of 18 inches and as round as a beer can.

The man stood over her and looking down and smiled at her Renamon's brow was knitted and sweat dripped from her as she looked back at him her ears lade flat and timid.

He then began to snort and then spat a huge glob of spittle on to her exposed asshole with a wet splashing sound. A perfect bulls eye from a good 8 feet away.

One man laughed and nudged at the other next to him I think he's done this before.

As he mounted he said let her have her Chance boys.

As soon as the head touched the opening of her ass she know what was in store for her.

She Growled and sunk her claws in to the stage as to get a grip to Wrench herself from his grasp.


. Furrhole13.jpg


But in mere seconds Renamon found herself balanced on the monster of meat.

His grip on her only was to keep her from tipping and to make sure the only contact was between her tail hole and the head of his mammoth dong.

All her weight rested there. The Man: Now gents it looks like this Furry is about to learn a very important fact.

Renamon know what that fact was all to well already.

As the pink/brown asshole knot began to weaken and and forcing her ring to open.

The Man: and that rule is Gravity is one nasty and cruel mistress.

With this said he held her tight pulled her down and thrust in hard.


. Furrhole14.jpg


Bonzai one man yelled.

As Renamon Released a howl of such magnitude it shook the beer mugs on the Bar some 35 feet away. Renamon's asshole had engulfed the mans bulbaceous head and then snapped shut tight.

Swaying on the penis like a flag in the wind. the man locked her in a bear hug and tried to trudge on even deeper.

But her griping ass held him at bay.

As Renamon again and again thrust her ass in an attempt to brake free or to drive this invader from her asshole.

Renamon even tried twice pushing back as if she were trying to in vane to take a shit.

but in doing so, it only allowed for a few tiny farts to escape for around its ream.

Which prompted some of the most lewd comments Renamon had ever heard.

the man only laughed.

The Man: yah that is it work that sexy Ass-Chute.

Yah make it talk to me that is it speak.

Whats that you asking for some more?

Come on give me a squeeze that is it Milk my dick with it yah.

I like that makes me want to fuck that ass even more.

Is that what you want he hissed?

No Renamon cried out.

Ahh your mouth says no but your ass is saying yes.

Can you hear It asking for more.

As said this he stuck his tongue deep in to her ear.

Which is telling be the truth?

My mouth she said. Is that so he said is there any other feed back on this he squeezed her hard and gave her a violent shake.

Resulting in 2 more tiny farts to slip past the over stretched band.

Sorry But that is 2 for and only 1 agents.


. Furrhole15.jpg ***************************

As the man walked to the edge of the stage he flopped down hard on the end of the stage in doing so 8 inches blast past the tail hole and laid deep the snapping shitter.

As renamon though it was like having the thickest turd in the world i her ass and not being able to expel it.

And there were still some 10 inches to go.

As the men gathered close to see better.

With each withdraw his lust-thickened pole prior to another thrust the spasming hole closed so tight that the smoothly rimmed head could not escape.

And the tail hole clasp tight and hung to it like a pink/brown sheath sliding a full 2 inches along its pole.

With each cruel thrust in to Renamon rammed him in a little deeper in to Renamon as well as rolling the pink/brown flesh of her ass back in to her only to pull it licentiously out gain on the out strokes and back again.

As he leaned back the man laughed.

The Man: come and get it!

The men moved in like a school of piranhas on to Renamon.


. Furrhole16.jpg


As Renamon was covered in a wave of men in scant seconds every orifices that was left was filled to breaming.

compared to the way in which her tail hole was taken her virginal cunt opened to receive the first man with only slight dismay.

And some of them who were bolder took hold her muzzle and thrust in there some what to her sciences foul and unpleasant penises.

As each man reached there Fevered Orgasms and removed theirselves another took his place.

As the hours passed some of them would return for yet another turn as well as some for a 3rd or 4th time.

and all the time the music played on.

But now fell on to the deft ears of Renamon.

All of Renamon's acute senses where a tuned to only the orifices under the constant assault.


. Furrhole17.jpg


The sounds in the room were like that of a tigers dean.

Grunting and snarling and the only tangible word to be heard was the what seamed the never ending next!

As the men fought harder to try to stimulate there penises for one More round of pleasure.


. Furrhole18.jpg


As the hours passed 1 after another the last of the men planted his thick creamy discharge into her receptive womb.

Renamon's belly seamed so very bloated from the undetermined number of flooding orgasms that she had received from the men.

That seamed to have ran in to the 100's.

With a grunt the man slumped and slid from her terribly stretched and throbbing vagina.


. Furrhole19.jpg


As she stood to leave the stage her orifice still so painfully stretched from the relentless fucking dripped and drooled a frothy lather of sphigma beaten to the consistency of a buttery meringue from the endless plunging in her womb like as if her furry tummy were a in fact a living butter turn.

The men applauded her and cheered as Renamon started to walk on her now weak and shaky legs from the stage.

Renamon was dumbfounded even after all she was put thought in this night she felt nothing but love and affection form all of these men.

And it felt good. ***************************

. Furrhole20.jpg


As the nights passed from one to the next Renamon found herself more and more pleased with her choice to stay and work at this club.

For not only was she loved she brought pleasure to oh so many and that number seamed to increase with every passing night. ***************************

. Furrhole21.jpg


After all why should she settle for one tamer when she could have Oh so so many!


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