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This is a dojin that I did in Collaboration with M.j Bivouac.
We devided the art ANd since I had did the text for story he did a bonus addition artwork at the end of the story.

Hope you enjoy it, I know we did.


or go below and read the story with pix.


IF you like or dislike this doujin please leave feedback in BBS board for MJ & DOC, They'd love to hear from you.




Velma Velma! Like there heading this way! Jinkies! Quit! You dumb Bunny! Look out! You are going to crash into there new display!

Shag and Scooby crash right into the new life like display model. As parts explode and fly every where.

We got to get out of here.

We cant Freddy and Daphne are still locked in the storage room and we cant just leave them there.

Zoinks! Your right!

Well what are we going to do? They will be here any secant.

I know. And look what you 2 did. You devastated there new display model there coming to see. When they see it like this they are going to know that we are here.




Well hurry Velma think of something you are the smart one.

Eeewwwwwww! You guys!

I don't know why I even wast my time with you 2 some times you are nothing but trouble. All right you two. Shaggy Scooby get the things off the display model and hurry. Then help me get into them.

Zowwy! you mean like swap clothing with the dummy? Like that will never work.

And what do you mean by that?

Well I mean look at the thing then look at you?

Yes And?

Well I mean! Heh Heh!




Ummh it's ummh taller then you.

I know just what you are saying Shaggy Nevil Rogers and I will have you know that I am very proud of how I look. I my not be tall and glamorous. But I am in excellent physical condition. ***************************



And it is a well know fact men though history truly prefer women with a sturdy build And a sharp mind. So you get that chauvinistic idea out of your head right now. Do you hear me?

Yes Mama!

Now hurry you two.

Besides this is the first time he will see it before the unavailing. So if he has not even seen the thing yet it will be fine.

All I have to do is fool them long enough till they get a look.

You know Velma there is not a lot to have to take off this thing to put on.

The out fit consisted of a Ruffled Orange Peek a Boo Bra with matching crotchless panties a black corset fish net stockings and black knee boots.


I see what you mean still its a nice color! But we cant worry about that I have to do it till we can find a way to get Freddy and Daphne out of that storage room.




Velma takes a deep breath.

This is for Mystery Incorporated!

Velma unfastened the pleated skirt and tossed it to shaggy as Shaggy Gulped.





Velma pulled her sweater over her head. But in her hurry it was now twisted and stuck!

Jinkies help me guys!




Scooby grabbed at the at the back of the sweater and began to tug. As Shaggy helped by unfastening the industrial style hooks that held Velmas cone like bra in place.

Scooby not so ummph! hard your tearing my favorite sweater.

Like zoinks Velma you have like a dozen of them things at home I seen your closest.

Well maybe that is so. But that was my arrrgh! favorite. And don't talk to me about fashion. I at least I change my close unlike some people. ***************************



And there is nothing Ouch! wrong with the fact I happen to frummp! like orange.

Finally Velmas head was pulled free. But the turtle neck stayed in place.

Come on hurry!

Well then here is you orange top. Shaggy offers her the Orange peek a boo bra. Velma snatches it from Shaggy and and fastens it into place. As she blushed she slipped her pert not excessively large But full and firm breast into place. The puffy pink nipples harden as they where exposed for the first time to a mans view and hopefully there approval.




While doing so a over eager Shaggy helps her tug down her conservative white pantie girdle. As shaggy stoops down to help her get it loose from her feet he also took advantage of it for a better look. He was quit happy he did.

The smooth pail skin of her full upper thighs the well rounded form of hips and her some what plump little tummy where enchanting. and the fine whisper of abrin hair sprinkled over so lightly over her vagina seamed to bring it all into exquisite harmony. It was bodies like hers that made man first sculpt and paint the praises of womanhood.




Shaggy looked up at her and then said to her.

Like! You know Velma your right.

About what Shaggy?

Nothing beats a sturdy built woman.

Velma smiled and said.

Thanks Shag.

But we can discuss that in more detail later.

If you like?

Zoinks! I sure do.




As Velma slipped on the the Orange crotchless panties.

What about the rest of the outfit?

No time!

Just get these parts to the display model and my clothing out of site. And go get Freddy and Daphne out of that storage room.

Are you sure you can do this?

I mean stand like that and not move with them looking at you like this? And make them you know think you are not real?

It is simply all mind over body Shaggy. I have been taking Yoga for years now and my teacher says I am a very good student.

Velma took a deep breath and then looked at the guys.

Go will you hurry! Jinkies!

Oh Shaggy before you go. How do I look?

Zoinks Velma! You look like a anchovy hot sauce milk shake with caramel and a Tomato on top.




Velma blushed thanks Shaggy that means a lot.

Velma stepped onto the lighted display and then tried to clear her head. Hummed to her self and stuck a pose in the same manner as the display model that was now in parts at Shaggy's size 15 shoes. At that moment 2 forms came though the door way.

Zoinks! Scooby get Velma's stuff and scram. He scooped up the dummy and the 2 made a dash behind one of the sales counters.

Here we are sir the new display model.

Zoinks! Scooby how are we going to get to the guys with them in the way? Velma is going to be pissed if we don't find a way. After her getting up there like that. Think Scooby Think faster.




Velma could not make out the 2 men very well from the glare of the lights. Even in her polarizesed Glasses that hide her eyes from them. But she could make out that one was wearing a green suit and the other was in a security Guard uniform.




Not very life like is it Mr. Louis?

Velma frowned to her self. (Whats he mean not very life like?)

Well Mike it's not what I was expecting true. But I am very impressed with the Workmanship! "Mogotron" is the leader in the making of these Life like displays and Love Dolls. And this is the first to ever hold such find detail as this.

And I must say I am very surprised with the form but also intrigued with there choice of diminutions of the body. I was expecting something with a more taller and lavish look to it. But as you know Mike men have always found stout and sturdy women with intellect always the most appealing.




On hearing this Velma smiled to her self. (You are obviously a man of very high intellect your self.)

Right sir that is how I have always looked it my self.

Very Nice work! But tell me who picked out this outfit?

I have no idea but I can check on it and find out? It is very unusual that's for sure. Should I have a word with them?

Well I must say its very unorthodox to the main stream now days. But then that is what has always made "Louis of Pornboro" number one in erotic lingerie and adult novelties. We are always looking for something new.

And like always what was once old is now new.

The hard rimed Glasses the chunky brown paten leathers and that turtleneck. It is a Retro kick back or a joke. No one has worn a turtle neck in 20 years. But I do like those knee socks.

Velma's eyes glared at them under the tinted glass. (JERK!) She thought to her self.

But the more I look at it the more I like it. Sort of a retro 60's them there. Like Gigit goes Gooey there. Reminds me of my younger days. Yes with this display model I think it goes very well indeed. ***************************



Touch her. What? Touch her. That is state of the art my friend you see there. Only the best. Mike felt the arm and squeezes it. It's Amazing.

Velma was a little startled but held her place.

Its warm and feels like the real thing. Well the body is built around a life like mechanical skeleton so that it can be bent to any manner of that of the human body and flesh is made of a Silicon based solution that is very life like to the touch and is coated it a polyurethane echo skin that gives it its life like human color and texture. As you can see it also holds all other life like details and are fully functionable as well. So she is not only a fashion model but she is also a fully accessible love doll. That is if you could afford one. Yes its a new play thing for the rich. Very life like and I hope our next big seller.

As for being warm well I would imagen that's simply the lighting at this time.




Mr. Louis takes a stroll around the display stand then turns to Mike the security gard and say's.

Yes I think it will do very nicely. Well it's time I got to other matters. See you in the morning Mike. Yes Sir Mr. Louis.

As soon as Mr. Louis was gone from the room Mike reached for his walky talky unit.

Hey Robert come on down to the show room I want you have to see this thing.

All right be right down.

Mike walk back to were Velma was still holding her pose.

(Jinkies! Why don't you take a hike?)

Giving her a closer going over.




Hey Mike whats up? Hey who's she?

That's just it it's not a she it's a it. It is the new life like dummies for the show room.

All right there sure life like. Almost to life like. In that outfit she is giving me a woody. She Sort of chunky isn't she. Just the way I like them.

Same here.

To bad she is not real.

yah I know. Touch her.




Reaching out he cups one of her pert breast and tugs a little in the hard pink nipple pumping it a little between his fingers. Honk! Honk! Hey that is nice. Sure do feel like the real thing. And warm to. You know this job just got a little better Mike.

(Jinkies you nasty vagabond that was totally uncalled for.)

Where is old Grump ass at?

Simon! last I seen him and that old dog of his was wondering too the other side of the design shop.

Well we got about a half hour before we have to make the rounds and punch the clocks. So what do you want to do?

Well we could go get a cup a coffee and I think they got fresh sandwiches in the vender in the lounge.

Yah we could do that sure.

Or we can get a better look at the new dummy.

Yah that may be a good idea. After all if it was to disappear or have any shit happen to it we would probably have to give a detailed description of how it looks and such. I mean that's what we do here keep tabs on everything here so if it ends up missing its up to us to help find it as well as to make sure nothing happens to it.

So ahum! What is she made of?

Well the body is built around a life like mechanical skeleton so that it can be bent to any manner of that of the human body and inner body here is made of Silicon solution that is very life like to the touch and is coated it a polyurethane echo skin that gives it its life like human color and texture.

You don't say?

I do. The best part is she is a sex Doll to boot got all the holes and they all work to.

So where did you get all that info?

Hey some times it pays to listen every now and then. So she is like a life like doll that one can be posed any way you like?

Right! She can be turned any way a human body can.

Really lets try this thing out then Now taking the arms he lowers them to the sides. Alright! ***************************



Then returning to the breast he beings to once again fondle them. Man I cant belive how life like this stuff is.

The Other Security Gard then kicks Velma's legs a little wider apart.

Ok spread 'em!

Velma let out a little gasp. But the men did not even notice it at all.

I will point out to you the fact that you have the right to remain silent. I always wanted to say that.

That's you Mike official and by the book all the fucking time. So lets see what we got here.




The 2 guards bend down for a better view.

Check out this fine craftsman ship. Heck this is so life like it looks good enough to eat. So how toxic is Silicon? Heh Heh!

(I simply can not belive there looking at me down there. I just know there looking at all of my naughty bits. But I cant give up the jig yet till Shaggy can do there part.)

The men where invited to a view no others had ever seen in her life. ***************************



The one guard used one of his thumbs to better part the full ass check so as they could obtain a better look. There gaze was first of the pink/Brown tight hairless anal opening.

The very shy and concretive Velma had to fight the urge to pucker in response to there observing her. And at such close range as this she could even feel there hot breaths on her secret places.

Next there there eyes followed downward.




As one of guard took hold of the exterior spares haired lips of the Virginia and peeled them open for a better view. They were then exposed to the most impressive view of the night.

Can you belive this? Look at this fucking cunt its perfect. How can they do this so well?

The inner lips were of a light pink. They seamed to glisten the the Swollen knot of the clitoris could plainly be seen just above the Urethra.

Man this is just freaky.

The man strummed a finger over the clit and then attempted to slip a finger into the Virginia. ***************************



In doing so he attempted to work it deeper.

With her face from there view Velma bit down on her lower lip. This was almost more them she could handle and she was loving it.

Darn I think she is a Virgin! Heh Heh!

I guess they think of every thing.

Then with that Mike pulls out his Flashlight.

I'll take care of that. She can be our flashlight Holder for when we play Shadow puppet theater on the walls later.




Then the next thing they knew there was a ruckuses at the fare end of the display room.

What the heck was that?

We better go check it out.




As the guards turned the corner Velma sighed in release of all her pent up emotions.

Much more of that and I am sure I would have had a orgasmic response simply from there stimulation of my vagina though the use of there doodling digest.

Hurry Scooby in here. Zoinks! Help me with this thing.

A moment later the Guards enter the room.

You see any thing?

No guess it was nothing.

Hey look it's another of them life like dummies.

Ackk! That is about as ugly a sight as I have ever seen in my life. And get a load of his side kick. I sure would hate to think there trying to pass off that mouths eaten fur bag as real?




What the heck are you 2 whipper Snappers doing in my department?

Oh hey Simon we thought we heard a noise and came to check it out.

So who's that there with you?

Oh that well it's one of them new life like display models also made for sex as well. Pretty sad looking if you ask me though. You should come down and see the one we have down on the women display area.

Now I don't got no time to go playing any silly games with you two. Now do like I said you pups get out of here and back to your own department. You know the mens section is mine. now get and let me and Togo get back to our guarding scoot now.

As the 2 men walk back to the display room where they had left Velma the one man ask the other.

So how Toxic is silicon?


Now by very! How bad is that?

Well now what do we have here?




The old guard walks over to where Shaggy is doing his best to hold his pose As well as his dog Togo when over to Scooby. The Old man reached out and grabbed a hand full of Shaggy's black thonged crotch.

Now lets get a better look at what we have here huh Togo.

Looks like you get to check one out too. With this Shaggy uttered the words loud enough for only Scooby to here. For Mystery Inc. Zoinks.

The End?




One possible ending?

What would you have done?

ADDED November 21, 2004

NO ONE Except ME will have Info to your addy!

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