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or go below and read the story with pix.


Velma's Public Toiley Mystery




As the young woman walked down the road in the poring rain she mumbled to herself.

Come on guy's lets not get a cabin lets go to a camp site and pitch our tents and have some fun and save some money while where at it.
Well have fun.

Freddy you are such a asshole and a cheapskate to top it off.

She then took off her glasses and did her best to clean them of on her soaking sweater.


We are like out in the middle of the woods here.
What sort of fun is this we are suppose to be have?

The closest public washroom is a 1/2 mile away and you know I cant do it in the woods.
I need a proper atmosphere and toilet to do my business at.
That is why we evolved as humans in the first place is so we would not have to take care of our needs in the wild.

Velma stepped into a pothole in the road.
I mean.


She hoped on one foot and shook out her wet shoe and slipped it back on.
Finally she could see the fluorescent lights of the Public wash house down the road.
The hum of the bug zapper filled her ears as she got even closer. As Velma stepped under the roof she sighed.


Velma did not have several phobias but to have a toilet was a must.
She tried the thick steal door.
It was unlocked alright!.
She swung the green door open and popped in quickly.
Yes it was deserted.
One of her other little quirks was going to the toilet with any others around in ear shot.
she squinted as she looked it over.
there was 2 fluorescent light fixtures each held 2 bulbs that light the room.
One of the bulbs flickered and made a buzzing sound. There was a shower area with 4 shower heads on the wall and each had a set of 2 nobs below them.
The tile was green.
There was a small area where there where a line of lockers and a bench. A small clothing line and some clothe pens. A sink was at one wall with a small mirror and a liquid soap dispenser.
And a roll of stalls to one side.
There was 5 of them.
They like the rest of the room and where painted green.
Velma made her way to the stalls then stopped.

I cant do it like this.

Velma then walked over to the lockers and sat on the bench and took off her glasses.
She then kicked off her shoes and sat them on the bench. She Unzipped her skirt and stood up and slipped it over her well rounded bottom. She wore white cotton conservative panties. That at this time where soaking wet and the elastic band had seen better days so they where some what loose and hung low on her butt and showed the top part of her crack. As well as the leg bands had plenty of spillage of the lower parts of her ass cheeks.
Velma's bulbus round butt always seamed to take the snug fit out of her panties well before there usefulness was done. Now Velma shimmied her wide hips and let it slip down her legs about to the tops of her knee socks then hoped on each foot as she slipped it off.
All the while her plump low slung ass bounced and wiggled. The panties slip down even more and almost fell down her legs. Her now full ass was showing. It was a pail and white in hough almost the same color as her panties. the well rounded cheeks held a deep and tight crack in between. They where almost flawless except for a small little red pimple on the one cheek and a light speckling of tiny freckles.
Velma grabbed her panties and pulled them back in place and into her Butt crack to hold them there.
After she finished tugging off her bulky sweater she hung the close on the line to drip dry.

This is much better.

Velma was now set.
In her bra and panties she put her glasses back on and patted her way over to the stalls in stocking feet.
She picked the 4th stall.
One there is a very good chance the first ones are used more then this one.
And the last stall is always the most nasty one.
She swung open the door and went in.
She took a long line of the paper from the industrial roll and lined the seat in layers till it was just the way she liked it.
One ply I hate one ply.
But some times a girl has to ruff it.
She then plopped her bottom down.
Velma then leaned onto her legs with elbows and stared at the tiles.
Wrinkled her brow and pouched out her lips.


Come on now you can do it.

A bead of sweat popped out on her forehead.


Ok ok!
Maybe if I warm up a bit.
Velma reached down and fluffed her thick coppery brown pubs that where still damp from being in the rain and the wet panties and getting the toilet seat wet.




If Shaggy was here he knows how to make me relax.

Velma started looking around the stall. There was holes in the walls.
In fact there was one in each wall of the stall on both sides of her.

What the?

She had never seen holes like this before.

What are they for?
You can see the other stall from them.
Was they for peeping?
Oh My people could see you doing it.
That's nasty.

Velma looked around the stall some more and seen there was lots of little notes on the wall.
For a good time call.
I like to suck dick.
Put your dick in the hole and I will suck it for you.

Oh my I see what these holes are for sexual favor.

She blushed.

What will they think of next?

Stop by here from 9 pm to 2 am on Fridays and I will let you cum in my mouth.

That's funny this is Friday.

She laughed.

What a sec I better get out of here before they come for there stall.
Oh well!
I locked the door.

I Velma decided to make one more attempt to finish what she started and if it was not a success.
She may take a shower.
That would be nice and relaxing and warm her up.
Velma leaned on her knees again.

Come on.


Well at least she was able to pee in here.


Velma gasped and clamped her pussy tight and stopped the flow of pee.

What was all that Noise?

She heard voices.

Oh man do I have to take a piss.
Me to man.

It was the door she did not lock it.

Oh how could she be so stupid not to do that?

she held her breath.
She could hear her own pee splashing in the water as the golden drops dripped from the hair on her pussy lips.
They both sounded rather drunk and rowdy.

Oh Jinkies!

This is all I needed a couple of Vagabonds to walk in and catch me in here like this.

Hey Mitch I don't think we are alone in here Bro. Look over there on the clothes line see someone is in here.
Them there are female things on that line.
I think we are ending up lucky tonight.

I would say they know I am here now that they seen my clothing and think it is some sort of a signal to them as some offering to a promise of sex.

Well I have to piss.
And that is what I am going to do.

The men made there way to the stalls.
One took the last stall and the other made a move for the one that held Velma.
He made a hard tug on the door but the lock held so he moved to the next.
Velma breathed a sigh of compleat relief.
Well as much as she could still holding her own pee.
The sound of the men as they pissed hard and heavy into the water in there bowls rang out to her own ears.
And in stereo of all things.
The urge to pee was almost more then she could stand.
There duel urine flows splashed and sprayed for what seamed for ever.
Then there was a short silence then a few more sprays that splashed wetly in the water.
Then a duel sigh of relief.
There was again a short silence.
Then there was a knock on the stall wall.

Hey Darling you got a couple of customers here.
How much you charging tonight?

Bam Bam!

Wake up in there.
You open for Business?
How much are you charging tonight?

Velma could see ignoring there question was not going to make them leave.
Velma stammered.

I am not about to charge a fee for services rendered. As I do not do this sort of a act for money.

Oh shit we got a freebie tonight Bro.
So shimmy up to the hole Bro.

No No!
You did not let me finish what I had to say.
I am not who you think I am.




I am here only to..


Velma's eyes popped open wide under her horn ream eye glasses.
From both holes came into veiw was two of the biggest dicks she could ever imagen.
They where both at least 15 inches long and hard as carbon steal.
The only difference at first glance was that one was uncircumcised and the foreskin hung well over the end of his dick.

Here you go girl eat'em up!

Start with what ever one you like.
As we got all fucking night.

As Velma looked the 2 dicks over she coughed and stammered.

I am not the girl you gentlemen are in need of I am here only to use the bathroom.

Well go ahead and use it then when you get done you can deal with us.
Like I said we are in no hurry.

What am I going to do?

Velma could not hold her urine any longer and began to once more pee.

Yeah that's right take your piss darling.

Velma blushed and she tried to pee as best she could and keep it quietly as well.

You know you are not helping.
Do you have to listen and comment to me?

Finally she was finished.

Now maybe she could talk to them and get them to listen to her.

Now listen guys I am not here for this sort of thing you think I am here for.
I came in here to use the bathroom and that's all.
I am sorry for any inconvenience you 2 are dealing with.
And you both have something you can be very proud of your penises are the most amazing things I have ever seen.
There size would be most satisfying to any woman.
But I simply am not the sort of girl you think I am.

So you are a virgin?

Well not in some way's but in others.

Are you married?


Your a Lesbian?

No I love a mans Penis.

I mean.
I like boys.


Well where sorry about bugging you but with the door unlocked and the clothing on the line we thought you where sailing it.
Or was looking for some fun.
I guess you got you a boyfriend then?

Well sort of in a way
His name is Shaggy!
We hang out together and stuff but he has never really ask to go steady.

But you have sex with him?

The men both still had there dicks in the holes all the while as they talked.
Both where oozing pre cum.

As Velma looked at there dicks she licked her lips.
Velma then slid down her eye apparel for a closer look at there dicks.

My how those penis could take care of my probem.

Then Velma laughed to herself.

No I could never take one like them in between my buns.




Well not like most people do no.

What do you mean?

Well I masturbate him, and well some times we do oral, and he helps me relax when I need it to do things.

Like tonight.

Well if you like sex and you are none of them things why not do it with us?

Well it's not the right thing to do I mean I don't even know you guy's at all.

Well heck I am Billy Bob and that's my bud Mitch.
Pleased to meat you miss.

Thank you!

I am sure I am too.
But not in this circumstance.

Velma laughed.

Well heck where a couple of good guys looking for a little fun is all. We are not out to hurt any one.
so how about it?
If you can give use a hand maybe we can help you with your problem of relaxing your boyfriend shaggy does for you there girl.
So whats your name?

My name it's Velma.

What do you say Velma?

Well Jinkies!

You have to keep it all quit.
You can not tell any one we did it.
Now can you do that?


Sure we can!

Well ok then.
But if you don't mind I would like to stay right here and do it though these holes in the stalls for now if that's ok with you?

Velma that is fine with us.
What ever you like any way you like it we like it also.

What about the door?

Oh we locked that when we came in.

Ok then.
I am now going to begin the manipulation of your penises.

Velma took hold of the mens dicks and began to pump them in unison.

Oh yah that's nice.

Velma did her best to stimulate there hard slong's form top to bottom.
But this was the first time she had ever had ones this big.
Shaggy's was 8 inches and brought her much pleasure and though Freddy's was 7 it was much thicker then Shaggy's and also did a great job of relaxing her.
But both of these dick's where even more there size put together in one dick.

Yeah that's it pump our meat.
So how about you suck on them a little for us?

Suck them?
Don't you like what I am doing for you now?
I mean we only met and well I never sucked the guys till the 2nd year.

Ahh come one girl we will most likely never see each other again.
So we need to do it all in one night.
Besides after all we offered to help you relax.
So that should get us something more then a jerk on the dick.

Well ok.
And when I do it you have to do your part for me after I suck you.

Oh Sure we will.


Velma leaned in and took Billy Boob's Penis into her mouth and began to suck it.

Oh Yeah!

Velma liked to suck dick.
She did it when ever the guy's would ask as Daphne would never do that for them.
Velma had wanted to suck on there dicks the second they came in from the stall holes into her area.
But then that would not have been very lady like. And well since they offered to be nice enough to help her relax it only seamed fair.
And there hard pricks looked like they needed relief so fucking bad.
And and she was so horny.

Velma now turned and was ready for a suck on Mitch.
Velma peeled back the skin Mitch had on the tip and Velma sniffed it.
It smelled of piss but clean enough.
Velma slurped on the head.
She then took hold of them and pulled then into each other and found that she could lick the heads of there dicks at the same time.
Mitch and Billy bob's dicks almost met in the middle of the stall. As Velma lapped at them.

So what is it that this Boyfriend of yours does for you?

He Help's me relax.

Velma Pulled back.

He helps me poop when I cant.

Helps you Poop?

You are kidding me?

Ok see I have this problem where when I get nerves or up tight I cant go.
Like when there is no public rest area.
Like tonight.
And all the walking in the rain and you guys scaring me.
So shaggy uses his fingers and penis to make me go.

I know you guys must think that's sick don't you?
But it is a real problem for me.
So when you guys where so nice to offer to help me out I could not say no.
So could you guys please do it for me tonight since Shaggy is not here?

Tell you what Velma.
You come out and well talk it over and see what we can do for you.

Velma stood up and once more did her best to wedge her panties in place before meeting the guys.
They where still damp as well as cool now.
And they made her body brake out in chilly little goosebump's.
Velma came out of the stall and met the 2 men face to face.
They where both very handsome men and at least 6 feet tall and had well formed bodes.
Velma was only 5 4" her self and felt rather nerves right now.

Well if you are not the most pretty little thing.
Come on Darling we are going to see about fixing that problem.

Well Jinkies!
You 2 are big all over aren't you and very pleasant to look at as well.

Velma smiled at then both.

Well now let's see what would be the best place to do this?
I know the showers.
Right let's go to the showers.

The 2 then walked Velma to the where the lockers where and undressed.
Then the 2 men walked to the shower section and flopped down on the wet floor and leaned on the wall at the back of the showers.
Velma followed them there.

You may want to loose the panties and Bra and stuff before you get in. You wont have to have them on now.

Oh right!

Velma walked back over to the lockers and unhooked her bra and slipped it off her pert freckled but well formed boobs. The puffy nipples where brown/pink but as the cool air hit them they began to harden and expand and turn to a darker shade of brown.
Velma now slipped down her panties and tugged them down and out of her crack. Even thought Velma had only a moment ago sucked on both of there dicks.
Velma felt a bit shy about them seeing her nude and she did her best to keep her back to the men so as to keep them from viewing her thick bush of Copper hair.
As Velma took her panties off she leaned forward. The plump cheeks parted and gave the men a view between them of her pink asshole nestled between a nest of tiny curly hairs.
Velma's cunt was hid by the thick hair that was covered on in but it was still a sexy look in its self.

The men who sat only a few feet away on the shower floor looked at the wiggling cheeks and at the hole between them.

Velma almost tripped forward as she finished removing her panties.
She did a little hope skip move and caught her balance.
Velmas cheeks flexed tight then relaxed and spread and when they did the shitter looked like it winked at them.
The men looked at each other and smiled.

Did you see that bitch wink at us?
Oh yeah I am sure we can take care of that.

He made a circle with his thumb and forefingers and then wrapped in around his dick right over his balls.

That is where her pooper is going to be in about 10 more seconds.
Yeah I can make you shit baby.

Billy boob laughed and elbower him.

Velma then pranced over to the guy's.

I am normally not so clumsy it's just this is sort of strange to me and and I am a little nervous.

Velma then giggled and smiled.

If you don't mind I would like to keep my socks on. I sort of feel more at ease with them on.
Like I guess a security blanket.

Velma giggled again and snorted.
Then caught her self doing so and regained her composure.

So how shale we do this?

I have never been with more then one guy.
So who wants to do it for me?

Well we thought we would take turns doing it.

Velma thought it over.

Well of course I never thought of it in that manner I would indeed imagen that both of you would like to partake in doing me this service.
After all I am sure there will also be a sertin amount of pleasure in it for you as well.

Well how would you like to have me positioned?

I am quit universal when it comes to the act we can either do it with me on my back or on all 4's.
Doggy as Shaggy likes to call it.

Velma laughed again nervously.

Well we thought we would just start out with you sucking our dicks for a while longer here and then we decide how to do it from there.

Well as you wish.
I guess after all you would like to be properly lubed and it may ease some of my temptation as well.

Velma strolled up to the men and then dropped on to all 4's in front of them.

Well now lets see what I can do for you Gentlemen in return for your services.

Velma leaned in and took the one mans dick between her lips and began to suck it.




As Velma did so she reached over and began to rub the other mans hard dick.
Velma slowly took the man deeper in her oral love opening.
After she managed to take about 8 inches in she slid out her tongue and licked at the underside of the dick.
That was still extending a full 7 or 8 inches from her mouth.
Velma then tried to take a little more of the man. But began to make hacking sounds and looked as if she was going to vomit right then and now.
Velma slipped back and coughed and gasped and looked at the man.

Oh man are you big.

She laughed.

I can take Shaggy in and lick his balls at the same time when we do it.
But you I don't think I could ever manage to take you any farther then what I did just now with out chocking.

Velma coughed again and rolled her eyes.

Oh my!

Velma then turned to the other man.

Would you like me to try to do it to you now?

You know it.
Come on and get it Red.

Velma scooted over and was now holding the dick and began to peel the foreskin over the head.


You sure must be aroused.
The under side of your foreskin is absolutely soaked in pre cum.

Velma licked up the sticky fluid and swallowed it down.


I do love the taste of this stuff.

Velma Giggled again.

But don't tell any one.

Oh it is our little secret.

Velma then took the hard dick in her mouth and began to suck on it.




Velma sucked on the slong and took him deeper and once more stopped at about the same spot as she had before and snaked out her tongue along the underside as if it was in search of his balls.
Velma was once more 8 or 10 inches short of her gold of taking the man fully.
So instead she began to suck contently on what she had managed to mouth down.

The other man rolled over onto his own hands and knees and crawled in behind Velma and took her full bottom in his mitts and pulled the cheeks wide and looked down at what was now offered to him.
And he liked it.
Velma had a rather tight cunt of course her being still a virgin did take a part in this fact.
How ever Velma did have some very plump outer lips that where now swelling with lust and quivered with need.

Velmas thick mat of auburn hair in fact almost completely hid the sweaty greasy libra lips from view. Velmas asshole looked like a lovely Pink flower nestled in a nest of the auburn curls.

The man smiled to himself oh this is going to be great I cant what to have it wrapped around my dick.

He leaned in and sniffed her pussy and asshole it was clean but musky.
He then parted the bulbous outer lips to her pussy the juicy jaws parted with a wet slurp and there was froth mated all inside between the lips much like the marang on a pie.

The man wasted no time shoving his face deep into the cunt and sucking up the creamy virginal ooze.

Velma jumped and puled back off the mans dick and gasped for air.

Oh jinkies are you going to eat me too.

You like that the man ask.

Yes thank you.

I love it but I was afraid to ask you to do it for me.

Velma pushed her ass back to him and did her best to open her ass and pussy wider for him.

More Please!

Mitch was more then ready to suck up more of her pussy flow with out her even asking him.

Velma then went back to sucking the tip of the mans dick and then she would pull off Billy Bob and licked his balls cleaning the slobbers and pre cum that flowed there from her mouth from when she was sucking on Billy Bob's dick.
Velma once more sucked him in deep and made her lewd smacking sounds as she did her best to suck out even more of his pre cum.
As the other man sucked and chewed on the plump puffy Pussy he strummed a thumb over the girls clit that was now becoming very hard and was popping out into view.
The hard little clit grew and was about as thick as the mans little finger and about a inch long.
A bit unusual in its size but very erotic to say the least.
the man took it between his teeth and nipped on it.
Velma let out a gurgle and flexed her ass hard and then bucked back at him and almost broke the guys nose in the proses.

With this Mitch laughed and leaned back and rubbed his nose.

She is a wild one ain't she.

He leaned back in for more of that tasty pussy juice.
As he lapped at her pussy he once more started teasing her clit with licks and little nips.

Listening to her yips and whimpers around the dick she was sucking.

You know with all the noise you are making Around my dick I bet you could take even more of it then you are doing here.

The man took a hold of the back of Velmas head and eased her into his lap a bit more.
Velma took a inch then began to make nasty sound.
Velma tried to pull back.
The man behind her eating her pussy had a eye to eye view with velmas asshole.
When he was some what shocked at the way her asshole began to pucker and wink at him.

It made him have to pull back and laugh.

What the fuck are you doing to her?

Trying to get more of my dick down her mouth. Why?

Well what ever you are doing it has got her asshole going crazy here.

what do you mean?

Well the darn thing is either trying to talk to me or shit on me but it is doing something for me.

Do it again and look at what I mean.

Billy Bob took hold of Velma by the head and began to try to force feed her his dick again.

And once more Velma began to make the nasty sound and flexed her belly like she was going to vomit.
And then Velma's asshole once more came back to life with its mad flexing.
The man leaned over Velmas short body and watched her hole put on a show for them.

Velmas kept on puckering as he pushed at the back of her mouth and tried to go a little farther.
As he did so Velma let out a little wet fart at them as if to tease them.

Well I knew I was big but I never knew I was in that deep.

I think she is trying to tell you she is ready for you.

I think you are right Billy Bob she wants it bad in her pooper.
But first I think I want me some of this pussy.

Mitch took hold of Velmas hips and pushed them down and her ass tilted out to him.

Mitch placed the head of his dick to the sopping wet lips on velmas pussy and began to push.
Velma rolled her ass to one side then the other to make the dick slip away from her cunt and did her best to pull back off the mans dick she was sucking.

Billy bob took hold of her ears and was doing his best to keep her in place.
Mitch then once more placed his dick to the pussy and began to press in.
Velma felt the dick try to fit into her virgin cunt and with it he was also pushed in some of her pussy hairs that where trapped between them and was now pulling them out at the roots.
This also added to her discomfort.
Velma grabbed the thighs of Billy Bob and dug in her nails and tried to pull back.
Velmas lips where now slurping and she made noise as best as she could from around Billy Bob's dick.
Velma then tried to push his dick out from her mouth with the flat of her tongue.

Velma was now making a bit of progress.
But so was Mitch.

Now come on girl funs fun but I need me some loving to.
Shit the way she is acting you would think she is a virgin or something.
Well don't they all when they have a real dick wanting in them.
They all act like there scared but once your in they cant get enough of the ol dick.

Well you better get it in her.
I cant keep this up much longer.
Mitch gave her a couple of hard smacks on her wobbly ass.

Now hold it still.

Mitch smacked her ass again.
This made her cheeks take on a pink blush to them.
Velma stopped her fighting and seamed to relax.
But still tried to do her best to free her mouth or talk to him.

There now that's better.
Mitch took hold of Velma's hairy pussy and spread it wide with his own fingers with a wet slurp of a sound.
In doing so he pulled some of the hair around her pussy and she jumped.
Mitch slapped Velma on the butt harder.

I said hold still.

Mitch then took and spread Velma's pussy where it was nice and ready for his dick and placed the head between her pussy flaps and gave it a couple pushes with his hips so it was locked in and there was no way it would slip loose.
As Billy Bob held onto her ears.
Mitch lifted Velma's legs and began to push in.




Velma's eyes began to bulge and sweat popped out on her forehead.
She could feel her maidenhead stretch tight and was about to split open and take this man in her cunt at any second.

Hey fuck I think she is a virgin Billy.
Or should I say was was a virgin.
But fuck she ask us to fuck her.

Velma here is the best fuck you are ever going to get around here.

At that moment Velmas legs shot straight out to the sides and then she made them came crashing into both of the mans sides with her heels nice and hard.


The air rushed from his lungs in one loud whoosh.
He fell back and away from Velma holding both his sides in pain.

Oh my fucking Kidneys.

As this was happening Velma grabbed both of Billy Bob's balls and dug in her thumbs and bit down hard on his dick.

Son of a Bitch!
That hurt.

He then also released Velma from his hold.

What did you do that for?

Mitch are you alright?

What are you 2 trying to do to me?

Velma panted.

I never said we would do that act.
I am a virgin and I am saving myself for the man I marry.

Well you never told use not to fuck you.

well you never ask if you could.
So I though it was not necessary to tell you so.

Well when you take and find a girl who wants to suck you off and have you fuck her in the ass.
You sort of take the normal fucking for granted.

Well your not going to get it from me.

Velma sat down on the floor and opened her pussy wide and looked at it.

Look at what you did.
You stretched it out.
Oh well I guess not much more then a hard rubbing does to it.

Then velma slipped in a finger to find her maidenhead even though it was tender and would later be bursted it was still in tact still as good as new.

Now that was to close for comfort guys.
I mean I like it a little ruff.
After all that's how I learned to take shaggy all the way.
But remember the Pussy is for eating only.
If you want to have intercourse with me do like I need it and use my dirty hole.

Sure no problem here if I had known sooner I would have never done what I tried to do.

Velma moved between Billy Bob's thighs and kissed the balls and bit marks she had put on it.




Oh Yeah!

Velma took the dick back in her mouth and began to suck it.
Then stopped and looked at Mitch.

Oh and Mitch one thing.
If you have to be a little ruff getting it in.
Do it.
Don't be shy about it my hole needs it really bad.
So what ever it takes to relax that nasty little hole.
I am now telling you to do it.
Oh and Billy the same goes for you.
I want you to do your best in training me to handle it all.
Never know when something like that may come in handy some where when we are on a mystery.

Velma turned and slipped the tip of Mitch's dick into her oral fuck hole and wet it very well.
Now do it to me in my doody hole nice and hard.

Then turned around and spread her fat freckly cheeks open to him.
Mitch pressed it to the shitter and pushed hard.
But with no luck the head only flattened against her dirty hole as Velma liked to call it.
After several more attempts he stopped panting this is not going to work.
Velma was sucking on Billy Bob and doing her best to take him all.
Then Mitch got an idea.
And walked over the locker section.
With in a few moments Mitch returned with the bottle from the hand soap dispenser and flopped behind Velma.
Billy Bob had hold of the back of velmas head again pulling her farther down on his hard slong.
Mitch poured the soft soap out on his dick and pumped it into a thick lather.
As he watched how Velma's sweet sexy nasty hole was once more winking and puckering as Billy Bob pushed deeper down her throat.
Mitch took the nozzle of the soap bottle and slipped it into Velma's dirty hole and squeezed it hard and filled her shitter with the creamy gooh.
When he had about 1/2 the content of it in her he pulled it out.
Your shit hole is going to be as clean as a fucking whistle when I get done fucking it.

And when ever Billy Bob pushed into her mouth and her Butthole would puckered a little bubble would slip out of her and would pop with a little Ploop!
Mitch once more placed the head of his well lathered dick to Velma's greasy puckering shitter and pushed.
The Pink/gray sexy pucker pushed back as Mitch held her cheeks wide and pushed.
Mitch then pushed even more harder and then.
The dick popped in.
With a wet Frump sound the head of his dick slid from view and into her fat ass.

Oh fuck!
Yeah let me in that sweet ass girl do you like it?
That ass is mine now.
I am going to fuck it like it was your cunt.
Here I come to fuck that nasty hole.
I am going to fuck you just the way you ask me to.

Velma let out a Blumph! noise and squeezed her ass hard.
She was not use to such a huge prick in her.
She started to scoot away from Mitch but found that this way was also bocked by Billy Bob's own huge dick in her mouth.
Mitch got to his feet in a squatted down sort of move and followed her retreat from his hard dick.

No you don't!




Velma we are doing this like you said your way.

With this Mitch took hold of her hips and hung on tight.
He kept right on feeding more of his dick into her ass.




Velma Whimpered and scooted on into Billy Bob's dick with out any need of him pushing her on to it now
He then laughed and said to is friend Mitch.

Keep it coming Mitch fuck her ass hard man keep it coming.
She can not go on much more.
She is about to my balls now.

Even with her crawling away form him he still now had about 5 inches in her and it was so fucking sexy to watch.
Velma then stopped her crawling.
She was still a few inches from all of Billy Bob in her oral fuck hole and just panted and puffed though her nose.
Her face was beat red and her eyes were watering badly.
She was as deep on him as she could get and she could hold no more.
Mitch's dick in her had pushed her this fare but there was no more room she thought.
Velma made a grunting noise and took a few more inches in her ass.
Pinching her eyes tight and doing her best to relax.
Then Mitch pushed hard and several inches of dick popped in.
In one savage push.
Velma lurched forward and also took in her oral cunt the last few inches of Billy Bob's dick in her belly.
She made a sound as if she where about to vomit and Velma slobbered and drooled all over the horny Billy Bob's balls and the shower stall floor.
And she kept doing this for several seconds before she began to relax.
It felt as if there was suddenly a tightly closed opening that had took his dick much like when her ass first took in Mitch.
But deep in her belly.
It was like it had popped open and then allowed him in and then snapped tight around the hard dick of Billy Bob's.
This at first was very incommutable for Velma but it eased and she could feel it flexing on his dick like it was trying to work him out.
He was in her Belly she though this was no longer a mouth fucking it was a belly fuck.
She was taking him all in and he was all the way down to her very belly.

Oh yeah!
Velma give me that belly cherry of yours.
Yeah I am going to fuck your belly full of my cum.
Velma was once more aware of Mitch as he now held her cheeks wide and began to fuck her ass hard.
There was still about 8 more inches to go in to her ass but there was no place for her to go now and all she could do was relax her shitter and take it like she had told him to do it.
With about every 4 pumps he would slid in another inch and she would let out a grunt and make her pooper relax to take more dick in.
Billy Bob was doing his best to enjoy the show as he leaned back on the shower stall wall and smiled.
Looking down at velma's dick filled face and back at the bouncing fat cheeks of Velma's ass.

Is that some good stuff bro?
Oh shit you know it is.
Shit listen to her fart.

Well she said she wanted to be fucked in the ass and made to shit.
I would say that's not to long off now form the way she is farting there.

Mitch fucked her nice and deep in the pooter and with the steady pumping of his dick he was also stirring up a lot of gas and she farted with about every inward thrust.
Soon Velma could feel Mitches swinging wet balls slapping her pussy hard.
Spanking her with them.
Spanking her hard clit and swollen pussy lips.
Velma hunched back at him with every spanking thrust of his balls.
Oh she liked this and loved the feel of the dick in her well stretched pooper now.
But she did not know what to think of the dick in her belly.
She had been in this position for several moments now.
With some effort Velma backed her way off of Billy Bob's dick in a very slow manner.
She felt the belly opening roll over and off of the tip of his dick and it made her want to vomit much like when a dick first hits the flap in the back of her throat.
Then she relaxed and though of how strange yet erotic it had felt for him to take her in that manner.
And wondered if she could do it again with out being pushed on by the dick in her.
Velma relaxed her throat and leaned in to his dick and it touched the opening and it made her stop.
Then with a determined look on her face velma rammed her face into his dick.
She drooled and snot bubbled from her nose and her eyes watered but she did not pull back and kept the dick in the opening and the flexing stopped and she rested with it deep in her.
All the while her friend Mitch fucked her ass into a farting frenzy.
Fromp! and Ploob! filled the air as he fucked her.
The lather was now running down over Velma's pussy and Mitch's balls.
The lather was some what brown with Velma's well stirred turds.
It would not be long now that Mitch would cum in her ass.
Velma slipped the dick from her belly and then slid over it again then off and on it again and again till she started a stead fucking motion.
It was now slipping in very easily.
It was a lot in ways like when shaggy would slip his dick in and out of her dirty hole when he wanted to tease her and make her ask him to put it back in her.

As Mitch did his best to fucked Velma's fat round flopping ass he took hold of her cunt and rubbed it hard.
Billy Bob was very close to his own orgasm as velma mouth fucked him.
He did his best to hold off as long as his nuts would let him.
Velma pulled and rubbed the ball sack as she bobbed her head in and out of his crotch faster and faster.
Velma flexed her stomach around the dick and it would make a loud Shulk! sound as the dick would popped in and out of the stomach muscle it was like as if velma was trying to vomit and this made it squeeze and massage the end of Billy Bob's dick.
Mitch leaned over Velma's back and licked the sweat from off her freckled shoulders and kissed her neck.
He then locked he teeth into her neck and then held on tight.
Mitch parted the lips and slid into her cunt and rubbed her clit.
The hard inch long clitty was a angry looking red/brown and humped the air in need.
He worked in the fingers and Mitch found what he wanted in it Velma's Hymen.
He pressed on it and tested it and rubbed it with his fingers.
Velma hump even harder now and she bucked.
Her shitter now was sucking on chewing on his dick as he rubbed the maidenhood and pressed at it with his fingers.

For a girl who is a sweet virgin you sure are a nasty little bitch.
I bet I could pull out of your ass and pop this cherry right now and you would let me.
I bet if I teased you.
You may even beg me to do it.
You like how I am stretching the inside of you cunt don't you?
Right now you want me to pop that cheery with my dick and you know it.
But no you stay just the way you are Velma.
A virgin who loves it in her ass and mouth.
You don't want no dick in this pussy but you love it in the shitter don't you?
Oh yeah!
You do like that.
So that dick taste good?
So what do you like more to suck dick or get it in this sexy booty of yours?




The only response Velma was making was the sound of her mouth fucking of Billy Bob.
Her head was bobbing fast and steady.
Shlouk! Shlouk! Shlouk! Shlouk!
Mitch took back a hold of Velmas clit and jerked it between his fingers.

At this moment was when Billy Bob could hold out for no longer.
Velma could feel his balls being to flex and draw and knew it was close and so was the man in her ass.
Velma sild off the dick and pumped it as she sucked on the head she wanted to get a taste of his cum when Billy Bob did it in her mouth. Billy Bob shot his first pearly jet on Velma's tongue and she rolled it around on it to cover all of her taste buds so as to get all of the creamy favors.
Salty and Sweet as well as Musty and Nutty.
Then there was a 2nd and she swallowed it down quickly. Velma then slide all of him into her and wanted to feel his cum as it went straight into her belly.
Yes she could feel the cummy ooze not only as it squirted into her but she could also feel the warmth of it so deep in her.
Billy Bob pulled her in tight and humped the last of his huge wad into her belly and then fell back onto the cool floor and panted and moaned in ecstasy.
Velma stayed where she was and swallowed the last of his tasty dick treat. Before she pulled off of him with a loud nasty wet.
As velma pulled back there was strings of cum and saliva that connected from her mouth to Billy Bob's dick.
That Velma then eagerly done her best to slurp and followed back to his now limp dick and cleaned the dripping piss hole. Velma then cleaned is dick and balls with her tongue.
Now Mitch was about to have his own orgasm. He grabbed Velma by the shoulders and rammed into her hard and Velma mured and pushed her Butt back and turned to look at him from over her freckled shoulder and smiled at him.
Her cheeks were almost as flushed as red as her freckles and so was her bouncing fat bum.


I think I am about to Orgasm do it harder.
Oh yess.......

You ready for me to feel that ass with my cum you nasty little slut?

Yes do it in my dirty hole now.

Mitch pumped her fat bouncy ass harder and faster.

Here it cums right in your Shit hole.

Mitch slammed it into her hard.
As Mitch held tight to her he emptied his load deep into her ass.
Velma flexed her orgasming ass on his belly and puckered her pooper on his dick as it drank all of his cum into her ass like a sucking mouth.

Mitch then pulled out of the sucking shitter with a loud.
Velma was still panting and recovering from her own orgasm.
Her cunt was still flexing and winking at Mitch.
Her pooter was still gaping open some and looked like a puckering mouth about to kiss his dick that was still next to the opening.
Cum was dripping from both and slicking the floor between them.
Mitch looked at the puckering hole's and dropped back on his heels and panted.
As Velma started to sit up she let a loud loose fart then another.

You did the trick!
Velma stood up quick and clamped her butt cheeks tight and held them with both hands and ran as best she could to the toilets. She slipped and almost fell to the floor on her way and farted loudly.
Velma finally made her way in the stalls and shut the door behind her.
Velma was not seen for several moments.
But she was heard from as she relieved herself of the urge she had came her in the first place to do.
The walls echoed the sounds of farts and splashing water.
Velma left the stall with a flush and a big smile on her face.

How exhilarating to say the least.
Thank You!

Velma then bounced back over to the showers and smiled at them.

So shale we have another go of it?
After all the night is young and I want to make it so that you are both as satisfied as you made me.
And I think my nasty hole would be more then willing to take another relaxing dick in it from you boys if you would like.

Velma lead Mitch over to one of the shower taps and turned on the water and grabbed the bar of soap from the tray. And slid down in in front of him on her haunches and took hold of his limp dick and lathered it with the other.

Lets get you clean and we can start again.

Velma began to jack him off with the soap and it made wet smacking noises as she briskly worked it between her digits. With her other hand she caressed and washed his hanging balls in the steamy water.

Now Mitch I think that should do it nicely.

She rinsed it off them held it to her nose and sniffed it and smiled.

Now that is much better.

Velma then leaned in and kissed the penis and it began to get hard.
Velma Sucked hard on both there dicks as she did her best to get them hard again. She tugged and licked at there balls and tickled there assholes with her fingers.
Soon the men where as hard before and Velma worked her new found deep throat talent on both of them taking both there dicks deep into her belly.
Wetting there dicks fully.
Then she leaned back and said.

I would like to try something if you 2 don't mind something new?

Heck why the fuck not?

Velma told them what she wanted them to do.

Ok what I want you both to do is to lay back on the floor and spread your legs as wide as you can for me.
And then slide in as close as you can get to each other.
With a lot of effort and cursing from the 2 men they manage to obtain the position that Velma has asked of them.
Both there legs spread wide to where they where almost straight out to either of there sides like when one dose the splits they where now facing each other.
There balls pressed to one another and there dicks lay back hard on there bellies.
Velma walked over and took both there dicks and pulled them together so that it formed one huge dick.
Both men where about the same size and it was almost a compleat match.
Velma had took the belt from one of the mens pants and used it to now tie the 2 slong's together as one.
And then she tugged it tight.
Velma then licked at the 2 men piss holes to taste the pre cum oozing out.
Velma then took the bottle of soft soap and poured it on the hard dicks.
Velma then began to lube them with it.
Mitch and Billy Bob watched as Velma then climbed onto there 2 dicks and started to rub them between on her pussy and asshole making her self wet with soap and pussy cream for several moments like this.
The thick mat of pussy hair was starting to make there dick heads feel a little raw.

I cant belive that I am going to try to do this but if I can this is going to be the most incredible sex act that any girl has ever done with 2 men of such size and girth.
I could barley take even one of you in me with out screaming my head off.
But now I am going to take both of you in my dirty hole if I can stand it.

Velma closed her right eye and bit her lower lip and then started to sit on the mens dicks the pink pooter was now pushed on the heads of the mens dicks and it was puckering and they could feel it and as it relaxed it opened to there dicks and the hole was now taking them in.
The heads snapped in past the shitter and Velma shouted!


She then pulled back off of them and held her asscheeks wide and squatted down like she was about to shit.
That Hurt!

Velma then still holding her Butt Cheeks walked around the shower area as to walk off the pain she was feeling.
Velma walked over to the men who held there place and once more rubbed the dicks on her holes.
Velma bit her lip and pushed as if she where about to shit on there dicks and and farted loud and pushed the dicks in her shitter.

It hurts.
But I am not letting that stop me from what I want to do.
I know if I keep at it I will be able to do what I was intending to do with your Bad boy thingies.

Velma then began to wonder if she really was going to be able to take on there dicks at once like she had planed to do.
When she had been in there using the public toilet it seamed like something she could do.
But now that she was really trying it she thought she may very posable had for once set her self with a imposable task.
Velma slipped onto the dicks at a steady but slow pace.
As she whimpered and bit her lip she thought that at least she was going to give it the good old Dinkley try if nothing else.
With about 8 inches of there 2 dicks in her shitter Velma started to hump her firm but fat well rounded booty on there dicks.
Faster and faster her short stout freckled legs worked like pistons. Driving her puckering farthole on there dicks.
Velma spread her pussy and played with her clit and looked down at the man she was facing at this moment.
Mitch smiled back at her as he watched her fucking them and playing with her cunt.
Velma worked her pussy to a lather with her digits and she was close to a orgasm. Velma was close and bit her lower lip and snorted and a snot bubble formed from her nose and popped.
Velma began to make obscene nosies as she played with her pussy that was starting to look like a soapy bubbly lather as if she where shampooing her auburn cunt hair.
Velma then slicked her thick Auburn pubs on her mound to the sides to better get to her pussy as she was now even closer to orgasm.
Velma screamed and jerked her hips as she Came.
Her asshole clamped tight to the dicks and seamed to almost be sucking on them for there cum.
Like a milking sucking mouth.
Velma farted and pulled hard on her clit as she came.
Then she was taken by another urge at this moment.
She could not fight it.
She did not know if it was from the 2 dicks in her nasty hole or what. But suddenly Velma found her self unable to stop it and she began to piss all over her own digits and down onto Mitch's belly and dick.
Velma's pee was filling Mitch's belly button and slipped down his crotch and over his nuts and onto the floor and down the drain in it.
Velma watched as her pee sprayed from her open cunt like when a man cums.
It sprayed in golden streams from her and splashed wetly on the man below.
Velma could feel her pooter squeeze tight with every stream and then relax around only to do it again.
Soon the streams of piss slowed and grew weaker then stopped.
Velma pulled her self from the 2 dicks and dropped on the floor next to the men.
Velma was now to embarrass to even look at the man.

I am so sorry I peed on you like that.
I did not mean to do it at all.

Mitch chuckled and said.

Fuck forget about it.
It was worth it to see you cum like that.
I read that some girls could cum so hard they would piss.
But I had never got to see it till now.


Velma unbuckled there dicks and reached for the soap and washed there dicks for them.

Then they all dozed off for a few moments on the cool wet floor.

Bam Bam Bam Bam!

Velma are you in there?

Daphne is here now.

Velma sat up and looked around and at the 2 men and pondered what to do?

What am I going to tell her?
What am I going to do?

Why not invite her in and we can all play?

I cant do that?
I mean.

Why not?
She is your friend right?
She got a boyfriend or a husband?

Well sort of a boyfriend.

Dose she like sex or play around?

Well her and Johnny Bravo did do it in the back of the Van one night, And then there was the time her and Don Knotts did it too. She said no one could eat pussy like him.
Oh and Don Adams and her.
You know you are right.
I bet she would like to meet you guys.

Velma ran over and unlocked the door for Daphne.

What have you been doing Velma?
You been gone for 4 hours.
I almost went and got the guys to come.

There still at camp right?


Good get in here.
I want you to meet a couple of friends.

Daphne then walked in.

Why are you nude and what have you been doing?
What friends?

Hey boys meet miss Daphne Blake.

What has been going on here?
You have to be kidding me they cant be real.
No one could have a dick that big.

Come on Daphne get undressed and join us.

Velma I cant belive you are acting like this what would the guys think.

Well if you don't tell neither will I and they will never know.

Well as long as you don't tell any one then I guess a little fun wont hurt then.

So who do you want to do first?

Daphne I been doing them here all night so tell you what why don't you do them both and let me watch you some.
And maybe something new will come to mind.

The End
added:August 2005

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