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RANMA 1/2 DOUJIN #5 !!!!


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Ranma did his best to point out that this whole thing was nothing but a sham and had no bearing.

This victory you have achieved is with out any standing. It is with out honer you Creep.

Who ever said that all battles must be won with any honer at all as long as it is won my friend.

I am sure you would find that more are won in the same manner as I won over you.

But you challenged me and we did not even meet on the field of battle.

The challenge was I could beat you there never was any talk of a physical conflict. I simply out smarted you Ranma.

A simple sleeping potion was all that it took to bring out my superiority over you. Mind over might my friend.

You should try it some day.

Who knows what you may achieve that way?

Biggest now pulled down Ranma's pants and tossed them to the side.

You know you have some sexy legs there smooth and well formed.

As Dickis rubbed Ranma's legs. Ranma shivered in response.


And as I have now won you over and have brought you here to my film studio. Let me go into more detail of my planes. I am about to start a new branch to my movie fame beings today with you Ranma Saotome.

You will be the first boy to ever be featured in a BIGGEST DICKIS Production.

"Super Sexy Asian Yaoi Slut Boy Extreme Fuck A Rama!"


Well it is a working title. I may settle for Asian Punks? Well see how you do for one.

Biggest wraps a arm around the restrained Ranma and walks him over to where he had set up a place for the film debut of Ranma.

It held 2 video cameras mounted at the side and the foot of the bed and a hand held video cam was placed on the full size bed. It was well lighted by film crew lamps. The head of the bed was against a Mirror. that was at least 4 foot tall and 5 feet wide. A large 48 inch tv was to one side and was showing the side of the bed on its screen so that the 2 could watch what was being done. A night stand was next to the bed. On it was only a economy size jar of Vaseline.

This is going to be fun Ranma you will have a blast you will love it when I get you into the mood with me on this project.

Ranma was then pulled over to the set.

Ok now stand right here and look right into this camera. there now see it is not so bad. Look how sexy you are in your little white undies and that red Chinese top you are so fond of wearing all the time. Your a pretty boy and you know it. Come on now smile for the camera.




As Ranma stood held in place he could feel Dickis pressing against his butt as he looked into the camera.

Oh yeah! You like it alright. Look at who is playing Peek a boo Ranma. You want it and you know it.

Dickis reached down and pinched the head of Ranma's dick.




Dickis swung Ranma around to where his ass was pointed to the camera.

What a sweet little ass you have there Ranma. I bet all the Guys like fucking it for you don't they now?

Are you there pretty slut boy?

Dickis slapped Ranma's ass.

You cant what to get fucked can you?





NO One is fucking me in the butt.

I am out of here. So take a flying kiss at my ass if you are that fast.

Ranma made a move for the door.

Where the fuck are my pants you fuck?




As Ranma made his move Dickis grabbed Ranma by the leg and swung him onto the bed all in one move before Ranma could even respond to him.

Not so fast Ranma. Now we had a deal and you knew the rules when you made it. And you lost so the way I see it your Ass is mine any way I want to use it. After all you would not want people to think you backed out on a Challenge just because you lost now would you? That just don't sound like your style.




Ranma roll over for me.

Ranma rolled over on to all 4s and started to get up. But was slapped hard on the ass by Dickis.

Who told you to get up? You do what I tell you to do. Dickis slapped him again. Do you hear me Ranma?

Screw You!

You are a fidgety little bitch aren't you? Well that's the way I like them. Makes it even more fun when I make you my bitch. And there is No better place to teach you some manner then right here and now.

As Dickis pulls him to the edge of the bed he started to spanks Ranma's sweet little firm ass. As he did he laughed as Ranma grunted in dismay.

Oh my fans will love this.

Dickis now stopped and pulled the jockey shorts into Ranma's crack.

That's what they want to see them cheeks shake em' for them. I said Shack them Bitch!

Dickis was Spanking Ranma again slapping the boys bare butt cheeks faster now.

I can do this all day. I got all the videos I need and you are not off this bed till I have payment in full.

So it is all let to you to say when.

After several minuets Ranma decided this was not getting him any where. And his Cheeks needed a brake.

OK Stop! You wine.

Ranma wiggled his ass as he looked over his shoulder though pissed tear stained eyes at the man and the Camera.

Are you happy fucker?


Or I will be soon.

Now wiggle your ass as you crawl onto the bed. Now get going Ranma.




Ranma began to crawl onto the middle of the bed. When he felt Dickis grab the wastband of his underwear.

What are you doing?

Oh you won't need these now Ranma not in the least.

He slipped them away from Ranma's ass.

No! What the heck do you think you are doing?

Save being coy for your boyfriends.




Fuck You!

I done told you I am not fucking Gay! No one is fucking me in the ass. NO ONE!

Well the way I hear it half this town wants to fuck you and the other half wants to kill you.

So the way I have it figured either you are the town whore or some sort of sex hating odd ball.

Either way I had to have you for my video.

Now you loose your little undies if I have to rip them off you.

Dickis gave them a hard jerk and they began to tear.




Ranma who now lacked his undies was pushed back onto the bed and had his thighs spread wide in font of the camera.

There now. Let every one get a better look at this cherry ass of yours shall we Ranma?

Dickis took his thumb and forefinger and spread Ranma's tight cheeks wider so that he could better view the pink/brown little puckering hole. He then used his hand cam zoomed in for a close up view for the viewers of his films.

Yeah! You have a pretty little asshole Ranma. So smooth do you shave it like the rest of you crotch?

I don't shave! I don't have hair that's all.

Well I guess we do have a virgin here with such a sweet little boy pussy like that.

But it won't be for long.

As am going to take you like a bride on her wedding night. You are going to be whimpering under me with your legs around my hips while I have that shitter wrapped around the bass of my dick like the slut you are. And when I cum in you it will be so hard it will scrub your teeth, When I am done with you. You will be farting it for a week.


Because that is just what my adoring fans wants to see. And the more I degrade and use you the happier they are. So what do you think?

Fuck you you Bastard.

No I am afraid you are the one about to be fucked and before I am done you are going to love it.




But fist Biggest is going to work his magic on you.

Dickis layed on his back on the bed next to Ranma.

Now lets have a little taste of that Pooter of yours.

Biggest grabbed Ranma by the hips and And with little effort pulled him on top of him. Ranma was ready to shit right in his face out of spite. But when then felt Dickis lounge slithering around his asshole. Ranma not only was shocked by the fact of how good it felt. He was also very Scared and uneasy as well. If this felt so good what would he do if he liked the rest even more? It tickles oh so nice.

Dickis now thumbed Ranma's cheeks and held them wide as he licked with long loving laps over the puckering wet shithole.

Ranma had to see what it looked like and turned to the tv so as to watch as Dickis ate his ass.

How much fun can this be? It is not suppose to be this good. Is it?




Ranma watched and as the man licked on at the wildly puckering anus. He then made his lounge nice and stiff and fucked it into Ranma's shitter.

Open that ass for me.

Ranma did as he was told and relaxed and the man was soon fucking his boy pussy with his tongue.

And Ranma liked it. He liked it a lot.




Ranma was then scooted to the end of the bed in front of the camera. Dickis them unzipped and dropped his pants. And show Ranma his fat dick. It a was nice 12 inches and uncut. and as thick as Ranma's arm.

Ranma was very impressed with his size but kept his cool.

Kiss It!

Kiss it for the fans Ranma.

No way!

Well we can do it the hard way if you like. It is up to you but remember there is now hurry here and you are going no wear. Maybe you could use another spanking? Wold you like that?

Ranma leaned in and kissed the head of his dick.

That's it my sweet baby Bitch kiss it. Don't stop keep kissing it. Yeah see you like it.

The dick was now harder and dripping with spit and pre cum from it's piss hole.

I knew you would like it. You like that dick. Don't you Kiss it! Kiss my fucking dick.




Ranma could now taste for the fist time in his life a mans cum on his lips and tongue.

So do you like that dick Ranma?


Ranma continued to kiss his dick head and pisshole.

I think you do.

Ranma knew he was right and his eyes teared again as he did as he was told. If it was not for that camera recording him he could even more. He was also being to like being told what to do. It was all so new to him and so exciting this way.




Ranma lets see what you can do? Wrap that mouth around my fucking prick now and suck me for that load.


Ranma pulled back and looked at him.

I cant do that.

What? Are you going to tell me you still don't like it after all this? Open your mouth and I mean now.

Ranma looked at him and his lips parted slightly.


Ranma opened his mouth in a wide wet O and looked at the dick he was told to suck But he would not move to do the act required of him.

Still have a little fight in you sugar that's fine here let me do that for you.

Dickis took Ranma by the head and pulling him toward his dick. Dickis then pumped his slong in and out of Ranma's mouth. Ranma could take about half of the dick in to his mouth now.

I knew once you let them lips touch my dick it was over. Even with that smart mouth bad boy altitude of yours. You are a little fucking punk.

Ranma did his best to take even more of the prick into his mouth and his now sucking lips smacked and slurped as strings of drool and pre cum dripped from them.

Take it take in deeper. why don't you make some use of that pony tale usefully and tickle my balls.

Ranma then took hold of the pony tale and did his best to tickle the mans balls to bring him even more pleasure.

Nice! I knew once I managed to get past that front you put up you really are nothing but a bod boy wanting some one to tame him.




Ranma sucked harder on the mans dick. I was so big it filled every bit of space in his mouth. Then in one sudden move Ranma found the prick rammed down his slender tight thought tube. As he was heald in place. Ranma's eyes bulged is shock. His nose was smashed into the pubic hairs they tickled his nose and curled in his nostrils. But he was relieved that he still could manage to with out trouble breath though the dense mat around Dickis fuck meat. As Ranma's head was held tight the dick fucked in his oral orifice with sexy slurping little thrust. His neck was bulging and vibrating from the meat that was lodged in it.

Yah that's right slick it up for me make it nice and wet. So I can bust that ass of yours. Yeah you know want it bad.

As Ranma moaned and gurgled his lips produced drool and bubbles in response. And Dicks took this as a eager yes and doing so chuckled.

That's a nice little slut get it nice and wet so I can pop your sweet little cherry. Ranma you know you want to eat it don't you? But this one goes in your ass. Maybe I will let you lick it when i get done stirring the fudge.




Ranma did his best to suck on the dick as it filled his mouth to the bream. Dickis then pulled the prick slowly from Ranma's thought with a wet SLURP! This was followed by a huge flow of saliva and precum that Ranma drooled on the bed as he gaged on it as he gasped for air. Ranma's face was now a brightly flushed from the act. As Ranma's eyes still watered from the effort of taking Dickis so deep in his thought let alone holding him there for so long with out gaging on it. The pubic hairs that where mixed in with his saliva that hung and dangled from his face and dripped to the bed on the crisp white sheets held a grotesque but erotic appeal to Dickis. There was just something about making some one gag on his dick that excited him beyond bonds.

Now get up on the bed and lets get down to some serious fucking.

Ranma did not move. But instead only gaged and coughed up even move of the slimy mix. Dickis again pulled Ranma over then began to spank him.

Now get on the bed and show me some of that pink now.

Ranma crawled on the bed as best as he could on his tummy as Dickis spanked him all the way.




As Dickis rolled on the bed with Ranma he flipped Ranma on his back. And parted his legs wide.

Now I am going to take you like a woman. I want you with your legs in the air and parted wide for me like a slut. I want to see the look on your face when I pop your cherry as well as I want all my fans to see it as well. Now look at the camera.

He then took his camera in hand and pointed it to Ranma's face.

Smile for the Camera.

Ranma felt the head of dickis slong make contact with his anus and he sucked in the muscles as best he could to hold him out. dickis pulled Ranma's legs over his shoulders and lifted Ranma's hips and let his weight put even more pressure as to entered Ranma's boy pussy. Ranma's ass relaxed for only a split second and Dickis slammed in his dick head. Ranma Gasped and gave a little squill.

Whats the mater Ranma you sound like a little girl? Did my big ol' dick pop you little cherry and make you cry? Get use to it. I have a feeling this will not be the last dick that will be going in your ass now that you got a taste of it. Now that im in I am going to fuck like a bitch in heat. Oh you like that idea don't you? You are getting hard as a fucking rock from having me on you. I knew you was nothing but a punk. A fucking twink looking for a Daddy to make him mind.

Dickis started to fuck Ranma's ass hard and fast now.




Ranma could hear the the mattress springs creaking under there weight as they fucked. Ranma could also smell there musk in the air from there aroused needs. Ranma was panting and meuwing under the fucking man. His sweet little butt was now moving to the rhythm of the fucking. As the penis rubbed over Ranma's prostate it would make him hunch and buck in a pleasure. It was making him want to cum so badly. As well as the rubbing of Ranma's prick between there belles made him mad with desire. Dickis balls spanked his ass as they fucked. Ranma was so aroused he was going to cum very soon he thought. But Dickis had now rolled off of ranma and onto his back pulling Ranma onto him as well.

Ok Ranma why don't you take over for a while and show use how willing you are now to have me in you and make me happy.

Ranma then began to squat over Dickis and bounce his cheeks on the hard meat. Taking it in he watched the video on the tv screen it was so strange to see his own ass so full of a mans dick. Ranma rammed his ass hard on the monster prick. Thick Precum seeped from his asshole and down the dick with wet slurping sounds. Ranma looked at his asshole stretched over the dick the it almost looked as if it was angry over being used like it was a womans cunt by this horny fucker so he could fucking cum in it.

Dickis slapped Ranma's ass cheeks and told him to fuck faster. The cheeks slammed hard onto the meat faster and faster. They quivered and shook and rippled and bobbed as he did so.

Faster! Come on work that ass. Ranma you know you want me to do it. You want me to feed that ass my cum. But you are going to have to earn it if you expect it from me. I am going to teach you to be the best slut in the entire town.




Not to shabby Ranma for a first fuck.

But here let me show you what I am talking about when I say fucking.

Dickis then took hold of Ranma. Ranma was then lifted off his lap and then slammed back down. Ranma was like a doll held in this mans strong clasp. Ranma was pumped hard on Dickis prick faster and faster. So fast he was made dizzy from it all. His cheeks wobbled and bounced off the mans lap this as they were fucked. Dickis fucked faster and the precum splashed in pirl like drops off his pumping prick and flapping balls. Ranma's own legs where now shot out to either side and flopped loosely. His ass made nasty most smacking and farting sounds from all of the flowing precum and the puckering from his excitement. Dickis would pull almost all the way from Ranma's ass. In doing so Ranma's pooper would cling to his dick and roll out like a pink rubberband around his dick for a inch or more then as he would fuck back in to Ranma it would roll it back into Ranma again.

Ranma you sure have a tight fucking ass.

It was all Ranma could do to just take him.




Ranma was so close to orgasm that the flow of precum from him was becoming white and thick with need. When suddenly Dickis stopped what he was doing to Ranma. And left Ranma sitting on his dick only scant seconds from reaching satisfaction.

What are you doing? Don't stop now.

Oh do you like it Ranma?



Let me loose so I can jack off. Jack me off but do something.

If you want to cum so badly I suggest you get to humping.

What I need is you to help jack me off.

You got all you need to cum. A big hard dick in you bitch. Like any slut all you need is a good hard fuck to cum. So work that ass.

With this now said. Dickis took Ranma and turned him to the cameras. Ranma was desperate to cum and began to hump on Dickis. He moved faster and faster. Now as Ranmas ass flexed and he worked the hole like it was a sucking mouth on the dick. It was as if his ass pucker was giving Dickis a Blow job. Ranma felt the friction from his fucking on his prostate and could feel his cum building. Dickis was close to his own from the sound of it. Then Ranma felt cum squirting in to his ass. The creamy cum shot deep into his shitter. It was warm and thick and sticky and and oh so good to him. Ranma to was brought on his own orgasm. The hot cum leaped from his flopping penis coating his shirt and the sheets below. When it splashed onto his belly and thighs It seamed to feel as if it was in where scalding his flesh. Sweat streamed from is body and soaked the sheets. Ranma whimpered and cried with the intense pleasure. Ranma then fell back onto Dickis exhausted he drifted immediate to sleep.




Ranma soon found himself still on the bed. He turned to find the tv screen was still filming him or more so it was a close up of his buns. His his asshole was wide open and pulsing as he watched it. He flexed his ass muscles to close it but it only made him wrench in pain and it returned to its gaped state.

What have you done to me?

Don't fret it will go back to normal in time if you want it to but I dought you will ever let it do so.

Dickis pated Ranma's ass and the boys cheeks wiggled and Ranma grimaced.

One thing for sure you know you been fucked don't you? Yah once you have had the best well there is no more saying No! Oh you might fight the urge for a while but sooner or later it will get to you. And you will be backing your buns to some guys crotch and taking it like a bitch. Yep that's one big asshole you have there Ranma. I can be proud of what I did to that one. Now why don't you get on all4's and kiss my dick and show the camera how happy you are with your well stretched ass.

Fuck off no way! You tricked me into it at first got me so worked up I could not help my self. But I did keep my part of the deal and now its over. But if you think I am going to kiss your dick for you and thank you for stretching my asshole as big as a bucket you are crazy.

Yep that is one well stretched asshole alright. Maybe I should push the bed over to the window and stick your ass in it so every one can see what a good job I did on it.





Thank you for fucking my asshole like you did Sir. I can hardly what till next time. That's right I will be back for more.

NO ONE! can stretch a asshole better then Biggest Dickis.

The End That was was cornyest thing I ever heard. Do you wright this shit your self?

Hey I know what my fans like to hear. And Corny and nasty id just the way they like it.

Alright you got your movie. You got your ending now let me loose.

Dickis untied Ranma.

So what do you say? How about we have another round Ranma with out the cameras in the way after all what harm can it do? Your ass is already nice and lose and you know you loved it.

I don't know if I would want to? You know I am pretty sore still.

Dickis pulled him over his lap and open his butt cheeks. Look at that Pussy. This time it will be even better. Dickis slapped his firm bottom a few hard slaps. You know it want it. Tell you what why don't you suck it for a while and then you can deside.

Well ok but If I beside not to do it we don't right?

Right! you can just suck me off if you like.

Ranma took the dick in his mouth and began to suck it.

Yah you like that don't you?

Ranma responded by taking more into his mouth as he cupped the balls and rubbed them and slurped in perverse pleasure on the dick.

You know you been such a good sport about this Maybe we can work out a deal or something? I mean I have let deals slide if a better arrangement can be made. When we get done we can talk it over if you like.

Back at tendo dojo.

So Ranma how did this big secret challenge go?

Ranma grimaced a little on the pillow he was seated on on the back porch.

It when fine Akane no worries.

Looks to me like you got your but kicked.

No for your info I did not get my butt kicked.

My butt is fine.

I managed to strain my self that's all. I will be fine in a day or so.

Well why don't you go take a rest?

I cant now I have to meet the guys right now.

What are you going to do?

Me, Ryoga , Mousse are just getting together for a drink and I am introducing them to a new friend that's all.

Sounds like fun can I come?

Not this today Akane its more sort of a guy thing.

Later at the bar.

Hey Ranma here is that tape I promised you.


Guy's this is Biggest.

Nice to meet you all.

You sure are a handsome batch of fellows.

So can i by you a drink?

The End

Posted March 27, 2005

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