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RANMA 1/2 #3 XXX DOJIN !!!!


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We all know how the true story of Ranma began when ááhe fell into the Accursed Springs of Mt. Quanjing ááBayankala Range Qinshai áProvince of China.

But in such a place were there where over a 100 springs all holding a its own secret power even a slight change of events could alter there lives as we know them.

Ranma and Saotome enter áthe Springs with out the aid of the overseer of the springs.

Not knowing the full story of the springs. Just only that they were ááa place of great danger áand of secret powers and were it is said to be a excellent place for training. But rarely ever used. As the two balanced on the cane poles over the springs. It began. They Collided in mid-air both getting in some very ááwell placed blows. As Ranma hears a splash behind him. As he finds himself falling to the gapping mouth of the spring below him. Thinking fast Ranma grabs the cane pole and holding in tight it bends and then springs up with him and saving him from the spring. As he lets go it flings him 100's of yards clear of the grounds of the springs. Yes clear of all but one a lone spring by its self separated from the others. And to Ranma's dismay he was heading right into the center of it with no posable way to avoid it. So it begins.

-------The Story Begins!------



Ranma soaking wet pulls áhimself from the spring. As he looks out over the springs that stretch out in front of him he finds that his clothing that he was about to remove and dry seemed to be much larger then they were only a few seconds ago when they were dry. In fact they seemed to be almost falling of him. The water must have expanded them he thought?




As he hung his pants to dry he leaned over the water to wash the mud áfrom his hands.

As he looked down He found him self looking at first at a stranger. After the first start he looked again.

Yes its was him alright. But his hair was a bright pink and some how his features seemed to look much softer and almost feminine. What the hecks going on? áhe thought. This must be a dream? Or was there some thing strange being done to him by this spring? He did feel rather strange this was true. As he looked in to the water at his new look. He said to him self. Well I don't know? It is a nice color but its missing some thing? Oh I know what would do it. He reaches in to the spring and picks 2 water lilies to adorned his hair on each side. MMMM that is much better. As he admirers his handy work with his hair. ááHe Runs his hands down his chest and over his belly. ááHe then runs them the length of his lags and the back to his crotch. áHe cups it in his hands and begins to kneed it and as it responds. Ranma thinks of his old friend Ryoga and how he wished he were here now. Fun that he would think of Ryoga. And of all the times to do so now? Then there was a rustling sound behind Ranma.




As Ranma stood to go to investigate his Under garments hung loose from his wast. I better take them of in case I need to run he thought. As he slipped them down. Run? Ranma thought what am I thinking I have never ran in my life. Well who ever they are I hope there handsome. Oh am so horny I need a man to love me. What sort of thoughts were these? No mater whose they were there were becoming more and more dominant as well as demanding in his mind. ***************************



As he pulls some foliage to the side. Ranma finds him self face to face with a Giant Pandal.


But the Panda only Stares ááat him Dumbly. As Ranma Regains his composer he looks at the Panda and smiles Nervously.


I was hoping for a man. Ranma had read that pandas were very timed and friendly creatures. So were did you come from?

Are you hungry?

I seen some bamboo over by that brush. And they walked to a small field of bamboo growing around the woods close by. In the field was concealed áthe stump of a tree unless one was very close áand looking for it. No one would have known it was there. Ranma and the Panda moved to the small but dense Bamboo crop. Ranma walked the Panda to the stump and as if it know what to do it sat on the stump and started to munch on the Bamboo. Ranma sat on the mat of Bamboo leaves and talked to the Panda. The Panda ate and stared on as he told of the events of the day. Up to now and how he was in the need of a man. A need he had never felt before but yet was so strong at this time it was about to drive him mad. As he finished his story he turned to look at the Panda and in doing so he seen that this Panda was a Boy. To bad you are not a man he said in a sly laugh. Or you would not be safe. As he placed a hand on the Pandas inner thigh and pulled it out a little wider to get a better look as he snickers.




Hows that Bamboo? As Ranma ask his hand slipped closer to the Pandas crotch. All he wanted to do was to touch them huge balls to see if they were real. Is what he said to himself.

As he hefted one in his hand it was as soft and as warm as it looked and as full in size as a cocoanut. Ranma could smell the musk from the groin. It was not a foul smell but one of heat and of sex. As Ranma looked closer the sheath open to admit a some what small red tube. Ranma laughed and said your not very big for a Giant Panda. And poked it with a finger.




As Ranma toyed with the tube it slipped even more from the sheath. The Panda never blinked a eye as he munched his Bamboo. You must be hungry?

Problem is so am I.

Hungary for some dick.

With this said Ranma looked at the dick that now taunted him. Taking a deep breath he stated. Oh what the fuck!

Who will ever know?

Ranma rammed his face forward on to the semi-erect penis.




As Ranma sucked the penis it became erect in almost no time at all. The Head became so Humongous that it would not even begin to fit in his mouth. Ranma found the penis was responding to his advances with every passing second. The Piss hole had a steady flow of seamen dripping from it. And Ranma founded himself more then willing to lap up these white liquid perils.




Ranma found the the Penis even though it was fully erect was very soft to the ouch like foam rubber. Ranma could squeeze it to what seemed to be a inner core. Ranma was amazed by this little trick. Ranma was also delighted that the Penis throbbed and pulsed like it was alive. Ranma watched as it would expand and then contract.




Ranma looked at the penis in a almost state of shock. It was no less then 2 feet long as thick as his leg and the balls were now even fuller then before.




Ranma knew only one thing he had to try and mount this huge penis. Yes he had to fill it in his ass.

As he worked the never ending seamen discharge over the penis to lube it. He could fill his ass hole working and puckering. As if in search of this wonderful treat it was about to receive.




Ranma stands and then bends over in front of the Pands and tells him that he is now looking at the tightest hole he is ever going to see. And even more so he was about to have the out standing pleasure of fucking it.

And after the nasty speech.

Ranma then placed the Panda on its back for a better mount for himself.




Ranma lowered his ass to the target and began to push his ass onto the penis. The penis flopped and pulsed. But with a little effort Ranma felt the head being its trip in to his shit chute. Ranma was pleased to find what he had hoped was true the soft spongy penis did in fact contract and form to his man cunt. It was filled to breaming but in a most comfortable way.




Ranma was then hit with a mild shock as she found her self lifted from the ground by the monster dick. And he swayed from the tip like a flag on a pole. Ranma jiggled and Bobbled on the shaft as it pulsed.




Then the Pulsing became more and more stronger. The head seemed to expand to twice its size in his poor ass. Then once again returning back to its spongy form. The beat of the penis seemed to be getting even stronger and stretching him even wider. Ranma tried to free himself.

He even tried to push it from his ass as if it were a huge turd and to shit himself free from it. This brought on a few farts. But with no luck.




But as the penis pulsed forward Ranma though all his weight forward with the penis downward movement and managed to slip free. With a wet Popping sound as it pulled from Ranma's ass.




Ranma no sooner was he free from the penis. He was grabbed by the Panda and slammed him over the downed tree.




Ranma as he feared looked over his shoulder at the panda. ááWho was now holding open the cheeks of his ass and wetting the hole between them. This Panda had tasted the tight hole on his penis and he wanted more of it.

He would not stop till he had fucked it and planted his seed deep in it.




Ranma was then mounted.

His Panda friend hit the hole true and hard. The head blasted in to Ranma's pooper in one hard thrust. The Panda was a pumping machine.

Pulling out 2 inches thrusting in 4 pulling out 2 pushing in 4. Ranma's ass was not even taking half of the penis. But it was much more then he had tried to do him self.

But this was not for a lack of trying by the Panda. As the birds sang there happy care free songs. Ranma could hear the tree crack and creak under the thrust of the powerful Panda.




Ranma then after what seemed like hours felt the Panda cum. With such force and with so much cum the it filled his ass full to the bream and then popped free.

Covering him in a shower of hot sticky cum.

And under this spray of endless cum over Ranma a strange thing happen. He was then transformed back to his old self. Stunned and enraged to find him self. Like a bitch bent over a tree his asshole fucked till it looked like the cunt of a cheap worn out $2 whore.

And to look over his shoulder to find him self face to face with the shit stained penis of a fucking Panda that did it to him was to much.




Ranma with a hard kick sent the fucker flying.

With a warning to the Panda never to come back.

Ranma then went to the hot springs that were near by to wash himself.




As Ranma was dressing a large Panda came in to the camp.

Back for more re you?

Said Ranma. The Panda held up a sign.

Is Me Your Pop!

Ranma: What?

Saotome: Yes its me.

He then told of how the overseer of the Springs told him of the powers of the springs. As well as the Spring he fell in to was the Spring of the Panda. And showed Ranma a map. The Spring that they were standing next to was the Spring of the Yaoi Boy.




Ranma: Oh that is just great!

Ranma: Oh by the way were you here earlier?

Saotome: No Why?

Ranma:There is a crazy Panda Running lose and well don't worry about it. But I do want to put a mark on you just in case so I know it's you.

Saotome: Ok what ever.

Time for me to make lunch Ranma's Pop said.

Ranma: Ok I think 'ill go for a swim.




Ranma so I wonder where that nice Overseer of the springs Lives?

If nothing else I suppose my friend may still be around. So we can play some more.

YOO! HOO! December 7, 2002

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