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or go below and read the story.





Our story begins in a small town in the state of Louisiana. Where the gang where looking in to the mystery of the Diary farm Banshee. Where it was said every night there could be heard the cries of what could only be described as that of a Banshee coming from the old Dairy Farm. So the gang took it on to them self to investigate the Mystery. But in turn found them self under the suspension of tress passing and braking and entering. To be more precisely Velma was the only one to be caught in the farm house and under the suspicion of burglary. And to there misfortune the plaintiff Zeb was also the Brother of the Sheriff as well as the acting judge of this small town.


First thing I want you youngin to know we don't take no guff or sass from your type coming in to our town and bringing us your sort of young halogen trouble. Now I expect you to be packed and out of our town with in the hour. If so the charges will be dropped on you. And if I see hide or hair of you after that time the whole lot of you will be working out your time on one of our pepper plantations. Do I make my self clear?

Shaggy: Like yes Sir your honor we can be out of this place like inrecord time Sir.

Freddy: you can say that again.

They start for the door. Now hold it right they. Did you hear me Dismiss this court room?

Now as for you Miss Velma Dinkley. It would seem that you have a more series charge against you of braking and entering to Zeb's home. How do you Plead?

Velma : Guilty you honor but I can explain about that Sir.

The Court has not a lot of time to waste here miss Dinkley. The standard punishment is 2 to 5 years working on the plantations here in our county. To which I have full power to sentence you as I see fit. Do you under stand whatI am saying Miss Dinkley?

Velma : Taking a deep gulp of air looks at her friend and says yes! your honor I understand.

Well I cant keep letting people off for braking the law Miss Dinkley. What sort of a town would people think I was running here?

So I am afraid I will have to pass sentence on to you. But seeing as this is most likely your first crime I am going to be wreather nice to you and pass this statement.

You said in your testimonies that you where only passing tough town on your way to Florida for 2 weeks vacation with some of your friends relatives.

Is that correct?

Velma : Yes your honor that is true. Then I issue the following that you will stay at Zeb's Farm for the next 2 weeks working off you punishment. As your friends spend there time in Florida. And at the end of this time they can come back and pick you up and you all can then go on your way. But during your time here it will be the same as if you are on parole. And if at any time I see fit you can be returned for resentencing. Do you understand?

Velma : Yes your honor.

Freddy: Well your Honor if it's all the same to you. We would prefer to stay here with our friend.

I have passed my ruling young man and that is final.

Freddy: yes sir.

Miss Dinkley you have one hour to say good bye to your friends and make any further arrangements that need to be done. Before you report back to me at my chamber.

Velma: yes your Honor.

Velma: Well Jinkies Guys! Iit looks like I'll see you when you get back.

Daphne: I don't know what you guys think but we cant just leave her here. There has to be something that can be done?

Velma: No Daphne its all been done fare and square there is nothing that can be done now.

Also we don't want to stir up any more trouble then we have to as it may only make thing even worse.

I'll be fine.

So have fun guys ill see you in 2 weeks.

Velma then enters theJudges chambers.

I guess your friends are on there way now?

Yes Sir.

Well that's fine.

I suppose its time we let you parents know whats going on here. After the Judge talked to the Dinklie's and telling them of what was happening he passes the phone to Velma.

The phone call was a simple one. They where on the verge of going on there trip to the rain forest for the next 2 weeks. And they where sure that this would actually be good for her. So that maybe next time she would think twice before doing such a thing. A couple of weeks working on the farm would do very good. There will be tons of new things to see and try. And that they wanted her to do what ever they expected from her as part of there deal with him.

After a short chat with the Judge he hung up the phone and turned to Velma.

He sat back on his desk. So your parents tell me they never punished you with a spanking in all your life. They think it is a unfair treatment. That is true. Well I am now extend my punishment to one spanking to boot.

You must be joking me?

I am way to old for that. You are never to old to learn a lesson from your elders. Now come on over here now and bend over my knee. Pulling out a chair he sites down patting his leg.

You are not serious about going though with this are you?

I am a bit disappointed in you miss Dinkley. I would have expected you to be a little more understanding of what I had said to you in the court room today.

About that if I found so fit. I held the option of changing my decision on how long your sentence would be and where you would serve it?

Oh! I see. she said.

I see all to well.She held the rage in her voice as wellas possible. So that is how it is. You get my friends away from me so I am stuck here alone and think you are going to take advantage of me? Well let me tell you something mister.

Miss Dinkley choose your words well are you may find your self in contempt. I will not be talked to in that tone. I am simply doing my duty.

Your parents have placed you in my custody and told me to take care of you as I seen fit. Now are you going to do as you are told? Or do you want me to take your case back under reconsider?

As velma walked over to him she knew that she had little to no choice to do other then what he request. At least for right now. As he smiled broadly he patted his knee you are a smart girl aren't you? With out responding to his statement.

She did as he requested she placed her self over his knee. Patting her bottom he stated.

A smart girl knows when to keep her mouth shut.

Now where getting some where.

The Judge lifted the hem of her pleated skirt up and on to the small of her back. The panties only covered about half of her full bottom and with the lifting of her skirt the cheeks clinched tightly together pulling the panties even deeper into the divided of her full bottom.

As he looked at the sight he drew in his breath. The green panties seemed to do very little to cover her bottom at all in this position. The top 2 inches of the cliff of her buttock showed brazenly over the top of there waist band. And no less then 1/3 of the bottom cheeks squeezed from the leg bands. As he looked down at the blushed cheeks.

They quivered and vibrated slightly under Velma's nervous movements. As he traced one of the red almost angry looking panties lines on her ass with a finger.

The lines left from where the Panties had been only seconds before by the taunt elastic leg band pressed so tightly in to the soft yielding full globes.

As he traced the line from its outer most place to the inner most line just barely touching the outer area of velma's vagina. He stated this will just not do.

These panties will simply have to go. Yes! I do believe that a full bare bottom spanking is called for here to further get my point across.


Velma said and twistedto look at him.

You can't do that!

With a laugh the Judge brought his strong hand down on to the cheeky bottom with a loud smacking sound.

The cheek vibrated and shimmied and a blush started to form on both of Velmas Cheeks. On her face as well as her Bum. The slap was not all that hard but it did seem to get the message across.

He then slipped his hand between her legs and cupped it over her crotch and lifting her from his lap.

He did so as to better move her skirt and arrange her on his lap. He could fell the wetness forming on her crotch of her panties. Once he had took great care placing her just right on his lap he pulled his hand from her crotch.

The fluid from her crotch was seeping so much now that the crotch band was soaked and as he pulled away from her crotch small strings of clear slick fluid stuck to his fingers forming small bridges connecting them together before braking and falling on to her inner thigh.

Poor Velma had never been handled in such a way in her life. And her body was responding in a way she was unable to understandfully.


. ScoobyDoo1.jpg


Well now looks like we better get these off before you end up with a chapped little Hinny girl.

Slipping a finger under the panties band he pulled the crotch to the side a slight wet slurping sound.

Strings of pussy juice trailed after the panties band and it made little wet lines across the cheek as they fell.

Stop that!

Velma cried out with an angry look on her face. You can't do that.

Now hold on there youngin.

Can't is a word that should not even fit in to your vocabulary right at this time.

Velma let out a sigh knowing he was right. Now then lets see what we got here he said. Her orifices where fully exposed from this vantage point. You know for a girl with such a big ass I would have thought you would have had bigger holes.

Velma whimpered in response.


She was befuddled by this strange new feeling taking her over and replacing the shame and embarrassment she was just recently influenced by.

************************************* . ScoobyDoo2.jpg


So taken by this feeling she never even noticed the fact her panties where now pulled below her butt and where now fully exposed. Not until once again she felt the palm of his cupped hand smack down hard on to her buns. As Velma lurched with a start she let out a startled. OH Gosh!

Then suddenly Velmas ass seemed to come to life as it quivered and shimmied It's response was from that of the judges lighting fast slaps to her bottom.

The movements where so fast the swats seemed to never even make contact with her lewdly wobbling cheeks.

The room was filled with the loud reports from there contact with there target.

Velma jerked in wild efforts to now avoid the Spanking she was now being submitted to. Velma felt sweat dripping from her body her breath coming faster. She felt her body responding in ways she could not understand. Her privet parts where tingling and throbbing now. And it was not all do the spanking she was receiving at this moment. The judge smiled widely as he watched her responses from his relentless spanking.


. ScoobyDoo3.jpg


Velma's hips and buttock now thrusting back toward the spanking hand wreather then away from it as if to welcome it. And her mouth was dripping a small trail of drool from one corner as she made small grunting and whimpering sounds. A thick stream of gooh dripped from the sightly parted pussy lips and danced about before falling on to her pleated skirt. Then another and then another.

Velma gripped the mans thigh harder and began to pant her mouth agape. This feeling was become stronger and stronger. She knew any second that this feeling was going to lead to some thing wonderful. To Some thing to which she had never in her life ever experienced beforev and she wanted it.

At this moment it was the most important thing in her life. Then at that exact moment he stopped.

Ok! I think you learned your lesson. She felt her emotions come crashing down around her as if she where just doused in ice water.

What? What?

He grabbed her arm and helped her off his lap. That's it.

I think you have had enough. Now get your self straightened up and I'll run you out to old Zeb's.




Out at old Zeb's dairy farm Velma waited by the Car as the Sheriff talked to Zeb fora couple of moments. After this they both walked back over where the car and Velma was. Sheriff: Well Zeb I have to get back to town and do some work. So I'll let you to get to know each other a little better. Zeb: Thanks Zeke! Don't be no stranger now hear. Then Zeb turned to look at Velma as the sheriff drove off. Well now my name is Zeke but i'm a guessing you already know that by now and this here is my farm. And I belive your name is being Velma?

He out stretches his hand to her. Velma smiles nervously and shakes his wreather large and well callus hand. Yes sir that is my name.

Velma Dinkley. Well I want you to know that I don't hold no grudge against you for the trouble we had from before. Now then I better show you where you will be staying while you are here. So you can pack your things away. He showed her in to the house and to a side bedroom. It was a rather nicely adorned room and looked very cheerful. Now I will show you around the place and point out your chores to you. The work on the farm was rather new to her but pretty much what she had expected it to be. There was to her surprise only 10 cows on the entire farm. For a dairy farm that did not appear to be all that much. The work was not all that hard and the day when rather quickly and Zeb and her got along together very well. As Zeb cooked supper Velma washed up and retired to her room fora little nap. ***************************



Taking off her pleated skirt she climbed on to the bed. Her panties crotch band was now dry and very crusted from the free flowing juices that and been prompted there earlier from the SPANKING. The now dry material scrapped and irratated her inner thigh. As Velma slipped the panties down they pulled and tugged at her spares fine pubic hair. It clung to her most private areas as if glued there. Her bottom was still some what sensitive and her crotch still held a deep URNING itch that she just had no way to scratch. And the cool air made it even more sensitive. ***************************

. ScoobyDoo6.jpg


Just the feeling of her legs touching seemed to add to the heated feeling. So tucking a pillow under her belly she propped her self up and parted her thighs to help ease the feeling as she napped. The next thing she knew Zeb was knocking at the door for her to have Supper. After they ate Zeb and Velma sat in the parlor and talked. Zeb sat in his chair sipping on a glass of Corn mass whisky. His forth for the night. He even managed to talk Velma in to having a small glass as well. Telling her it was there custom never to drink alone when a guest was in the house. And there is nothing more hurtful to a man here then to have his hospitality rejected. The corn liquor was more then having a slight effect on Velmas mind. Velma asked Zeb about the stores that had brought her and her friends to his farm in the first place. The Screaming Banshee?

Oh that! To tell you the truth there was a Banshee of a sort. He then snickers. Really!

Velma said looking at him. Now gullable from the influence of the whisky. Well wow then it was true? There was a Banshee?

Well Jinkies tell me about it. Zeb fills her glass and said drink up. If you want to know about the Banshee Velma I'll tell you all about her. Velma takes a long drink from the glass. Then chocked it down.

Jinkies this stuff is not to bad after a few sips. Well its like this Velma the Banshee was my wife. What it was when ever her and me had sex she would be screaming so loud you could hear her a mile away. So when people would be passing the farm at night they thought the place was spooked. Jinkies! Velma said and laughed out loud. I thought you where going to tell me the truth? Well that is the truth girl. Yah right!

So what happen to her? Oh she left me 2 years ago ran off said she could not take the sex any more. What where you that bad Zeb?

Is that what she could not take it?


I am just that big. Oh I bet you are all of this big. Velma holds up her empty hand and holds up her pinky and forefinger. As she takes another swig from her glass. Yep! I would say that's about right Zeb said. It's every bit that wide. Velma looks at him what? Zeb puffed out his chest. Velma this here is one man who don't deal in no inches girl. Yah right tell me more Zeb.

I need another laugh. Tell you what you little smart ass. If I proves what I said to be true you have to do something for me. And what would that be Velma ask him? Well I have not had no sex now for over 2 years. And Ineed me some release. What are you asking me Zeb?

Jinkies I am a Virgin and I am not fucking you or any one. No I don't want to do no fucking with you. I just want to have you get me off. You can use your hand and do it. She thought it over. She started feeling that urge she had that day from the spanking coming back to her and it felt good. And the whisky made her feel bold as brass and even a little evil. OK! it's a deal whip it out. If it's all of what you say I will do as you ask. Well hang onthere lets do it right. Get that there seat cushion and put it down here on the floor. So as you can site down here and get your self a nice close look at it. Velma siting in front of Zeb's lap. Said, Ok!

Zeb let's get this show on the road. Now you are not going to try to back out are you on our deal? No No! I said I would do it. Velma's face was flushed and her eyes glued to his crotch. Zeb reached down and ran a palm over his crotch and said. Lets sweeten the deal Velma. Say from now on you don't have to do no more the chores here on the farm and all you have to do is just hang around in the house. If I am telling thetruth or not. But if I am telling the truth you have to take care of my needs for the full 2 weeks you are here when ever I need it. Velma looked at him in a deepening drunken stooper. What? I think you heard me? Velma thought about it as best she could in her drunken state of mind. Her eyes where still glued to his crotch. At this moment Velma had only one thought. For the first time in her life she was going to see a dick. And posable the largest dick in the would from the sound of it. Velma had spent her life refraining from such useless thoughts such as sex to further on her studies in life. But at this moment there was nothing more important then to see this monster. Well what do you say? I already said I would not fuck you.

Who said fuck?

I said I would not fuck you.

I said fulfill my needs.

And we don't need to fuck to do that. Well?

Ok Ok you have a deal. As she sat fastened to his every move he handed her a piece of paper. Put your John Handcock on it Velma and we have a deal. Not even bothering to read it she scribbled down her name. Ok! now on withthe show. Zeb unbuttoned the shoulder straps to his Overhauls. Opened the wast buttons to the sides of them. Lifted them up and over and let them drop between his open thighs. Velma found her self looking at Zeb totally nude once he had finished unbuttoning his shirt. For a man in his 40's he was in very good physical shape. But most impressive was what was the center on her attraction. JINKIES! Velma all but yelled. I gather you like it Zeb said smiling. The penis was in deed large it was a full 8 inches long and almost as thick as her forearm. It was uncut and the hanging skin covered the head of the penis fully and gave it the look of a hanging Elephant trunk. It dangled well below the hanging balls. The balls them self where so large she thought they would not even fit in to a Tea cup. But what was even more amazing was that is was entirely limp. That's it baby get a good look at it. He pulled back the skin from the head to expose what almost looked like a apple mounted on its very tip. As he did so the monster started to move. As he dropped it it fell to the cushion on what he sat and began to extend out and lift it's self from the cushion . Zeb gave a little laugh. I think he likes you? Now it's time for you to keep your part of the bargain. At this point it was looking at her eye to eye sort to speak as it throbbed and bobbed only a scant inch from her face. Looking straight in to the pisshole in front of her she could see a drop of clear cum form and fall in a little stream from the tip.


. ScoobyDoo7.jpg


With a look of shock still on her face Velma took the huge choad in to her hand. That had now grown in size even more to no less then 13 inches long at least and seemed to still be growing even as she held it. She pumped the dick a little and was fascinated to some degree as to the way the loose skin slid over the shaft. On the forward movement the head would become completely covered with the skin only to pop back out on the down ward pull.

As Velma rubbed his Monster size Manly Lap Taffy it continued to grow even more.

The clear cum that flowed free from it's tip was now was becoming more thick and milky in color or even that of a pearl. The Choad was now it seemed fully erect and was fully 18 inches. Zeb was very pleased with the work so far she had performing on him but now it was time to take it a step farther.


. ScoobyDoo8.jpg


Taste it Velma.

Come on now give it a little taste.

Kiss it.


Are you kidding me? That cant be sanitary.


. ScoobyDoo9.jpg


Don't worry you will love it. As he reached out he held the back of her head and pulled her to the plump leaking head.

It was apparent to velma he was not going to drop the subject. Velma had been entertaining the thought her self. What would this delightful Spooge taste like? So taking a deep breath Velma dipped her tongue in to the liquid pearl drops and then slowly pulled it back in to her mouth.


Velma rolled it over her lounge to spread the taste over all her taste buds so she could get the full flavor of this first drop. It was salty yet sweet.

She snickers to her self as she tried to find a taste that she could compare it to. Yet there was none.

The closest she could find was the taste of walnuts it was like eating crushed walnuts smashed in to a creamy past and seasoned with salt. There was one thing she did know and that was she liked it. A large glob of splooge was now dripping from the tip and extending down about 5 inches from his pisshole.


. ScoobyDoo10.jpg


Just before it broke free and fell to the floor. Velma leaned it and flicked out her tongue and caught the liquid nugget on it's tip and whipped her tongue back in. As she did this she slurped in the long string of spoogum in hermouth like a Spaghetti noodle.

With a very loud and nasty Slurp!

As Zeb leaned back and enjoyed the show He moaned and patted her head.


Good girl eat it all up.

Then Zeb let out a deep belly laugh. He new she was fully under his control now.


. ScoobyDoo11.jpg


Velma took hold of the base and began to jack the meat monster as she lapped at the tip eating every drop that formed on the Piss slit. I knew it if I got you in the right state of mind you would be a full blown down and dirty fucking Cocksucker. That's right eat that cum you fucking Spooge Junky. Velma felt as if her clit was about to explode from the pressure it was under at this moment as it throbbed for release.

You like that Velma?

Velma nodded her head in a positive manner never stopping the licking of his dick head for even a second. MMMUUUUMMMM!

She mumbled. Zeb then grabbed his penis and pulled it from her face and said. Look at me. Velma did not respond she only tried to follow after the slobber smeared dick head. She moved in fast and wrapped her lips over the head and sucked at it hard to try her best to draw even more cum from his balls. He then grabbed her by her turtleneck and the other on his dick and yanked it from her mouth with a loud slerping sound. SLERRRPLOOP! ***************************

. ScoobyDoo12.jpg


Velma look at me now! Velma looked at him with a crazed lustful look in her eye's. You like that dick? Yessss!

She growled at him like a wild animal. Tell me what you want? Cum! I want that cum I want to drain your balls dry of every drop.

What do you want it for? I want to eat it. I must have it I must have your cum to eat I must have it all give it to me. I must have it to relieve this need in me. I must have satisfaction from this Urge. Say the magic word and we will see. Zeb Please feed me your Cum. I need it I need it so bad I must have it Now.   Zeb come on you can do  better then that. Beg me to.  Zeb please I must have you  I must have Your Cum in me now.

So tell me what a cocksucker  you are.

Yes I am a Cocksucker and  a Cum eater.

I am what ever you say only  I need release from this urge in me. So you need to  Cum do you?

Yes! Yes!

 That's it I need to Cum.


. ScoobyDoo13.jpg


Ok then for starters kiss  my balls. Kiss them and  ask them for there cum.

Velma pressed her face to  the sack and then began to  plant loving kisses on to his heavy balls.

Now asked them to feed you  there cum.

Lick them as you do it.

Lick them good and long.

That's it yah you learn fast. I need your cum please feed it to me feed it all to me and   I promise to eat all you give  to me with loving care and I will not leave a drop from my mouth.

Very well done velma very well done.

Now may I eat your cum?

Velma was shaking so hard  she could hardly contain her self her teeth chattering.

Her lust was so strong she was near tears. One last thing   and then you may have it all.  Tell my dick that you love it and it may use your mouth as  often as it may wish any time  it wants it and as long as it may desire as long as you stay in this house and then you may have it.


 I promise all these things  to your delightful Dick.


And If i want to fuck it?

My Mouth?


Then it is yours to use as  willing as any cunt could ever be.

Then at that moment the  corn liquor and the strain  of her need proved to be  to much for her as she blacked out and fell to the floor.

The next thing she knew she  woke in her bed. She did not recall what had gone on last night but she did have a deep feeling of regret from it.

And a idea she would find out soon . Oh! Velma said her head was splitting and her mouth had a strange taste to it. Oh a bath would feel  so nice right now.


. ScoobyDoo14.jpg


Velma slipped in to the  hot tub and worked up a  lather in it and reclined.

Now this feels great I could  stay in here all day. Then there was the sound  of the door opening and she  turned to see Zeb walking in.

Hey! Jinkies!

What are you doing?

Shoooh! get out of here.

Don't tell me you forgot our  deal so soon velma?

What are you talking about?

Oh i figured you may have  forgot about our little deal last night so I took the precaution to record it on this tape player last night.   Placing the player on the  counter and then he played  the tape for velma. Velma looked as if her jaw  was about to drop right into the soapy bath water. Her face flushed and her  eyes bulged out.

 What? what?

Where did you get that? How did you get me to say  those things it can't be real.

 Oh what would your friends  think if they where to hear it.

You would never do that? Would you? No way Velma! As long as you keep your word.


. ScoobyDoo15.jpg


Now lets get a better look  at you.

Are you crazy?

Do you have a lot of choices?

If your friends where to  get this tape I don't think things would be the same do you? Not to even bring up this  a signed confession from you that you did willingly  brake in to my home to still  my stuff.  Ah yes! You signed that last night as well. Now then hike it out of the  water and lest have a look.  Velma shivering as if her  bath had been turned in to ice water. Velma then Lifted her hips  from the water and offered  it to his inspection.

He squeezed the tits and  pulled lightly on the nipples making them even more harder. He brought his hand between  her thighs and began to  massage her cunt placing  a finger on each side of the lips he parted them to  expose the juicy pink folds  in side of her finely haired   cunt. With the other   hand he slipped in a finger  to which he found the membrane to her maidenhead.

So you are a cherry  how sweet

. Hey!

Remember your promise  you said you would not  try to fuck me. Denied it with one breath and then fall back on it in the next huh? Don't worry I am a man of my word unlike some people try to be.


. ScoobyDoo16.jpg


Hop on to the side of the  tub and lets see the  rest of you. As Velma sat on the side  of the tub Zeb watched  the wet buns quiver and bounce as she slid closer to the edge.

Nice very nice in deed.


. ScoobyDoo17.jpg


But you can do better then that lets have a good look   at that butt. Now that's it  hold it open.

What a asshole looks even  more tempting then even  your cunt. Zeb laughed as  the pink hole puckered at  him in response to the comment he made.

Zeb then began to strip  off his clothing. looking at you has got me  sweating like a pig.


. ScoobyDoo18.jpg


he straddled the tub and  over Velma. Velma was dumbfound  she looked at the huge dick like it was the first time she had ever seen it. Her looks said it all as her  face was flushed with anger  and her eyes held a evil glint. Wash it for me. she then reached for the wash cloth. NO! Wash t with your tits. Velma gasped at the idea. Do it. She took the huge member  between her boobs and began to rub them over the  monster dick like a  make shift cunt. He moaned his satisfaction. Velma never lost her evil   glint or took her eyes from his.


. ScoobyDoo19.jpg


Faster! Velma worked them even  faster over his Choad fucking him with them. The fluid from his dick dripped on to her cleavage and work as a further lubricant.


. ScoobyDoo20.jpg


That's good. now taste it for me and see  if you got it clean . Never moving her eyes she  licked the head tasting the  piss hole and its dripping precum. Well? Yes it's clean as clean as  you will ever get. He laughed!


. ScoobyDoo21.jpg


Pulling Velma from the tub  he told her to get dressed.

Velma dried her self.


. ScoobyDoo22.jpg


Zeb walked in behind her. With out warning stabbed  a finger between Velma's  cheeks and into her Bunghole.

Velma whimpered and  her Arse puckered wildly  as she jumped with a gasp as her flexing Poop  Chute tried hard to void his finger. But the on and off flexing of   her shit hole only seamed  to bring on to him even  more pleasure. Yah! You got it baby milk that finger. Makes me think of what  wonderful things I could  do with that hole. Slipping it back from her  asshole with a wreather  loud BLLOOP!  He walked out with his  tape machine laughing. Well the next 2 weeks passed  with about the same thing happening every day her chores where to wash his dick every morning with   her boobs and perform oral  on him no less then 2 times  as well. Once as he ate his  lunch from under the table.  As well as in the evening Velma would take her place on the cushion on the floor by his chair and   then preform her act of  Fellatio on him for 2 to 3  hours as he sat back and enjoyed his corn mash  whisky and read his paper. Then it was the end of her  2 weeks and her friends  would be there soon. Don't worry you kept your  word and I will keep mine the tape will be destroyed as well as the paper as soon as your friends are her and it is time for you to leave. Deal? Deal Velma said. Even if she would not admit it Velma had wreather become  accustom to there little routine. Velma even began  to enjoy it and even some  what look forward to it.  In all truth she did have to  admit if only to her self she did love the taste of Cum and wondered what she was going to do with out it?   The phone range and Zeb went to answer as he did a   smile crossed his face. He called Velma over to  the phone. Its for you Velma. It was Velmas father he was calling to tell her that they where still in the rain forest   and that the rains had moved  in and that they would not  be able to be back as of yet. After a talk with to the Sheriff it was arranged for her to remain with zeb till they   could return.


. ScoobyDoo23.jpg


As Velma talked Velma felt  Zeb reach around to hold her.  And take a tit in his palm and kneed it as he pressed him self agents her ass.   As he was snickering. Take care then and don't worry  about me. She managed to  choke out. Velma hung the  receiver on its base. Well it looks like it's time for us to celebrate don't   you? Yah! Whoopee! And look on down the road here come your friends.

  I guess you can't even control  your self for wanting to tell them the good new's?

And I have some running to  do in town. And don't think of running off now as i do still have that tape and paper in case   you think of it.

Velma when out to see her friends.

Well Jinkies!

Guys it looks like I have  to stay here with Zeb till my  Parents get back.

How long is that going to be  Velma ask Daphne?

I have no idea?

Like Hey velma Me and Scooby are starving Like can we have some of that   bottled milk that's out in  the barn to take with us? Ask Shaggy.

 Sure Shaggy you can have  some he wont miss it. Funny We only have like 10 cows here and he gets   a truck load from them in no time at all.

Shaggy came out of the Barn with a case and took it to the Van.

Like thanks Velma.

So When are you coming  with us Velma?

I can't shag not till my parents get home. Well Zoinks! Velma you don't have to stay here. I would love to have you come and stay with me and Scooby till they got back. I would like that to Shaggy but they say I need to stay here.   I tell you what when they call me. I'll call you guys and if you  can you can come down  and get me. That sounds great Velma. said freddy. You can count on it Velma.

Well I guess I better let you go.

As the friends get ready to leave they all exchange hugs and then the Mystery Machine   was off.

Velma returned to the house. Zeb was back in a little while. After asking how was her visit he went to her bed room and then returned shortly. We are going to have fun tonight Velma and I even have some good news for you as well. She had an idea it was not as fun a time as her   friend was indicating to her for her as she would like.


. ScoobyDoo24.jpg


After Dinner He told her to  take a look in her bottom dresser drawer and see what he had for her. As he stood looking she opened the drawer to find   it was filled with all sorts of tubes of lube and dildos   and beads and a enema bag.  She gasped and looked over at him and said.

 whats all this stuff for?

Tonight is the night.

What are you talking about?

We have a deal. You agreed from the start that there was going to be   no fucking and that was  the way it was stay. Velma reminded him with a slight whimper   in her voice. Well sorry but velma that's not true at all. I said I would not fuck you and that is all quite true.

But I don't plane on fucking you.

All I am going to do is put my  Big old hard dick in your bunghole and give you a good Buggering. Doing a little Turd Tango and fucking are two different   things no matter how you look at it.

Zeb walks to Velma an reaches under her sweater   and pulls her bra away  from her boobs and pinches  the nipples. Take off the skirt and lose the  panties and follow me to the bathroom. Zeb grabs the Enema bag and walks   to the bathroom.


. ScoobyDoo25.jpg


Velma walks in the bathroom lacking her skirt but still   in her panties. Zeb i don't want to do this   I still think this is not right and there is no way you could   ever get that thing in to me.

Now Dang it girl don't try and ruin it for us. You are   going to learn to love this and This oral sex is   getting a little old hat.

Now you just do as you are told.


. ScoobyDoo26.jpg


In saying this zeb grabbed her  by the arm and pulled her to him.  Taking hold of the panties wast band he yanked them hard the panties dug in to the smooth meat of her Bum Cheeks before ripping free from her. Leaving angry red pantie lines as they did.


. ScoobyDoo27.jpg


Zeb then took her arm and walked her to the toilet and   then made her straddle the  bowl facing the tank with her ass out toward him.

Don't move.

As she watch him from her position. he filled the bag with  a large amount of warm water and then mixed it some form of liquid soap and then closed the bag and shook   it well. the bag was a wreather large bag it held half of a gallon of water.


. ScoobyDoo28.jpg


Placing the bag on to a hook Zeb then took some spit from   his mouth and dabbed it on  to the tip of the tube. Then in one smooth movement  he slid the tube in to velmas anus she jerked and  gave a ummph in response  to the move. Now then here we go he  turned a small knob and the  soapy water began to flow. Zeb took the bag and squeezed  it hard and the warm water rushed in to Velmas overwhelmed bum. After the bag was then squeezed of the soapy mixture Zeb pulled the   nozzle from Velmas Shitter. Velma's craphole snapped tight but was puckering as   it hold in the soapy enema it  had to fight to keep from loosening it's grip and spilling the sudsy mix.

Now you stay like that for the next 10 min's and don't move I want that ass to be well cleaned out. We need all the room we can make in there. By the end of the time Velma  could not not what to expel it.  The tight shitter was puckering madly in and out to hold on entil it was time.


. ScoobyDoo29.jpg


Her cheeks vibrated as the strain was getting to her   muscles. She bit her lower lip in the effort. And sweat popped from her.

ok you can go now.

Even with zeb in front of her Standing over her watching her every move she could not what and spined around   and started the voiding of  the soapy mess before her  butt even hit the seat. The water splashed briskly and loud in to the bowls water   followed by the unmistakable  sounds of PLOOPs!

After several loud farts she  was done.   Her face was well flushed by the end of this fiasco. Zeb thought it would be a good idea to repeat the   proses one more time. After this being done. They returned to the Bedroom.


. ScoobyDoo30.jpg


Velma walked in the  the room. And as instructed removed her sweater and climbed on to the bed. Zeb who was now also nude   tossed her a tube of lube by the name of Ass Popper and said don't worry a bit I have this thing all under control. Velma looking at the monster pointing right at her doubted that very much. As Zeb walked to the bed his dick swinging back and forth in front of him a full 18 inches said.

One of the big problems with  my wife was i never knew to  use any lube but with that taken care of it should be smooth sailing.


. ScoobyDoo31.jpg


As he climbed up behind her He opened her buns with his fingers and viewed   the hole closely. Her cunt was dripping a  long strand of cuntty gooh. Even though this was not what she wanted to do the   idea still made her very hot. The hole was still so very tight he knew it was going to be hard and it was going to hurt but that was the way   with any virgin hole. And in time she would learn to love it even if his   wife never did. This girl velma was different and he just know she was the sort of girl that could learn   to love anything with time. As Velma looked back at zeb who seemed to be in some sort of trance.   The Bum vent opened up and let lose a little fart at him. Most likely a left over response from the enemas. But zeb snapped   out from his stooper and took it as a offering as like it was blowing him a kiss or asking him what was taking him so long that it wanted him. And needed him to do his  best to please it.


. ScoobyDoo32.jpg


Hot Dog it's time to stirring them turds.

Taking the lube he ran a  long line down his prick and started rubbing it in. As well he began to put generous finger fulls of the slicker into Velma's none   to happy ass.

Velma baby here comes some  loving you will never forget.  As zeb's fingers gripped Velmas hips like a vice he fumbled to find the hole to place the head on it for the first Cherry Popping push. He forced the head between  the now wide open cheeks and onto the angry poor little Pooter it puckered against   the dicks head like a small mouth and it was kissing his slong. Now take my advice and  relax as best you can and if you cant do that try and fart when I start feeding it to you. Start farting and don't stop. Because I'm going to Cherry  this asshole and that's all there is to it.

Velma took the advise in  to consideration and nodded  her head. As Zeb leaned in close to Velma. He slid his arms under hers and locked her in place.

  Now you do as I tell you and  this is going to be the  best thing to ever happen to you.

with that he gave a hard thrust and the shitter began   to push in and accept  the head. When suddenly  it flexed out and vibrated  against the head like as  if it where blowing a raspberry on it. The vibes  shook the head and then he could feel it as it ran down his Choad down to   his balls and it felt good so good  he could over a period of  time even be able to cum from this wild feeling. He did it again and received   the same thrilling response  and then again and finally  once more. Zeb knew that not only was  this great fun for him it was helping Velma relax more. But play time was over and  it was time for some Fucking. Zeb With sweat popping from  every pore pressed down  hard and in response. Velma Farted hard. Zeb wide-eyed strained forward  with his mass of man meat then with a grunt the lust  filled head disappeared in to  her straining farther. Then there was silence for  what seamed to be for several minutes. Before the  last part of Velmas fart escaped from around Zeb's  dong. It now had a very  high pitch sound now as it was forced from around his hefty man meat.

As the lips of her shithole flapped around the invader   it sputtered and made nasty little smacking sounds that could be heard over the fart. The responce was   some what like would happen  when you would open a soda  that had been shook up to well.  Zeb also was subjected to a  cry from Velma so loud and   high pitched it would have made any Opera singer proud.   Velma took hold of the head  board and did her best to pull her self free as she began to crawl from his grasp.


Velma screamed I'll do anything you ask but not this.   Zeb pulled her from  the headboard. And braking  it from it's foundation. Zeb then rolled her into a ball under him like as if   he where a octopus.   AAAAAAAAARRRRRRR! Don't. Take it out now. Zeb used the weight of his  chest to press Velma's face in the the shaking bed. As she screamed one long  muffled cry in to the sprawled bedding followed  by another. After several minuets. Velma began to run out of breath her Screams   resided. Zeb relaxed his grip some. the only fight that was still  left in her was the way  her asshole pushed and squeezed on to his head  in a vain last attempt to  try and maybe shit him out. Then it to stopped its efforts  and then allowed the dick  head to remain. As the huge head rested in the shit pit. Velma thought to herself. It was as if she had the largest  Turd in the world in her ass.  After several more minutes.

Zeb whispered in to her ear  that's it relax we got it now  that Cherry is pooped and I am in and that's the way it's going to be. So relax and enjoy it. All Velma could do was grunt. Zeb rolled them both on to  there sides on the bed the  sheets where cool and damp  from all of the sweat that dripped from there bodes  from the time they had spent rolled in the ball.


. ScoobyDoo33.jpg


Zeb then pulled her on to  his belly as he rolled on  to his back. Zeb looked at Velma's red face which was now tear stained. Zeb said to her that's it   baby relax with that ass cherry out of the way we got it made. Velma sniffed and smiled   and shook her head to say yes.  Now you sit on there and  chew on the tip for a while.  That's all.

Maybe tomorrow we can  go for a little more. And  so on till we get you to where you can handle it all.

And on such a a happy note  I think now is the best time to tell you the good new's.  I promised you. When I was in town my  brother stopped to tell me  that he got a call and that  it looks like me and you will be spending the next 4 months together. Maybe even longer. And where going to make  the most out of every minute  we can get to. Velma could not belive her ears and she  worked her mouth but no  words would come out. Final Velma did make a noise  she let out a small fart.

   Zeb then let out a big laugh.


That's what I want to hear. Now come on baby work that thing for me milk me make   me cum. Velma started to do as he ask and her fate seamed to be set. She heard   a sound in the distance. Zeb too heard the noise and  pulled his Prod from Velma's  ass with a loud.


And jumped to the door. Velmas response to this was  a small yelp of pain and  2 very flappy farts from her  now stretched asshole.

Get dressed.

Zeb said and tossed her  the tape and paper that he had been using against  her all this time. He grabbed the Bib's from  the floor and ran from  the room. Velma dressed as fast as she could. And then ran to the front door  and when she looked out she was just able to make  out 2 state police cars heading  there way. As well as a sight she knew all to well  the Mystery Machine.


Whats going on Zeb?

You will find out soon enough Velma.

Now get your self all fixed  to go with your friends  and don't forget the  stuff I gave you.

Well when they arrived Velma was surprised to see the Sheriff siting in   the back of one of the  police cars.


Whats happening guys?

Are you alright Velma? Ask Freddy.

Yes! I'm alright.

We Solved a Mystery Velma and got you off the   hook to. So we can all go now.

What Mystery?

The Milk mystery. Remember you said you could not figure out how he got so much milk from   so few cows?


When you gave Shaggy the  milk you gave us the answer.  Zeb and his brother Zack where shipping cocaine in the Milk bottles. They diluted it in water and shipped it out as milk with the real milk and no one ever suspected them.

Poor Shaggy and Scooby both  drank 2 bottles each  before they knew what was even happening.


Are they alright?

Yah! There fine. They seamed to have some  immunity to it for some reason. There a little bugged out seeing monsters and stuff but there going to be OK! Zeb Walking to the police car. Looked at them and said.

Yah and I guess we would have still been getting away   with it to if I could have  stopped from messing with  you meddling kids?

He then Laughed and gave  Velma a wink and said. But it was worth it.

One year later.

I can't believe you are going down to see that Zeb   Guy Velma.

 Daphne said. He was a crook! He was selling drugs and  thanks to you he got busted  and now he's serving  20 years with out parole.

I know! I know!

But he only gets to have  a conjunctional visit  two times a year. And he has no family or friends and I feel sorry for him.

When i was staying with him  we became good friends. And not until after i got home  did it finally dawn on me how  much of a friend.

And besides I sort of miss  seeing him. That's all.

Well it seems to me to be  to darn long a trip just to spend a hour sitting around talking to him. And whats with this Jello desert you made here for him?

I tasted the mold and its like  you dumped a whole jar of  Vaseline in to it.

It seam to be more fit for  lubricating a stuck door  then to eat.

Don't worry Daphne.

I think hell like the gift I'm  bringing him just fine.

After all there is alway room  for Jello.

 And with the right sort of  Jello you can make room  for a lot more other things.

Velma Giggled.

Her Asshole puckering as she  thought of her big master  plan with the Jello. During her visit.

Daphne just shook her head. Whatever?

{post march 12, 2003}

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