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Velma likes to suck.

Written by DOCICENOGLE 2019

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Velma: Well Jinkies!

The way you talk Daphne there is nothing better then suckling on Freddy's dick all the time.
It cant be all that great I would think it would be really nasty.
Daphne you know they pee from those things and boys are not as clean about things as girls are.
I bet the only reason you do it is because he ask you.

Daphne: Well there is one thing better then sucking Fred off Velma and that's eating his cum.

Oh Jeepers it fucking De'lish..

You know Velma you really should try it your self.

Come on you know you like Shaggy.

Velma: Oh Shag is "Dreamy".
And I want to be with him once he finally ask me to marry him.
But I don't want him too think I am some cheap floosie by asking for sex before we are.
And besides he always has to have Scooby with us and well you know how that would be.
I cant bear the idea of Scooby watching use as we, You know played the nasty.

Daphne: Nothing I can do about that Velma your on your own.

But this week is the best time to do it.
After all our parents are spending the week in Las Vegas.

Tell him to boot Scooby out the door and you want to spend some quit time with him.

I am sure he would jump on the idea.

Velma: I don't know about that Daphne.
I don't want to scare him off.

Later that night.

Velma: Well night Guys.
See you in a couple of days I have some Projects I have started for Next semesters school project and they need to be constantly watched.

Freddy: Well ok Velma well see you then.

Shaggy: Like man I am bushed I could use a nap.

Freddy: Well I just got my new X box and I have not even had a chance to try it out.

Shaggy: Like you got a X box and did not tell me man like Cool!

Daphne: Well I am going to give myself a new perm so if you don't mind driving me home now I would appreciate it.

Freddy: Right!

The Gang: Night Velma!

-----------JUMP TO 1----------

Still later that night!

Velma could not sleep thinking about what Daphne had said.

She had always wanted to try sex but was in many ways worried that her offer would be turned down.

Velma knew she was not as pretty as Daphne and that she could get an man she wanted.

Oh Velma knew she was cute but there was so many things about her that may not appeal to men.

Like the fact she was short, only 4 foot 9 and at a 145 pounds she was plump.

She always wore the bulky sweaters too try to hide this fact, As well as her reather large breast. She was young, And being still a teenager she thought it was wrong to have large size D breast. And it made her feel very uncomfortable.

Along with her large butt it made her poster look poor.

And no one likes a sloucher.

"And Glasses why did I have to have bad eye sight as well."

Velma punched her mattress and it vibrated.

"Why should I have to do with out?"

"I am going to get dressed and go over to my mans house and I am going to make love to him!"

Velma got dressed and went out her back door and locked it and headed to Shaggy's house.

Lucky for her he lived on the same block and she did not have time to cool off and think about what she was about to do.

The house was dark.

Velma went to the front door and tried the door it was locked.

She was about to knock when she had a better idea.

She walked around to the back of the house and checked the back door.


But there was a window open thought.

And the kitchen light was on.

And she scampered thought.

She had never been in Shaggy's house besides in his front room.

So she would have to find out what room was his and give her lover the surprise of his life.

"What is that noise?"

Velma snorted the laughed.

What could be said about Shaggy was there was few people who could out snore him.

All that was need was to follow the sound of the snoring and she would find Shaggy.

And then was the matter of was Scooby with him or in his own bed room.

Shaggy's bedroom door was open and the snoring was now louder then before.

Velma snuk into the room. The room was very dark but she could see the lower forum of Shaggy from the light from the kitchen.

Velma smiled as she seen his sexy nice size 15 1/2 DD feet sicking out from under the cover.

"Like they say big feet big...."

She smiled and licked her lips.

Scooby was no where to be seen in the bedroom of what she could see.

Velma started to kick off her shoes and unzip her skirt.

She was going to climb in bed with him and surprise him with a big kiss on his....

He was looking away from her on the bed almost falling off the edge.

Velma smiled she had a idea if she did this right she may have what she wanted and not have to let him know she did.

Cutting the the chances of being rejected and if she did not like it, Or could not do it right he would not feel deprived.

She could call this her practus for the real thing later on when she was sure he would want it.

Now then.

How to get over to see what she could do and not wake him or take a chance of him seeing her?

She had it, She could slip under the bed and then see how things where from there.

She got onto her belly and lifted the bed sheet and scooted under. It was a tight fit but she could make it.

She bumped the bottom of the bed with her big butt as she did so and froze as Shaggy snorted loud. But then he started snoring again.

Once she was on his side of the bed and sure he was asleep. Velma rolled over and slipped her head out from under the bed sheet and then peeked out at him. She could not see much from this position but could make out his torso close to the side of the bed.

He was covered from mid waste down and she knew that if she was going to do anything she had to get that cover he was wearing out of the way.

Velma wiggled out her arm and reached for the edge of the cover and eased it down and then to about his knees.

She could still not see a thing from where she was.

Well Shaggy if you where not fibbing when you where teasing Freddy.

You will be easy to find as you do not sleep with it in your pajamas.

Velma then was about to do the boldest move she thought she could ever


She reached out with dainty fingers and felt for his shlong.

At first she could not find it and was starting to wonder if he was tucked in?

And then it was hers.

She had but only brushed it with a finger and then pulled back and waited to see if there was to be a response. Had she woke him and there was none at all.

Velma reached back for it and touched it with her finger tips and smiled. she was sweating hard under the confined area of Shaggy's bed, And she knew her panties would be no exception to the wetness as she played lightly with his big dick.

She started rolling the dick to the edge of the bed and soon it fell over the edge of the bed and she could see it.

Velma gasped.

It was hanging from off the bed over her and was a nice 8 thick inches long and semi erect as well.

Velma was in shock as she looked into the peehole and seen something shinny ooze from there it.

Was it Shaggy's smegma?

A clear drop of his cum and it was slowly starting to extend from the hole.

Velma was about to have the tastes she had been wanting so try for so long.

And much soon then she had planed.

The cream was forming a string now and was trailing down towards where Velma had now position face and opened her mouth.

The ribbon of clear fluid was very slow as it now teased her with its taste treat.

As Velma looked at it with her mouth open and her tongue out it was hard to control her breathing and she began to pant.

When was she going to get her first sweet taste of a man?

She wanted it and wanted it now.

She had rolled onto her back under the bed And had her thighs open and was now rubbing her pussy thought her panties.

She could now see the clear drop had stopped in place and then only dangled there wigging from the movements of his loud snoring.

Then when she thought it would stay there and make her wait the entire night Shaggy let out a loud snort and flipped his hips and it dropped free and landed some where out of sight.

She was very frustrated with this and frowned and when she looked back at his dick she seen there was another drop forming and she would have a 2nd chance with out having to retrieve the one that had just eluded her.

Shaggy's dick looked to drop another inch and the cream that was forming faster now and she was ready for it.




Velma notched there was something about it that was not like the first.

This one was milky in color and thicker then the other this was no pre cum this was the real thing she was about to eat this was the cum from Shaggy's dick.

As the cum oozed out it made a long line from him to her. It was about 4 inches now and then finally Velma sighed and smiled as it now landed right into her sexy wide open mouth and on her tongue as she fingered her pussy to a lather.

As Velma fingered her self her tongue was like a privet Welcome mate for Shaggy's cum now.

As his cream made a sexy bridge from his pisshole to her tongue his cream oozed on in one long snail like ribbon for several seconds before this one lost contact with his dick and made a splash into her mouth.

Now Velma could finally close her mouth and have nice long taste of what Shaggy had to offer.

It was not at all what she had expected it was a lot more salty and tasted somewhat like she thought to herself maybe anchovies it was hard to place the taste.

And that made it even more thrilling knowing it was like nothing she had ever tasted before.

And there was one other thing for sure.

Velma liked the taste of it and she wanted more.

There was another drop on the way and Velma scooted out some and wanted to see about meeting it on the way to her mouth.

Velma found her next drop about half way from the peehole and lapped it up and swallowed it fast.

There was another forming and she was only a scant inch from the source and lapped at it then another and another then another.

The next drop that formed Velma was more then ready for it and licked it right from the piss hole.

Then the next she licked from the pisser and dipped the very tip of her tongue into the hole and washed it clean.

Velma was feeling very bold now and sure she would not wake Shaggy.

Went and was so bold as to take and lock her lips in the tip of Shaggy's dick and sucked on the head to make it offer her even more cream.

Shaggy moaned and sighed in his sleep.

At least he had not spoke so she would think he was sleeping.

As her lips smacked and sucked she sucked and nursed the head for the treat.

And the dick grew harder and stood straight out from the bed and bounced the head locked in Velma's sucking mouth as it did. What a dick she thought it was a full 12 inches and thick as a soda can.

Velma slurped and sucked and knew that soon if she kept this up Shaggy would cum in her moth and she could really have all she could want from him and when she was done she cold sneak out and he would never know what had happen.

Then Velma heard someone walk to the door and she ducked down and under the bed.


"Like what are you doing home so early there from the trip Daddy'o?"

"Shaggy what are doing up so late."

"Ahhh! Nothing I was having a snack with Scooby and then I was going to spend the night with Freddy and play games. As his parents was suppose to be with you for the week."

"Well I ended up with a touch of I think food poisoning and came home early.

But the rest are still there, And the girls are having there fun so don't let that stop you."

"You sure it's ok?"

"In fact why don't you and Freddy make a weekend of it and stay over at his place.

And that way I can have some time to myself and I can get caught up on some things I would like to do as well."

"Zoinks! that would be Cool!"

"Well you have fun and don't worry about me I will be fine."

"Cool I will see you Monday."

"With tomorrow being Friday that makes it a 3 day weekend."

"Make it a Tuesday and make it 4 days and have some real fun."

As Velma held her breath she realized she had been sucking Police Chef Rogers dick and not Shaggy at all.

Velma thought to herself.

"Jinkies I been sucking off Shaggy's dad."

She laied under the bed and wondered what to do?

"Oh Shaggy close the door would you on your way out."

"Should I let you know when I am ready to leave when Freddy gets back?"

"No I plane on going back to bed."

"Well ok later then."

The room was dark and Velma was really sweating now.

She heard him roll back over and sigh and clear his thought.

And then there was a long silence and she thought he was almost asleep again.

velma sighed.

"What should I do?"

Velma thought.

"Well what are you wanting for get back to it."

She did not move and and then she heard him again.

"Get to it right fucking."


-----------JUMP TO 2----------



What to do now was all she could think of.

If she ran he would catch her.

If not Shaggy would see her.

She was with out a doubt busted for sure.

If only she had not been so bold as to have sucked him she may have talked her way out of this.

If she argued the fact Shaggy will find out.

What can she do?

She could suck him off and ask him not to tell her parents and Shaggy what she had done.

Velma was now out from under the bed and started to suck his dick again.

Then he took his dick from Velma and sat on the side of he bed.

The room was dark but she could tell what he was doing by the noise he made as he was doing it.

Velma scooted back to him and once more started to suck him.

She wanted to get him off and fast, And out of there before she was caught doing this from Shaggy or Freddy.

He was laying back on the bed.

"Come on take it deep"

Velma did her best cupping his balls to make him cum faster.



Soon Velma was a deep as she could go it was locked in the back of her thought.

Then fingers had found her by the hair and pulled her all the way to his balls.

Her Glasses pressed into his belly!


She felt him more and then there was a light turned on and for a few seconds Velma could not see.

Then when she could she seen Norbert looking at her.

"Velma Dinkley why you naught little slut."

"You are just like your mom aren't you?"

"What a nice surprise."

"But how did you know I was here?"

"Oh know I guess you seen me come home early tonight and waited till I was asleep."

"I guess you heard your mom talking about me and thought you would come over and try my dick yourself."

"What is he talking about?"

Velma thought to herself.

"What do you think Velma?"

"Do you want to suck me off? Or should I stick it in your pussy?"

When Velma heard this she smirked and blushed as he looked at her.

Velma not knowing what to do stared to make her way from his dick.

When Velma started scooting away and his dick slid from her mouth he once more he took hold of her back of the neck and pulled her to his crotch.

"Velma you are fine where you where at"

He then took Velma by the ears and forced the last couple of stubborn inches back into her thought to where her glasses where pressed into his pubes.

Then pined her head there with a hand on her neck.

"What to do?"

"Well The wife is gone, and Shaggy is about to head out for the weekend so I guess there is no problems there, And I know your family is gone for the week

as well.

So it looks like we are going to have a 4 day weekend of fucking and sucking after all if like?"

As Velma shook her head as to say no.

He kicked down his PJ bottoms down his legs and then propped a foot on the bed and laid back.

"Velma I want you to climb onto the bed with me."

Velma then climbed onto the bed on all 4s and her mouth never left his dick as Velma kept sucking him all the while.

The bed springs creaked under her weight as she did so.

"Now that's a lot better."

He said to Velma and smiled.

As Velma sucked she was listening to Shaggy and Freddy talking in his room.





Freddy: "Well you about ready to go Shaggy."

Shaggy: "Like yeah man I have all my games and Scooby is ready as well.

Man a whole 4 days of games and food.

The girls have there ideas for the weekend so it's guy time."

Freddy: Daphne is going to spend a few days at that spa, And Velma is home studying all weekend on some kooky project so we wont see her either.

Shaggy: Like man I would really like it if Velma liked me better then she does.

I mean she is really sweet and sexy.

And some day I plan on asking her to be my woman.

But I sure would like sex now and then like you and Daphne."

Freddy: "Daphne only sucks me off."

Shaggy: "Like man I would like that a lot."

Freddy: "What you need to do is ask her."

Shaggy: "So lets go man and don't forget to stop on the way at the Pizza shack like we need some food for tonight as well."

As the back door closed and the Van started and left she knew there was not much she could do now but to reason with the neighbor she was sucking on his bed.

Velma decided to try and do this now he had the wrong idea about her.

As he rubbed the back of her legs she started to try to take Norbert's dick from her mouth as he held her in place.

"No you stay right there like a good girl Velma."

He unzipped her pleated short mini and tugged it from her hips and tossed it to the floor.

He squeezed her meaty ass cheeks.

"I have always loved the look of your ass Velma just like your mothers but I never thought I would be fucking it."

He felt it harder and then started pulling the panties down.

Velma started to resist him and started to push herself off his dick and tried and talk to him but her mouth was to full of his hard meat to do so.

As velma relished him he pined her head down and slapped her ass hard.

the cheeks danced from the swatting and he repeated the act.

Velma then stopped her fighting and Norbert finished tugging Velma's panties down.

"Now I don't mind you playing hard to get but there are limits."

He reached into the stand next to the bed and pilled out a tube of some sort and a box of a dozen condoms and a blister pack that held 12 blue pills on the pack was the name Viagra plus stay hard for no less then 4 hours of none stop action with with double your normal orgasm when you need that extra burst.

He then leaned over and looked at Velma's ass from where he was lying and admired her fat ass.

"You have a sweet ass Velma nice and sexy white and plump"

Norbert played with the freckled cheeks and smacked them as they bounced and made Norbert want her more

He opened the cheeks and looked at the hole that was there a nice pink asshole puckered and tight.

Her asshole as surrounded with copper colored curly hairs and her cunt was covered in a carpet of the hair so dense you could not even see her cunt.

Velma tried to pull away and he slapped her ass.

"Hold still and suck my dick like the fucking slut I am going to make out of you before I am done with you."

Velma watched as he opened the tube and took and squeezed the clear gel onto his finger and she knew something was about to be done to her she may not like.

He pulled her ass open, And again Velma tried to move. He slapped her hard.

And then opened her ass and dabbed the gel right on velma's asshole.

Velma jumped from the cold feel of the lube.

As Norbert played with Velma's hole the anal lube was warming and started to melt he slipped in the finger and Velma jumped again and she moaned from around his dick.

"You like that don't you?"

"What a nasty girl you are Velma."

"When you have me fuck you in the ass I know you will love it."

"You know you want it too don't you Velma?"

"You are just a nympho in nerd clothing as I always thought you where Velma."

-----------JUMP TO 3----------


Velma was getting very wet now from the finger in her ass and the dick was starting to make her drool and she sucked on it and cold not hold it all in.

Norbert was now slipping in 2 fingers and was fucking them in her ass.

Velma was still very upset with how she found her way into this and wanted to find another way out of this as she did not want this to go to fare.

He began to tug down on the lower part of her asshole and it opens some and she let a fart.

Oh you are going to be doing a lot of farting before the weekend is over and slapped her ass and Velma jumped.

She began to sob a little now.

Velma stopped and started to pull back.

"What's the matter Velma cant you wait for me to fuck you in the ass?"

"Well you keep sucking me and when I am ready you will get all of this you need."

"You know you had me fooled Velma I had thought you where Shelly, And she was wanting to be kinky."


Velma thought she could have probably got away and h would have never knew it was her if she did it right.

But now that she knew what was really going on here.

It was to late.

"Well the wife and the boy are gone for the weekend and since you want this so bad I am going to make this a romp in the sack to remember."

"All we are going to do is fuck suck and cornhole each other."

Norbert looked at Velma and smiled.

"You like that idea Velma?"

"Spending a 4 day weekend on all 4's like a slut with my dick in your ass?"

As she looked at him all she do was rolling her eyes to look at him though her thick glasses to find he was pleased and started to laugh.

"Well now I think you like that idea a lot don't you?"

Velma shook her head as best as she could.

"What do you want to say it?"

"Well that's fine I will let you off."

Velma started to pant as she pulled off his big dick and a long stream of sober spilled from her mouth.

Velma: "No you have me all wrong Mr Rogers."

Velma: "I was not here for you I was here for Shaggy not you."

Norbert: "Oh so you have been doing Shaggy at night have you?"

Velma: "No No this was suppose to be our first time with each other."

Norbert: "Well he must have not been to interested Velma as he did not even stay to be with you."

Velma: "He did not know it was going to be a surprise for him."

Norbert: "Well it was a surprise all right but for me not him."

Velma: "I know and I am so sorry, Can we please stop this now?"

Norbert: "Now why would we do that?"

"I mean why should we stop no one knows your here and you wanted this to happen, So I may not be Shaggy, Why don't we have some fun and make the best of it?

Velma: "But I really don't think I should I mean I am dating Shaggy, And I want to be married to him some day."

Norbert: "but your not married to him now and so there is nothing really wrong with it. And where only going to have a little fun. Like I use to have with your mom."

Velma: "You keep saying that. What do you mean?"

Norbert: "When I was younger I use to date your mom and we use to have a lot of fun like this."

Velma: "Jinkies! Really!"

Norbert: "Really come on Velma you and me are going to have some fun.

What you can call it is practice for when you and Shaggy do it.

This way you have a better idea of how to please him."

Velma: "Well Ok!"

"But you have to stop if I say so I don't want you doing things I don't want too."

-----------JUMP TO 4----------



While Velma was on her back on the bed Norbert climbed on it with her and smiled.

Norbert: We can put in only the head a bit and you can feel what it is like to have a dick in you and still be a virgin, And you can see what you think about it.

Velma: Well Jinkies! I don't know if we should do that?

I mean, Do you think it will be all right for us to play like that?

Norbert: Oh I am sure we can.

He then had Velma put both of her arms over her belly and take hold of her elbows in Indian style manner.

Next he took hold of her knees and pulled them up to her shoulders.

Norbert: Here we are!

When Norbert leaned over Velma.

Velma let out a Yipp and laughed and then kicked her feet and tried to get him off of her.

Then she looked at him and and smiled

Velma: I cant move like this.

Is this how you want me?

Norbert: Yes!

Now then lets see Oops almost forgot to put on the condom.

Cant leave that out can we?

Velma: No way is that going to be left out jinkies! that could be a real problem.

As he rolled on the condom it was very tight on his dick and the head was so big it looked like to was going to pop right then, And the way it was pulsing and pushing at the rubber sheath and she was sure it was still expanding as she watched it.

Velma: Are you sure I am safe with that thing in me?

I don't think that condom is fitting right or you are to big for it.

Norbert: Oh there made to stretch Velma it will be fine after all I only had one brake and well you know what happen when it did that is for sure.

Velma: Jinkies you mean Shaggy.

Velma laughed and then thought once more of how Norbert was in fact Shaggy's own dad and was some what creeped out about it again.

You know this is still so odd to me.

After all you are shaggy's dad and all.

Norbert: Oh don't worry about Shaggy he has 2 things on his mind food and that dog of his, If you waited on him you would never have any fun.

Shaggy would not know a virgin if he fucked one so don't worry about that if you tell him you are, He will never know.

Well I need to move things around and then you can have the best vantage point as well as me for what we are about to do.

Velma: But if you are going to only put in the head does it really matter?

Norbert: It is not putting in the head it's how you put it in that makes all the difference.

He then took hold of Velma and shifted her on to a pillow so her pussy was aimed at his dick.

Norbert: Comfy?

Velma: Am I comfortable? Not really.

Norbert: I know but it is a very good position to keep someone from scooting away from you.

Velma: But we already agreed to try out the head for fun.

Velma laughed you don't have to worry about me scooting out on you for that.

Norbert: Well it also keeps you from being able to do other things as well, Like scratching me on the back now that would be had for both of us to explain to my wife don't you think Velma? When she was back home after all I would have to tell her that when I did this you scratched me and then I would have to tell her how you snuck over her to suck me off in my sleep and I caught you and....

Velma: Well Jinkies! You really don't have to tell her about me do you?

Norbert: No! Velma but I will.

Now in this angel we don't have to worry about it at all any way, As there is no way you can.

Soon you will find that in fact you are my prisoner and you wouldn't have any sort of option even if you wanted.

He leaned in and put his forehead onto Velma's, And in doing so rolled her almost into a ball and she could only look him right into his eyes and her head was surrounded by her own tits keeping her from moving it from side to side.

What Velma found was she was now in a state of no return.

There was no way for her to move change her position, Or resist any advances he had in in mind on her.

Velma soon knew what was next as she could now tell he was aiming his dick for her pussy.

As he rubbed he head onto her furry crotch Norbert tried to find the entrance where he would put in the head into her pussy.

Norbert: You have one hairy fucking cooter there Velma.

We are going to have to change that later.

The head poked at her hole and pulled the hair as it did and soon he had to stop as it was starting to rub his dick raw as well.

Norbert: Ok enough of this shit.

With a ruff hand he found Velma's pussy and slipped 2 fingers into her, And opened her plump cunt lips and then slide the head in.

Velma's pink asshole began to puckered and and she moaned.

Velma thought it felt so huge in her.

She felt warm and wet and she was sure it was now throbbing in her tender pussy hole.

Velma knew she liked it.

Norbert: Well what do you think Velma?

Velma: Jinkies I like it Norbert it is so big and hard.

Norbert: What about some more in you?

Velma: Well Jinkies I don't know?

Norbert: We only have the head in Velma and there is still some room in you to be filled.

Velma: Well Jinkies be careful.

Norbert: Ok sure lets try some more, And he slipped in just a fraction more and then the head slip out of view.

Velma: Oh Jinkies!

That is in me so deep, And it is so full in me, Now I know what makes people like it so much.

I know I like this a lot.

Norbert: Would you like to try some more?

Velma: Well I don't know if we should not push it you know Norbert.

Norbert: Velma I have a crazy idea and it will let you call the shots.

Velma: What is that?

Norbert: Velma you can have a safety word that will let me know when to push and when to stop.

Velma: Could you play by that rule and not get carried away?

Norbert: Sure.

Then we can slip it in till we reach the spot where it's to much, And then stop when you have had enough.

A try at having some safe virgin sex.

Velma: What is the word?

Norbert: As I think about it I have a very easy one for you to use.

When I have it in and pushing and you like it and would like more you signal me with a Jinkies!

When you want me to stop, I will stop. When you tell Me Don't.

Ok Velma you have that?

When I hear you Jinkies I let you have more.

When I hear you Don't then I stop.


Velma do it like this and there will be no problem.

Velma: Jinkies! go. Don't! stop.

-----------JUMP TO 5----------


Norbert: What do you think Velma?

velma: Well ok but make sure to do what I say.

Velma felt him push a little more and she liked how it felt and allowed him to push on then it was starting to feel a little snug.

Velma: Don't

And like he said Norbert stop where he was at then backed out and looked at her.

Norbert: Is there a problem?

Velma: No I was just starting to have some discomfort and feel maybe we should take a brake.

Norbert: That is a good idea.

He kissed her on her sweat soaked cheek.

Norbert: We don't need to rush our fun, After all be have a 4 day weekend to play in.

Norbert: Are you ready for some more?

Lets also add something new. The louder you say the word then that will be to let me know to push harder into you.

Or Not.


Velma: Well ok!

As he leaned back into her he soon found the hole was much more open and inviting then before as he had suspected it was very wet. And as he found the spot where he had stopped before and the creamy pussy oozed and made slurping noises.

Velma was relaxed but still nervous about what was going on and was feeling confused about what it was she really wanted right now.

When Norbert started to push at her maidenhood again Velma was starting to feel some discomfort and did her best to endear it as Norbert was going very slow and she knew she could stop it any time she liked.

Velma: Oh this is nice it feels great, But maybe we better....

At about that moment Norbert slipped a ruff unlubed finger into Velma's anus from each of his hands and stared to pull her asshole open.

Velma: "JINKIES!"

That was his cue Norbert started pushing in hard and Velma felt her maidenhead start to tear and she stammered.


With this said Norbert put his weight into it and forced the length of his dick into unsuspecting hole.

This took all of several seconds, But to Velma it felt like forever and she felt her maidenhood torn and lost for ever in what should have been a simple bit of fun.




But by the time she found the right words out was to late. Thought they would have probably been of little use once he was motivated.


Velma shouted out as loud as she could and with that stated Norbert with his fingers still in Velma's ass lifted her off the bed, And to him and managed to force in the last few inches of his dick into her.

He was in her so deep now that the tip of his dick was surely resting inside of her womb.


Velma kept yelling out from under him.

Norbert: Sorry Darling but that is all I got for you.

Velma did her best to kick her legs but they where pined and she flexed her fingers and dug them into her own body.

Her face was red and wet from sweat and her own tears.

Velma: You big fibber you lied to me.

"You said you would stop now look at what you have done."

"You ruinned me."

Velma sobbed.

Velma: "Now Shaggy will never want to be with me."

Norbert: Don't fret about that darling he never needs to know, And like I said he would not know what a virgin is if she had a cherry hanging off her.

Velma: But you still fibbed to me and now look what happen.

Norbert: No I didn't, I did what I said, And you where the one who yelled Jinkies not me.

Velma: Well yes I did but you could have not been in such a hurry when I did.

And I did say Don't, And you did not stop for me.

Norbert: YOU DID?

"I thought you said. "Don't Stop!" So I didn't and besides it was to late by then girl I was done in you."

Velma: Well no mater how you defend what you did I still think some how you took advantage of me and twisted what I said to your vantage point.

Norbert: Velma I am shocked you think that.

Velma: Well are you going to at least take it back out?

Norbert: Why?

Velma: WHY?

"You have your thingy in me and you where not suppose to do that."

Norbert: You know that if I leave it in or not you are still going to be no less a virgin.

Velma: But you have it in me.

"And I am very tender now. Thanks to you."

Norbert: But it is nice isn't it Velma?

"And I have a condom on so what can happen?"

"Come on relax and enjoy what I have for you."

Velma: Well Jinkies!

"It is sort of nice."

"Do you really really with out a doubt promise not to tell anyone about this?"

Norbert: My word as a officer and a gentleman.

Velma: Well ok you can have it in me for a couple of moments but if I say I want you to take it out you have to.

"And I really mean it no tricks."

Norbert: No Tricks you are the boss.

Velma: Well ok then.

Velma laied quiet for a couple of moments and pondered what she would like to do about his dick in her.

Velma giggled.

Velma: Jinkies it is weired how I can since it moving in me.

Norbert: Well it was made to move in you in and out you know.

Velma: Oh you men doing the nasty. I guess you are right.

Norbert: Would you like to try it?

Velma looked around the room like she was expecting to find a peeper who might tell on her. And then looked at Norbert and nodded.

Velma: I think I would.

"What do I have to do?"

Norbert: What you do is let me take care of that part Velma.


-----------JUMP TO 6----------


When Norbert started to slide back out of Velma her lips clung to his dick.

And rolled out with it.

He slowly fucked back into her.

Then he slowly pulled out again and side into her.

Velma did her best to take him. At first it was very tender and painful to her as the virgin pussy lips where so tight around his dick. But soon all of that was only a warm wet vibration to her cunt and clit.

Velma's nipples where hard and puckered and her plump belly quivered. Her body started to sweat profusely and she was now panting for air.

Norbert now picked up speed and was now fucking into her hard bouncing her ass off the mattress.

With the springs now squeaking and the loose head board banging the wall in some sort of lustful almost tribal beat Norbert was doing all he could to bring the house down he took hold of Velma's ass and pulled it up to him and pounded into her hard.

All Velma found she could do was hold on the best she could Norbert had let her arms and legs loose.

Velma had her arms around his pumping hips and her heels in his ass.

She did her most to take it like she could only imagine a woman was suppose to.

She whimpered loudly and some times stifled her shrieks of passion deep into his chest.

After about 20 mins into there fuck fest Norbert seen Velma was close and he was the same.

Norbert seen as Velma's lust filled eye where now rolled back into her head to where only the whites showed and her breathing became quick and jagged and then stopped.

This is what he was looking for and he set his pumping action to a frenzy for the last few thrust he would need for his own orgasm and then doing so thrust deep into Velma and Let his low hanging balls lay between her open ass cheeks as he let his penis pump its creamy load into the latex sheath that was buried so deep into her womb.

Almost wishing that it would brake form the presser of his orgasm and flood her virgin cunt with his seed.

As Velma reached her own orgasm her head kicked back and so came back her breath.

Velma let loose with a Shrill wail of compleat and unadulterated lust.

Her mouth was opened as wide as it could go and seamed locked in place.

Her eye lids fluttered as still her eyes only showed white.

Her teeth flashed white and clamped so hard Norbert swore he seen sparks.

This action brought her scream to a sudden stop and Velma dug her fingers into his back and her heels pushed him deeper into her.

Norbert could feel Velma's asshole as it was reaching its orgasmic spasms under his balls like a puckering mouth as it kissed his balls.

As if it was thanking him for making her have this incredible orgasm she was now having with him.

When Velma found herself coming down from her orgasm her eyes returned back to look at Norbert and she began to giggle and smiled at him.


Velma laughed some more and stuck out her tongue.

Norbert then kissed her and rolled off her.

Pulling out his still hard dick and the scum filled condom with it and it flopped to the side and onto the bed.

Velma panted and then sat up and smiled at Norbert.

Velma: I have to pee.

As Velma got off the bed she looked back at him and smiled and said.

Velma: That was really fun to bad we have to stop now.

Norbert looked at her and smiled.

Norbert: "STOP"

"We are only getting started."

"You know I have always loved looking at your nice fat ass for a long time now Velma and now that I see it naked I want it even more."

"When you go in to piss get the Vaseline and come right back Velma."

-----------JUMP TO 7----------


Norbert: When you are in there take and get ride of this for me.

He pointed at the rubber that was still on his dick. Velma went and rolled the condom off of his dick slowly not to spill what was inside of it.

She then held it and looked at it closely it was smeared in pink on the out side from her virginal blood and pussy cream, But the inside was full of his.

Velma: Well Jinkies! I am really glade you did not shoot that into me.

There is a lot of it there and I am sure that if you had it would have made a lot of problems for me before it was over.

But still what a waste.

Norbert: Well you could still have it deep in you if you like Velma.

Velma: What do you mean?

Norbert: You could eat it right out of the condom.

Velma stuck her tongue out and smiled.

Velma: That's Gross.

Norbert laughed and Velma ran into the bathroom.

Velma popped back in the doorway and then took the condom and teasingly held it over her mouth and poured in the cream into it and swallowed it.

Velma now walked back into the bathroom

Norbert heard her turn on the shower.

And he opened the pack of blue pills and took one.

Norbert: With these pills we can fuck 12 hours a day.

And we probably will need the rest of the time for resting after the sex.

I know I am in for one kinky weekend.

And this girl is a wild slut for sure.

Velma was back from the bathroom with the Vaseline.

When she came back in the room she noticed how nice and hard he was.

Norbert: Well Velma it looks like you are going to have to get used to being naked around me for the next 4 days.

Velma sat the Vaseline on the stand, And then climbed over the middle of him to get on the bed with Norbert and stopped with her ass near his face.

Velma: Kiss it.

Norbert leaned over and kissed her freckled ass for her.

The cheeks where still damp from her shower.

Velma: "No" kiss my naughty holes.

Norbert opened her cheeks to a surprise.

Velma: You said it was to hairy so I used your razor and fixed it for you.

Velma had shaved all the hair from her snatch and her asshole.

There was a clear and clean view of it all. Her pussy lips where full and meaty the lips of her cunt were swollen from the ruff fucking and lust.

Her asshole was pink and puckered and the size of a dime and peeked out so sexually from between her huge white cheeks.

Norbert began to lick her and pulled her onto his body where her thighs where now on his shoulders and was licking her pussy nice and deep.

Velma in turn started to suck his hard dick. Norbert had his nose in her asshole, It was nice warm and his breath was tickling her asshole.

But soon this came to a end. As Norbert thought liked eating her pussy had other ideas.

Norbert pushed Velma off, And Velma climbed onto the bed on all 4s and took Norbert's dick into her mouth and began to suck him.

Velma had to admit she liked the taste of cum. And was sucking off what had been left under the fourskin still after she had removed the condom from it.

The bed springs creaked under her weight as she moved around on the bed as she sucked him.

Norbert once more pulled Velma's ass around to where he had a better view he rubbed the cheeks and opened them.

As he looked at the puckered pink hole he smiled.

Norbert: We really need to do something about this ass.

Velma thought there was no way he was going to fuck her in the ass. Norbert's dick was more then plenty for her pussy and it had been painful there and it was made for fucking.

Now he wanted to stick it in her dirty hole?

It was not made for sex, It was a out hole and way to small to take his big dick.

Velma started to resist him and slipped off his dick and looked at him with a smile.

Velma: what if I don't want to?

Norbert: You will! And if you don't then I will have to spank you till you do.

Velma lost her smile for a few seconds.

Then regained it.

Velma: You are teasing me right.

Norbert: Right.

Norbert then gave her ass a little slap.

You will like it don't worry.

Norbert took the Vaseline and opened it and then dabbed a finger in.

He could have used the lube in the tube but then his wife my notice it missing.

And he liked the old fashion way of lubing a sexy girls ass With Vaseline it was a very good lube but when you first started out it was very thick and creamy and more often then not you would get a nice little tug with it when you fucked them. Until you had warmed it up then it was very slick.

Also he did not want to use to much lube.

As he wanted it not to be too easy when he slid in Velma's ass. He wanted to have her ass put up a little fight and you can have that with a under lubbed ass.

Only enough to get it in but not enough to make it too easy.

And he thought Velma would put on a nice show when he did it to her.

He slipped in a finger and Velma pinched her asshole on it and tried to push it out.

Norbert: You have a sweet ass Velma nice and sexy I am going to have a ball braking it in for you.

Velma watched as he dipped in his fingers into the Vaseline and took out a little bit more.

Norbert slipped in another finger and fucked velma with it.

As Norbert played with Velma's hole the anal lube was warming and started to melt he slipped in the fingers.

Norbert: You may want to say no but your asshole is saying yes.

Who should I belive Velma you or your asshole?

"Yeah this ass is wanting fucked and when I am done you will know it too."

"Just like your mom."

"She acted just like you when I wanted to ass fuck her."

"She kicked and cried about it when I did it to her, But after a couple of times she was asking me to do it to her."

"Velma when I am done with you there is no way you will not say that you don't love it."

"You are a nympho in nerd's clothing and when I am done you will tell me how much you love it in the shithole like the slut you are."

Velma was being turned on by the lube and nasty talk, As he played with her dirty hole, But this was only fingers and Norbert's dick was big.

Norbert: Now there we are all ready now I want you to get on all 4's Velma right here at the beds foot like a good slut.

Velma shifted to the foot of the bed.

Norbert slapped her ass and made sure he could get at her with out anything in the way. Velma's ass was now over the edge so much she had to grip the mattress to keep from falling off.

Norbert had Velma do this for 2 reasons.

1. To make sure he could get all of his huge dick in her ass.

2. Norbert knew if she was to be kept off balance like this she would have way much less chance to prevent him from popping her ass cherry.

-----------JUMP TO 8----------


When Velma had her ass well over the the side of the bed as best she could with out falling off.

Velma was feeling very vulnerable and a bit nervous.

What if she did not like what he was going to do to her?

And if so would he stop if she ask him?

She thought about how he had tricked her into loosing her virginity to


Well that may have been a honest mistake she thought.

About at this moment Velma felt what was in fact Norbert taking hold of

her hips and tugged her off the side further then she could balance.

Velma: Hold on you you are going to pull me right off the bed.

Velma: Wait you need a condom on.

Norbert: No Velma I don't need a condom as I am going to cum right in your ass.

"I have never heard of any one having a butt pregnancy."

"Have you?"

Velma: No!

"But it sounds so gross."

Norbert rubbed his hard dick and smiled.

He dipped a little Vaseline and lubbed only the head of his dick to get it in.

Then he went behind where Velma was on the bed and slapped her and laied his dick on her back like he was looking at a blue print of how deep he was going o go into her.

It reached about half of her torsos length.

As Velma was doing her hardest to hold onto the bedding and onto the mattress as to keep from not falling off the bed.

Norbert: There we are! That*s how I want you nice and open.

Velma*s ass was open the cheeks flared wide.

While Velma teetered on the bed he then posited himself to have full and utter advantage of Velma*s ass.

With Norbert being so tall like Shaggy he had to squat and some what bow his legs to have a nice easy slide into Velma*s virgin asshole.

Norbert was now placing the head of his thick dick onto the pink hole of Velma*s pooper.

The hole puckered when Velma felt his prick touch it.

When he patted Velma*s ass he liked the way the cheeks wiggled and wobbled.

Then as he looked at the mirror on the dresser on the fare side of the bedroom

and smiled.

Velma was bent down low and her face was blushing and her eyes stared

into the bedding not bothering to look at anything in particular as she was set in concentration.

Norbert: Are you ready now Velma?

Velma only let out a grunt.

Norbert pushed forward and soon the asshole began to tighten and fight


Velma head shot up and she looked at him in the mirror and stammered to him as she did.

Velma: Maybe we should not do this I don*t think it is going to be something I

am going to like and....

At that second Norbert pushed and the head slipped into her shitter and

Velma clamped down tight.

Velma*s eyes then opened wide and her mouth formed a round wet O and she

tried to pull away and forward but he pulled her back and held her at

his vantage point over the edge of the bed.

Velma let out a loud whine.


Her anus was puckering wildly along with her whine as if to accent each

letter in it.

Like one would tap out a telegraph message.

In doing so her plump young cheeks also flexed making her round ass raise and fall in a erotic rhythmic manner. As Velma did her best pull free.

He knew what she was doing.

Velma*s ass was doing what every woman had ever done when he had anal sex.

It was trying to do its best to make him

remove it from there hole it was trying to void him from her orifice.

Velma was trying to shit him out.

Sure it sound vulgar and to some would find it gross to a state that some would stop.

But oh man did it feel great.

Oh fuck nothing like the feel of some nasty girls virgin asshole working on your dick as she does her best to push you out.

Yep it is fucking mighty fine the way it can milk you.

He could probably cum from this action after a while in fact he knew he could.

But he wanted to fuck this ass hard and he was going to.

Velma was such a wholesome girl on the outside and a nerdy egg head to boot. But Norbert knew she would be a slut when it came down to nasty sex and she was the sort that would not only to like it she was going to be craving it once that sweet ass had some action.

She was going to be just like her mother.

Norbert: Nice!

He watched as Velma kicked her feet to try to get some footing and her mouth formed a pink O as she howled.

Now Velma was really looking wild in her eyes. They where wide open not staring at anything in particular just in a glazed stare like the eyes of the mounted deer head he had down at the office.

Norbert then smiled as he eased in a few more inches.

And her asshole started milking his dick more harder.

Sure he did not want to cum this way in her ass.

But there was no reason why he could not take his time and milk taking her virgin hole for what it was worth and if he did cum what the fuck he would fuck her in it again and again if time would allow.

He brought in his knees between her feet and used them as a way to open her even wider soon her legs could not hold her any longer and they

finally collapsed under her and she was flat out on her tummy on the bed and her legs sprawled yet still bent along the sides of her body with

her toes flexing in search of a place to get a hold of the mattress and pull herself free.

Velma started to finally get over the shock of her first feel of dick in her and was starting to cool down and think over her situation.

Then Norbert seen how resourceful Velma could be.

When Velma seen she could not find a foot hold she placed her feet right

where she knew she could and began to push.

Velma was now using Norbert*s own thighs as leverage and was using her

nice strong legs to push him back and out of her ass.

Norbert: Oh you are a clever one aren't you Velma?

Velma looked at him from the mirrors refection and forced and defiant smile.

Velma: They don*t call me the brains of mystery Inc for nothing. I have been it

tighter situations and always found a way out.

Velma puffed her words and she pushed with her legs and her ass.

Norbert: I always love a challenge and a sweet ass.

Norbert: Tell you what we will do.

Velma you push me out of your ass and will call it quits.

If not then your ass is all mine.

Velma had him pushed almost all the way out of her ass now and was

gaining confidence.

Velma; Deal!

Velma huffed at him.

Velma was now pushing the head past her anus and thought she was safe.

When Velma found the fucking bed pulled out from under her and doing her beast to hang on and not fall on her face on the bedroom floor.

What Norbert had done was not that clever he had simply stepped back

from the bed and dragged Velma with him.

With out anyway to support herself Norbert knew she forget about the fight and fast with out even knowing what happen to her.

Velma: What are you doing?


"I almost fell on my face."

Norbert: Wining the bet Velma, Wining the bet.

Norbert now pushed his dick back into her ass to where it once had been.

Velma: Oh You!

"You tricked me again."

Norbert: What Velma it is not that bad if you relax. I know you are going to love

it in the ass.

When Norbert was in her ass he scooted her back onto the bed and allowed

Velma to get in a more conferrable position on it for her ass fuck.

Norbert: Ok there we are, now relax and have fun with it.

Velma: Jinkies! I don*t see what is so fun about it.

Norbert: Relax and you will.

Norbert then kissed her sweat covered freckled shoulders and neck.

Norbert: That*s right relax open your ass for me.

-----------JUMP TO 9----------


Norbert: Yeah I can tell you like it.

Velma was starting to relax and it was feeling odd but good to her now.

Velma: It does have it's pleasant points I have to say once the initial shock is over.

But Jinkies! Do you have to be so big?

Norbert: When a girl says its to big. That is when they say it is just right.

Velma: Well at least its all in now I guess it cant get any worse.

Norbert: Oh are you in for a surprise?

Velma: What do you mean?

Velma turned her head and looked at him.

Norbert: Oh nothing.

"Only right now you are taking maybe about 7 inches you are chewing on and there is about 8 more to go."

He kissed her once more on the neck and looked at her and smiled.

Velma: What?

"You mean there is more?"

Velma already felt she was taking more then she could.

Norbert: A lot more baby a lot more to go in that sexy ass.

Norbert took Velma by the plump tits and squeezed them as the nipples harden and pushed out between his thumb and forefingers as he stood erect holding her tight to him he brought Velma to her knees on the bed.

When he was set he locked his lips onto her neck and sucked hard on it as he thrust his hips into her ass.

Velma whaled once more like before and reached back and grasped his ass and tried her best to hold his advance movement into her ass.

As Velma did this Norbert was thrilled with the feeling in Velma's warm bowls.

Her poop shoot was like a python.

Velma was flexing her muscles and they flexed and rippled along his meaty dick much in the way a snake would do to eat its meal.

But these muscles where doing there best to push him out and not in.

As Velma tried to void him all that was on her mind was I feel like I have to poop.

Its like I am trying to poop the thickest turd in the world and it wont come out of my ass.

And there is nothing I can do about it.

And there was really little she could do.

Norbert was now into the balls and he was not going to let her off that easy.

Now he stared to fuck her.

It was a slow fuck that soon picked up speed and he worked her ass hard.

Velma was leaning forward and her huge tit's where flopping forward from his thrust and hitting her in the face.

Velma was very aroused now and she liked what he was doing to her ass.

And she started to rub her pussy as she was soon to have a orgasm.

Norbert pulled her hand away and smiled.

Norbert: Not yet your not going to cum until I say you can.

He took a hold of her hair and turned her head toward him and smiled as he fucked her.

Norbert: You like it don't you?

Velma tried to turn her head and Norbert pulled her hair.

Velma gasped and looked at him.

Norbert: You like it don't you?

Velma: Yes!

Norbert: Say it again.

Velma: Yes! You old bastard. I like it in my ass.

Norbert: Such naughty words from such a nerdy little prude like you.

Norbert slapped her ass hard and laughed.

Norbert: I think you need something keep your nasty mouth busy.

With his he bit Velma;s shoulder and cupped her breast and held the nipples to her mouth.

Norbert: Suck them.

Velma: No

Norbert: Suck them.

Norbert bit her shoulder hard and Velma opened her mouth and he pushed them in.

Velma found both her hard nipples in her own mouth and she started to suck them.

Something she had never had done or thought of doing before and it felt good.

Velma rolled her tongue over the.

And sucked them hard snorting from her nostrils.

The nipples where now harder.

Norbert: When I let them go I want you to hold them in your mouth with your teeth and don't let them fall out or I will spank your ass for the rest of the night.

When Norbert let go Velma held them in place and the tit's flopped wildly and the nipples stretch tight between her teeth.

It hurt but it also felt good.

Norbert was fucking hard now and the cum sprayed deep into Velma's sucking ass.

Norbert: YES! YES! here it is take it in your ass.

Velma could feel the rush of hot cream in her ass, And that was all she need to have her own orgasm.

Her mouth opened wide and her breast feel free in front of her. the nipples where now dark pink brown and her teeth marks were plain to be seen on them.

Velma grabbed her pussy and rubbed it hard.

And as she panted and moaned her anus squeezed around the softening dick of Norbert as he slumped back and pulled it from her ass with a loud.


Norbert: Fuck that was nasty Velma.

Norbert: Now clean up your mess.

Velma fell onto the bed and rested on her tummy.

Velma: In a minute.

After several minuets Velma pulled herself up and off the bed.

Norbert: Where are you going Velma?

Velma: When I get back from the bathroom I will bring in what I need to wash you.

Norbert: What you need you have already to clean me now.

Velma: Oh no you cant expect me to suck you clean.

Norbert: Sure I can.

"Now get over here and get to it."

Velma: I cant do that, It is unsanitary as you could get.

And it would have to taste terrible.

Norbert: What you have liked every thing I have done to you so fare and don't worry you will get used to it.

Velma: I don't know.

Norbert: come on give it a try.

Velma climbed on the bed and then once she was ready to suck him she sniffled his dick.

Velma: It sort of stinks but not as bad as I thought it would.

Velma lowered her mouth to his dick and was about to suck it in.



"What do you think you are doing?"

Norbert: Shelly!

Shelly: "Were did you come from?"

"Well I thought I would come home and see if you where all right."

"But I did not plane to find you in bed with this little whore."

"Norbert I am shocked at you."

Velma soon recovered from her shock and was slipping quietly from the bed.

Shelly: You stay right where you are young lady.

I want to remember what it was I came home to.

Shelly: Norbert how did this happen.

Norbert: I was in bed and Velma came sneaking in the room while I was asleep and started sucking my dick.

"What was I suppose to do? I thought it was you."

Shelly turned to Velma.

Shelly: Is this true?

Velma Yes! But Jinkies! I was was.

Shelly: Shut Up!

You want to suck it so bad then suck it right now but shut your fucking mouth.

Velma: But But I was....

Shelly: DO IT!

Velma did not paused a second time and started to suck on Norbert's dick.

As she did she began to sob.

Shelly: So what all have you done?

Norbert: We did it all fucked sucked and corn holed dear.

Shelly: Well one thing Norbert you are honest.

"As for the both of you this is fare from over."

Shelly opened a drawer and was looking for something.

Shelly: No one fucks with my man and gets away with it.

Velma's eyes where bulging but she did not dare stop sucking his dick.

Velma could no but wonder how she was going to get out of this.

Then Shelly turned to them she held a huge dilldo and a strap on belt.

Shelly tossed them on the dressed and started to undress.

Shelly: If you fuck my husband you better want to fuck me too.

Velma was now surprised but also relieved.

Shelly had on the harness and was putting on the dilldo.

It was at least 18 inches long and stuck out like a huge flesh colored appendage from her body it swayed as she walked to the bed.

Velma looked at Shelly and Norbert.

Velma: You mean you are swingers?

Norbert: what get with the times girl.

Where in the 70's we all swing.

"We swing Daphne's parents swing Freddy's and even your parents do."

"What do you think we all do when you are out solving your mysteries?"

Velma: I had no idea.

Velma: What are you planing to do with me now?

"I wont tell anyone."

Shelly: What I am going to do is fuck your fat ass as you suck my hubby and once he cums in your mouth you are going to eat my pussy. Then we shall get a little more kinky.

Norbert: I think she will make a excellent addition to the family my sweet.

Shelly: What an scrumptious idea.

The End.

This is the last story I will be doing from my Webtv.

As it will be disconnected today.



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