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` dressshop1.jpg


Brandon really enjoyed the idea of working at the new job he had for the Summer at Mr. Penachelie clothing shop. He had known the old Italian man what seamed for ever and was good friends with his parents. that was part of the reason he got the job. And Brandon always had a fondness for clothing. He always loved the bright colors and the softness of the material. That was the shame about boys clothing there not nice like the things girls wear. there so dull you ruff not soft like the girls things. Brandon biggest passion was for Angora. He always loved the feel it made him feel warm and yes aroused sexually when ever he felt it. So Brandon had in fact no problems at all working in the womans clothing store in fact he was most happy to.

Well Brandon how did you like your first day here at the job? You have a nice time? No?

It was a fun Mr. Penachelie. Thanks again for letting me work here with you.

That's a fine. You are a nice boy Brandon to say that. Most boys your ago would a think there was something crazy about working in a shop like this. But there a just a stuped'o! There is nothing wrong with a man sealing the womans clothing.

You got that right Mr. Penachelie.

Oh well! I better let you finish up your work. I would Imagen you would like to get out of here. A boy like you probably got a girlfriend waiting for him to get off work and have some fun. No?

Brandon laughed. No not me I don't have a girlfriend no need for for that problem in my life. (The truth is Brandon was very shy in fact unnaturally shy around girls and had always been that way so it was not a matter of not needing a girls friend it was more so he never ha the nerve to get one.)

Oh Well! You are still young and it is best to enjoy life first before you get tied down. That way you truly know what you want in life. Well I still have thing I have to do as well so I will let you get to it. And you got your key so you can lock up when ever you get done.

Brandon locked the door to the shop and started to get to work. He swept the floor and dusted the counters. All the time stilling glances at the navy blue Angora sweater on the display torso. He stopped to caress it. It was so soft and he loved the color blue it was. Then looked around the shop as if suspecting to see some one watching him. There was something most thrilling to be in the shop even with it closed and the doors locked and boldly caressing the sweater. He fondled the material and caressed the Breast of the torso and found him self becoming very erect. Brandon fondled his penis thought his pants as he caressed the breast of the clothing dummy. Then before he got to thrilled he stopped. Back to work! I have got to get my work done after all I can't just stand here all night.

Filling the mop bucket he then moped the floors in the display area. Then moving to the stock room he moped and cleaned the floors. There now all I have to do is let them dry after that all I have left to do is wax them. Brandon walked over the the full size mirrors in one corner of the storage room. It was the old folding mirrors that where full size and was 4 mirrors mounted together so that you could stand in front of them and see your self from ever sort of angle. Brandon stepped in front of the mirror and looked at himself. Cool! Brandon looked his slim form over closely looked in close at his own face and smiled. I am one sexy peace of man meat. Winked at him self and turned his back to the mirror and wiggled his butt as he looked at it. Laughing Brandon walked over and looked at the floor. Still wet. Shit this could take some time. Brandon when back to the mirror and started making silly faces into the glass. Then pulled out his comb and ran it around though his Orange hair. The hair was a bright but a nice shade of Orange very much like the fruit in fact it was. Brandon had some what long hair for it did touch his shoulders in the back but short on the sides with long bangs that stopped just over the eye brows. His ears stuck out from the side. His skin was some what pale and he had a small amount of freckles that where so dotted over the bridge of his nose and cheeks. Brandon was a very cute boy. Very close to girlish. A slow bloomer so the effects of puberty had not fully affected him yet in many ways. The hair on his body where there was hair was spares and fine. that only effected his gender. His legs chest and other such areas where still smooth as well as a lack of hair on his face in any form. As with most boys this at times was very annoying to Brandon. But the Irish boys family where never very hairy people so that was just something he would have to live with.

Brandon walked out front and checked the floors. then walked over to the counter and stood behind the counter and played the sales clerk to imaginary customers. Then he played the customers. I would like to see that sweater there the Blue Angora. It is a very nice sweater. Do you have a place where I can try it on to see how it looks? Yes we have a place for that. Then show me please. Brandon slipped the sweater off the dummy. If you say so. The customer is always right. With a laugh he walked to the back room to where there was no way he could be seen from the store windows. Brandon walked to the mirror and held up the sweater and looked at himself. What the heck if I did this much I may as well try it on. As he took off his shirt he looked nervously around what the heck no one will know. As the sweater slid over his body he shivered with delight. There was the crisp snap of static in the air and then it was on. Brandon brushed down his hair and cleared his thought. Tugging down the sleeves and then smoothing down the front of the Angora material. He then stopped and stared transfixed at his reflection. Now this is a nice sweater. A little big but nice. But the the feel of it was even nicer. Once again Brandon felt himself becoming erect. He caressed his own body thought the sweater over his chest and fondling his now hard nipples and then his belly. He felt his penis thought his pants it was very hard now. He opened his fly and let it spring free from his pants. It was fully erect and flipped and bobbed back and forth in the air. It was pail and lightly haired around the base caped with a bright pink head. It was a good 8 inches. Brandon wrapped a hand around the meat and pulled it teasing it as he watched it in the Mirror. Then reached in and pulled out the balls and gave them a good going over in the reflection. Very nice he said to him self with a smile. He unsnapped the button that held them and let them drop to the floor. followed by his white jockey shorts. Kicking them off to the side now dressed in only the Blue sweater and his black work socks and loafers he gave him self another close look over. Turning to the sides and then a look at the back. I am a hotty! But them socks and shoes have to go. Kicking off the shoes and then slipping off the socks. I am sure we can do a lot better. Then turning Brandon walked back to the display section of the store. As he walked his smooth tight bare little bottom cheeks wiggling with a slight jiggle to them as he did so. Brandon came back to the storage area with a small pile and placed them on a stand near by the mirrors. Here we go show time. As Brandon stood in front of the mirrors he smiled at himself this is great. He took the strapless padded D cup bra that he had goten and put it in place under the sweater. Fondling the cups for a moment likeing how they felt. He then slipped on a pair of green socks with little blue pom pom balls hanging from the tops like little tassels. Some nice little black low heel slip on numbers. Next he slipped on a frilly pink transparent underskirt little more then a mimi slip barley covering his back side and tinted out in front from his erect penis. then to finish it off a light green tie Ascot like the ones girls wear with there school uniforms. Now lets see what we have here he looked over his outfit. Well I like it. Yes I think I look very nice in this little outfit. He took a long look from every way posable. Then he took and slipped his penis between his legs and clamped them tight. What a body most girls would kill for my looks. That was in fact very true in many ways his body was very feminine and in better fourm then most of the girls he know. Well shaped hips and a smooth flat belly. His legs where very long and well shaped. But most of all his little onion shaped bottom. Now lets check out the back view shale we? So what have we here? Well Mr. Sales Clerk what do you think? I would have to say it's very nice.

Is that all you have to say?

Brandon bends over and watches the slip ride up his ass showing his bare cheeks. As he vied it from between his legs. It's very nice?

That's true but I bet that is not all you are thinking?

Talking to himself in a flirting manner. With a chuckle Brandon wiggles his ass in the mirror. Then relaxes the cheeks and its the cheeks spread to where the pink hole between them peeks out. Then reaches back and spreads them wide.

What I bet Mr Sales Clerk is that you right now are hard as a rock and wishing you could have some of this.

With a chuckle Brandon puckers the tiny pink hole and himself. Yah you want that don't you?

Yah I Sure do!

That's looks awfully good there Brandon.

What the? Mr. Penachelie! When did you come it?

I been here long enough to see your little show. I thought I would check on you and see how work was coming and bring you a snack. But I see you are a hungry for something else. No? You are in the need for a little sesso? So this is why you have no girlfriend. You like to be the ragazza. Huh!

No you don't get it I was just playing around you know acting silly.

Hey that's no problem it's a fine with me if you like to dress and be the ragazza. The girl. I think it's a very nice you do you make a very fine one you are a very pretty in your little outfit. So you got a boyfriend who you dress for?

Boyfriend? Oh no no it's not like that I don't have a boy friend I don't....

Now that's a shame for you don't a have no one to be with that's a sad a waste.

Walking up to Brandon he slaps him on the ass and laughs. And that is such a sweet estremita.It would be a real shame to let it wast. Hey tell you what we take care of that problem here tonight.

What Problem? Is that Mr. Penachelie?

Now ok you call me Nicky ok? Well Brandon Im a guana Scopata you right in that sexy little cheeky asino you got there.

I am not sure I know what you said Mr. Penachelie.


Nicky but I don't think I am going to like it.

Don't be silly you going to love it. You a trust me I know what I am a doing here.

Maybe I better bet dressed and back to work. But thanks for the offer.

What you no like being fucked in the ass or you don't like me?

No its not that me Mr. Pena I mean Nicky. I like you a lot I mean I have known you for I don't know how long and you always have been so nice. No I like you a lot trust me. It's just I have never done any thing like what you are asking me to do.

Ahhh! so you are a shy like the virgin. So you no want to do the fuck yet that's a fine.

I am so happy you understand Nicky. So you want to do the Succhi first to get in the mood. No? That's a fine we can a do that right here.

Huh? Nicky what the heck is Succhi?

Mr Penachelie walked over to a folding chare and brought it to where the mirrors where and opened it up.

Yah Brandon you give me a little Succhi a nice a suck and we see how she goes.


` dressshop2.jpg


Now with that said nicky opens his pants and lets them drop and sits in the chair.

No you got me all wrong there Nicky. I don't do that you see Mr. Penachelie.

Oh Shit!

That cant be real? It must be 2 foot long.

So you like it No?

Yes! I mean No! I mean How big? Can I have a better look? I mean?

Mr. Penachelie laughed. Yes I think you like him. Pull up that box and site down and get a better look at him.

Can I? I mean I Only want to look. I don't want to well. Is that ok?

Sure Sure you look all you like.

Brandon slide the box right between Nicky's legs so as to get a good look. Now Brandon you site down right there and have a nice long look.

Thanks Nicky.

Siting down he gave it a good going over. Mr Penachelie was a very well groomed man always clean and smelling of whichhazel and old spice. And he took the same care with his penis it was very clean and well taken care of one could tell that by just looking at it.

So Nicky its huge how big is this thing? It looks like it must be 2 foot long.

Well lets just say its big enough that I have never had any complaints he did not make them feel nice and full.No?

I have never seen one this close in my life. Let alone this big. And it's the first Uncut one I have ever had a chance to look at at all.

The penis head was fully covered in a heavy foreskin. With its size and all the skin over the tip it looked like a elephants trunk.

They say that's the best kind Brandon. That's where all the flavor is at.

The old Italian man chuckled.


` dressshop3.jpg


Now take it Brandon and see how she feels get a better look.

Brandon took the penis in his hands and bent it back one way then the other then after doing this Brandon bent forward and gave the huge balls a good look. Man they must hold some load I them.

Man Nicky that is something.

Why don't you rub it a little for Nicky? No? It will feel good that is a nice brandon. You are a making him a feel really nice doing the jack off for him.

Brandon jacked the huge prick as he did so he could see the loose skin slipped and slid over the long hard penis. There must have been pre cum building under the foreskin over the dicks head couse as there could now be heard a wet smacking and slurping sound. Brandon bent the penis down toward him so he could look at the tip and a small amount of precum had worked its way from under the foreskin and was dripping from the tip. Brandon leaned in a little and sniffed the tip of the dick. As he tied to see if there was some sent to the dripping spooge. Nicky looked down at Brandon as he sniffed the tip of his penis the boys wiggling nose only a scant inch from the tip. Nicky Placed a hand to the back of his head and pulled him in closer in to the dick.

Come on now Brandy Kiss it Succhi my big a penis. You know you want to.

Brandy? He thought for a sec then laughed. He liked the new name nick had just now called him Brandy.

Well Ok Mr. Penachelie but just a kiss that's all. Ok?

Ok! You Kiss him and we see if you like. No?

Brandon let his head be pulled in closer and when the penis was just close enough he gave the tip a warm kiss. Some of the sperm stuck to his lips and when he pulled back it made a spider web trail between them. Brandon licked his lips.

Yah you like that don't you Brandy. No? I can see in the look in your eyes you like the taste of the Sperma. Now you want a more now don't you?

Now you give me a nice Succhi right now and we see what we do from there. Who knows you do a good job and maybe I will give you a nice raise. No?

OK Ok! Mr. Penachelie I well suck it if you insist. But that's it. I don't want to get into any of that other stuff.


` dressshop4.jpg


Brandon licked at the foreskin and worked his tongue into the hole at the end and under the loose skin. Like a butterfly lapping out the precum.

No. Now you suck and we see what comes next. But like the Banana you have to peel it before you can eat it Brandy.

Brandon leaned back and chuckled and looked at Mr. Penachelie. Ok sure I got you.


` dressshop5.jpg


Brandon tugged on the loose skin and with a wet plop the skin peeled back so to let free huge head of his penis. As soon as it was free his head began to expand even larger then one could have ever though. It swelled up like a balloon. A angry red appel on the end of the penis. Brandon's jaw dropped it surprise.


Its beautiful!

Yah he's a nice. Now you eat him up Brandy. Then Nicky is going to show you all sorts of a nice fun.

As Brandon leaned in he opened his mouth wide and with a push from behind from Mr. Penachelie managed to fit the bulbus head in to his mouth. Brandon eyes bulged as he felt the head swell even more in his mouth. It was filling his mouth so full he could not breath. He tried to pull back off the head but found it locked in his mouth. He started to panic and tried to push at it with his tongue trying to work it free from his mouth. As he did so Mr. Penachelie leaned in and cradled Brandon's head and held it in place so to make sure he did not work it free. He leaned in next to brandon's ear.

shhh! No fight Relax Brandy. Don't fight you relax and think. Now breath though the nose. You no choke you fine just use the nose see that is better. No?

Brandon relaxed his thought and took in the air from his nose. Yes this was much better.

You ok now right?

Brandon Shook his head yes.

Yah you like now. Here you get off the box and get on all 4's nice now you can better take Nicky.

Then with the head locked in place in his open mal. Brandon felt Mr. Penachelie push at the back of his captive head as he slipped and slide the penis even more in to him. As the penis slid down his oral gift to Mr. Penachelie He crawled on his hands and knees toward Mr. Penachelie crotch As Mr. Penachelie pulled him closer to him. As Brany crawled Nicky watch the onion cutt wiggle and smiled. The penis was at the back of his thought. He wanted to gag on it and pull back but the urging Mr. Penachelie pushed him on and deeper. Soon 1/2 of the penis rested in his throught. So Mr. Penachelie said as he looked into Brandon's face.

You like the taste of the dick?

Brandon looking at him shook his head yes not able to talk.

You want more you like more of that dick in your mouth?

Brandon shook his head yes and Mr Penachelie pulled him closer.

Soon Brandy you going to eat my Sperma. You going to swallow it down in your belly. you ready for that?

Brandon did not know how to respond to what he was asked. Part was saying yes the other said no.

You like the way you look in the mirror on the floor like that serving my penis Brandy?

You like what you see? You look so sexy you little slut. That is just what you are now my little slut and you like it don't you?

Brandon looked at Nicky some what shocked at the words he was saying to him. But it was true he was here and he was how did he put it Succhi him. Shit I guess I am acting like a slut. As he pulled the penis in to Brandon's mouth he looked along the boys back and at the short little mini slip. Reaching back he lifter it and looked at the reflection of it in the looking glass. The cheeks where open slightly. Mr. Penachelie opened them wide and looked at the hole between them. It was pink and smooth and it puckered at him as the cheeks where yanked open even wider by him to get a better look.

What a beautiful estremita you have Brandy. Soon we will have the Sesso. No? Yah we going to have a nice time tonight. You going to get that asino Scopata tonight.

Brandon may not have known the words but he know there meaning. He started shaking his head no.

There was know way they would ever happen. He was not going to be fucked not by that huge prick. Mr. Penachelie started wetting his fingers and working them into Brandon's asshole.


` dressshop6.jpg


Brandon tired to scoot back and work his mouth from off the penis. In response Mr. Penachelie gave is ass a hard slap.

No No! You stay right where you at. We not ready to fuck yet.

and as Brandon looked at him trying to shake his head no Mr. Penachelie pulled his mouth back to where it was and a little more to boot. The penis was now about 3/4 into Brandon's Body.

If the asino is as accommodating as the mouth we going to have a no problems at all.

Brandon did so love the dick that was now so fare in his mouth. But he still did not relish the idea of it ever popping his ass it's a virgin and he liked it that way. Mr. Penachelie was once again rubbing slobbers into the tight asshole.

Brandy you make such a pretty ragazza that Nicky is going to make you feel like a woman. Nicky is going to make this Bud bloom in to a flower of love. Like the girl must become the woman the bud to the flower. No? So Nicky is going to take this foro dell'asino and make her in to a fica.

A most happy and loving fica you have ever seen. No?

Brandy you like that? Nicky is going to make this Asshole open in to a girls cunt. Yes tonight Nicky is going to take your dream and make it real. Nick had 2 of the fingers working the ass now. Now as this was said Brandon once more began to scoot back off the penis.

Mr. Penachelie looked down at Brandy and smiled as Brandon staired back at him. His face flushed Slowly the dick slipped from her mouth. The mouth was stretched so tight it was the only way for it to go. Was Slow. As he pulled back the lips clung to the dick like it was a rubber band. The lips in fact rolled inside out ever time Brandon pulled back. The feeling Brandon now experienced was like nothing he had ever felt in his life. And to Mr. Penachelie is was one so long forgotten. This Brandon had a talented mouth and he was going to teach it even more. No woman had even come this fare on him in years. And this boy was going to learn even more when it came to making the love.

So you can't what Brandy? Not a yet you go on and have a nice time. You eat the nice meat and a cream sandwich Nicky has there.You like it No?

With that Nicky reached and stopped the removal of his dick. As he the took Brandon by the ears and pulled him back to his crotch.

I bet that ass is even tighter then your mouth Brandy. But not for long. Brandy the estremita she will soon be a big willing Cunt soon for the Dick to Fuck. No? Soon I am going to have to Scopata that estremita. But now Brandy I am going to Scopata your mouth a little first. Make it nice and wet for now but then Nicky well. I am going to Scopata that little Boy Cunt till it's a nice and big and a most happy to have Nicky make love to it any time he like.

You like that? No? You finally going to be the girl you like to dress like.

Now the Dick was back to wet line that showed its place before Brandon tried to escape.

Now lets see how you like this?

Mr. Penachelie then pulled back on Brandy's ears the dick slipped from his mouth about some 8 slow inches then pulled it back onto it Nicky then repeated this for several more times. Each time the lips rolled back and forth over his dick. Still after several more pumps his penis was now slipping in and out about 1/2 down and back to its wet line near the base of it.

Brandy you did that for Nicky very well. It was most sexy to watch as I fuck you in the girl like mouth you have now. But we going to get that ass of yours ready for the Scopata.

Brandon started to pull back and do his best to keep his butt away from Nicky Who was once again about to lube him and then dick the ass.

Brandy so you like to play? She want to make it so the ass is to play hard to get? No?

Nicky pinched one of the ass cheeks and held on to it nice and tight. So as hold it in place and started once more to wet the hole. But Brandon pinched the cheeks tight. Now Brandy my sweet play time is over it is like the wedding night time to offer your self to your man.

Nicky tried to work the fingers in. But Brandon kept them pinched. Nicky looked down at Brandy.

Now I am not about to play this game with you Brandy. Nicky slapped the ass. Open Up! He Slapped it again harder. Open that estremita. Brandon relaxed the cheeks. The fingers sliped in.

Now be a nice girl and don't tease Nicky like that again. No? We will have a great time you wate and see. Yah we have some fun. Now let Nicky have a better look at this new place you have for Nicky to fuck.

With all said Nicky made his move.

Now we see this fica real close.

Brandon felt him self lifted from his all 4's and tilted bottom up. His butt right under Nicky's face. The penis still in his mouth. Brandon was now in a hand stand. Brandon had to hold on to Nicks legs and push to keep from more penis popping into his mouth.

Now I can get a nice look. Brandy she is a sweet little thing. Nice and Pink round yah she is a pretty fica she make a nice fuck. So tight the little virgin she is. But not of long now. Nicky going to pop the cherry for you. Tonight Nicky going to take you like a Virgin on her wedding night. My penis will be wearing that fica around its base of his penis like a wedding band. look she is a winking at Nicky she like that idea. Look like she is trying to give Nicky a kiss. Ok!

Nicky press his lips to the hole and kissed it as it puckered back. Then worked the tip of his lounge into it and felt it pucker and squeeze on his tongue. And it's taste was sweet like a virgin pussy. Brandon did not agree with what Nicky had been saying and was the reason that his asshole was puckering as it did. It was about the only way he had left to respond. But now with this new thrill of Nicky's tongue in his ass. The thoughts of ass fucks faded away and the anus relaxed and as Nicky licked deeper. and the more willing Brandon became. Brandon loved this new concept of having his asshole licked out. He hummed and sucked on the penis as Nick Rimed his Shitter. Nicky pulled back and smiled.

You like that don't you my girl?

Brandon could only humm but it was a happy one. Nicky than worked in 2 fingers slipping them around then when it was so Brandon did not have a problem with them 2 more from Nicks other joined them and with now 4 fingers in Brandon's ass he tugged the 4 finger wider open and in turn with a steady pull from them opened Brandon's ass so that Nicky could see into it. Nicky licked the asshole and slobbered into it as to take even more lube there. The idea of Nicky having him like this was making Brandon so horny. He found he in fact. Had always wanted this. He wanted to be and feel like he did now. Nicky now slipped his thumb into Brandon's asshole and pressed it down inside hard toward Brandon's balls. He was putting presser on Brandon's Prostrate. It would give the boy the same effects as the G spot of a woman. Nicky pumped the thumb on the prostate like it was the clit of a woman.

And the over sexed and panting Brandon responded in the same way. Brandon began to hunch his hips as precum ran from his erect penis. He pumped at the air and his penis throbbed and bobbed from this upside down position. As the blood rushed to his head Brandon was about to pass out. but at that moment Nicky then let him Into a more relaxed state. Nicky following on to the top of him into a 69 position. Nicky licked the pre cum from off of Brandon's penis and belly. Then took the penis in his mouth and sucked it deep. As he pumped his own hips and worked his dick in and out of Brandon's mouth. They staid like this for several moments. Nicky would pull off now and then to lick and tongue fuck the asshole of Brandy. Brandon could not last long and Nicky had been dripping cum from the start of this little encounter. Brandon bucked his hips and began to cum like a young buck in sumer. His ass flexed and the asshole puckered like mad as he let loose. Nicky took it all and swallowed it deeply. Pulling back he smiled.

Oh the young they cum so easy. But they also can recover so fast and cum again. Nicky then pulled him self onto all 4's and began to fuck Brandy's sweet wet sexy girlish mouth with gusto. Pulling half way out then pushing it back in to the 3/4 limit and at times a little bit deeper. Faster and faster he pumped. the room was filled with the wet smacking of the slobbering of Brandy's fucked mouth as it was now fucked like a willing cunt. This went on for several moments the room echoed the sounds of there love. Nicky looked from the mouth of brandy to the pick hole he would soon fuck. As he drove the dick deep into brandy the asshole would pucker out. at times it would even let out a little fart. soon it would be his.

Soon my sweet soon I will take you but first I must also feed the mouth.

With this Nicky then began to cum. One thrust was deep to make sure he feed the belly then pulling out till only the head was left in Brandy he feed the mouth. To make sure that the taste buds were washed in the tangly love seed to make sure the mouth Brandy had been a virgin in tasted all of its flavor. Now as Brandon slurped and sucked the head. His new mouth cunt bulbed and purred as he ate the creamy love flow. His pale cheeks spoted with the few freckled puffed as they filled and hollowed as he the would with great relish slurp it down.

What a good girl he had Brandy was such the slut now that she had tasted the man cream and soon she would be wanting it more and more.

Nicky smiled as he looked at the new girl her face was now all but coverd with slobers and sperm. I looked like a glazed doughnut, And his dick was stuck in the middle of it. Giveing it a cream filling as well. Soon she would come begging to eat the spermo of Nicky. Brany would be like the wanting slut. And when he was done the ass would also have a need for his love. And he know that it would never stay satisfied for long.

Now that the penis was drained of this full first load. He pulled the head free from Brandy's eager sucking mouth. Brandy rolled over panting and stared at nicky lovingly. Then looking down to the penis.

As he seen fresh drops of cum forming at the head brandon leaned down and licked them away and swallowed.

Thanks Nicky I loved it. I guess I have always realy wanted to do that. can we do it again?

Yes Brandy it would be ready soon but this time the dick he will take the del ragazzo fica for it's needs. No?

Nicky you still want to do my butt don't you? I would guess is what you mean?

Yes Brandy I would very much want to do this to you. You not want to do the asino sesso? No?

Well I did not at all in the least at first but I sort of do now that we have gone this fare. But well I am worried that it will hurt.

Well when the love is took in the asino for the first time it will hurt yes it is true Brandy I can not lie.

But once it is offered and is taken it will not hurt then it will be only a thing that will bring you pleasure. But first you must learn to accept this and then you will learn to love it and come to need it in your life. So you trust Nicky and try? No?

You will give Nicky the chance of making the love to the asino?

Well Ok! Nicky but if I say stop you have to quit ok?

Sure sure Brandy you got it.

Now then Nicky scooped up Brandon and layed him onto a table that Nicky used to do alterations on the dresses and scooted his sweet round sexy butt cheeks to where it was just over the edge. Nicky brought his mouth down to Brandon's ass and began to lick and tongue the hole again. Brandy looked down at Nicky big eyed and then cooed and giggled like a gitty girl as Nicky looked back and winked at him.

Give Nicky a kiss.

He had never kissed a man before but started to sit up.

No give Nicky a kiss with your asino.

It then finaly dawned onto Brandon what he meant. He smiled big and stuck out his tongue in the effort. And flexed his asshole at nicky puckering it out and Nicky kissed it back.

That's a nice so sweet.

This when on for several moments. Nicky know this would be a nice way to relax the boy cunt even more. Yes this was lots of fun for them both to do. His tongue poped in and dug in deeper now.

now we going to have a little sesso Nicky is going to show his girl a good time.

Nicky stood between Brandon's open gilishcrotch and lifted the knees to his belly. So that The erect penis of Brandon was between them. Nicky rubbed the head of his dick on to the sopping slick hole.

Now you listen to Nicky.

Now when I push you push back. Ok!

Do it like you going to take one fucking big Merda. Like you have to shit no?

Sure what ever you say Nicky. I can do that.

Nicky placed the head to the hole and put on a little presser.

Brandy you start pushing now.

With a look of determination on his face Brandon started to push.


Opps sorry Nick.

Brandon Blushed from the act.

No that's a fine she is just a talking to the dick that's all asking him to come in. NO?

Yes she is doing just that.

Brandon pushed again and the head pushed harder. Sweat was not popping out on Brandon's forehead. Brandon grunted. Let a little fart again and looked at Nicky and said.

I don't think its going to....


At that moment Nicky flexed and pushed hard. The head snapped in to the hole and it locked on it tight around the back of it like a rubber band.

Nicky it hurts "No More No More".

No more don't worry. For now she will just get use to it. the Cherry she popped now so it all be nice soon. Nicky take the ass she virgin no more Brandy. Now when you leave the shop you going to leave tonight with a cunt youhave a ass no longer like the boy you be a girl now. You be Nicky's girl Brandy. No?

Your the Boss Nicky.

That's a right I am the Boss.

Leaning over Brandy they shared a kiss then another. With this Nicky began to pump with more kisses came his short little jabs and Nicky feed more of the penis into Brandon's ass. Soon there was 8 inches then 12 there bodies where soaked in sweat and there was still half of the penis to go it would appear. There tongues probed deep into each other mouths exploring every craves. As Nicky panted into Brandon's mouth Brandy whimpered and mewed into his with surrender and need. The wet slurping of there juices where also in rhythm with the occasional small fart as nicky plowed even deeper. A half hour into the love session nicky pulls back panting for air. The penis was now 3/4 into Brandy.

And she wanted more.

Why did you stop Nicky?

I am not as young as I use to be my dear I need a rest.

Rest? But we have only got started and I need more I want all of you in me.

You nasty little Vixen you are hot for the love. No?


Don't worry Nicky will take care of you he just got a a great idea.

Slipping form Brandon's juciy ass the roon echoed with a loud Ploop! sound. He pulls Brandy off the table. With some discomfort Brandy follows Nicky to a corner of the room.

Here you site on the box. I have something to show you.

He walks over to a tarp. ***************************

` dressshop7.jpg


Then Nicky pulls off the tarp to reveal and old fashion coin operated bronco horse.

Its old Clacky the Horse!

That's a right Brandy!

I use to ride it all the time when it was out front as a kid. I wondered what happen to it.

Well she got worn out a little so she been back here all this time.

Neat I am happy to see it again.

Well tonight you get to ride her again.


Sure you hope on.

Brandon claimed on the horse the cool metal felt nice between his legs. He was a lot bigger now but it was still a thrill.

Now scoot your ass back.


The ass scoot it back to me.

Nicky pulled back hips back so that his ass was over the end of the horses and he was now in a laying position on the horses back.

now you are going to ride Clacky and Nicky is going to ride you.

Oh I got you neat.

Nicky worked the head back into Brandon's now tilted ass and slipped in a bit more.

Now you ready?

You got it Nicky.

Now hang on here she go.

Nicky flipped the switch. The metal horse then bolted forward almost pulling the penis from Brandon's ass then pitched back witch slid it into the boys quivering sexy ass to 3/4s in then it bolted forward once again to where only the head remained in and then on the back pitch it hit a spot in the gears that was worn to where it would stutter and vibrate the full length back. In doing this it would take the ass all the way to Nicky's balls and then would hold the boys quivering girlish ass tight to his belly and bloted balls andrub it there for a few seconds before pitching Brandon forward and then repeating the movements again and again in the same order as was stated. Brandon whooped and cheered and hung on tight. His eyes bulging wide and a huge smile on his face.

Oh Nicky! ***************************

` dressshop8.jpg


I love it don't stop!

The steady flow of pre cum from Brandon showed that his orgasm would be much sooner then he could hope for. But he did his best to hold off. Nicky gave a added thrill buy now slapping his ass as the horse pulled Brandon away from him. Now 20 minuets into the ride Brandon was in tears from fighting the urge to cum as well as all the pitching and rocking was making him a little more then dizzy to top it all off. And finally Brandon could hold out no longer. With a scream of utter bliss he reached release. the semen shot forth form his throbbing penis and over the back of the bucking horse. The flexing of his ass then brought Nicky to his orange as well and as he felt his ass being filled with the hot seed all went blank.

Brandon woke and sat up in his bed.

What the Heck?

how did I get here? Was that a dream? It had it was so real.

Brandon are you up?

He heard his mother call from out side his door.

Yes I am. What time is it?


What? I will be late for work.

What work you don't have to go in to work.


You don't work.

But what about my job at Mr. Penachelie?

Not today. Last night he brought you home and even cared you to your room. He told us you worked so hard and he was so pleased with you that he was going to let you have the week end off to rest up and he would see you bright and early next week.

So was it a dream or not?


` dressshop9.jpg


But when he started to get up he sudenly know it was not a dream. As he got on all 4's on his bed he pointed his botom to the mirror on his dresser and looked back at his reflection. what he seen was just like Nicky had said. It looked as if when he was in the shop last night. He had entered it as a boy but left as a girl. Brandon looked some what in shock at just how big his new cunt was in fact. As it now winked and blew a kiss at him. End?

posted 10/23/04

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