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The Sheik's Blue Balls

Lupin III
Doc Icenogle
added: Feb 17 2006

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Well Lupin it looks like I finally have you and your gang where I want


Thought you could get your hands on the Sheiks famous Blue Balls with me
on guard did you?

Well you had another thing coming.

As Inspector Zenigata looked at the 3 men who where trussed up from the
ceiling supported by their testicles clamped tightly by small sets of
tiny hand cuffs.

Lupin looked at the inspector with some discomfort and spoke.

I have to say Pops it looks like you have the upper hand on us at the

I guess when it comes to who is best at keeping their hands on the


You have me beat.

Jigen then spoke.

So How long you plan on leaving us hanging around like this?

This is cruel and unusual punishment here.
We know our rights.

If I had my sword there would defiantly be a change of events.

"Release us!"

Said Goemon.

And do not take my request lightly.

Oh I am sure the Sheik will be here soon to cut you down Boys.
And I don't mean the rope.

In this country they have the old look at this deal.

An eye for a eye and a Ball for a Ball.

And as you stole a match set.
I would imagen you 3 will each just be able to pay your fines in

The Inspector held up the 2 Blue Balls.

And peered thought the crystal clear Indigo carbuncles at the 3 and

You know Lupin if you 3 would have got away with these Balls here.
I may be the one hanging from the ceiling instead of you,

Funny their nice and all but who would think that such a bonnie set of
blue Balls would be worth so much.

Most gems and bobbles like these would be worth more cut and set in a
ring or a necklace or something or another.

But these here 2 stones in their natural state are priceless because
they're so perfectly proportioned to one another.

And it was all natural.

But I still can't see putting my balls on the line to steal them.

No I am way too fond of my own than to give them over for a couple of
lifeless rocks.

Lupin I have to tell you I almost feel sorry for you and the boys.
But if you do the crime you have to do the time.

Maybe some day you will learn that yourself?

Well boys I have work to do.

I will be back for the sentencing to make sure that it is a humane as

Zenigata opens the steel door and walked out and locked it tight.
He stood for a moment and then shivered.
The poor bastards.

But what can I do?

They have it coming to them.


Fujiko how did you get here?
This is no place for you.

Lupin and the boys where caught for their crime and they're going to
have to pay the price.

The only reason you are not in there with them is Lupin swore that you
had nothing to do with it.

And though I know he is a thief.
I know he is a man of his word and that is why I fought so hard with the
Sheik to set you free.

I know.

Fujiko said as she stared at the hall way floor.

Is there nothing you can do for them Pops?

If I could you know I would.

I tried to have him give me the boys so I could take them back with me
to stand trial.

But he would not hear of it.

Fujiko you have to realize we are in their country and what the Sheik
says is the law.
I am only here to represent my country not enforce its laws here.

I know Inspector.

Fujiko sobbed.

But this is so cruel and it's not right.
This will kill Lupin it's worse than death for him.

I know as well as you do it is Kid.

The Inspector put an arm around her.

But when I decided that this was what I wanted to do with my life I knew
there would be hard things I would have to do. And no mater how it
affects me I cant let it go.

Lupin made that same choice when he picked his life style as well and he
knew the price he may pay.

If it was not for that we would have probably been very good friends.

Fujiko looked at him and sniffed.

Would have been?

The Inspector coughed and cleared his throat.


Lupin knows how I feel about him.

There is no need to say it.

Fujiko Laughed.

I know as well Inspector we all do.

Well that's fine and all.
But I have responsibility to do.

Can I see him one last time Inspector?

Nope no can do.

Ahhhh! Come on Pops that's not even being fair.

I can't take the chance that you will not be sneaking something in to

You can frisk me if you like.

I'm wise to your ways Fujiko.

You and Lupin have a way of putting things where no one would look.

Tell you what Pops what would you say if I said you could look any where
you like if you promise when you are done you let me see him before they

Look Pops I am offering you the chance to frisk me first doesn't that
show I am not out to make trouble for you?

We'lllll I don't know Fujiko.

You have pulled more than a few tricks over the years as welllll.

Come on pops take a chance.

Fujiko unzips the front of her cat suit to show her full cleavage.

Well ok.

But I am still not making any promises.

Lets go in here.

The room was located in the hall opposite the one that held Lupin and
his gang.

It was a cell much like the one Lupin was in.
In the corner was a cot a barred widow and the floor was covered in
The bared window filtered in light and a single light hung from the

There was a small table and on it was a bucket with water and a dipper

Inspector Zenigata closed the heavy steel door behind as they walked in.

Welllll now how should we begin?

Why don't you take off your trench coat and relax.

Fujiko looked around the cell and then shivered at the thought that some
day this may be her own home.

Then she shook off the cold thought and said to herself there is more
important things to be done.

The Inspector had placed his coat on the cot.

There now that is much better.

The inspector smiled at Fujiko.

When Fujiko slipped the zipper lower down her torso and walked toward
Zenigata his jaw dropped and he stammered.

Are are you sure you want to go thought with this?

The front of his pants began to bulge.

Fujiko looked down at his crotch and laughed.

Oh Yeah!

I am sure.

She took his hand and slipped it into her suit onto her belly and then
slowly moved it to her right breast and left it there.
There now does that feel like I have something to hide from you Pops?

So what is your first name Pops?


I was named after my great Grandpa.

He was one of Japan's best crime fighters.
He use to fight with coins as his weapon.
And that is how I perfected my use of my cuffs.

Yes Grandpa was a master of the arts.

Why I once remember hearing that he had took and had captured a 100 men
all by himself and he only used....

Fujiko held a finger to his lips.

Later Pops.

We have other things to do right now and not a lot of time to do it all
in you know.

So what's your name Fujiko.

Just call me Fujicakes Pops.

I like that a lot.

Well Fujicakes we better get back to what we where about to do then

Yes Back to the frisking.

Ahummmm! Yes the frisking.

Now then how should we do this search?

Well I don't want to tell you how to do it as you are the boss but maybe
I should undress?

Fujiko turned his hand down toward her crotch.

forcing it into the tight crotch band of the catsuit.

Zenigata's finger now reached the top of her thong and then slid under
touch her full pubic bush.

Fuji then pulled his fingers back.

What what's the mater what's wrong he stammered?

I should freshen up a little first before we do this.
I've been hot and sweaty all day and I don't want your fingers to get


Fujiko Kissed him on the lips.

Fuji then removed her catsuit and layed it onto the cot.

The thong was next to be removed.

Walking over to the bucket she took out a dipper of water and lifted a
leg onto the table and poured the water over her belly and crotch and
rubbed it over her pubic mound.
Then repeated this once more.
She then stepped down and turned her back to Zenigata and dipped the
tapped water from the bucket and bent over and poured it down the

She then opened one of her cheeks and looked at Zenigata and rubbed a
finger over her sweet pooper and smiled.

You do want to inspect every thing don't you?

The cute smooth pink pooter then puckered at him like it was blowing a

Fujiko then took a dipper of water to the cot and sat on the edge and
parted her pussy lips and poured the water over her
labia and clit and rubbed it briskly.
Fujiko had a very lovely vagina.
The lips where a light pink the clit was even a lighter shade.
The lips where not thick and some what rounded and when parted made a
tasty bullseye like effect.

It was surrounded by a full but well cared for bush of pubic hair that
she kept trimmed and brushed.

She slipped in one finger then 2 and worked them fast.
And gave a squeal.
Then slipped a finger into her shitter.
She slipped the fingers from her holes and sniffed them.

There that is better.

She looked at Zenigata.

Who was staring in a wide eyed gaze his jaw slack and a wet spot forming
in the front of his pants where his penis twitched madly.


I am all set for you.

Come and do what you do best.
Don't be shy now.

As Zenigata creaped forward.

Fujiko smiled.
She propped her heels on the bed and looked at him.

Take off your pants Inspector.


What? are you joking?
If this is some sort of joke it has gone fare enough.

No no!

I don't want your pants to get dirty.
I mean you are going to have to come down here for a better look and we
don't want you to end up with dirty pants now do we?

Welll! that does make sense now that you suggest it.

But I don't know if that would be right.

Who will ever know the door is closed.
And I will never tell.

All right in the line of duty I feel it only right that I do my best to
do my job and look good doing it.

So I accept your offer Fujiko.

The Inspector then quickly unbuckled his belt and opened his pants and
removed them and placed them on the bed next to Fujiko.
The Inspector was now adorned from the wast down in his Blue and white
striped boxer shorts that bulged from his crotch a full 8 inches and
maybe more.
He also wore elastic clip leg garters fastened to the calf to support
the black socks he wore and his black wing tipped shoes. Fujiko laughed
a little and then winked.

You really do get into your work Inspector.
Zenigata looked down then blushed.
And did his best to cover it.

No don't hide it.

You should flaunt it.

Fuji giggled.

Zenigata puffed out his chest and smiled.

Now then let's get to this frisking that I am suppose to be doing.

Now then let's see what we have here.

The Inspector cleared his throat and looked around nervously.

I am right here you know it is just us so don't be so edgy.
I would like to get this done so I can still visit Lupin.
Come on Inspector it's time to use your Detector.

Fujiko hoisted her hips to him and pumped them in a sensual manner.
The Inspector then dropped down for a better view.
He took a seat between her lags on the floor and then flexed his fingers
and shook them.


The then took one of the lips between each thumb and forefinger and then
gently parted them.
Fujiko gasped at his touch an lifted her hips higher to him.
A little streak of drool formed on the corners of the Inspector's lips.
That he then licked it away.
The sweat began to ooze from his pores and his breath became more heavy.

That's right Pops open it up and get a good look.

Now slip in a finger.

Do you feel anything in there?

now put in two deeper.

Zenigata was quick to respond.

Work them that's right work them.

Try another.

Zenigata found that he had to put in some effort to work in the next
finger she was tight.
It had been so long since he had had the chance to do something like
Devoting all his life to catching Lupin had put a great strain on his
family life.
It had been months since he had seen his wife and daughter.

Months or has it been a year?
Or perhaps 2?

Time has lost all meaning over the years.
As he was so dedicated to the capturing of Lupin and his gang.
But now he had them had them right where he wanted them and now was a
time for celebration and now was his chance to do so.
And this was a wonderful way for him to start to do just that he thought
to himself.

Whats the matter Pops you don't seem to like what you're doing?


Oh Fujiko!

No not at all I am sorry I was just thinking about other things.

Am I boring you that much Pops?

No! no heh heh not at all.

Well slip a finger in my ass then.


Well you have to do a thorough frisking of me don't you?

Well yes of course my dear.

Zenigata then slipped his pinky finger into Fujiko's asshole and it
puckered and milked his finger.

Easy big boy nice and slow that's right Pops slip it in me.

Yes you stud you.

You're so big in my asshole.


Soon the Inspector had his pinky finger all the way into Fujiko's pooper
and 3 in her snatch.

That's right pops nice and slow nice and slow all the way baby.

Fujiko worked her hips and held onto the inspector's arm.

Now I think it's time you checked my mouth.
To make sure I don't have any tricks I can pull in there.

With this she smiled.
And took a seat on the end of the cot and opened her mouth.
Her pink wet sweet little tongue flittered and flicked in her mouth.
She open her mouth and made a sensual ahhhh noise.

And as the inspector looked deep into her mouth she cooed.
He opened her moth wider with his finger and when he did she trapped it
in her mouth and sucked on it and moaned.

Fujiko then gently opened the fly to Zenigata's shorts and freed his
penis and began to stroke it.

At first The Inspector was not even sure what he was feeling and then
when it was obvious he jumped back and cried out.

Fujiko what are you doing?

Come on Pops don't be a square.

Let me do a little inspecting of my own will you.


She tugged him back by his dick.

Very nice.

She jacked his meat and laughed.

You have a very sexy dick pops any one ever tell you that?

Well the Wife used to think so.
But I have not seen her in years.

Thanks to Lupin and his gang.

Now Fujiko pulled out his balls.
Speaking of blue balls how long have you gone with out a nut?
They're almost as blue looking as those carbuncles.

Well Fujiko my dear.
The life of a crime fighter is a rough life.
Sometimes she can be a cruel mistress.
To achieve the needs to end Lupin's reign on the decent people of the
world I have done without a lot of the pleasures in life and yes one of
them being sex.
And though it is rough I feel it is my duty as a member of Interpol to
do whatever I can to make sure that Lupin....

I want to suck it.

Has not took advantage of.....

Wh....at? What did you say?

I want to suck it.

Can you let me please Inspector?

I have always wanted to suck a big dick like yours one that is uncut
with lots of loose skin over the head and so big and hard.

Lupin's penis is so average compared to yours.
I mean he is a good lover and all but you have so much more to offer and
you are so handsome.

May I? Huh may I?


Well? I can't really do this as it's not part of the normal practice
when frisking someone.

Sure you can Inspector.
You where inspecting my mouth what better way to see if I am hiding
something in it than to fill it?
Your fingers can only do so much but your dick could check so much



Fujiko took this as a yes and doing so she took the dick and pulled back
the loose sheath of foreskin from the head and licked the piss hole and
then opened wide and took it in and started to suck hard on the head
Now Fujiko tugged on the Inspector's nice low hanging balls and
stretched them as long as she could.
she then took her mouth off and pumped his prod with her hand.

You are so hard.

Fujiko cooed at him.

She then smiled and looked at him as she tucked her nose into his balls
and sniffed them.

What dirty balls you have.
When was the last time you had a shower?

Zenigata Blushed hard and stammered.

Well I I have been working so hard I guess.

Where is that water bucket?

No I like them this way.

Sweaty and Musky full of a man's flavor.
Let me wash them with my mouth.

With this Fujiko used her tongue to flip one of the meaty balls into her
mouth and suck on it and washed it.
Rolling it with her tongue.
After a while she released his now freshened damp ball and took in the
other and did the same.
With the most loving care.

Oh Fujiko!

If only I could make a honest woman out of you.

Well Pops she smiled if any one could it would be you.

She kissed his penis head several times and then lick the pre cum off
the tip and then took him back into her mouth.


With this Fujiko took him deep into her mouth. Then locked her teeth
around the base so he could not get away and pulled him down on the bed
with her.
With him now on top of her entwined into a 69 position.
The bed creaked under their bodies.
The Inspector looked down at her open pussy and panted. Then slipped his
mouth over her cunt and sucked hungerly.
Fujiko slurped and mewed.
She took hold of his ass and pulled him deeper and sucked hard. She had
took him so deep now his balls rested over her nose and threaten to shut
off her breathing now.

She pulled back and licked the tip again.
And lapped at his balls.
She pulled the back of his shorts down over his ass and leaned in and
open his ass cheeks and licked at his musty asshole.


The Inspector froze in his act from shock. But then eagerly returned the
This went on for several moments as they returned licks for licks.
before they returned to the more common practise of fellatio and
This ensued for several more.

Fuck me!

She cried out.

Fuck me now.

He then spun quickly and mounted her.
Pushing his dick deep into Fujiko's pussy.
She grunted and dug her nails into his jacket and pumped her hips at


Her cunt was now sucking on his hard dick as he pumped her with gusto.
Faster and faster he worked his hips.
The Inspector was staning on the bed and ripping the blanket with his
shoes as he wanted to fuck her even faster.
What a sweet pussy.
She could not hold out much longer with this sort of action and she
thought the same about him as well.

Fuck Me In The Ass Now!

I Need It There Hurry!

Come on do me.

Fujiko rolled over and was now on all fours and wiggling her ass.

The Inspector looked at her and tugged at his collar.
Then laughed.
Funny thing that reminds me of a joke.
Last week at Interpol Detective Pingli told.

This is you see a joke about this guy who went to Japan and he was
for a business trip and he gets this prostitute and when they're making
love she yells out Fujifoo Fujifoo.
And that sort of sounds like your name.
So that's funny.
And.... And anyway he thinks that it means he is doing it good you
So the next day he is playing Golf with the Japanese board members and
he hits a hole in one.
And to impress the men he though he would yell the word he learned last
Fujiko looked over at him and glared.
And the men looked at him and said.
No you got it in the right hole.

Heh! Heh!


Well to tell the truth Fujiko I have never really done this before
and I don't know what I should be doing.

Well you let me tell you what to do.

Here you put your dick to my pretty pink pooper and push and I will do
the rest.

But be cool about it Inspector.

You're a big boy and I don't do this as much as you may think.

Zenigata placed his dick to the hole and pushed.

Fujiko pushed back and then she opened and took in the head.


Easy King Kong nice and slow.

In a steady move he fed Fujiko his dick till he was in to his balls.

That's it now fuck me nice and slow she panted.
Nice and slow all the way out and then back in.

After several minuets Fujiko could not hold out any longer and she
needed to get this over with if she planned to see Lupin before the
guards came.

Now do me faster FASTER!

She urged on the Inspector.

Oh you bastard you are in so deep.
Now fuck me like you have never fucked before.


Fuck me where I shit you fucking flat foot.
Fuck me hard.

Inspector Zenigata plowed into her hard and fast.

Her ass made wet smacking sounds and his juices mixed with hers.
Soon he would fill her ass with cum.
He fucked faster faster.

No don't cum in my ass cum in my mouth.
She rolled over and his penis slipped from her.
As his slong pulled from her it made a
loud Ploop!

Fujiko was now on her back and pumping his dick.
Zenigata was now straddling her chest sitting on her full tits and
looking into her face as she looked into his.
Her mouth opened wide her tongue out.
I am going to eat your cum Zenigata.
I am going to eat your Cop cum.
With this the Inspector reached his Orgasm.

I have you now Lupin!

I mean.... Eat it Fujiko eat my cum and be a better woman for doing so.

Fujiko caught it on her tongue and laughed.

Give it to me bad boy.

Feed me it all.

Make me eat your justice.

Make me pay the price for being part of Lupin's gang sir.

But why would you think I will no longer be a part of Interpol?

Come on Inspector you been on the paycheck for a long time now.

And the only reason was to catch Lupin and his men.
With them now caught they will have to faze out all of this.

Well you may not be fired.
But at your age I would think they have a nice quiet desk made for you.
For you to site behind day in and out.
And think you can now be with your wife every day and your daughter for
the rest of your life.

I bet you will be very happy with your new found freedom home every day
and a nice cushy desk job like a man of your age should have.

What do you mean my age?
I am as fit as ever.

Oh I know Inspector.

You showed me how fit just now.

And I loved it Hun you are the man.

Your still a Tiger.

Maybe you can still get a job as a traffic cop.


I Started out as one of them I am not going back to that after all these

Besides Lupin may still escape and then it will start all over again.

Come on be real Inspector after there done with him do you really
thinkthat it will be the same?

Once they have done what they plane it will be all over no mater what

Your right.

I need a drink.

The Inspector Opens a flask he removed from his trench coat and takes a
long drink.

You want one Fujiko.

Me no.

So what are you going to do?

There is nothing can do.
I took a pledge to do my duty over 20 years ago I cant stop now.
I have to do what ever the law may order me to do.
I have no choice.
It is not personal but the way it has to be if I am to be a cop.

But of course if a member of his gang was here to sneak in and take the
keys and free him there would not be much I can do about what I did not

But what is the chance of that?

he Inspector dressed and stretched.
He then walked over to the window and looked out over the courtyard.

Yes I can see the Caravan.
There heading this way.
Now would be the time to make there move if some one was going help out
Ol' Lupin.

Fujiko walked up behind him and reached in his pants and cupped his
balls and whispered.

I love you Pop's

Then she moved away from where he stood.

He heard the keys and the door close softy, and then he smiled.

Yes.... Soon ol Lupin will have to face up to his crimes and as the
Representative of Interpol it will be my duty to have to be there to
make sure this is carried out.
It may not seam fair to some but it is my duty.

But first I will spend a moment and reflect on what all I have been
thought and what have conspired over all these years.
And I will then....

The door to Lupins cell then opened.

Hey Guys what are you doing hanging around here?


I knew you would not let us down.

Come on hurry up get a hair pin or something and unlock use and let us

No need I have even better the Keys.

Fujiko smiled and showed them to him.

How did you get them?

I did not think Pops would let them things go with out a fight.

Nope he let me have them.

You have to know how to talk with him is all.

Well old pop's came thought what a guy.

Hey less talk and more action here.

Jigen said.

Yes we are not free as yet so let us make hast our departure.

Said Goemon.

Here take the keys and I will get your clothes.

Only a moment later the men where dressed and out of there cell and down
the hall.

The men piled into a truck that was parked in back and Fujiko took a
seat on her Indian motorcycle.

Well it looks like where out of here.

But one thing where are the sheiks balls Fujiko?

There in a very safe place and out of your reach.

Well come on Fujicakes let me have one of them for safe keeping that is
till we are out of here and then you can have it back.


Have any more like that one Lupin?

Come on Fuji let me have one.

Fuck off you frog.

This was my save not yours so you own me for a change and I want paid in

They took off down the dusty road and out of sight.

The Inspector rushes into the room and looks about.

Then turns to the Sheik.

What has happen here?

I was gone but a moment and Lupin and his gang have escaped from my
clutches again?

How can this ever be?

I must hurry and try to catch them.

So if you will excuse me Sheik.

But do not worry I will have them back in only a few short moments

It is not I who should worry Inspector.

It is you.

What do you mean?

As you h ave let them man escape with my treasure then you will take
there place.

Hey Now I am a member of Interpol.

And they will not stand for this sort of thing.

I have no need to worry about Interpol Inspector.
You are but a guest here and not the law.
And what ever I chose here will be what will happen.
The law is a plain and direct.

No mater what crimes Lupin has done in the past they where no concern to

But when he took my Blue balls then justice will be served.
And that will be a ball for a ball.
Now that you have let him escape you will now take his place.

So be it.

Guards prepare him.

Now hold on there.

As the guards now pined him down they removed his pants and shorts.

Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping!

Across the floor bounced the 2 shiny blue balls of the sheiks.
They then stopped in front of the Shake.
He stooped and picked them up and laughed.

Inspector you are indeed a very cleaver man.

You had my gems safe all this time and yet you played the fool to me.

Once more the Sheik laughed.

Zenigata who sat on the floor looked more surprised then all the others
then laughed.

Heh Heh!
Yes the stones where safe all the time in my pants.

Sure they where of course.


Heh Heh!

I was only fooling with you.

So you mind letting me up and let me get dressed?

But of course.

Release the Inspector.

Now let us all celebrate with a feast in your honer over my own good
fortune to have you here Inspector to save my balls.

Well I am very much honored Sheik.

But I have a service to do for Interpol.

But of course.

How may I help you?

Well I could use some transportation.
But of course one of my men will have you one of our finest camels at
your service.

Well a car would be better the Inspector said.

Ah but a Camel is our highest gift of honer and and you deserve only the
best Inspector.

Now let use hurry you on your way as you must capture you pry like the
Falcon does his meal.
And remember Inspector you will always be most welcome to our country.

Now make hast my friend.

Thank you Sheik for all you have done for me.

And now in hot presuite Zenigata rides off into the sun set.

How the fuck do you guide this dame thing.


Hey! Hey!

Get back here you stupid bastard.

Stop in the name of the Law!

What are you?

In with Lupin?

Halt! And get back here you son of a bitch.

Now you done it.

Spiting on a police man is agents the law even here.

Hey! Don't you try to bit me I am a member of Interpol.

Where are my handcuffs?

The End!

For my friend Ping.

I hope you like this story if you are a Lupin fan.

Or not.

Would you like to leave feed back?
Come to the forum.
I would like to hear from you all.


Doc Icenogle

NO ONE Except ME will have Info to your addy!

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