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----BEGIN------- As renamon walks in to the  bathroom of a friend's.  She finds White Wolf in the  tub taking a bath.

Renamon: Oh! I'm sorry White Wolf. I did not know you where  in here.

White Wolf: Hey! It's no problem. What did you need?

Renamon shuffles her Paws.

Renamon: Oh nothing.

White Wolf: So What's up? Did you want to take a bath?

Renamon: No.

White Wolf: OH I got yah. No problem babe go or it.

Renamon: Are you sure?

White Wolf: Hey does a Wolf  shit in the woods?


` renwolf1.jpg


Renamon then climbed on to the stool with her hind paws   planted on the seat.

Ren: I just can't get use to  using these things.

White Wolf stepped from the  tub and stood in front of her and squeezed his sheath a little and the head of his penis popped from inside the meat flap. Then White Wolf said.

White Wolf: Leaves me room  to do my business.

As Renamon watched White  Wolf Preceded to urinate  between her open thighs. After finishing his leak he shook his slong and returned   to the tub and watches her.

White Wolf: Don't mind me I'm just enjoying the show.

  Renamon: you are a nasty   Pup aren't you?

White Wolf:Well I know what I like and there is something about watching   a Foxy girl taking a shit that turns me on.

As Wolf watched Renamon  on the stool he jacked his  meat and smiled. As Renamon was perched on  the stool she voided her  bowls she found her self becoming very hot form the  idea of White Wolf watching her  and jacking his meat to her shitting. When she was done she stepped from the stool and after flushing it.




As she was about to walk out  of the bathroom. White Wolf  spoke to her.

White Wolf: Oh baby that  was hot!

Renamon: Uhhh! Thanks  I guess?

White Wolf: so Ren Baby can you do me a favor and   wash my back for me.

  Renamon: Sure Wolf honey   no problem.




As Renamon lathered her  Paws she began to rub the lather over White Wolf's sinewy shoulders and   down his back to just the top of his ass. And then her paw slipped to the front of him. She took   the sheath and pulled it back from his red Wolf meat and lathered it well.   As it slurped and pooped  in her paw White Wolf looked  at her and said White Wolf: that's not my back?

Renamon: well I figured you  may like to make sure that it was nice and clean to?

With that said she tugged back harder on the furry wolf   sheath to expose the large  knot that was forming at the base. With this White Wolf  gave a little Yip of pain as the  knot was rather large and  almost threatened to tear  the protective sheath. Renamon locked her fingers  behind the knot and began  to jerk it harder.




Renamon was so into the  Jack Washing she was  giving to White Wolf she  never even noticed his paw  on her ass till it found the  target of his passion. He ran a soapy digit over  her sphincter. As he tickled  and toyed with the hole. He said.

White Wolf: Well I want to make  sure this hole is nice and clean  to so why don't you jump  in the tub? And let me wash it or you?

Renamon: I don't know if  that's a good idea?




White Wolf: Don't you like  me Ren Babe?

Renamon: Oh it's not that Wolfy Honey. I like you a lot. It's well? Oh What the heck? Ok! what the fuck. What better place to be then in a tub with a hot stud if you need a wash.

As she climbed in to the tub  White Wolf took her ass in his paws and pulled it to his muzzle. As he parted the cheeks he looked at Renamon's Poop   chute and said.

White Wolf: What a lovely sight and ran the length of   his tounge over both her holes.

Renamon giggled and almost fell over in the tub from   the sudden unexpected move. But White Wolf caught her.

Renamon: If that was the way you wanted to wash it  I did not even have to get in  to the tub or that honey? I could have bent over next  to the tub and let you have  a snack and never even got wet.

As White Wolf lowered Renamon  down in to the tub on all  4's into the water he laughed.

White Wolf: Oh that was just a tease. To prime the pump.

Renamon: I like the sound of that.

As she flipped her tail over her shoulder. White Wolf took his now dripping wolf meat into his paw and aimed   it to the target that was now puckering at him.

White Wolf: MMMM! baby I'm going to be wearing that   Shit Ring around my dick like a wedding band before you can say, I Do.

Renamon: Come and get it  wolfy. It's starting to get cold in here  if you get my point?

Renamon said as she wagged  her tail and wiggled her ass for him. As White Wolf slipped in to the hole it   began to pucker and squeezed on his dick and   he loved it. As he slipped it in all the way  he began to Fuck in and out  slowly in a steady rhythm. The hole began to pucker more  and faster. Then soon there was  heard a fart then another and  another. Renamon was very embarrassed  buy this. As her ears dropped and  her face flushed. White Wolf began to pump faster  and faster. The faster he pumped the faster and more  Renamon found her self Farting.  Renamon looked back at him very  embarrassed and said.

Renamon: I am so sorry about this I cant stop it if you want  to stop I understand.




White Wolf: What are you kidding  I love it.

  Renamon: What?

White Wolf: I said I love it keep  going baby make that thing keep talking. Yah make that shitter  talk to me.

He gave her butt a playful slap  and said.

White Wolf: Now stand up baby  so we can really do some  real plowing.  I feel like doing some dancing and your card is filled for the  Turd Tango and the shit  hole shuffle.

Renamon was now on her hind legs and Panting like mad. White Wolf's nasty talk was making her every bit as hot as  the fucking it's self. As White Wolf fucked on  Renamon farted in response.  Entil finally White Wolf came  deep in to her and as he did Renamon's farts made lewd gurgling sounds. Renamon at this time found  her own orgasm hunched and bucked hard against White Wolf.




White Wolf After the last wad  was shot pulled from  Renamon.  Dropped in to the tub and said to her.

White Wolf: don't move.

As he sat up he held her ass open and then brought his   face close to her ass.

White Wolf: I want to watch you  fart Baby come on do it FART for me. Fart out all that cum I just  filled you with.

Renamon farted away and sprayed the cum from her ass as she did. She smiled broadly as she watched White Wolf from between her legs. His prick was starting to get hard and she knew what that was going to mean and she was very Happy to see that.




As she farted even more some  thing came over her. Some thing she was afraid of.

Renamon: No more White Wolf  lets stop. I've had enough.

But White Wolf held her  in place.

White Wolf: Come on baby don't stop now I am really   enjoying this and don't worry  I'll take care of your needs  when I get done.

  Renamon: You don't under stand honey. That's the problem I cant stop.

White Wolf: then there is no problem baby just let it all go.

Renamon: No honey you

don't under stand I have to..





Renamon: uhhhmhh!! shit.

Sorry about that.

I've had the shits for the  last few days and it looks  like I am still not over them all the way yet. I tried to warn you.




Renamon: So you can't go as white wolf for a while it will wash off in time. And besides Brown Wolf has a nice sound to it to.


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