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YAOI #2 DOJIN !!!!


Click Here for image 2 instead of scroilling the story.

Oh that is what a Glory hole is for O_O


PLease leave feedback about this story for Doc at the DOCS FORUM OR email him please. HE really would like to know what you think about it


A shopping Mall in the USA.

Now look, you can head over to the book store and I am going to go down
to the auto store.
I will be back in about half a hour, ok?

They're having a sale I want to have a look at.

Sure, Benny, I will see you then.

After picking a few Sci Fi books that he had been wanting to read, Danny
took a seat next to the water fall in the hallway and waited for Benny
to finish his look in the auto shop.

But the sound of the rushing water got the better of him and so he
walked over to where the restrooms where located, down a long corridor by themselves.

After entering the room Danny picked the stall at the end and entered.
After dropping his pants he started to take his pee. Being somewhat shy
he always liked to use the stalls.

Danny noticed that there was a hole in the stall wall and also began to
read the messages posted on the walls.

Most where very small and at toilet level.
Most where sexually related in nature.
Danny did not have much knowledge of sex, even at his age, as he was
not bold enough to date and found that monster movies and Sci Fi was
more important to him then girls and things like that.

Some people thought this odd for a boy his age, but then Danny was just
late bloomer and there was nothing wrong with that at all.
Some people matured slower both in their mind and body.

Danny took a seat anyway to read the post.
He may like Sci Fi but he still was not fully unaware of the need for
and he was having some small fun in seeing what people will post in the

Danny had been masturbating now for a few years as it was, mostly to
female Sci Fi stars and the late night horror host like the one that
on every Saturday, Daloris Clitoris, as well as cartoon girls.

The notes where of how one could have their penis sucked and who's
was the best and even a few phone numbers.

For a good time call 555-5...

Danny was now finding his penis to be erect and he began to rub it as
Then there was some one entering the door to this lonely room and he heard them enter the stall next to his.
He could hear them open their zipper and the sound of them urinating.

Danny leaned toward the hole to peek in.

He was not really wanting to see anything, he thought to himself, but only wondering what could be seen.

As he leaned in to look he was shocked to see that he was soon met by a
invader from the other side.

There was a guy's dick where he was looking at the wall.
It was a nice looking dick, the skin was smooth and the color was an
almost pink.
It looked very clean and not used very much.

A penis one would guess of a young or middle aged man, it was about 8 inches long.

Somewhat large as in sex ed class it was stated that the average penis
is only 4 to 5 inches.

The penis was uncut and the head only peeked out from the tip of the
hard and now dripping dick.

Suck it!

Was whispered by the other.

Suck it!

Danny looked at the penis and did his best to keep quiet as if to make
them think he was not there.

Come on I know you're in there, I seen your mouth by the hole.

He whispered.

Last thing I need is a tease.

Do it.

You know what this stall is for.
Suck my nice tasty dick.
You know you want it bad.
Open wide.

Danny leaned in for a better look now.

There was no way the guy could tell he was doing that.

He slid his glasses low on his nose and looked it over very close then
returned them for a better look.

Sure he had seen his own penis but this was a chance to see one close
and not even the owner of it would ever know.
When Danny got on the floor he was right at eye level with the penis.
He gave it a close observation.
He even leaned in and smelled the penis and the piss hole.
He took a finger and ran it over the dick head and some of the clear fluid came off and he looked at it with particular
interest after a very closely detailed look.

He wiped off the clear fluid on his pants.

The man moved and said.

Yeah that's it.
Take and eat me.
If not I am going to come over there and make you.

This was a bit of a shock to Danny, not being used to such talk as this.
He thought how the man may come and make do it and he would be seen by him and then they would know who he was.
What's more, he may tell others and then friends may hear about this and
even Benny.
He had to do something fast.

He knew he could not get to the door before the man could and there was
little more he could do, so Danny started to jack the man off.
If he was lucky the man would cum soon and he could get out when he was
finished with him.

Nice, you do that well.
But I said suck it, now.

Danny thought fast. He took some slobber and wet his thumb and
and tried to convince the guy into thinking it was a pair of lips on
dick, as it was tight around the head and squeezed.

Nice try, but I know what you're doing.
The man pulled back.
Last chance now put your mouth here where I can see it buddy, or I come
and get it myself.

He said in a low and gruff voice.

Danny eyed the dirty hole stained with he had no sure idea, and even loose hairs from other men from other sex, he thought as well.
He did not like this at all but he opened his mouth and
it close, but was certain as to keep it out of reach.
Danny spoke.
Doing his best to hide his voice.

I have never done this.

Well you are are about to do it now, dude.

I don't really want to.

Just open your fucking mouth.

He opened his mouth like he was told and held it there by the hole, but he still did not think he would have to do it and was shocked when the penis entered his mouth.

The dick slid in and Danny closed his mouth on it and only held it
He was some what in a stupor.
In a buzzed state his pulse pounded and his eyes glassed as he looked
the dick that was now under his nose and in his mouth.


How you like my hard dick, dude?

Come on, suck it.

Danny began to suck even though it was more out of reflex to the order
than his own idea.

He could taste the man's musky flavor as well as pee and sweat and pre
Soon Danny snapped out of his buzz and found he was starting to like
what he was doing as the guy humped at his mouth through the hole.
He was now sucking about 5 inches and had no problem with it at all, he
took even
more and soon he was taking all of it in and sucking the dick hard.

Danny liked what he was doing, the taste was very odd but he knew he
liked it and he knew he wanted to have more of it in his mouth.
He sucked hard on the dick as it fucked his mouth.
He took it out and rubbed it as he sucked the tip to have more of the
cum in his mouth where he could taste it.
Danny was always a passive guy and now he knew he liked the idea of
being dominated.
Was this part of why he liked monsters so much?
Was it the dominant stage they held over the other man?
Was it all a homo erotic concept?

Now was not the place to ponder this, he would do so later, when he
was alone in his room.
Was his love for Sci fi all a gay cover up of a secret unknown desire
had all his life but kept hid away?

No, that was silly.

But he had to say he was finding his first erotic act, even a homosexual
one, most thrilling to say the least.
How could he be gay?
He had not even had sex with a girl to see how he would like that, as
well as here in this restroom stall.
Or he may like it even better.
He could not be sure what he was yet.

All that mattered to Danny right now was what he was sucking on and the
fun he was having serving the hard dick.

As Danny pinched the head of the dick he lapped the piss hole.

He read graffiti as he sucked and thought, that is what I am doing now.
Sucking a dick like a slut and fag.

Was he really gay after all?

How did he even wind up doing this, he could have run for it.

Or did he want to do it?

All in a flash the dick was pulled back from the hole and was gone.

What happen to the dick?

His dick was throbbing and was leaking in his own pants as they pooled
over his shoes making a little wet puddle in the pant's crotch.

His balls had drawn tight with need for release as well.

What to do now?

Should he leave?

Beat off?

He was wondering what had happened here with his new friend.

Was someone playing a trick on him?

Well, it was fun but he felt let down now that it was over so fast and not finished

What does that mean, stupid?

Danny tried to decide what to do as he was now squatted there.

Danny's question was answered for him when someone grabbed his legs out
from under him and pulled them under the divider to their side. Danny
felt his bare bottom scoot over the cold restroom floor. His head hit
the divider next to him and was stunned and when he got his bearings he
found he had lost his glasses.
As the change fell from Danny's pants they filled the room with their
metallic chiming that echoed though the room.

The man on the other side and was finishing removing Danny's pants, And
tossed them back to Danny with his shorts onto his side of partition at

Danny tried to pull himself onto his own side and thought maybe the guy
was trying to rob him of what money he had left in his wallet, but soon he was about to see it was not his money he wanted.

What are you doing?

Come on now, don't play stupid, you know what I am about to do.

Danny felt as something was being rubbed on his ass. It was slick and
wet and then a finger was pushed up his asshole.

I am going to fuck you in the ass, you little fucking faggot.

Now shut the fuck up and let me in that sexy ass.

Oh no you are not.

Danny stared to scoot and kick at the guy on the other side of the

No one is fucking me in the ass.
I am no homosexual.

What the fuck are you talking about, you was sucking my dick you fucking
fag, now take it like a bitch and shut up.

No way, let go.

Danny felt his leg pulled straight and the next thing he knew his
shoe slid in though the hole in his own side and his leg was pinned in
His other was pulled down so he was open wide for the guy who had
him pinned from the wast down.

Let me out of here.

Shut the fuck up will you, or I will kick your fucking ass.

Come on, this is crazy, I have to get out of here, I don't do this stuff
and I have some one that will be looking for me.

Well, then you better let me do what I want before they find you in

Stop it!

I have never done anything like what you want to do before.

Well cool, I will be the one who pops your cherry.

You can't do this, get off.

Danny now felt the guy's penis as it pushed at his ass now and he was
starting to feel it slipping in.

Stop, I am a virgin.

Not for long, baby.

The head popped into Danny's ass and he let out a cry and then a
The dick, where it was rather big but not huge, had been wetted well
with his own sucking and the fingers he had slipped into his ass before
by the guy.

But still it was hard for Danny to take a dick into his poor little ass
and it not be uncomfortable, and this was only the head.

The whimper was maybe more in the thought of being fucked by another
then the actual act of his tight boy behind being used like that of a

There was a loss of pride and male self confidence with a man losing
anal maiden hood in such a submissive and undesired manner.

Or so one would think.

Well before long there was more of the dick slipping into Danny's ass.

It was indeed very awkward as he was unsure what he was feeling for at that moment, and soon the rest of the penis had slid in and the balls rested in the crack of Danny's ass and along the small of his back.

The penis rested there for one long moment, either relishing the feel of his tight virgin anus or allowing for him to adjust to it.

Then it began to thrust in and out of his tight little boygina.

Pulling all the way out to where only the bloated male glans remained in his ass before sliding back into him to the balls.

This went on for several moments as the one fucking him started to pick up speed in their thrusts.

He could hear the sounds of his ass being fucked, the slurp and smacks as the precum from the other's dick oozed into his ass and lubed the way for him.

They fucked him harder and faster.

His own precum was now oozing from his dick and poling into his belly button and  sliding down his tummy from this awkward position.

The cramped stall was getting hot and Danny was now sweating freely as he had to gasp for breath from the way his body was bent. His bare ass was scooting on the still nice, cool tiles and making as loud squeaking sound.

Soon Danny was taken by surprise when he felt the penis leave his now open and willing ass and he was rolled onto his belly and the man pulled Danny toward him. Grabbing him by the waist he forced him to get on his knees in front of
him, then he re-entred Danny's ass.

From this position Danny's head and top one forth of him was still on his side of the stall so he could still not see the man from this angle.

The man was now even fucking deeper and faster now, the thrusts even harder then before.

The man would stop every once in a while and pull his dick all the way from Danny's willing ass and look at the gaping hole and sigh, and then slam it back in and give his ass a hard smack with his hand.

It was obvious this guy knew how to fuck an ass and he loved what he was doing.

This went on for about half an hour and Danny had formed a pool of his
own precum on the tiles under his penis as the dick in his sitter was
massaging the fuck out of his tender prostate from the inside and Danny
as sure he was going to squirt his cream and soon.

The man in his ass was obviously going to do the same and cum into his
sweet ass.

Danny puffed and grunted as he felt his ass stretched and used.

He panted and head it to the man in total submission as the man took it
and slapped his cute ass in response.

Soon the man forced his dick into Danny to the balls and held his place, frozen in orgasm.

Danny felt the super intense heated cum flow into his ass searing the
sensitive flesh and lighting the fuse to his prostate.

And then in seconds d]Danny felt it explode.

A squeal from his lips and a stream of white from his penis marked the
start of his orgasm.

As the white liquid ribbin streamed forth and splashed onto his upturned belly there was another to follow and another and another, eight times, the last only trailing from the tip and rolling down his
penis to settle on his balls and it was over.

He felt the man remove his deflated penis from his shitter with a wet

The man then dressed and whispered a thanks and left the stall next to

Danny was still sprawled out onto the cold tiles as he recovered from
what all had happen to him in the last hour.

He then sat on the floor and did what he could to clean off the drying
sticky cum from his belly with the roll of toilet paper, and then Danny
had a  seat on the toilet and did his best to void the cum from the man
in his ass as well as he could.
He watched between his legs as the creamy fluid slowly slipped from his
ass and into the water of the toilet bowl like dribbling honey, only
The creamy man juice puddled at the bottom of the bowl refusing to
After this, Danny wiped his well used ass and cleaned away the last of
the man cream and flushed it way.
Then he left the stall and walked over to the one where the man had
and looked in.
What made him look there was no reason, he only had an urge to look.

There was a piece of paper on the floor and he looked at it.

Well, looks like he bought some speakers at Auto Marts.
They where on sale $29.99 today only.

Danny walked out to the waterfall.

Where have you been Danny?

I was starting to wonder where you where.

Ah, don't worry about it I only got here myself.

They had a great sale at Auto Marts.

Yeah I heard they have speakers on sale for $29.99.

How did you know?

Oh I heard some people talking about them.

That is creepy, I bought a pair of them myself.

I have the receipt right here.

Benny reaches into his pocket.

Well that's odd, I did have it, I guess I lost it somewhere.

Oh Well!
As long as I get what I want from something is all that counts.

Ok well I had all I need so lets get out of here.

I got my speakers and had some fun while I was at it.

Even met a new friend.

Have any problems with what you needed?

If so we can always come back later if there was something more that
you may need.

Posted September 18, 2008 done well before this thought. Finally made it to the site.

NO ONE Except ME will have Info to your addy!

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