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RANMA 1/2 #4 DJ !!!!


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Be sure and get it nice  and smooth Genma I want to look  my best for my day on  the town Heh! Heh!

Early morning with  the Tendo's. On there big tip to the City.

Happosai his small shriveled head coved in lather sits before a giant panda. Who is daintily shaving   is head with one of his  razor sharp claws.

Akane: We are going now.

Soun Tendo; Are you sure  you and Ranma will not  join the rest of us at the Zoo?

Akane: No thanks Ranma has never been to the big city before and I want   to show him all the site's  and to go shopping  with me. Would you like to go with us Mr.Saotome?

The Panda holds up a sign.

Genma: No thank you I hear there is a pretty  new Panda at the Zoo  and I want to see her.  Heh! Heh!

Soun slaps his back Genma  you old dog.

Kasumi: And what are your plans for today Master Happosai?

Happosai: A day on the town were I plan to seeing all of my favorite   pretty Starlettes of Movie's and TV. Heh Heh!

Kasumi: Oh how exciting.




Down on the City streets. Akane: Ranma will you  hold still? Stop running around. The Streets are not safe for   the nave here. Any thing  could happen at any moment.

Ranma: Come on I am a Marshall Artist I can  handle my self any were. Look at me I'm running around. OHHHH! It's not safe in the big City I am so scared. Give me a brake. What could happen?

At that moment a passing  street cleaning truck go's by.


And when the truck passed. There was a very pissed  pony-tailed girl soaked  to the skin.




Akane: Oh Ranma you putz! Do you ever get tired  of being wrong? I tell you and tell you but you still do wrong. Can't you ever do one thing right in your life?   Are you just cursed with bad luck or are you just retarded? Don't speak! You already have one  foot in your mouth. Do you have room for 2?

Ranma: But that's not true. I.... I....

Akane: Ok! prove me wrong then. The next idea has to be the best idea you ever had flawless.   Or you admit you are  wrong and you do as I say for the rest of the trip.  Like a good boy heh! heh! girl.

Ranma: Ok! Smart ass.

Akane: Ranma watch your mouth and do something new for a change think be   for you speak this time don't screw it up. Now   let's get you some dry clothing.

Ranma: I am fine the way  I am.

Akane: Ahhhh! Retarded.

Ranma: I heard that!

Akane: I wonder were the  guy's went this morning?

Ranma; Oh mousse and Stupid Ryoga. who cares?

Akane: Ranma that's not  nice after all there our friend's.

Ranma: Yours maybe but not mine. I think you are starting to like them boy's   to much Akane. Here you  are worrying more about them then your freezing Fiance. Ranma grabs her   arm and laugh's.

Akane: Retarded defiantly  Retarded.

As they leave the shop in a ruckus.

Ranma: I can't go like this  are you crazy?

Akane: Why? You look very nice and as long as I am the one buying it.

Ranma: This is pay back  is it not? For teasing you right? RIGHT? Well for one thing I fill  silly and the next it does  not even cover my Butt.

Ranma tugging at the  skirt to try to pull it  down longer.

Akane: Don't be silly.  I bet there is not one guy on this street that  would say you looked  bad it that outfit. Heh! Heh!

Ranma: Oh! You are so  funny I could Plotz.

Ranma: Gee all I need is a sucker and I could sing the song On The Good Ship Lolly Pop.

The Outfit was made of a  mini sailor suit and candy striped stockings  with frilly little flower panties and black patten  leather shoe's. The pleated skirt only covered  the top half of Ranma's  ass. The lower part was  free to show. The panties Ranma wore did  not do much better at  all to cover Ranma's full  but very well  toned bottom. They showed little restraint  of the sensuous cheeks.   As both were well exposed. A full half of each of Ranma's  buns shined in the sun light damp with a nervous  perspiration. As the squirming cheeks  quivered and clinched in fearful tension of being seen. Ranma tugged harder down  on the skirt to hide them. For if Ranma did not and the skirt was to be lifted in a slight wind it could also be seen that the panties wast band stopped at mid way of the ass. As a cool wind blowed down the crack of the   panties and tickled her  anus it puckered and Ranma gave a shiver.

Akane: Ok brains what is your big idea?  what is the perfect plan?  Don't tell me you have not got one? And Ranma don't  let me down this time.

Ranma: Ahhhh well?

Ranma had been so off set by the last few minuets she   had never had time to gather a idea that was full proof. It had to be clever and a  idea that Akane could not see a thing wrong with. Ranma looked about that  he saw it. Yes that was it. And before Ranma had the  idea fully formed in her  head. Ranma blurted it out.

Ranma: Yah! the Subway!  Let's take the Subway! It will be faster then walking  and we can see more  that way. Ranma patted Herself on the back. Yah way to go Ranma that shows her.

Akane: We are going to  go on the Subway? The Subway at rush hour? Are you sure that is your  cool wonderful Idea?

Ranma thinks to her self To late now you made the  plan you can't back out now. I can't let her wine no mater what.


Akane: Ok then let's go! We have to run to make it on time. This could be fun Ranma. But just don't let go of  my hand. I don't want you to get lost. As Akane pulled Ranma along the short skirt caught   the wind and flapped will  over Ranma's bottom showing to all her fringed  tiny flower panties. That brought a cheer and a few whistle from the crowd.

Akane: See I told you. No guy would not think you looked sweet like   that. Tee Hee!

Ranma: Funny Very Funny!

As Ranma tried her best  to hold the small  skirt in place.

Akane and Ranma trotted  on to the Subway Car.  And then soon found themselves being crammed  in to place. And then crushed in to  the fully filled Subway  Car. Even though they started out side by side they found them   selfs stretched apart. They soon fond there to  be 2 people now separating them. But they still managed to hold hands though it all.

Akane: Ranma are you alright?

Ranma: Sure I am is this great or what? Ranma lied not about to give in.

Akane: Oh Yah!

The the Subway Car gave  a lurch and started to  move. The Car shook and  vibrated as well as every  one in the Subway car did.

Ranma felt something brush  her ass.  It must have been the  person behind her rocking  from the lurching forward  of the Subway Car. A few seconds latter it was  back and once again making  contact with her. And more  direct with her bottom.

It was a hand she could  tell that. It was most likely  just a little accident it was  very crowded in here no  room to even move but scant little inches. She tried to move away from  the hand. It was to no use as it followed  after her and only allowed  it to have even more freedom  to do as it liked.

The fingers cupped the full  left bottom cheek and gave a little squeeze. Then Patted it. ............................



Then took a hold and Shook  it a little, Squeezed it once more, Then gave  it a pinch. Ranma bit her lip hard  not to give out to the urge to yell a few choice words  to who ever it was. Then a finger started to  trace the leg bands of the  panties. As soon as the  tracing finger made contact  with the crotch band of Ranma's Panties Ranma  snapped her thighs tight. Try as the finger did it  could not force it's way  between the thighs. The  fingers pinched the soft inner Thigh and made Ranma flinch but Ranma   only clamped them tighter.

Next Ranma received a rather hard slap to her   bottom. It sounded out rather loud but no one seamed to have heired it.   With the slap Ranma seamed to be caught off   gard and for a moment  Ranma relaxed her strong thighs and the finger slipped in between   them. With this ranma  then hissed low and with a deep hatred.

Ranma: You Bastard.

The rather tall man that stood in front of her looked down at her.

Stranger:I beg your pardon?

The finger puled back from Ranma.

Ranma: oops Sorry!

Ranma forced a smile at him.

Akane: Are you ok Ranma?

Ranma coughed and said.

Ranma: fine fine.

Then the next thing she knew the finger was back.   This time knowing it would  not be told on the finger was  now even more bold then before. Also Ranma knew they knew it. She clamped her   cheeks and hips and hoped he would not dare to try again   but now there was no stopping this with out a scan. And Ranma wanted this least of all. Ranma did not want Akane   to prove him wrong this one last time. The finger dug and once more Ranma   tried to hold it out and again received a pinch. Ranma bit her lip and relaxed. And soon the finger was working around in to her crotch. The finger was followed by others that then became even more   insistent. They groped hard  on the crotch band of her  panties. They massaged the  outer crotch not covered by  the panties and plucked lightly at the soft sweet curly red pubic hairs that peeked from under the leg band's. The finger strummed over the clitoris area that the   band covered. As the thumb  dug it to the Anus though the band as well. Her Bung hole puckered and pushed at the invaders digit fighting   back as he pushed all the  insistently at Ranma. At one point the thumb pushed so hard it almost slipped in to the snapping shitter taking the Pantie band with it as well. Ranma   let out a little out a little  squeak with this and began  to sweat. Ranma's crotch was now becoming wet sopping wet to the touch.   Even now the pussy juice began to glue her thighs together.

As Ranma stood panting. Her legs now were open much wider.   They were now like this  from the urging of the fingers between her legs.  In doing so this allowed the hand more freedom to stimulate and arouse Ranma's most private areas. As the hand then patted and  spanked the crotch band of her panties it made a slight  wet squishing sound every  time the hand made contact  with the cotton panel.

So over come by this was  Ranma she did not even notice  the fact that she had her cheek pushed hard in to the  chest of the tall man who stood in front of her. And her free hand resting there as well. As well as with each slap of the hand she   would hunch forward in  to the man's crotch with  her own and give a little  yiff sound like a small Fox.  Ranma did not even notice  at first the fact that the  panties were now being tugged to the side and free  from her crotch. When she  did come to her since's  some what her free hand  shot down between her legs  and to the rescue.

Ranma put a move the others hand to hold it in place to were it could not be move with out a large amount of effort. But in   doing so also made Ranma squeeze Akane's   hand as well.

Akane: Ranma are you ok?

Ranma responded with a start and a high pitched   response.

Ranma: Yes Yess! I am fine  heh! heh! isn't this fun?

Ranma then finding herself with her face still in the man's chest pulled back looked up shyly and gave little laugh and said in a whisper.




Ranma: Ummmm! sorry.

Stranger: Not at all my dear  not at all.

As he looked down at her  his face was a little flushed. Ranma gave him another peek and then looked down in shame. He was a rather   handsome well groomed man  in a very expensive 3 pice  green suite. In his mid to  late 50's she would have  guessed. Well at least he seamed to be having fun  Ranma thought. likley the biggest thrill he has had in a long time. Oh well! Now this has to stop I need to control myself before this   become a sceen.

Akane thought poor Ranma  must be claustrophobic.  This must be so ruff on her  to be crowded in like this. Then Ranma turned back to the matter at hand when she   found that her little scant panties were under attack yet again. With a hard yank   of the attacking hand Ranma  could feel the cotton give slightly And Ranma realized  she would have to give up this fight. She could most likely remove the hand with a little more effort but at maybe the cost of her panties. The mini skirt did very little now to hide Ranma's need's but what would she do with   the loss of her panties? True they were small but they  did hide oh so much from view. As she thought about this another hard yank was   done and Ranma heard the  cloth tear and the panties  give a little more. And as the hand was about to do so again Ranma knew that they would not hold though   another attack. Ranma in a low whisper  said to him.

Ranma: Ok Ok I give in don't fight with me now.  You wine you can take my panties over just please Please don't rip them   as you do.




As Ranma released the hand it did tug at the panties and to the side just ruff enough to make the leg band   give and as the elastic popped  it snapped and bit in to one  of her soft vagina lips. Ranma  gasped in fear that the panties  would pull completely free.  But the damage was very small and in fact would not  even show with out a very  close inspection.

But in turn the message was  sent for Ranma to understand  and it was very clear in every  way. With out so much  as word being spoken.

Do not mess with me again and do as I wish NOW!

Ranma froze in place as  the fingers then began to  tug the soaking lip's open  that made a wet Splish of a sound.  The thin mat of pubic  hair looked much darker  red then normal. As it was  matted to Ranma's skin from the steady flow of cunty cream. As he caress her   clitty the small clit seamed  to be as hard and the same  shape of a 32 caliber bullet. Rather large in comparison to  the size of Ranma's dainty little cunt. He flicked it with  his finger tips and then slid  the finger in to the gooey cunty hole the hole was in  fact so tight only one finger was allowed and only for a  short distance before it was  confronted by the maidenhead.

 It my be a well known  fact but yes Ranma was indeed a virgin.

The finger probed and tested  the barrier and then moved  on to yet another orifice.

Now this was the shy  pink ares of Ranma's. Ahhh! what a sight it was. A sweet little hairless opening that was in fact even tighter looking then her virgin pussy. As the one finger that had came from her vagina came   in contact with the pucker it patted a wet glob of gooh on to the hole and began to lube it. Ranma began to see   what was in store for her. As finger full after finger full   of cunty cream was being lubed in to her. And the the finger slipped in and out of the asshole braking in only slightly past the barrier of the tight muscles   it made small little popping  sounds in response turn after turn.

Then something new happen.  Ranma found a third hand now in the dripping crotch. As it massaged the folds of   her pussy and problem at the  hole it was then that she  realized who this hand this was to now.

She looked up at the tall handsome man as he looked   down at her.




Stranger: So you could not wait  for me could you?

Ranma was in yet another  predicament.

Ranma: No no you can't.

Stranger: I know I know! rip your panties well as long as you mind there will be no problem.

He snickers. he opened the last 2 buttons of  his shirt to show his thick  uncut skin covered penis to Ranma it was a fill 12 inches  over the crotch of his pants and inches below Ranma's Redding face and bulging eyes. He played a finger in to the lose skin that covered the head and brought out a full   finger of dripping cum.

And then brought it to Ranma's mouth. Ranma turned away blushing. The man with his hand still between Ranma's legs   grabbed the panties.

Stranger: Must I rip them?

Ranma looked up at him and as she did he painted her lip's with the cum. As he smiled he said.

Stranger: Lick them.

Knowing better then to not she looked at him with a evil look and ran her lounge over her lip's.

Stranger: good now swallow it.

Then at that moment the 2 men meet hand's as they both pulled back and looked at each other. And in that glance it was shown that   neither man minded in sharing this little tramp.

Stranger: Kiss it!

Ranma looked down at it with red tear welling eyes.

Stranger: Kiss it!

She leaned in and kissed  the tip.

Stranger: More deeper.



.............................. R As ranma took it in to her mouth deeper the man urges her on with a steady presser on the back of her head this took some time but Ranma did take Well over half of the steal hard dick in to her through. Ranma started to gag and try to slip   off but he held her and pushed her yet a few more inches deeper. Long strings of spit flowed from her oral love hole and down the mans penis.

Ranma's cheeks bulged out as  she gaged but she did at all  time's fight to keep it as quite as it possibly could be with out letting any one know. The man looked   around then back to her face that was red and angry. Stranger: Again and this time you will take it all.

Ranma spit then gasped.

Ranma: No! I can't it's to big.

Stranger: Again! Now!

As well as for that out burst you will lick my balls   as my dick fucks your mouth  all the way.

You know the price if you don't? Your little panties.

Ranma gave a sob then  took a deep breath and placed her face over  the penis.




At this moment the stranger  took her by the nose pinching  her nostrils shut and pulled  her face all the way down to  the zipper there was no less  the 12 inches of dick meat now  down her Oral chute. And with a vice like grip he held her there in place for no less   then a full 2 minuets. Ranma's  through squeezed and contracted around the mans  dick spit bubbled and spilled  on to his pants. The pubic hair tickled her nose and the ruff metal zipper   scratched her lip's. Ranma placed her free hand  to his crotch and tried to push her self away. He could hear her whimper around his fucking prick. Her eye's spilling over. As they rolled to look at him pleadingly. The man looked down approvingly at her.

Stranger: Now lick my balls!




Ranma worked her tongue  in to the zipper and flicked  and rolled it to urged the balls free from the pants.  All the time the man held  her lips tight to the base. She licked madly at them. If she would have had the   room in her throat. She would have Vomited right   then the gaging need was so bad.   Oh how he had always wanted to do this to a elegant looking young woman. After licking his balls nice and slick and working her tongue yet even under   them to clean his sweaty  taint and just barley able  to flick her tongue like a  tiny pink butterfly over the very very edge of his asshole. All the time looking at him. He did finally release her. When he did finally let go of her she sprang up like   there was a spring in her. And leaving a trail of spit following her way up almost like Old Faithful her self. And no one seamed to have even noticed. It was done so smooth and casual in manner and as quite as could be imagined. All the time the other fingered  away at her puckering Bunghole.

  Ranma looked at him with rage in her face.   A string of the thick spit hanging from her pony-tail.

Stranger: You re good!  Now we can begin now  that I have been properly  lubed for you.

Ranma: For what?

The man laughed lowly.

Stranger: For fucking my  girl Fucking.

Ranma: No we cant you see I am a virgin still.

Stranger: Not for long now.

The stranger bent down  his Penis and placed it at the mouth of Ranma's  Virginia. Ranma looked on with bulging eye's. It now looked even bigger then ever. Ranma tried to back out of this problem   but found the hands of the other holding her hips in place. Ranma found   her self whispering to them.

  Ranma: No take my panties   rip them off leave me bare  ass but not this no don't.




Then at that moment the stranger pushed and the other held her tight and the   head slipped in to meet  the maidenhead. Ranma bite down hard on her lip now expecting the worst to happen. And then with the second shove the now taunt stretched virginhood tore and the hole parted and the shaft slipped in 4 throbbing inches. ............................



Ranma only sobbed but so slightly then let go of her lip. Sure it did hurt a little but it was not that bad at all in fact it was a rather nice filling once the few seconds of   pain passed. It made her  fill so full and it felt so right. The man then lifted her by her hip and lowered her down were she was now on the full 12 inches.

And as he was so much  taller then her her feet were about 8 inches off the Subway Car floor.

The only thing supporting her  was the man's penis.  The genteelly rocking and  Vibrations of the tracks made it to were he man did not even have to pump   to give them both unequalled pleasure. Then there was yet a new feeling as there was   now the penis of the other  man now probing at her shit chute. As he pulled at the cheeks to hold them wide   he placed the head to  the hole. ............................



Ranma's little pink pooper  puckered on the tip of his penis like a sweet mouth  kissing it and welcoming  it's love.

Ranma was at such a  state of total fulfilment. She was most willing to all and every thing to be   offered to her. As the man from behind was shorter then the one in front he was able to gain   easy access and began to pump way with ease in to Ranma's most willing asshole.

Ranma was so happy her tight shitter let out little farts of joy as he pumped away. ............................



As he pumped into her.  Her clit rubbed on  the base of the man's  penis and belly and was  in turn tickled by the  thick bush of male  pubic hair now damp by  both her spit and oozing virgin cream. As Ranma's orgasm came  near she bit the man's  chest more so the nipple beneath the shirt and squeezed the man's arm with her free hand. The other was still holding Akane's.

  When the Orgasm took hold her her head whipped   back fort several times.  Her eyes rolled back and  she jerked like a rag doll hung on a string. She then passed out for several second's be fore she revived.

Ranma when she came though  acted as if she was completely unaware of what  was being done to her. As if as only now she was  put in to this situation.  So intense was her orgasm that it had placed  her in to a momentary  state of Shock.

Ranma: were am I? What's happening?

Oh my gosh she said to her self this is really happening to me I thought it was all a dream. Ranma looked at the beat red face of the handsome man in front of her. And she knew what was about to happen. As well as the pumping penis in her now sore asshole was also picking up his pace as well. Ranma looked at the man  and pushed at his chest  and said to him.

Ranma: No No don't you dare do what I think you are about to do.

Stranger: Oh yes! It's to late now baby. Who's your Daddy??   Who's your Daddy?

Ranma: No you can't! Let me down now.  This is not fairrrr!. You bastard! No don't!

Ranma Sobbed. ............................



At that moment the prick  in Ranma's ass let loose with it's load deep in to her shitter. It was like some one had  pored in a gallon of vinegar in to her poor  well fucked raw ass. She wiggled and shook as he finished feeding her pooper his seed. All of this thrashing was all   the tall man needed to  finish bringing he to over  the edge. He then grabbed her hips and pulled her down on his   dick as hard as he could even though she had rested on it's base the full   time. As if he were making sure that he shot his load as deep as posable in to her overly filled fuck hole. With this the prick in  her ass slipped out with a wet PLOOP! And several cum spraying farts. ............................



There was barely enough  room for his dick as it was  let alone his sperm. But he was going to make sure  that every corner was filled with his goo. Her ass cheeks were balled in his fist so   tight they cramped and frogged.

Stranger: Yah Yah! eat my  cum with that fucking sweet Virgin cunt.

Her eyes now bulged in  fear this guy was now a mad man. He was now  drooling and making wild noise as his hips dug in deeper to fully   White wash Ranma's cunt hole with his creamy cum. As his hip's then slowed then stopped. He then as fast as he  had become a sex monster  turned back in to the nice man that was before  her only a few moments  before. He looked at her very nervously and sat her down. Looked around   took out a handkerchief  and blotted his head and seen that no one was looking at him and then looked at Ranma who was dumbfound and about   to fall on her ass as she  was yet to gane her legs.

  Stranger: Thank you ever   so much.  I have not been with a woman like that for many  years now. Here is a little something for your  trouble and he handed her  a small wad or paper.

Oh and here you my need this?

He handed her the hanky.  Ranma took both with out speaking only looking very dumb at the time. The man then pushed his way though the crowed and to the doors pulling the cord he left.

The man who had been  behind her all the time.  Was also gone from site  it would also seam. There was still one person between Ranma and Akane.   As Ranma still held her hand.

Akane: Ranma? Ranma?

Ranma's head cleared.

Ranma: Yah what? what?

Akane: Are you ok?

Ranma looked around no  one looked as if they  seamed to have Know what had happen. Or did it even happen?

Akane: Ranma?

Ranma: yah! I'm fine I think?

Akane:I did not know you were claustrophobic?

Ranma: Huh! neither did I.

Ranma said as she swabbed her sore snatch   and tossed the hanky on  to the Subway Floor.  And Readjust her Panties. Happy to see they had  not received to much damage.  And were it was at was covered by the mini skirt. As they walked from the  Subway Akane feeling sorry for Ranma and her fear  of crowded places. Said. Akane: Ranma that was a lot of fun thank you Ranma for suggesting we take the   Subway it was a very cleaver idea you had.

And patted her back. Ranma: Heh! Heh! yah lot's of fun there.

As they walked on.

Ranma: I have to go to the can. I'll be right back.

Ranma went in to the  stall and took a seat on  the stool to void what  she knew was in her so deep in both her holes. As she did she remembered   the man had gave her a  small folded paper.  It in fact was still in her hand  and she had never even looked at it yet. As Ranma was filling much more like her old self now.   She took and unfolded the  paper it was in fact 2 pieces  of paper 2 $100.00 bill's.  Ranma's mouth dropped and her eye's bugged out  two hundred buck's well  Shit in a hole.

    Yah I am sore as fuck  but $200.00 makes me fill better. Cool it only took like what 15 minuets at the most. I could make   a fortune like this.

  Ranma as comes out busting in to the corridor.

Ranma: Let's go shopping!

I want to see every thing and do every thing.

Akane: Well that sure is a  change of pace. But We  don't have that sort of money Ranma. All I have is my allowance  and what ever You have. And I doubt you have all that much.

Ranma: I have money!

Ranma Waved the bill's in her face.

Akane: Oh Gosh Ranma  Cool! Wait a minute. Were did you get that money? Ranma yanked his hand  back in defiance.

Ranma: Hey I URNED it!  What are you trying to SAY?

Why could I not have some Cash stored back   for the trip to?


Akane: Ranma I am sorry. So were do you want to go first?

Ranma: Well let's start at the  bottom of this town and work our way around from there. To the Subway!

Akane: The Subway?

Ranma: What better way  to get us around.

And what a better way for me to add to this little   jack pot. Ranma thought.

Latter that night. Back at the Tendo's Room's. Ranma and Akane come  busting in to the Room  holding bag's upon bag's of items.

Ranma: Wee home at last she panted.

Soun: Well Well it would seam you girls had fun?

Akane: It was a blast we seen every thing  Ranma and me had  a Ball today.  Only problem was every  time we got on a Subway  I would find my self losing Ranma.

And I think were road every  one of them there is in  this town. There must be 50 of them.

Ranma: 54 of them.

Soun: all this on your Allowance?

Akane: No Ranma was holding  out on me he was loaded. We ate at some of the  most expensive restraints  and got gift's for every one.

Genma: the Panda held up  a sine with a large $=?

Ranma quickly change the subject.

Ranma: So Pop How was the  Zoo and the new Panda?  Was she Pretty?

Genma: Held up another sine. She was way to young for me LOL!

Every one laughed.

Ranma:That was funny Pop.

But now is every one  hungry let's all go out and  eat my treat. Every one cheered and  began to get ready. At that moment in came  Happosai. Grinning from ear to ear.

Kasimi: Oh! Master Happosai  you are back just in time  we are all about to go out and eat Ranma's treat.

Happosai: Heh! Heh! My good luck must be holding I got my book filled with every starlet I ever wanted to meet.

Kasimi: You got all there autograph's. That is  so sweet.

Happosai: Autographs? No there Panties Heh! Heh!  the locks on there camper  doors are no match for me.

Every one laughed. As Ranma got ready to  take them all out. She took a small paper bag in  to her room and shook it  out on to the bed.

It held what looked to be a  several thousand Dollars. As  she ran her hands though  it and laughed.

Ranma: This is one trip  I wont forget for a long time to come.

She sat with some discomfort  on to the bed.

Ranma: Oh man is my  ass sore.  But all this cash will buy a lot of Preparation H.  Now if the next 2 day's go as well as today I will be  sent till at least or next trip to the city.

Ranma Laughs. The end? As Ryoga and Mousse walked  back to the Hotel.

Ryoga: I can't belive you  fucked Ranma on the Subway like that.

Mousse: Neither can I.

I was just going to taunt the fuck out of her. But when the guy in front of   her when for it I figured what the fuck.

Ryoga: Well all I can say  it was fucking hot.

To bad I could not get in  on that action.

Mousse: Well there is  always a chance you can  try it tomorrow.

Ryoga: Or maybe if some  one don't sleep with there  back to the wall I may  get my chance even a lot sooner then that  Duck Boy.

Ryoga on saying this reached out and grabbed a hand full of Mousses   ass cheek.

Mousse: Hey cut it out!

Mousse jerked back.

Ryoga: Come on Duck boy  be my bitch tonight and  let me pump them buns.

Mousse running down  the road to the hotel with Ryoga after him.

Mousse: How can you fuck  what you can't even catch?  Hah! Hah!

Ryoga: Oh you are asking for it bad you bitch.

Your going to get it.

Mousse: Fuck You!

Ryoga: Come Back here!


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