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YAOI #1 DOJIN !!!!




or go below and read the story.


Yaoi Pussycat


It was late now and practice was over.

Kelly came slowly into his room and closed his door and locked it.

Man am I tired.

Kelly undressed and then took his school duffle bag onto the bed with

He then brought out something he had hid in the bottom of it.

What he had gotten was from out of the guys locker room.

Kelly now layed it out.

It was a jock strap.

But not any Jock strap but big Jim's the fullback for the football team.

And his best friend.

Oh wow!

I cant belive I got this from him and almost got caught doing so.

Kelly was sweating a little now as he caressed the ball sling and looked
it over closely.

Kelly was the teams towel boy so it was easy for him to et in there and
snatch it.

He then turned it over and looked on the inside of it to see what he
could find.
After a close examination he found several of Jim's short dark pubic
hairs also there was a crusty spot that was staining the jocks white
fabric a off shade of yellow.

Was it piss or?

Oh wow he dripped cum into his jock.

He took the jock and brought it to his nose and sniffed it.

There was the smelled of Jim's musky ball sweat.

He then rubbed the jock over his cheek.
While doing this he reached into his shorts and brought out his hard
dick and began to rub it as he kneel on his bed.

Fuck I am so horny.

Kelly kissed the jock and then slipped the little stain into his mouth
and sucked on the cum stain as he pumped faster and fast till he was on
the verge of his orgasm, and dropped the jock from his mouth onto the
bed and aimed his hard but still rather small 5 inch pens at Jim's jock
and let loose with is cum.

Kelly shot ribbon after ribbon of his love over the fabric. Once he shot
his last squirt he flopped back on the bed and painted.

Hey Whats New Pussycat?


Kelly looked toward the form at his window.

And then squinted though his glasses.


What are you doing here?

As he turned his friend was now standing at the open window.

I wanted to see what you where doing tonight?

So what you doing there Pussycat?

Looks like your having fun.

Jim pulled himself in though the window and sat on the ledge.

Have a beer.

He offered Kelly a a beer from the 12 pack he carried.
That was already shorted by 8 when he walked in now.

Kelly pulled the blanket over his body and was still on the bed.

So you turn out to be the one who took my jock.

You Fuck!

When you was messing with my locker I thought nothing of it. But when I
started to do my clothes and could not find my jock I know what you had

Come on have a beer.

Hold it down will you my family is asleep and they will hear you.

Well then have a drink.

Jim came over and flopped on the bed half drunk. Kelly took the beer.

So let me have my jock back you little shit.

He flipped the cover up and took it out from under it.

Man look what the fuck you did to it man.

You spooged it all up you little faggot.

Pussycat I always thought you was a little sissy, But I thought you
would have the guts to come out and ask for it wreather then stoop to
something like this.

I am not Gay and stop calling me that you know my name is Kelly.

What do you call jacking off on a guys jock then Pussycat?

That not what I call straight.

It was only a urge I had its not like I do stuff like that all the time
you know.

I don't know what you do all the time so that's why I looked in on you
in the first place.

Fuck you may have a coke bottle in the closet with a condom on it you
cramb in your ass every night.

Kelly drank his beer and Jim had still another.

Here have another dude.

You know I don't really drink.

Take it.

Kelly took the beer.

So what was you so curious about little dude?

What are you talking about?

With my jock.

I was wounder what you smelled like was all?

That all?

What was you doing eating my jock then.

I was not eating it.

Dude you where chewing the fucking thing.

Well I was holding it that way was all.
So I could smell it was all.

Dude you where sucking on it.

Ok I was wondering what you tasted like.

Fuck man all these years all you had to do was ask.

I was scared too.

Scared of me what do you mean we grew up together and where buddies.


And you always have to be such a bad ass. And act like you hate fags and

Well dude I don't hate you your my buddy.
I always figured you would ask me before you would go around doing shit
like this.

What you mean you would have let me?

Sure Pussycat I would let you blow me.

Kelly now thought this over.

Well maybe you and I can meet after school sometime or something like

Fuck that man you can do it right now.

Let me get my pants off.

Jim stood and removed hid pants then flopped back onto the bed.

I cant do it here.
What if someone may hear us.

Shut up and tug my pant off over my boots and get down there.
Do it!

Alright Alright!

Kelly was now taking off his glasses.

What are you doing?

I am taking them off why?

No leave them on I think they make you look sexy.

Not so loud I will do it.

That's better.

Hey you like jocks so much put mine on and show me how you look.

Kelly put it on.

Now don't you look cute.

As Kelly flopped between the boys legs he looked at the size of his

It was about 10 inches long and was uncut with a thick matt of black
pubs and the balls rested on the bed.
Kelly leaned in and sniffed is dick and balls they where sweaty and he
liked the smell.
Then he ran his tongue over his dick and tasted it and smiled he was so
happy to do this for his friend.
As Kelly played with Jim's dick he smiled and then licked at the head.
As he tasted the pee hole and found it salty but not dirty.

Suck it Pussycat come on.

Kelly opened his mouth he soon had about 5 inches and thought it was all
he could take.

That's right suck me Pussycat get it nice and wet. Then I am going to
take you right here on your fucking bed.

With this he slipped off the dick.

What do you mean?

I am going to fuck you in that little sissy ass of yours.


Jim I am not going to let you fuck me.
I am not into that shit at all. I only wanted to try oral that's all.

My only urge was to try oral.

Well then you better get back to sucking then. If you don't want fucked
because I am going to get a nut and it is going to be in your mouth or
your ass.

Hey now your not my boss.

I wanted to taste you but I never said I was going to eat your cum.
And I know I don't want you in my ass.

I think you better leave Jim.

Fuck off Pussycat.

You better do as you are told or I might have to get loud and wake every
one in here.

Yeah they would come in and find me on your bed with my paint down.

You would not do that.
And you know you would not.

As your parents would find out to.

Try me.

Your the little sissy not me Pussycat.

You would not and you know it.



Stop it!


Kelly is that You?

A Voice called out.

Stop it you fucker!

NO! It must have been a cat.

Ok well try to get some sleep.


ok ok!

You win.

But this is not fair Kelly pouted as he started sucking on the hard

Shut up.

You can cry later you fucking sissy but you are going to blow me now.
Come on you can take it all.

Jim pushed Kelly deeper on his dick and commented.

All the way on my dick Pussycat.

And started fucking his mouth.

Kelly pulled loose from Jim and then began to pant for air.

What are you doing?

I need air you know.

Come on get back on it you will get use to it.


Your right get on the bed lets get your ass fucked.

No way!

Then suck it if you don't want fucked.

Kelly took him deep and did his best to try to make Jim have an orgasm
but nothing was doing it for him.




Kelly sucked on the dick and he liked it a lot.
He was sucking his buddies dick and he fucking loved the idea.
I guess I am a little faggot like Jim said.
He thought to himself.
He smiled to himself as he took the dick from his mouth and licked it.
And tugged on his balls.




Kelly climbed on the bed and held out is butt and said lube me.
Come on lube my boy pussy and make it nice and slick so you can fuck it.
Kelly sucked on the dick and he liked it a lot.

He was sucking his buddies dick and he fucking loved the idea.

I guess I am a little faggot like Jim said.

He thought to himself.

He smiled to himself as he took the dick from his mouth and licked it.
And tugged on his balls.

You like that Jim?

Jimmy Baby?

Love it Pussycat.

Jim is this a one night stand for you?

Just so you can feel big and tough or do you really like me?

Jim Looked at him.

What are you nuts?

We have been friends since we where little kids.

We live next to each other all our lives.

You think I would put up with you all these years if I did not care
about you?

Jim grabbed Kelly and pulled his friend onto the bed.

And ticked him.

And the bed began to bounce and he started Giggling loud.


What are you doing?

Look at your clock it is 4 in the morning. Get to sleep now.



Stop it you dope,

Kelly wiggled and did his best to not laugh.

Ok ok!
Now tell me something Kelly.

Do you think I do this shit all the time?

I don't know?

Well the answer is No.

I been thinking about this a lot this evening.


Yes Jim?

Don't hold me to this ok.

As this is all new to me.

But Pussycat I think I think may love you?

Kelly kissed him on the cheek.

I love you too.

Jim took Kelly into his arms and kissed him fully on the lips.

When they parted Kelly was now flushed and trembling from the kiss.

Oh Wow!

Heh heh!

That was so nice.

Jim I think I might cry.

He was so nerves now he was on the verge of passing out.
Kelly rested his head on Jim's shoulder and regained his composer.



You still want to fuck me.

Or do we wait for our wedding night?
Kelly sat on Jim's belly as he looked at him on the bed and smiled,
His hard dick peeking over the jock and dripping clear dew from it.

What we wont tell and you can still wear white.

Kelly humped his ass over Jim's belly.

I am so turned on right now Jimmy.
But I don't know if I can even take you let alone be quiet about it when
we do?

You want to try?

Yes I do.

But if I say stop you have to do so.


Sure Pussycat.

Kelly jumped off the bed and got dressed still wearing the cum sticky

Kelly had some trouble bending his hard dick to were he could get it
back into his shorts.

I will be right back.

Kelly was back in a few moments with a large jar of Vaseline.

What took so long?

I used one of my sisters douche.

I wanted to be clean for you and make more room to fit you in.

Jim sniffed the air.

Cherry how fitting.

he laughed.

Kelly stripped off the shorts to show he was wearing a pair of orange

Where did you get them?

There out of sis hamper in the bathroom.

You like them?

You look very cute.

Kelly posed for him in them and then
pointed his ass at him.

Maybe I will dress up for you like a girl.

And I will take you out on a date if you do.


But right now take them off before I get so hot I cant hold off and take
them off you.

Kelly took them off then the jock as well.

Kelly climbed on the bed with his new boyfriend and kissed him.

You have got me so turned on Jimmy.
I want you in me but first I want to get you wet.

Kelly took Jim back into his mouth and began to suck him once more.

Fuck Pussy cat give me some of that.

Kelly eased into a 69 with jim.
As Kelly sucked his dick Jim looked at Kelly's 5 inch erect little dick
and the balls hanging down over it.

He took the penis and began t suck it.

Kelly sucked harder as he did.
As Jim sucked Kelly he watched the balls rest over his nose.
Soon the smell of the cherry douche had got the best of him and he
leaned so as to get a better look at Kelly's asshole.

Kelly's asshole was so sexy he thought as he looked at it. It was a nice
pink/brown and looked very tight. It only had spares fine red curly
hairs around it that made it look even more sexy.
Kelly I don't know if we will make it fit into your ass.

Kelly pulled off him.

You think it is to big?

It might be?

I heard my sister say when there to big that means there just right.

Kelly laughed.

He then pushed his ass in Jim's face.

Do you like it Jimmy?


Then eat it for me.

Kelly opened the Vaseline to lubed Jim's dick with a loud slurp.

Now as he lubed his dick Kelly opened his ass more for his boyfriend.

Jim licked at Kelly's asshole.

It was like eating a little round pussy that had used a cheery douche.

It was so sexy to eat his friends tasty ass.
He lap the pucker then suck on it.

You like eating my butt don't you?

Jim nodded his he yes.

Kelly pulled back off his face.

Then you will love fucking it I bet.

Kelly climbed on the bed and held out is butt and said lube me.

Come on lube my boy pussy and make it nice and slick so you can fuck it.

With this he lubed his finger and slipped it into Kelly nice and slow.


Kelly panted and his pooper then started to make a puckering action on
Jim's wet finger.

He then slipped in 2 then he pulled out with a little popping sound.

Man you are tight my little Pussycat you know that?

But not for long.

Kelly said and now snickered at Jim.

He wiggled his butt and said.

Now you know the deal.

If I say stop you stop.



Then lets see what your pussycat can do for you?

Come on in lover.

It's nice and wet and tight for you.

And I think I need it as bad as you do now.





Kelly grunted and tried to pull away.
Jim pulled him back.
Stop it kelly hissed it hurts.
Some times you have to be cruel to be kind Pussycat. You let me get it
in first then I will stop.




As Jim rolled over he flipped Kelly onto his belly once more.
Now push like you have to fart Kelly.
Once he done this and took all of the remaining dick he was happy with
the results.
Hurry and do it before I go nuts.

Jim took hold of his shoulders and then placed his legs astraddle over
Kelly's to keep him from being able to even move them if he wanted to.

Easy Jimmy your hurting my legs this way.

Well I don't want you trying to get away.

He whispered as he leaned over and licked the boys ear.

He now placed the head of his dick to the hole and pushed.

Kelly grunted and tried to pull away.

Jim pulled him back.

Stop it kelly hissed it hurts.

Some times you have to be cruel to be kind Pussycat.
You let me get it in first then I will stop.

With this the boy held Kelly tight and pushed in the head and a couple
of inches as well.

Kelly pushed his face in his pillows and squealed and sobbed.

There now it's in Pussycat now relax that's it you like it don't you?

Kelly lifted his face from the pillows his face damp with sweat.
He looked at Jim cheeks flushed.
I told you to stop you know?

I know but then I know all about how to pop a cherry and it looks to be
the same with a boy.
I had to get it in first.
then I could stop and if you had told me to take it out I would.

So should I take it out now?

No not now I think it is ok for now.

You had me a little scared though when you first did it. I did not think
I could take it.
But I guess I can.

That's not all of it you know.

What there is more?

About 5 more inches left.

Oh wow, I thought it was all in but I still have that much more?

Jimmy I don't know?

Tell you what I will roll over and you can take it as you like.

As Jim rolled over he flipped Kelly onto his belly once more.

Now push like you have to fart Kelly.

Once he done this and took all of the remaining dick he was happy with
the results.

Now that I did like.

He smiled at Jim.

Ok take it slow and then when you are ready you can ride me....
Before he could finish Kelly was easing up and down on Jim's big dick as
he rubbed his own hard dick.
The bed springs creaked under them and Kelly bounced harder. He smiled
and started to drool and his face turned red.
He urged Jim to pinch his nipples and then to squeeze his ass as he rode
his new boyfriends fuckmeat .
He leaned down and bit Jim's cheek and whispered.

Squeeze my ass harder.

Jim squeezed his ass hard he knew it would leave it bruised and sore but
he wanted to make his new boyfriend happy.

He pulled the cheeks wide and the hole made wet slurps and farts as he
fucked it hard and fast.

Kelly rubbed his dick between there belly as they fucked.
He was going to cum soon.

Jim felt his cum fill his balls then shot into Kelly's ass.
He was having an orgasm like no other.

Kelly soon came as well.
The feel of Jim's cream in his ass was all he need to make him have his
own orgasm.

The sperm leaped from his penis between there belles and was rubbed into
a soapy lather.

they lay there for several moments.
Kelly lifted his head and smiled at his new found lover.

Jimmy that was great.

Baby that was the best fuck I ever had in my life.

Kelly smiled and hugged him.

Lets do it again.

Jim rolled on top of Kelly and kissed him.


Time for School.

School Fuck.

Man I need to get home and take a shower.

Kelly rubbed his belly.

Me too.

And then licked his fingers.

Where is my jock?

You can have it back when you come back tonight.
I will wash it or you.

Kelly stood and stretched his back and watched as Jim got ready.

As he walked over to Jim he farted and pouted.

My bottom is sore.

Then he kissed Jim but I am sure I will get use to it.

I will make sure of that Pussycat.

You better lover.

Kelly laughed.

Jim climbed out the window.

Jimmy you own me a date.

How about this week end?

I'll take you over to Scooterville in the next county no one will know
us there.
Sound ok with you?

Great I even know what outfit of my sisters I will wear.

As he walked off Kelly called out softly.

One more thing I need to know.

What do you think Jimmy?
Would I look better as a Blonde or a Brunet?

Ask me tonight you can put on a fashion show for me.




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