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Well Garsh it sure is good to see you Debbie.   It sure has been a long time.

Debbie:Thanks Uncle Goofy.

Goof:Awe Shucks! Call me Goof like every one else does.

Debbie:Well it is sure nice of you letting me stay with   you for the Summer.

Goof:Well with old Max gone to camp it's sure is lonely now and it will be nice to have the company. You can use Ol' Maxie's room for right now.


Goofy: Make your self at home.

Debbie:Thanks I will.

Debbie walks in to the kitchen.

Debbie:So have you got any  snacks Goof?  I am so hungry I would eat any thing you would put in  my face right now. I been  riding my Ass off oops! Sorry my Butt off for the last 3 days on my bike   to get here.

As Goof walked in to the kitchen he is confronted with   a wonderful site. Debbie was bent over in the front of   one of the lower cabinets rummaging around.

Goofy: Do you see anything  you like Debbie?




Goofs eyes almost shot from  his head. Debbie's worn out old fated  jeans were tattered in all  the right places. Her pants were split almost half the way down her ass to the crotch at the seam. The panties under them did not seam to fair that much better. In fact they could only be called panties in the academic since. True they were made of cloth and were originally made to conceal ones shame. But this was lost several wearing   ago now they did little to conceal In fact they did more   to flaunt and suggest nudity.  Much in the same way a stripper uses a G string. Well used and torn they where once to be guessed to   have been pink. But from long wear and now covered in road dust and sweat it was   hard to tell. Never removing his eyes from  her bottom Goof leaned  on to a counter.




Goofy: Can I help you with  any thing Debbie?

Debbie: Call me Deb. No  I can handle it. Is there something you want  me to get out for you while  I am down here for you  to eat?

Goofy: Oh Gosh! A-heck! No thanks. I'll just watch you. Eat that is.

Debbie: What ever turns you  on is cool with me.

Deb laughs.  As he watched her dig here  hip's worked from side to side and her Ass cheeks clinched and unclinched. Goof picked up a large wooden  spoon from the counter and  held it in both white gloved hands in front of himself and twisted it back and forth in nervous anticipation. Never even realizing he was  doing it.

Goofy: Its been so long since There was a woman in the house I almost forgot how   nice it was.  Goof now stood admired her ass as he studded it  closely. It was a very full bottom.  Some might even call it a  little fat but to him it looked just right he thought. It had a nice peachy shape   to it and just the right amount of Jiggle with it.   The Jiggle is the key to a perfect bottom Goof thought.

Debbie: So what do you do for fun round here?

Goofy: Oh me? I read a lot and listen to my old records  on my Victrola.  Oh and I go bowling on Saturday nights.

Debbie: Sounds like a hoot.

Deb turns and sets the food on to the table.

Debbie: Don't you have a  girlfriend or go out.

Goofy : No I have not done that  for years. No one wants a old Dog like me.

Debbie: Years how many?

Goofy: Well Max is 17 and well you know bout his mom.

Debbie: Yah! I know I m sorry.  Ran off with Donald.

Goofy: So it's been lets see  14 years now.

Debbie: 14 years since you were married right.

Goofy: No that long since I did anything.

Debbie: Anything?

Goofy: Yep! Oh well when I was a Pup  I dated a lot. There was Clarabelle my first love then there was   Glory-Bee.

Debbie: What ever happen  to them?

Goofy: Clarabelle and Glory-Bee  ran off together. Lesbians you know.  But oh well I have Max to  tend to and the house and my reading and....

Debbie: Gee you need to  get out more Goof old boy.  Your a good looking guy. Lot's of women would like you.

  As she walked over to him and goosed him   in the belly with a finger.

Debbie: Can I use it if you are not going to.

 She stood in front of him  holding out her hand to him.

Goofy: He looked at her stupidly Use my wh.... wh.... what?

Debbie: Spoon! Goof looked  down and seen the spoon.

Goofy: Oh Garsh! Here you  go sorry.

Debbie: Thanks. Debbie: You got any pickles?

Goofy: Sure there in the cabinet.

Debbie: I did not see them.

Goofy: There in the bottom  shelf. Way in the back.

Debbie: OK!

Debbie then got down on  all 4's and looked.

Debbie: Are you sure there here.

Goofy: Keep looking. all the  way to the back.

As she then scooted in further with her head down   lower and her ass up higher  Goof got the real treat. In this position her ass cheeks were flared open as   wide as they could ever get.  And the one tare in her panties was right next to her  Asshole and when they were  now under the strain that they  were in her little pooper  peeked out at him. It was about the size of a dime pink and hairless. As   she dug for the pickles it puckered with her movements. It looked to be winking at him and saying Hello! Well Hello to you he wisped  under his breath.

Debbie: There not here.

Goofy: Huh! Oh heck I am sorry here they are.

He reached behind him self and handed her the pickles.

Debbie: No problem.

After she ate he showed her  to Max's room.

As Debbie walked in front of him caring her bags. Goof stared hard at her wiggling little butt. And as Debbie walked up to the 2nd floor of the house her bags in hand Goof followed. Her cheeks jiggled and wiggled in front of him.   Goof could not help himself  still thinking of what he was  treated to in the kitchen. He leaned forward and sniffed at her sensuous   cheeks. They were musky with sweat and other sent's   that had been to long since  he had smelled. It all spelled  lust and sex with a capital  S to him. Oh it has been  so long.




Debbie: Ahhhh! like what are you doing Goofy?

He looked to se her looking back at him.

Goofy: Well Ahhhh! Garsh!  When I was a Pup that's how we all said Howdy! Back then when we had not seen each other in a while.   Was the first thing we would do as a matter of fact.   Then he said sheepishly.

Goofy: would you like to  smell mine?

Debbie:Garsh Like no way?

Goofy: Oh! I guess it's not cool any more to do that.

Debbie: Like uncle Goof it was  never cool to do that.

Goofy: Here you go.

Debbie: This is perfect.

Goofy: Well like I said make  your self at home. Debbie was trying to pull her  arm from her leather coat with some trouble and  Goof offer to help.

Goofy: Can I help you with  your breast? ERRR! I mean coat?

Debbie laughed

Debbie: no thanks I can Handle  them both just fine.

Goofy: Well I better get you some extra pillows. Yeap! you can never have to many   pillows. And anther blanket it is   going to be a bit nipplely Nippy tonight.

Debbie: Ahhhh! thanks Goof that would be nice. Poor old Goof needs a woman in his life bad.

As she got undressed she  looked and seen her  pants and panties.

Debbie: Oh gosh no wonder he was acting that way. I ripped the fuck out   of them on that darn loose  spring on my bikes seat and forgot to change them.  Poor old Goof. I am one hot babe as it is but with these on I must be a killer. She admired her body in the mirror then   laughed. Oh well I doubt he could see that much.   Latter that night as she fell  to sleep to the the music  coming from Goof's room she laughed to herself at a few of the Songs. I got a girl named Ran-a-lam-a-lam-a-lam -a- lam-a Ding Dong.

Debbie: Yah! I bet you do. Latter that night she was  woke by the squeaking  of the door as it opened. She tried to see who it was with what little light came in from the Hall way.




Debbie: Who is there?

There was no answer. As her eyes adjusted she seen a very well known form.

Debbie: Oh it is you  uncle goofy. Whats up? He did not respond. She looked harder his eyes   were closed tight.

Debbie: Oh so you are a sleep  walker are you?

She snickers.

Debbie: I better get you  to bed.

As she scooted closer she  could see he was nude from the wast down.

Debbie: Oh my Gosh!




Her eyes were like  diner plates. She popped in to a sweat.

Debbie: Look at the size  of that bone.

It was red as a pepper and some what shaped like  one. But this was a 7 inch   pepper with knot in the  center throbbing and getting  bigger by the second as well as the pepper was  growing even more longer.

Debbie: Wow goof that is really a nice one. Are you sure you are asleep?

She snickers.  She looked at his face and studded it closely. What the  heck let me get a closer look at that thing. What  can it hurt. She scooted down to the bottom of the bed. There she was only inches away. ...................



As she looked it   over very closely from every  side and even peeked at it from the underside to look at his huge hanging balls in there black sack.   She looked up at him and said.

Debbie: Goofy old boy you are a stud.




As he stood in place not moving a inch.

Debbie: Them girls did not leave  you they Ran way from you.

 She poked it with her  finger tip and it sprang up and down like it was on a spring. She did it several more times.   And laughed.  It was still growing and was now 12 inches and the knot was bigger around   then her arm.

Debbie: I bet you got this from thinking about me today. looking at my ass in the  kitchen.

Debbie: What did you see? Could you see my Hot Pussy or my Asshole as I was on the floor   on all 4s? I bet you wanted to jump   on it to. After 14 years with   no pussy. Yah you wanted to fuck   me with this monster  of a dick.

She gave it a poke.

Debbie: Or did you want to eat it? You did sniff my ass on the stares. Huh did it smell good. Did you want to eat my hot sweaty dirty Pussy or was it my Asshole you wanted to eat?

Well you got to sniff my ass  so you owe me now. I am going to sniff  your dick.

She leaned in and  sniffed it. Sniffled it from the base  to piss hole. She sat back and looked at him.

Debbie: MMMM! that some  good smelling dick. Yah! Good enough to eat. To bad were related or   I might just do that. Well as long as I am here   might as well smell  them balls to. She leaned in and sniffed deep of them. The sack in fact did touch   her nose as she did it at  times. She sat back again.

Debbie: So how big can this  thing get with the proper attention she wondered?

Debbie: Oh shit! This  is crazy. I better get you to bed.

Debbie then started to get up and move him back to his bed. But her curiosity was still getting the better   of her.

Debbie: Oh what the fuck.  Like all I'll do is just see how  big it will get that's all. Look and see. Then put  him back in his room. What is the big deal with  that. It's not like I have  not even seen it and stuff.  After all he is asleep.

Debbie then sat on the end of the bed in front of him.

  Debbie: Ok! Ok! now lets see. This is not sex this is  more like a science project. Just like I am playing Doctor. Playing Doctor with   my Uncle Goofy. Debbie laughed.

She was now sweating very badly. Rubbing her hands on to her night gown.

Debbie: Well now I guess  I have to touch it to see  what she will do. She then coughed and  then cleared her thought several times. As she  took the tip in between her  thumb and for finger and  gave it a little pinch. A huge drop of cum formed  from the pee hole.

Debbie: Oh man you poor old  Dog you are about to explode.  She put her hand between his thighs and cupped his balls  and hefted them.

Debbie: Gosh they fill like they must be loaded.

Debbie: Now cough!

As she held them they  started to be a stirring in  his balls. And a steady stream of pre Cum started  to now form from his piss hole as the Balls started  to bounce up and down like  they were alive. Debbie took  the dick behind the big  old knot and gave it a few  jerks. As she looked into the piss hole at the way  the Cum ran from it.  Debbie could see the way  the hole opened and closed  as she jerked it and it  made little smacking noises. She had in only a inches away from her so she could see it all as well as   posable now. In doing so pre Cum was  dripping all over her shear  nightgowns front as she  jacked on it. Shit she thought as she  looked down what a mess.

Debbie: Well looks like its as big as it gets.  Time to call it wraps.

She gave it one more squeeze and was about to let it go when it dropped yet still another hard 2 inches. Sliding between her fingers with a Slurp! And landed smack dab in   to her mouth.

Debbie pooped her head back.

Debbie: Hay now none of that she said.

And the spit on to the Carpet. Then wiped her muzzle with the back of her hand.

Debbie: So you were holding out on me were you  it can get bigger. Now then maybe I should  just keep at it and see if you got any more of this  thing tucked away?

In science class they always said to never pull all of your conclusions till you   have all the facts. And I was a A student. And I would hate for you to   give me a F.

She sneakers again.

Debbie:Beside it is my fault you are in this shape and I should help you out. It's the only thing I could do. But what a mess. She still had the taste of   the pre cum in her mouth.  True she had spit it out but  the flavor did seam to  cling to her taste buds wreather well. There were lot's  of girls at her class who would talk about sucking off there Boyfriends to keep   them under control. And  that most all of them did not  spit it out. In fact they  said they loved it. It was  almost addictive to them. Well it dose taste good a little salty but what kid does not like to eat salty foods?

Beside she was taking French this term so this would   give her a head start on the Class. Deb snickered. Beside it may be what she   needed to help her see what all ol' Goof was Packing. Then Deb began to hold his  prick at the base.




As she pointed  it right at her  mouth and then began to  flick her tongue like a fluttering  Butterfly all over the tip and in to the pisser. Then she held it out of the way to   better have at his hanging  balls. She popped each one in her muzzle and gave it a good suck then she licked and nipped at   the sack. Then ran her  lusting tongue from right at the bottom of the sheath to the very tip and tickled it with her tongue. What a   fucking Prick a full 14 inches  of a fuck monster. She was  not a virgin she had done it a couple of times. But she  had never seen any thing like it before. Yah! 7 inches but this was 2 times its size and even more so thick. She opened wide and took a muzzle full of it and began to   suck hard. As her cheeks bloated and hollowed as she   drank his dripping pre cum.  All the time letting out little  nasal giggles of her approval  of its taste. After 10 minutes  of this oral foreplay. Goof lurched an Yelled.


Debbie her self would have  screamed as well from  shock if her mouth was  not so full. She jumped back onto  the bed scared half  to death.

Debbie: Oh shit Goof I am sorry don't get mad at me.  I was only playing. I mean you came in and and. I....I....

Goofy: Clarabelle I am so  happy to see you. I missed you so bad. Come on Clarabelle your parents are not home lets do it now you know you want   it as much as I do.

Debbie:Hey what the fuck?  Well shit you are still out of it aren't you? You fucker you had me fucking about to shit the bed. Ok buster thinking about another woman is the last staw when I am blowing you. It is back to your room with  your ass.

Goofy: Oh Clarabelle.




At that second Goof gabbed  her and they both fell onto  the bed. He started grabbing at her panties and pulling hard at them tugging them down.

  Debbie:Hay Hay funs fun but this has got to stop now.   I don't care if we were not even relatives you are not going to sticking that thing in my snatch.

He flipped her on to all 4s then   tossed her on to the pillows. Debbie then found her self  Butt up. At that sec Goofy mounted her. Debbie did her best to get some traction and free   her self and get of the bed but Goof had her locked it   to place.

Goofy: Don't worry Clarabelle  I remember that you are saving your self for marriage. We can do like we always did so don't you fret none.

Debbie: What the fuck are  you talking about? Hay you get off me.




But she was soon to find out.

The Goof planted the head of  his dick to her pooper and  started to push the head in.

Debbie: Hold it right there. that hole is for Blow and show only cowboy! And that's fucking it.

No way you are going to   fuck me in my shit hole.

But she was wrong. As the head popped in her  Eyes bulged and her mouth drooped with a.


Hay that fucking hurts you know.

But with the lube of his pre cum  and her own nasty spit it was  slipping in at a very fast rate. Debbie soon found the knot was at rest on her hole. And that was she knew the 1/2 way area of his dick. That meant that 5 or so were   in and there were at least  8 or 9 more to go. These last were going to be  the worse to boot.  But there was no way her  ass hole could take that fucking knot.

No way at all. Or was there?

She gasped as he started  to push even harder. Debbie was sure it would  never go. But it would seam he was  determined to do so.

Goofy: Clarabelle come on  now girl take it like a cow.

He then gave her ass a hard smack and his dick a little   more pressure. She thought fuck this I cant be ass up   on this bed like this all night I have to get out of here.

She sprang for it and   goof pulled her back and she did it again and   he pulled her back this when on for several   more time's. Then this erotic tug of war came   to a stop when goof pined  her down to the bed by  pining down her shoulders.



He pushed her face down in to the bedding.

Goofy: Work with me Clarabelle  and stop you talking.

Debbie thought to her self. Well now Debbie you can   not seam fight him off. You cant talk him out of   it this way. You cant wake him up  this way. So there is only one thing a girl can do.


And with this she started to   flex her strong ass muscles  to try to work him out like as if he were a Huge fucking turd.

Goofy: Yah garsh Clarabelle you have never forgot a trick. That's it girl work that ass.

He then gave a push. Debbie took a deep breath puffed out her cheeks and sweat popped out on her   forehead as she then  pushed hard with her  other cheeks. And so started yet another  erotic tug of war between them.  Debbie would bear down and grunt in to the shaking bed and try her best to   try and Shit Goof's Meat  monster out from of her tight puckering pink asshole.


As she did she would manage  to push out Ol Goof a inch or even two. But as soon as she would stop to rest he would ram it back to the knot and she could fill the pooter starting to give in to his fucking dick. After about the about fourth turn every time she tried to do it she would   let out nasty little farts. This went on for about  15 minutes. Debbie was really starting to lose steam  now. Debbie was about to lose all hope. See mustard up all she had for one last hard push.


She yelled in to the shaking  bouncing bed as she clinched the bedding in her  fist and beat them in to the bed. The dick was slipping out _  slipping out _ slipping out _  Almost to the head now.

Debbie was thinking. If i do get you out I am   going to shit all over you.

Then her asshole gave its best and that was it. Goof came ramming back in   like a bull in a china house.

Debbie's dicked pooper had no defense left in it and he came in fast and hard there was no stopping it this time.

Debbie's eyes flew open and watered. Debbies exhausted fartter   stretched and kept right```````  on stretching. If he gets  that knot in me I can never  get him out unless he cum's.  And if he doesn't I will be like  this till he wakes up. And so she began to fight him again. No cant take all of that   fucker. I cant let him in  have to hold him out. And as her fart funnel was  stretched around the thickest part of the knot.




Goof stopped and enjoyed   the tight feeling of it as it started once more began   to pucker and fight. Then Debbie realized that she had been wrong all   the time if she had never  tried and to put up this  fight he never would have  gotten in it.

It was her own fault.

All the fighting had in fact made her hole become even   more elastic and willing  to him then keeping him out. Yes she could have held it out like she had been doing if she had just not started   fighting him. And she would have never  been in this state now. And now it was to late. She did just what Goofy wanted   her to do. She played right into his game plan. And for that mistake she was about to be Ass Fucked by that monster.

And as it did dawn on her  Goof slipped it in the rest  of the way.

Debbie: NOOOOOOoooooo!

Debbie yelled in to the shaking bed and beat her fist out of anger even more possibly then pain. The next instant Debbie felt   her asshole puckering against It's sheath at the base of his dick like it was kissing it.

Goofy: That's it girl.

Goof then slapped her on the  ass hard and made her jump on the bed and fart.

Goofy: Yep that's my old  Clarabelle.

Goofy: Now its time for our  favorite dance my dear  Clarabelle.  Duelling Bed Springs followed by the Turd Tango.

And then he started pumping   her hard. Fucking her as well as the   knot would then allow.

Goofy: Smells like some one  is backing brownies. As the bed springs creaked and she farted with every   pump she Grunting and  Sobbing to her self.




Debbie: Ouch! What the fuck  have I got my self Argh! In to here?

Ummph! Squeak! Umpph!  Squeak!

Goofy: Yep! that's our song all right. Goofy: Garsh this is mighty  fun clarabelle.v We should do this all the time.

Four hours had now passed since he had slipped the   knot it. And the bed had never stopped creaking and the   springs a squeaking for  a second. Nor the steady Ploob! Ploob!  Ploob! Ploob! sound of  Debbies butt. Debbies Crap hole was so  full of Goofs pre Cum it was falling on to the  bedding between her parted legs. And had formed a huge   Puddle there. With every out thrust he   would pull back to were almost a 1/4 of the knot would slip from the pooper then pop back in making the nasty Ploobing sound. Debbie had gave up the   fight long ago and just layed there and took   it fingering her self in to  a sexual daze. Almost as if the rhythm of the pumping had placed her in to a hypnotic state   of mind.

Goof: But I think it is about  time to bring this here  to a end.

And with this Goof started  to pump faster and faster. Ploob! Ploob! Ploob! Ploob! Debbie was shook from  her state and began to  respond. Goofy was  shaking her like a rag doll. Faster and faster he pumped  in to her. Ploob! Ploob! Ploob! Ploob!  Ploob! Ploob! Ploob! Ploob!

Goofy:Here we go!




Then he came in her like a fucking fire hose.   It was hot and burned her  fucked raw shitter. It pored from her ass none stop for almost 5 minutes. So fucking huge a load it coated the bed corner and   covered the floor.

Goofy! Well Aaah! thanks a  lot Clarabelle.

 He then yanked his prod from for Poor fucked ass hole with loud. PLLLOOOOOOOPPPPPP! ...................



And walked out the same  way he came in. Debbie stayed the watching him all the time with the most stupid look on her face.

Debbie: Did that just happen?

She started to get up.

Debbie: Ouch yah shit it sure did happen.

Then a sudden urge hit   her and she jumped up. Holding her ass clamped tight   and ran to the toilet.

Coming back from the toilet.

Debbie: Oh man was that the  biggest shit I ever took in  my fucking life shit.  And he filled me so full of cum my turds were  white washed. Fuckers looked as white as them powdered sugar covered doughnuts. She seen his door was   open and peeked in there  he was snoring away.  She went back to her room and cleaned her bed and floor and put on new bedding. Debbie: Well I guess it was my fault as much as his. But as she then got into   bed she farted and said.

Debbie: But why is it he got  to have all the fun.

Well that was not all true  towards the end she was  really grooving having as  much fun as him fingering her pussy the the rhythm  of his ass fucking. After all shit she had not a thing against ass fucking. She even liked the idea. And was planing on   trying it soon. But she was planning on a much smaller smaller   prick for a starter and  then work on around to  the bigger ones. And was not planning to keep it in the family but poor old Goof need to get a nut so bad. And he was so nice so why not help the old dog out? After all he will never know.

Debbie decided to stay. Goof never seamed to know what had even   happen. And there was no way she would ever   tell him. Besides she was busted it took all of her cash to get here. And she figured it was   a one time shot and it was over with and would   never happen again. And she had to admit it was a wild time. And she   liked the wild life now and then. And she did enjoy   it her self at the end. And there was probably no way she would ever have a chance at sex like that again.   Uncle Goof was a one of a kind that was for sure.   It was just who she had done it with that was the   broken spoke in the wheel. Gee if it was not for that   I would not say No to  taking another crack at the  bolognie pony again  sometime. Well her chance came again  that night with a replay of last  nights sex game. The next morning she when  out and bought a huge  jar of Vaseline.  You never know just in case it was to happen some  other time. As she put the Petroleum Jelly  in to her stand.

Debbie: Ouch Goof was not as free flowing last night and with me not even getting a chance to slobber on it a little. He all most ripped my asshole off on to that knot. Well I'll know better next time. that is if there is a next time. I doubt it but better off to plat it safe. But as the weeks when   by she found him at her door  every night. Some times there were different dreams of Goof's. Like the ones of Glory-Bee. ...................



With them he would put her onto the bed and eat her pussy all night long.

She really liked that one. And then there was the ones with Penny. These dreams at first were   a great problem when they started. They would have   normal sex. ...................



Not only did it take her poor little pussy a long time to   get use to his vast penis. ...................



There were other problems   as well. But a trip to the drug store   took care of that.

As for the dream most played out with her and the ol' Horn   dog was still the one of  Clarabelle. And after a time it did become  Debbie all time favorite act.




As the months passed by she  would lay on the pile of  pillows in sexual delight and  utter contentment as the  room echoed the Ploob! Ploob! Ploob! Ploob! sound of Goofy as he plowed at Deb's most inviting and willing shitter.

Of coarse this was always   helped along with about  a half a jar of Vaseline.

It was now in to the forth month that she had been with   Goof when Debbie heard the bedroom door open. ...................



She was well greased and   perched on her pillows and ready for her nightly ass reaming.   The hole winked as she smiled her nude body shining in the hall light.

Debbie: Come and get you  hot fucking Stud I am waiting on you.

She Snickers. Oh gosh Debbie I did not mean to.




Debbie: Max!

Deb screamed and bug eyed  she Slipped her self down  off the pillows sheepishly. And held a pillow in front of her.

Debbie: What are you doing here?

Max: Well Camp is over and I live here. Pop is still out Bowling and   I just came in. I would have  never dreamed you were in  here like this. Woo hooo!  You looked hot.

Debbie: Stop it Pip-Squeak.  That is not funny.

Max: Hows joking? AHHH! I see you got the pillow treatment.

Debbie: What how did you  know? I mean what has this been  a trick all this time with  him. What with his Sleep  Walking? More like Sleep Fucking.

Max:No he is asleep. It must be something in the back of his mind in his   Subconscious that knows what it plans to do,   and tell's him to do it without him knowing why   he is doing it when he is still awake. But he only gets that way   if he gets worked up about something while he is awake.

Did you do something to  get him all worked up that started it all?

Debbie: Well geesh no I cant think of any thing off hand.

But he has been in here every  night for the last 4 month though.

Max: Well heck who can blame him. But I would guess that his Subconscious knows you   are in here and it just takes over every night.

Debbie: How come you know  so much about this?

Max: Well lets put it this way. Every time he watches Lassie  i would have to nail my  door shut.

Debbie: Oh my Gosh you mean?

Max: Well put it this way. You know were every camp  is suppose to have one boy who sneaks in contraband in  his ass?

Well this time I snuck in a whole carton of cigarettes still on the box.

Debbie: No!

Max: Well no it was more  like a half carton.

He snickers.

Debbie: Well I guess since you  are back I will have to move  on and try to get a place  to stay.

Max: Why? You can stay here and you  and I can share this room.  If you like Debbie there is  a spaer bed out in the  Garage out back.

Debbie: Really you would do  that for me?

Max: Sure what sort of Cousin would I be if I did not offer. That's what family is for.

Debbie: What about Uncle goof?

Max: Are you kidding he would  love for you to keep on staying here. And not just when he is sleeping either. Snickers.

Debbie: Funny well I better  get Dressed. We can get out the old bed in  the Garage.

Max: Cool!

Max: Oh there might be one  problem?

Debbie: Whats that.

Max: I think Sleep Fucking runs in the family.

Debbie: Really?

Max: Well I don't know for  sure but I think it is about  to strike me any time.

Debbie: Well we will just have  to deal with it when ever it may come up.

As Debbie bent over to pull   on her pants she felt something bump in to her out thrust   butt cheeks. She turned around and   looked down.

Max: I think it is already  happening and I am not even  asleep yet. Max was sporting a bulge in his lose fitting pants about eight inches long and throbbing.

Debbie: My Gosh Max.  I would say you are sure a  chip off the old block. She grabbed it like a stick  shift and yanked it. Verrrroommmm!

Debbie: Lets forget about  the spare bed tonight and  do it in the morning. We can both sleep on here  tonight.

Max: You sure there will be  room for the both of us?

Debbie: Listen if ol' Goofy can  get on me and fit I am sure  it can handle the both of us.

Debbie: Now hurry up and get ready for bed it is time for you to get to sleep.

Max: Right but one thing first.

Debbie: What?

Max: I have to get a can of  nails and a hammer. I don't want to wake up on  no pile of pillows in the Morning. Either!

The End

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