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Goofed to the Max

By Doc Icenogle

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It was a late about 9:00 when Max came in from the Movies. When he intered the house his dad Goofy was sitting in front of the tv on the couch.He turned and seen Max when he came in. "Hey Maxie!" "Hey Pop!" Listen Max I got a surprise for you your cousin Debbie stopped over on her way down to Florida for spring brake. Oh cool! Where is she? Well she was out with her old friends and I think they where having some fun. She came in and was plum tuckered out from the trip as well. She went on up to the guest bed room for the night but you can see her first thing in the morning. When she gets up for breakfast. Shucks I was hoping to see her tonight. It'e been like 2 years ago the last time she stopped in to see use. As it was Max had little family his own age. True Debbie was about 8 years older then Max but they where still closer in age then most of his family. Max really liked Debbie she was always so cool and well pretty as well. Well Max tomorrow is always another day. So get on up to bed and get to sleep so you can be up early. Yeah ok! On the way to his room on the 2nd floor he seen the door was open to the room where Debbie was at now. He walked over and tapped on the door lightly and said her name under his breath to see if she was awake and would answer him. With out letting his Pop know he was doing so. No response. As Max opened the door a little more he peeked in and seen Debbie in the glow of the hall light. She was stretched out on her tummy on the bed. Her legs spread wide as she slept on top of the covers. Debbie was snoring loudly. "Oh Fuck Yeah Debbie!" She was in this sexy pink and blue little teddie like jumpsuit with blue knee socks on. And the way she was sleeping the teddie sleeper was deep in her crack of her ass Max could see as her ass cheeks where exposed to him. He looked even closer and deeper and could see her cunt lips framed in the crotch of the suit in a large puffy cameltoe. The edges of crotch band where framed with the blue frills. But even beyond them was the over flow of Debbie's thick pubic bush. The thick hairy mound of coppery curl's peeked out at Max temptingly beckoning him closer. Max slipped into the room he got down on his hands and knees and crawled in closer.




When he was at the foot of the bed he peeked over the top and looked into the crotch as Debbie snored in her deep sleep. Max could smell the liqueur on her breath even from where he was at. Oh wow she is really zonked out. He held on to his place on the floor and gazed deep into her crotch. Oh Debbie you look so fucking sexy like this I always wanted to see you naked. When Max sat up on his knees he now had a better view of Debbie. And as Max watched he seen Debbie move a little then flex her ass cheeks then she opened her legs a little wider. As Max watched he then decided to became a little more daring and reached out and touched Debbie's socked leg she never responded. "Oh Fuck!" Max whispered. I have to get off. He opened his pants and took out his dick it was hard as a rock. It was about 8 inches long and bright pink with defanent knot forming in it. Max rubbed her leg again. Max then reached in and touched the ruffles on the crotch of her teddie. Slowly Max moved the finger to the copper colored curls and began to stroke them with trembling finger. As he stroked them lovingly he used his other hand to rub his dick. While he did this he traced the hair to Debbie's inner crotch that was exposed and to the puffy outer folds of the quim that was hid from view by Debbie's thick mat of pubes. The outer lip that was free from the band was moist with sweat. Max then drew back his fingers and held them under his nose. As he sniffed them as he rubbed himself. There was the musk of sweat and the slight smell of urine on them. Max slipped the stinky fingers in his mouth and sucked them. The salty taste was more thrilling to him then he could imagined. He wanted even more. He scooted onto the bed and leaned over where he was half way onto it, Now his face hovered over Debbie's sexy sweet ass. Max moved his face into her crotch and sniffed it repeatedly. He liked the musky smell. Then his tongue slipped from his muzzle and the tip of his tongue made contact with Debbie's pubs. He pushed a little harder and his tongue made contact with her flesh. Debbie stirred and Max pulled back his head and then froze in fear. Max watched wide eyed as Debbie lift her hand and reach back towards him. Stopping over her ass she reached down so she could scratched her ass cheek and then replaced her hand next to her face where it was previously. Oh Fuck! That was close. Or was it? She never even noticed me. Max leaned in and licked again in the same spot. Debbie never moved a inch or responded. So Max moved in more and let his tongue dance over the puffy outer folds and the thick mat of her pubs all the while looking into Debbie's face for any sines of response that she was going to wake or even react to his actions. But there was none. Oh this was perfect he thought. He licked hungerly at her but the exposed flesh was starting to lose its flavor. And he wanted to taste even more. Max leaned back and was about to try to tug the band over a little more for a fresh place to lick now that he was feeling very confident in himself and not to worried about being caught. When he noticed that the teddies crotch was fastened with snaps. Max would only have to pop them and Debbie's pussy and ass would be exposed to him with no trouble at all. And he could see and lick her any way he liked. And if she was to wake up she would think they simply unsnapped in her sleep and not think it was him. Now lets see what we have here. Max Laughed to himself. As he looked closer at the snap crotch of her Teddie. Ok here we are. This looks simple enough to do. Max now made his move and found it was not a simple matter to open them like he thought. So Max pulled harder then they finally came open with a set of loud snapping noises. Maybe not as loud as Max thought they where. But when you are doing something like this every sound stands out a lot more then they would normally. Max felt like he was a safe cracker and was braking into fort knocks. And he knew that if he got caught the punishment here would be fare more worse then what the Government could ever deal out to him if he was caught. Debbie's bottom was now exposed as the fabric that hide it from him had flipped back from the elastic in the bands and now laid in the small of her back. When he unsnaped the it the band stirred the air and brought the small of her crotch to his nose. Her pussy had a sweaty and sort of a even funky smell to it. Looks like cousin Debbie has a dirty pussy. Max said and laughed. And the smell at this moment was still very appealing to him. I better clean it up for her. Max scooted in for a better look and then sniffed her crotch in fact he shoved his aroused nose right into her pubs and smelled deeply. The pubs where damp with sweat and the crotch was so hot it was almost steamy. Man is it hot in here he said. He sucked in her sent like a man drowning and gasping for air. Max sniffed at her ass crack not for sure why but he had the urge now. The smell from her crack was not the same as her pussy but still appealing to him. I think I may have to get me a taste of that ass as well before I am done here. As Max began to lick her pubs he was now pulling his pants down and off. He reached up and parted the pubs to where he could get right to her pussy its self. Her lips opened with a wet smacking sound and the smell of her stinky pussy was now stronger then even before.It smelled of piss and pussy.The cunt was oozing Debbie's gooey cream. Oh fuck was she hot. With this Max lapped up her oozing funky pussy flow. As Max was Slurping Debbie's dirty pussy and he began to hump the foot of the bed. He now stuck his dick between the mattress's of the gust bed and fucked it hard as he ate the nasty pussy his tongue slipped between her checks and danced around to find her asshole and to taste it as well. And when it did he pushed hard at it with his tongue and found its way in. His reward stung his taste buds. With the unmistakable flavor of scat. Even this was turning him on like never before. He wanted to have every experience he could at this moment as it may never come again. And was determined he was not going to loose out on one single thrill. Once Debbie was cleaned of her most secret flavors Max sat back on his hills and pulling his dick out from under the mattress and started to rubbed his prick and stared at her hole. He was so hard right now he needed more. As he climbed on to the bed with Debbie he placed his dick between her ass cheeks and humped her crack. The flow of pre-cum and spit slickened the pillows of her round ass and the deep crack so slick now. Max fuck it faster now and slid over the full length of her crack. Max felt his dick accidentally hit one of her wet openings and his trppered dick head slipped in. It was the best thing he had ever felt. Debbie was nice and warm and soft and wet and it squeezed his dinger like his hand never could. He knew he should stop but it was so nice he wanted more in her. He would slip it all the way in then he would pull out that's all. Max slipped in his penis farther and then it stopped where his knot was forming and he pushed a little harder the knot slipped in and soon he was balls deep in Debbie. He laid on top of Debbie his dick in the warm most pussy and basked in the glow of compleat and utter ecstasy. As he laid on her he could now feel his knot grow even bigger and he was starting to ooze. I guess I better pull out. Max pulled back and the penis slipped from her her wet pussy. That is it was and then it came to the knot and stopped. Max pulled a little harder but it would not even budge. Max took hold of the head board and planted his toes into the mattress like he was about to do a set of pushups and started to strain to pull himself from his pussy trap but only managed to lift Debbie's sleeping sexy ass along with him from the mattress along with him. He tried shaking his hips as she hung from his hard dick and had no luck with getting her loose. Debbie then snorted and Max bit his lip and eased her back onto the bed. As he laid on her back he did his best to be quiet and think of a way to get lose. Maybe if he thought of something other then what was happening to him now? But it was so nice and he was so excited. Then what he feared most happen. He watched as Debbie woke and snorted and turned her face to him and smiled. "Oh hi! Max what are you doing here?" She was still drunk and was not even sure of what was going on yet. She snorted and rubbed her nose. Debbie wreaked of whiskey still. What are you doing silly? Get off my back will you? You are to fucking heavy. "I cant." What do you mean you cant? Debbie started to shove him off of her then she noticed what he meant. "OH MY!" "MAX YOU DIRTY LITTLE MONKEY!" Shhhhhh! Max warned her. Not so loud Debbie. What the fuck do you think your doing? You know you could ask me if you could have some. I cant help it, It just happen. Yeah I guess I cant blame you I am one hot babe. Yes you are. Max puffed into the back of her neck. I guess there is no harm done as long as you could not control yourself and fell victim to my charms. Debbie giggled. And as long as you did have the sense to wear a condom I guess we can let this slide. Max looked at her and smiled a sheepish smiled and gritted his teeth. What? Debbie ask. Umhh! I did not have a condom and so I.. "You are in me and you don't have a condom on?" "Take it out!" "TAKE IT OUT!" Debbie jumped on to her all fours on the bed and stated crawling in circles and dragging Max with her. Hold on will you. Max said. Max if you jizz in me I'll kill you. Debbie grabbed the headboard and pushed her ass out toward Max. "PULL!" What? "PULL!" Max pulled back as hard as he could and he heard the headboard giving on the bed. Debbie was sweating so much it was popping off her body. The knot was starting to come out now and Debbie's pussy was so stretched it looked like it was going to split. It was so tight as it clung to the knot that he thought he would cum before he could even get loose. But finally he managed to pull it from her pussy with a loud. "SLERPOP!" And a flood of her excited cunt juiced followed. Debbie jumped up holding her ass and stomping around the room bitting her lower lip. Max thought he could almost see the pain stars radiating from her ass. After several seconds of this Debbie walked over to Max and punched him in the back of the head. Don't you know any better you stupid asshole? You should know you should always wear a condom. What are you a virgin? Yes! Max responded. What? You mean you have never has sex before? No! Debbie sat on the bed and looked at him. Really? Yes Really! What is the big deal? Heh Heh! Then that means I popped your Cherry then. Debbie puffed out her chest and smiled. I guess what you did then was worth that. She stuck her tongue out at Max and smiled. Max blushed and looked down and smiled. But we still have a problem here? How are we going to finish getting you off? Fuck Max what a nice dick you do have. What is it about 8 inches? And the knot looks about as big as as a soft ball. She reached in and cupped his balls and tugged them. And I can tell Maxie your balls are full of cum. But we can fix that I am sure. The question is how? lets see what should we do? I dought there are any condoms around right? Nope! max said. Well I could try sucking it out and drink all your juices. Debbie said and then laughed. Max gasped and looked very happy with that idea. Or maybe I could let you fuck me in the ass? But we would need some lube. I'll have a look in the bathroom. Max said to Debbie and pulled his pants up and ran out of the room. I found this. He came back almost right away. He was back with a jar of Vaseline in the super economy size. You found that fast. Debbie said. Well I find a lot of use for it. Max smiled. Will this be enough? Oh I think we can make do with it. After all I have done this before and I know what I am doing here. As Debbie scooted to the foot of the bed she smiled at him. Are you as turned on as I am right now? Debbie ask. Max shook his head yes in such a vigorous manner that it made his ears flop up and down like as if he was about to fly. Come here you naughty puppy I have something I want to do. Max staggered toward her. Debbie then opened his pants and let them fall onto the carpet.




Debbie then looked at Max and laughed then formed a wet O with her mouth and bent down and took the tip of his dick into her mouth and began to suck it. Debbie slipped her hand between Max's legs and cupped his balls and he whimpered as he thought he would cum right then and there. What Max felt next was something he had never even thought of someone doing to him. When a finger slipped under his balls and began to toy with is asshole. Debbie rubbed and massaged it and Max gritted his teeth as it was driving him over the edge. She then pulled back and smiled at Max. So you like that do you? Maybe I should suck you off and eat you cum for you Max Would you like that? As she said this she pushed her finger into Max's hot ass. Max yipped and a ribbon of pre cum sprayed from his penis and splashed the end of Debbie's muzzle. Debbie licked her muzzle clean and smiled at him. But you want to do it in my ass. Don't you Max? You fucking pervert. Lets see that Vaseline. Max handed the Vaseline to her. Looks like that should be enough for both of use here. Don't you? Yep all we should need. As she looked at Max, Debbie opened the jar and smiled at him. Max only watched as she scooped out some of the lube and leaned to the side and started rubbing it on her asshole as she watched him. All that Max could think of was he was finally about to have real sex and that was all he wanted to know. Come on Max I want you to eat my ass some more. Debbie pulled him onto the bed and on top of her. Lets do it in a 69 Maxim. Debbie pulled Max to where his nice black furry balls and dick where over her face, And his was over her wet crotch. Eat my wet pussy. Eat my asshole Max. If you want to fuck it? When Debbie was done telling Max what she wanted, She took hold of max by the balls with her mouth and began to suck on them. Max was fast to respond with several licks over Debbie's wet pussy before he started lapping at her asshole. Debbie slipped a finger into Max's asshole, And Max clenched his ass tight on her finger and Debbie gave it a twist and pushed harder into Max's turd hole. Debbie pulled her mouth off his balls. What's the matter Max? You like that? You don't mind me finger banging you in the ass do you? After all it is what you want to do to me. And I am only using a finger. Max did not know what to think of this, But he was not going to say No. After all she may not let him fuck her. Max did not respond and kept licking her. When Debbie began to open his cheeks wider Max's cheeks tried to close, And she slapped his ass hard. Open that ass Max, One thing you are going to learn is that when you offer someone your ass you better be completely willing or it may get ruff on you. Max looked back at her with a shocked look on his face. Wh...at What did you say? Debbie looked at him and said. Quiet boy this is my fun you had yours. Unless you want me to tell Uncle Goofy? No NO! With that Debbie opened his cheeks and smiled. Now I can see that sweet asshole, And it is so cute Max. Oh how nice it is winking at me too, So sexy and pink. Debbie leaned in and gave it a sniff and smiled. And clean! She then toyed with the hole with the tip of her tongue and tasted its tangy flavor. Debbie leaned back and laughed. Next time when I have to watch you when Uncle Goof has to leave I know what I am going to do. I will let you have a sleep over with that fucker. What's his name? That fat ass one. And make you dress like a girl and let him fuck you in the ass. She then rubbed a finger over Max's pink asshole and working it in. Max snarled. What is wrong with you? Me? Debbie eyed him back. Buddy you better watch your tone. You came in my room and was taking advantage of me you know, And don't you forget about it. So you want to fuck me in the ass do you? Well you better learn to ask for what you want. Or you might wind up in juvie. With your asshole packed full of dick every fucking night. As your whimpering into your cot. Got me? Max blushed and was now very ashamed at what he was accused of. He had never really thought of it that way. He only had been thinking with his dick. Yes Debbie please I am sorry. I will make you any deal you like. But don't tell pop what I did. Debbie looked him in the eyes. That's better. Maybe you understand now. But you keep in mind what I said or else you can get dressed and get out of here. And I will have a talk about you with Uncle Goofy in the morning. About how you shuck in my room and forced yourself on me. Ok now you can get off me now that you understand that you cant just come in my room and do what you like. "Unless I like it too." Debbie tossed the lube to Max and said. Ok boy greaser up and stick it in my ass. Debbie was now on all fours with her ass pointed at Max. Her cunt was open a little and her asshole puckered at him already primed for action. He stuck a finger into the Vaseline and scooped out a glob. As he was now lubeing hid dick Debbie looked back at him and shook her ass. You know Max if you every decide to want to try having your ass fucked I know lots of guys who would pay to fuck it. No thanks! Max said with a sheepish laugh and blushed again . Well if you do, I could be your pimp and we could make some nice money if you care to team up with me. Team up with you? Max looked at her. Debbie looked at him and laughed. Only a suggestion. I have known a few girls who made a lot of money on the side hooking for it. Course I would not do something like that unless you know maybe I had a friend who wanted to make some money the same way with me. The easy way. You know it's really not such a big deal if you really think about it Max. You spend like 10 minis with them you know sucking them off or letting them use your ass or pussy and you can make like 20 bucks from it. I mean you have them wear a condom, And you get used to it after the first couple of times you do it with them. What do you think of that? NO way Debbie, No fucking way. Debbie laughed. I will take that as a maybe then. After all you don't want me to tell on you. Come on Max be a man and come and get this ass. Debbie slapped her ass and shook it at him again. Fill it with your cum cousin. Show me what you got. When Max found a spot where he would find the best action in Derbie's ass he put the head of his dick to Debbie's willing anus. As he did it puckered out like a set of dainty lips and kissed his penis. This contact thrilled Max greatly. And he eagerly push forward and watched the tampered head disappear into her ass. That a boy Max. Give it to me. But remember to stop when you get to the.... "OOOF!" When Max slid in another 5 inches his progress came to a stop. Max looked down to see he was now in to his knot. But there was still a another good 2 inches there with the knot and another inch behind that. And he wanted it all in her. Like he had heard at school for some of the older boys. "You ain't fucking till you have the knot in." When Max thought of that he wanted to do a good job with Debbie and began to ram at her with it. Max locked onto her hips and pushed hard. Debbie was about to let out out a warning to Max that this was a fare as he was suppose to go, After his first ram to her anus had knocked the wind out of her. But she now had Max's full weight on her back and he was pushing Debbie off balance and she was falling. "Max!" "MAX!" Debbie was crawling about on the bed on her all fours and doing her best to get loose from Max but he only hung on and pushed harder.




Max was locked onto her now and he was not going to stop. Max was not thinking about anything but getting off in her ass. He never noticed that Debbie was trying to get him not to ram it all the way in her ass. During all of this Debbie could hear the bed springs as they creaked and the bed shook. Finally she cold not support them any longer and she fell face first into the mattress. "Max not the Ommph!" Was the last thing she got out before she found herself with a bed sheet in her mouth for a gag. She tried to lift herself with her arms and she found she could not. Debbie tried to roll her head and get her face out of the bedding but Max was holding her to secure. How can fucking Max be so stupid? True he was a pup really. But Debbie had done this several times and she never had a John that was so stupid as to try to bury his clover leaf in her asshole. The only thing that could do is get you stuck and hurt like fuck for the both of you. Debbie had seen a lot of movies where the girls and guys took the knot in there ass and they l ooked like they liked it. But then there assholes looked like they could use it for a garage with room for 2 cars when they where done. But Debbie had other problems right now. AIR! She was going to have to breath soon and she could not get Max off her back. So there was only one thing she could do relax and take it. Then maybe if she did Max would relax and let her pull her head out of the bed. Or she could fight till she passed out and he took her ass anyway. Debbie then relaxed and felt the clover leaf slid in it felt like it was as big as his waist in her as it slipped in. She was wondering if he was going to stick in his legs to and jog in her ass. Maybe it would have been more easy to have passed out first and woke with it in her ass? The sweat popped out on her as she waved her ass and made muffled cry's into the mattress. It now slipped past the thickest part and the other tapered end slipped in fast. then there was the last inch and she felt the balls as they rested on her pussy now. Debbie waited and Max did not move off her he kept her pined. She tried to push he just stayed in place. Debbie did a last ditch move and elbowed Max in the ribs. "OOOOF!" He lifted off her. GET OFF ME! GET OFF ME! GET OFF ME! GET OFF ME! Debbie yelled. Shhh! You know that if you don't be quiet Pop will hear you. When max pulled back it also tugged at Debbie's sore asshole. Debbie whispered. "Don't Move!" "Don't move!" But that hurt! When you elbowed me. Max said. Hurt you! Debbie huffed. WHAT THE.... fuck do you think you did when you rammed my asshole? But you told me to. Max said with a truly confused look on his face at Debbie. But I said not to stick in the knot you fuck. Debbie snapped at him. You did? I did not hear you. Max said dumbly on top of her. Debbie then tried to lean forward but found she could not. Well I was trying to say it before you crammed my face into the mattress. Now where stuck. What are we going to do Max ask her? There is only one thing we can do, And that is get you off. Then off of me. For starters. Debbie found herself a place where she could be comfortable and pulled a pillow under her chin and did her best to make her ass ready for max. "Fuck it!" Debbie hissed at him. What did you say? Max ask her. "Fuck it!" Fuck me in the ass. Max needed no more instructions her knew what to do and started fucking into her ass. As he did Max pulled back on his dick knot to get as much action as he could. No No! Debbie whispered. Don't try and pull it out. Use what you have behind the fucker but don't try to pull it out. As Max was fucking her in short jabs into her willing ass they both heard a noise. it was the steps Goof was on his way to the 2nd floor. It is pop max whispered in a panic. I know that sound of the stares any where it always saves me from getting busted by him. Max started to try to pull out of Debbies ass. As he did he started dragging her back with him and off the bed. Debbie bit her lip and started slapping at him from over her shoulder. Stop it Max. Stop it. You cant get it out there is only one thing we can do now. The door to the room opened and Goof popped in his head. You asleep there Debbie? Goofy could see Debbie was in the bed covered to her neck flat on her back with sweat popping off her face. OH HI UNCLE GOOFY! Debbie said to him. Something told me you where not asleep. in fact I could hear every thing from down stairs what you where doing. And thought I would come up and have a talk to you about what's going on in here. Debbie I want you to know there is nothing wrong with what your doing in here. It's not? Debbie ask him. Well heck no Debbie. A person can get lonely, And Well need to have a way for some of the lonely ness to get out. So they often masturbate. Well gosh I do it all the time. Heck I even hear Maxie doing to all night long. Don't tell him I told you that. So you have all the fun you need Debbie but don't try and let Max know about it. And then Goof turned and walked over by the door then turned and walked back to where he had been before next to the bed. And if you every have the need for something more you let me know. When he said this Goof took hold of the front of his pants and shook his boner that was bulging out the front of them. It looked to be at least 12 inches long and thick. The pants where wet at the tip where the head was at. Uncle Goofy! Shame on you. Debbie laughed, As her eyes where bulging from her head. Ahhh! Where only talking about a little fun. Would you like to see it? Goof ask her as he shook it at her. Well???? Debbie thought it over. We better not. If you change your mind let me know. And as for being related. When there are high seas any port would be welcome. Old Donald told me that one. Why do you think he keeps them 3 annoying Nephews of his. And I mean any hole any time. And with that said goof walked to the door. Any hole? Debbie ask. When goof turned he smiled and said to Debbie. Any hole. any hole on anyone? Debbie ask. Any hole on anyone? You would be surprised at what I have fucked. Why do you ask? Oh nothing. Goofy opened the door and started to walk out. Max Debbie said. Goof shut the door and turned to the bed. What? What about Max then? Debbie ask. With that Goof laughed and shook his head. And turned to the door. Would you do it Goofy? Debbie ask him again. Well the seas can get awfully ruff Debbie. So between you and me I will stick with it. Any hole on anyone. With that Goof waled out and shut the door behind him. Debbie suddenly flipped to her side. What are you doing? Max said to her and slapped her ass hard. SMACK! Ouch you asshole. Then there was a knock at the door. You need something from me? No! I am ok but thanks for asking. Night! Night! Deb see you in the morning. And they could hear Goofy as he walked to his own bed room and closed the door. Debbie looked at Max as he was pressed agents her. You hear that you better mind or else. When Max was back on top of Debbie it did not take long for him to forget what had just happen, And was back to pumping in Debbie's asshole in Ernest. The thrust where short, But with the way his cousin Debbie's juicy hot asshole massage ever inch of his penis he knew he could not last to much logger. That's it Max do it good. Or next time your ass will be the one on the line. Max worked her faster and faster till he felt his own orgasm kick in. Ribbon after ribbon of cum shot from his throbbing pisshole into Debbie's bowls like a perverted cream enema. The burning heat of his cum deep into Debbie's shit hole triggered her own orgasm and as her orgasm now took control of her sexual organs her asshole locked tight around Max's dick like a sucking mouth as it milked him for the last of his milky load deep into her shitter. Max stayed locked on Debbie's hips for several moments both of them panting before Debbie collapsed to the bedding taking Max with her. They both laid there several more seconds before Debbie responded. Get off of me you perverted puppy. Max raised off of her and found that his penis thought still in her anus had lost some of the swelling in it. Max pulled back and found he could now remove his shrinking knot from Debbie's anus with a loud . "PLOOP!" Debbie rolled onto her back. And looked at Max and said. Oh man you did good kid. Why don't you run me a bath and I will be in there in a moment. Max was tired but feeling very good right now so he did not mind. Sure Debbie. And when you get done doing that run back to the kitchen and fix me something to eat. Debbie stretched her legs and smiled. Max turned back to her. Hey now I don't mind doing you a favor but I am not running a maid serves for you here. Debbie looked at him and smiled. Oh I think you are. Remember what I said all I have to do is tell uncle Goofy what you tried to do to me. Or should I say? Did to me. He wont belive you over me. Max snarled. When Debbie said that she laughed. Who knows Max? He may not. But why take the chance? After all I bet I could persuade him to see things my way. Any hole on anyone? Yes I think I could make him see things my way. So Max I would not get on my bad side if I where you or you might become one of them holes. Max looked at her with rage in he eyes. Then a look of submission came over him and he said. "OK!" "OK!" You know I was going to be here for the week. But if things go well Max, Who knows I may stay around a lot longer. After all you could become one fine bitch with the proper training. Debbie laughed. Don't worry Max you can be my stud as long as you do as your told. Now start with the bath and then rattle those pots and pans.

Finished 5/14/08 Posted 9/14/2008

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