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A Tasty Stocking Stuffer


Velma walks in her room.

Man it has been a mess around here ever since Sis came to stay for the Holidays with her Husband and Kids.

She latches the door.

As if it was not enough to have to watch the kids all the time. I even had to paly santa for them to boot. I am so hot in this thing I am about to cook.

Tossing the Green bag she had on the bed. She tugged off the Santa boots.

Ahh that's better.

She then piled the beard and santa pants onto her dresser. Velma then unhooked the straps that held her belly padding in place. Her Panties where so sweat soaked they felt gross. Velma shimmied them down and tossed them in her hamper. Then walked over to the bed and flopped down.

Ahh this feels so good no one around to bug me right now. There All in the front and I have my room back to myself for the first time in a week. I do like to see them alright but some times you need a little time to yourself as well.

Velma Smiled to herself nice and Quiet no one here. Velma then looked down at herself and huffed. I am soaked in sweat I really should take a shower. She felt her crotch and then fluffed the matted pussy hair. Bringing her fingers to her face she gave them a sniff. Then thought it over.

Oh what the heck.

They will be here another week and well it has been ages since I got to play with my little Pantie Tiger.

Velma then then placed her fingers over her Pussy and began to rub it in tight circles as she pressed down hard. As Velma slid up onto the bed so she could get a better vantage point for her pleasure. Velma jumped with a start.

What the Heck?

It was the bag.

Oh it's Mike's Candy Cane. Cant belive he did not want it and offered it to me.

Velma held up the giant size 12 inch Candy Cane.


And it's starting to melt too. Shame for it to go to waste but I don't like Peppermint.

She tossed it to the side and went back to working on her own needs. After several moments she stopped.

This is not working. I know that I have to do this fast and its making me way to nervious to get what I need with my fingers. And with Them cooking in the kitchen I know I will never be able to sneak what I need either. And if I walk in and say I want a Banana for a snack Mom will tell me to wait for dinner. And Sis will start with the I need to stop it and lose weight and I don't need that now of all times.

Velma sat back and then glanced over at the Candy Cane.


Well Hello! My Tasty little stocking stuffer. How would you like to help me out and by doing so you are not a total waste and you will make me one happy girl?

Velma took the cane and looked it over.

Well now lets see first lets lose the wrapper. The Cellophane looks ruff on the ends and I don't want to have that.

Velma unwrapped the clear cover and then held it to her nose. And sniffed it. I sure hate the smell of this stuff. Velma then licked the tip. She crinkled her nose after doing so. She then spit on the tip of the candy.


She then took a finger and smeared the spit all over the tip. Rolling over and sat back on her heels on the bed and took the sweet treat in both of her hands and rubbed the tip of it over her hard clit. It felt good to have it press into her wet lips and she pushed a little harder and they slipped around the Peppermint stick. It was nice and thick and slick. Velma began to pump it slowly in and out now. It was 12 inches but she was only using 4 or 5 at the most. The Pussy cream and sweat was lubing the Candy but at the same time the candy was also stating to dissolve. The sticky candy syrup made her pussy lips drag and in turn it made lewd smacking sounds. Her pubic hair would also stick to the peppermint toy. But it too felt nice Velma thought when feeling the tiny tugs. All but when a few of the times when the hair got stuck to the sugar made love toy and they were Yanked from her sensitive lips. This would make Velma. Let out a pant! And flex her ass in tight. But if one could go by the looks on her freckled face she even was even taking pleasure form that as well.






I am getting dressed what do you want?

It's Mike he changed his mind and he wants his Candy back now.



You are kidding me?

She looked down at the Candy. Which no longer even had any Red strips on it for the first 5 inches at all. The Peppermint was now a mess. The white tipped treat was now some what tapered and covered it her auburn colored Pussy hairs. She looked at her Pussy next it was sticky and now colored with Red and White stripes. It looked like a big sloppy, gooey, Peppermint Disc with a hole in the Middle.


What a mess. I don't have it now!

What do you mean you don't have it? You walked in the room with it about 10 minuets ago I seen you do it.

I ate it.

Velma you know you hate Peppermint and even if you did like it you could not have ate it that fast. Stop being a brat and give him his Candy now.

Velma began trying to pick the pussy hair off the Candy.

Hang on.



Come on Velma!

Velma scampered over to her door and opened it so she could pop her head out.

Look Mike tell Grandma to give you one of my Granola snacks.

Granola Gross!

I want my Candy Cane Now.

Well Jinkies!

You gave it to me.

But I want it back.

Well you Cant its mine now.

Velma give him his Candy or I will tell on you.

What I said I was eating it.

Oh Yah where is it then.




Velma held up the Candy Cane. But at arms length away so as to try to hide from her sister any evidence of what she had been using it for.

Ok I see it.

But let me see you eat some of it first.


I never seen you eat one of them in your life. So lets see you eat it. Just to prove to me you are not doing all of this out of spite. Well?



Velma took the candy and brought it to her face. She not only could she smell the Peppermint but her own Musty Pussy juice and sweat. Velma took a deep breath and opened her mouth and began to suck on the candy treat.

Hey Whats going on?

Oh Hi Louis.

Velma dropped the Candy from her face and smiled at him.

Velma took Mikes Candy and will not let him have it back.


I am sure Velma is only playing Patty.

Right Velma?

Well No.

Louis he gave me the Candy he said he did not want it. So it's mine now and I am eating it.

Louis turned and looked at Velma an Lifted and eyebrow.


Louis looked at her face then looked as best as he could over her shoulder and into the room through the crack in the door.

Well that's only fair Patty.

The Boy need to learn to keep his end of a deal.

Now did I hear some one say Granola treats?


You sure did.

I have a box full in the Kitchen.

Sounds like a deal to me.

Come on Mike.

Ok Dad!

Patty take him down and get him one. Alright Honey.

You know just because Velma is my sister you don't have to be nice to her all the time.

I know and you don't have to get your Irish temper on high every time you two have a little problem.

Patty walked off with Mike down the hall to get the boy his Snack.

Thanks Louis.

Louis turned and smiled no problem.

I know how it can be.

Know how what can be like?

What you been doing?

What are you trying to tell me?

Only this.

You may want to move that dresser on the other side of the room.

For a tall guy like me and where I am now standing at Velma It's a free peep show. I can see every thing on this side of the room including you.


Velma tried to shut the door a little tighter.

You will not tell will you?



It's between you and me. Like I said. I know how it is. For me it was the 4th of July and a left over Jello Mold when I was a kid.

Louis then winked and walked away.

Have a good one kid.

The End.

December 20, 2004

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