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By Doc Icenogle

This is an old story recently found again that was lost during the many movies from free hosts before we started paying for our hosting as we do now.

Fang :

Fiddle I don't know how to thank you for this. You are saving my life really.

I just don't know how to think you.

Fiddle :

Will you just forget it.

We been best friends ever since we where in first grade. There is no need to thank me.

Just get over it you big lug.

Fang :

With losing my Job At the Still plant. I just don't have any where to go.

Fiddle :

Forget it my home is yours.

Fang :

I don't know how I can repay you for staying here. Fiddle :

Forget it will work out some thing. If you really feel that bad about it.

Just relax.

Hey I tell you what bud I got a idea how about now that you are out of work.

How would you like to take over all the chores around the house. You know the cleaning and the Cooking and stuff.

Fang :

yeah sure that's a great Idea heck I love to cook as well. Heck I will even do the windows. lol!


Ok It's a deal!

Later that night.

And several beers later.

Fiddle :

The place looks great Fang and I never knew you was such a good cook. Fiddle patted his belly and then lets a big fart. OOPS!

Fiddle :

LOL! Oh gosh remember back in Jr High we use to have Belching and Farting competitions?

And how you use to light your Farts.

For a laugh.

Fang :

Oh shit that was a blast.

Gosh I have not thought of that stuff for years. Fiddle :

I never forget the good old days Bro.

Fang :

I bet I could Be a champ at it now days. Shot every thing I do makes me fart. lol!

Fiddle :

Fang you where the Fart master even back then. Remember you held the record 25 Sec.

Fang :

Heck I could beat that it with my legs closed. lol! Fiddle : Put your money where your money is buddy. Five bucks says you don't even got it in yeah.

Fang :

Your on!

Grab your stop watch. Buddy!

Fang preceded to remove his blue jeans and shorts. And pulled out a lighter.

Reclining on to the couch Fang pulled his legs up in the air and rested his knees on his shoulders.

So that his body was supported buy only his neck and shoulders. Fang: Ok Fiddle call it!

Fiddle :


No sooner where had the words left Fiddles lips. A bright Blue flame light up the room.

With the sound of a rushing wind.


Fiddle :

Come on now boy come on hold it don't stop you can do it. Sweat was popping out on Fangs forehead. 48 sec the flame came to a end.

Fiddle :

A new record!

48 seconds.

Fang jumped up running and fanning his tail. The smell of singed Fur filled the room.


Oh Shit Oh shit!

Fang :

My ass is on fire.

I think I singed my balls to boot.

As fang ran to the bathroom.

Fiddle rolled on to the floor.

Laughing him self to tears.

Several Minuets passed and Fang came back with a ice pack and sat it into the chair he had been in before and eased in a slow manner on to it.

Fiddle :

You ok Bro?

Fang :

I burnt my asshole.

How do you think I feel he smirked.


Well you made 5 bucks for it.

Fiddle laughed.

Fang :

Oh yeah I forgot.

That just makes it all worth while.

Now I can buy some burn cream with it now huh. Fiddle :

Ahhh look at it this way you broke your very own record. You are even better then ever.

Fang :

Toss me my money Bro.

Fiddle :

You come and get it.

I don't deliver.

Fang :

Fucking Asshole.

Fiddle :

look who's calling who a Asshole.

You are the one who set your fart on fire.

Fang :

But you told me to.

Fiddle :

Oh well then I guess that makes it all my fault. I forgot you never where very clever Fang. All brawn and know brains.

Fang :

Remember this asshole it was my brawn that saved your ass many a time from it being kicked for being a little smart ass.

Fiddle :

Looked fondly at his friend.

Fang Was a huge Timber Wolf his fur was a Blue and White. Fang stood 6 foot 3 and was 265 pounds.

To fiddle's 5 foot 8 178 pounds.

Fiddles was a Fox of bright Orange fur and was trimmed in black and White.

Both were very handsome members of there species. How could I ever forget Bro.

And I never will.

Now come and get your money.

Fang grimaced as he pulled him self from the chair and hobbled over to his friend.

Fiddle :

Really hurt that bad.

Fang :

Ever heard of a Fur that burnt his asshole good? Dumb ass?

Fiddle :


Poor Fang come on it cant be that bad.

Come on show it to me.

Fang :

"Hey Fuck you!"

Fiddle :

Hey there is a extra 5 bucks in it for you big guy. Come on you know can use it.

And what is the harm.

It's not like I am asking for a lap dance you know. Better take it while I am drunk.

Fang :

LOL! And if I was not Drunk you would never see it. But what the fuck. Here Bro Knock your self out!

Laughing Fang lifted his tail to the side and pulled open his rear cheeks and showed Fiddle his tailhole.

The fur was totally singed away from the hole. Making it look as if he had shaved it. Though The fur was singed the hole and the area it looked no worse for wear after Fangs little trick.

Fiddle :


I would have never believed it Fang.

Fang :

What's so funny?

Fiddle :

I always thought you would be a dirty brown. Not such a sweet shade of pink.

Fang :

Funny Smart ass.

Fiddle :

Your new nick name is going to be pinky.

Fang :

I am going to kick your ass every time you call me that to.

Fiddle :


You can put it way now.

I'm scared if I keep looking at it I might just get a nut. It's so pretty. LOL!

Fang :

Hey fuck you!

Fiddle :


But you better watch it or it might just happen to you some day if you show it to the wrong guy Fang.

Fang :

Yeah like that will ever happen.

Fiddle :

And you know what the bad thing is you may like it. LOL!

Fang :

Oh yeah!

Isn't that the greatest fear of all man kind. LOL! And with that Fang let another ripping fart.

Fiddle :

Why you Big nasty Bastard.

With that Fiddle goosed fang in the ass. Fang jumped with a start. And turned around and put a foot under the front of Fiddle's chair and kicked it over.

Landing Fiddle flat on his back in the Chair.

Fang : Take that pretty boy.

Fiddle :

Ahhhh! come on Baby give it up.

Fang :

Wooo Hooo!

Fang run and chuckled off to get yet another beer. Fiddle :

You big tease! lol!

Much later in the night and a couple of

cases of beer latter.

Fiddle was awoke with a start!

When he felt a cool night breeze wash over his body. As he felt the covers pulled from him.

And a pair of strong Paws caressing his hips and thighs. He reached for the lamp on the stand next to him and when the lamp light illuminated the darkened bed room Fiddle founded him self looking down at Fang stretched out on his belly looking up at Fiddle.

Fiddle :

Bro what are you doing?

Fang :

Filling my duties.

Our agreement was that in return for staying here I would take care of all of the responsibilities and all the needs here at the house.


Fang please you don't have to do this.

Fang leaned forward and Kissed Fiddles belly. Fiddle gasped!

Fiddle :

Fang you don't have to do this for me you don't owe me this.


Now moving up Fang kissed his way up

Fiddles belly.

Fang :

Please don't make me Stop Fiddle.

Fiddle :

But Fang you don't owe me this at all.

Fang :

But I want to do this for you I need you. Fang now kissed Fiddle and and held him tight.

Fiddle :

Are you sure this is what you want fang. Fiddled moaned in to fangs muzzle.

Fang :


I have been wanting to do this with you for so many years it hurts. Please don't take it away from me this night.

Fiddle :

Oh Fang if only you could have know how long I have wanted to hear you say these words to me.

Fiddle and Fangs eyes both welled in tears of joy. As the shared there first embrace as lovers. And shared tender kisses of love. Both whimpered and sobbed in uncontrollable Joy and Love for each other. As they held each other in there loving embrace.



My sweet dear Fang I love you so much.

I could Cry when I think of all the years we have wasted. When we could have been so much more then friends. When we could have been lovers. Fang :

No don't!

Please my heart don't cry.

We are here and now and we have always loved each other but now we can truly show our true inner feels.

Don't feel sorrow for love that we have lost. But only joy for all the love we shale now have to share for ever.

Fang kisses away the tears from fiddles eyes. Licks his snout and works his way to nuzzle Fiddles neck.

Fang :

My daring Fiddle I want to be your bitch. Fiddles eye pop open wide.

Fiddle :


You have always been like a Bull in a china Closest. You are the toughest Wolf I ever known you are always in a fight with some one. Are you sure you said that right?

Fang :


Fiddle I did. I wish you to be my master. I wish to be your Sub to your Dom side.

As long as I am in your house I want to server you as your mate. I want to be your bitch.

Fiddle :

I don't know what to say say?

Fang :

Say Yes!

Fiddle :


Oh! Fang yes you may be my Lover be my "BITCH!" Fang : Oh yes Sir please!

Be My Loving Master.

Darling my I now server you?

Fiddle :

Yes My slut Puppy.

You may now serve your master.

Fang :

Oh thank you sir!

Fang began to kiss his way down Fiddles body whimpering with both happiness and lust.

As Fang began licking and kissing Fiddles Nipples. Fiddle gasped and gnashed his teeth.

So aroused was the tender man berries

erect like little bullets of love.

Fiddle :

Now be genital my pet.

Or I may have to punish you.

Fang :

What ever you wish from me I am here to only bring you joy.

Fiddle :

then proceed my pet .


As fang worked his way lower he licked and kissed the fine belly fur matting and wetting it down as he went along.

Fang :

Am I bringing you pleasure with my Kisses Sir? Fiddle :

Yes my darling the more you kiss me the more happiness I feel.

Fang :

Then I shall Shower you in kisses both day and night. For all I now live for is our love.

Looks down in to Fangs face.

And winks.

In that case Sweet fang more Kissing and less talk You have a lot of work ahead of you tonight.

As fang gives a big smile he works his way down even farther down his belly.

to Fiddle's Penis that is now slipping from his sheath. It is about 4 inches at this time slick and pink pointed and throbbing. As Fang begins kissing the tip fiddle mewed softly in response. Fang takes the shaft in to his paw and begins to lower his muzzle on to the shaft. As he is very careful not to scrape it with his fangs and sucked it very gentile an lovingly.

Fiddle began to pant slightly.

As the penis grew longer and harder Fang began to suck harder and cupped Fiddles hanging balls in his paws.

rolling them in gently squeezing them.

Fiddle mused and rolled his eyes back in his head and a drop of drool formed in the corned of his maw as he puffed out his cheeks. The knot swelled trapped under Fiddles sheath. His penis was now 7 inches deep in Fangs muzzle.

Fang took hold of the sheath and began to try to tug it down and over the knot.

The knot was now swollen about the size

of a baseball now.

And still growing

As fang tugged harder Fiddle began to growl deep in his tense through. Fang took the sheath and began to roll it over the penis with a determent amount of force no.

Fiddles penis that was now on its way from a pink to and angry looking red.

as the sheath stretched it appeared it was not going to let the knot slip free and would rip before it gave in. But then it popped free. With a wet slurping sound.

And Fiddle yelped loudly and and began

to pant madly.

Fiddle looked down at Fang.

Who was no lapping at the knot and slobbering all over fiddles groins. As he looking at Fiddle and smiled as he waged his Tail 90 to nothing.

Fiddle :

Oh you ask for this now you are going to get it. Fiddle sat up and grabbed fang by he tail and pulled his hind section around on to the bed and over to his own face. As Fang's erect flopping wet dripping penis danced over Fiddles face. Fang giggled around Fiddles throbbing meat. MMMM! Fiddle moaned as he pulled the hard meat in to his muzzle and then took hold of fangs ass cheeks and pulled him down and deeper into his mouth. Soon Fangs ball rested on Fiddles snout and Fiddle breathed deeply as he sucked

with great passion on the throbbing meat. That was now 12 inches down his own thought as he gagged only slightly on its thickness. He fondled Fangs firm cheeks and tried his best to work the knot free from the sheath and in to his mouth.

Fangs massive knot was every bit a big as a nice sized grapefruit. As Fiddle sniffed the air he pulled back and looked about.

Fiddle :

I smell strawberries?

As in response to this the Wolf turned to look over his shoulder at Fiddle.

Fang :

Strawberries and Cream.

Fang said and blushed.

Fiddle :

Where is the stuff at?

You know how much a Fox loves strawberries. Fang :

Its not really here Fiddle.

Fiddle :

Well then why can I smell them?

Fang :

its a scented Douche I picked up when I when for more beer. Do you like it.

Fiddle :

A Douche!

You mean you Douched your ass for me?

That's so sweet Fang.

Thank you.

Oh yes Fang I love the sent.

It's just got me in the craving for some to eat now. Fang : Well! The Douche is flavored like strawberries as well as scented.

Fiddle :


Sounds tempting.

Fiddle looks up in to the little pink puckering tail hole. As Fiddle pulled the tail cheeks to his muzzle. He darted out his timed tongue over the hole. Then drew it back into his mouth unassured of his move. Rolled the flavor around in his mouth

And then smiled in a most well pleased



Fiddle wrenched the checks wider and fluttered his tongue snake like manner as the hole puckered in a mad frenzy. Fiddle slapped the right cheek and snarled.

Fang :

This is the best 5 bucks I have ever spent in my life. As Fang panted his tongue hung from the corner of his mouth dripping of drool and pre cum his eyes rolled back in his head till only the whites showed.

Fiddle :

Now you fucking little slut open that tail hole. feed me that strawberry sweet boy hole "NOW!"

Fang :

"Oh Yes Sir!"

Fang grunted and pushed out with his asshole to better allow Fiddle to taste the secret depths of his fruit flavored hole.

Fiddle :

"Wider Bitch!"

Fang :

Like this?

As Fiddle probed deep into the hole Fang fought the urge to squeeze out the tongue and relax and allow in to play and lap and the dainty little anal lips.

Coaching them to open and allow the wet ruff tongue to now slipping in to the lips like a lustful french kiss.

Fiddle :

Yeah Baby make it kiss back.

make that boy pussy suck on my fucking tongue. Fiddle mumble around his probing tongue, Fiddle: Mmmm!

Feed me that ass baby!


Do you like the taste of my boy Pussy fiddle? As he heard a chuckle from his new mate Fiddle. Fang smiled with over whelming ecstasy.

Fiddle :

Like it I LOVE it.

Fiddle snarled and bit fangs ass cheek.

Fang yipped and the laughed.

Fang :

Oh Fiddle be genteel I am a Virgin.

Fiddle :

Not for much fucking longer you sweet little bitch. Big Daddy Fiddle it going to pop that cherry.

You are my little wifey now.

My sweet beautiful Boy bride.

And this is our Honeymoon.

And that sweet little Boy hole is going to be wrapped around the bass of my hot hard dick like a wedding band before you can say. "I DO!" You got that?

Fang :

Yes Sir!

My big Strong loving HANDSOME Hubby!

Fiddle :

Ok now I planed on a little 69 here not a chat. Get that muzzle to work.

Fang :

Oh Yes!

As Fang dropped his muzzle he reached under Fiddle and pulled his tail cheeks wide and planted his cold nose to the hole and Fiddle jumped and gave a little Yipp of excitement.

Fang loved the musky sent of the hole and severed it and now for its taste.

Fang run the flat of his tongue over the hole and felt it pucker in response.

Fiddle :

Oh shit!

Eat that ass.

Hay Lap my shitter.

Eat it like Fucking Ice cream.


Now we are talking.

A ass eating 69 what better way to start a life long relationship or show how much we love each other.

With this the horny Fox jammed his muzzle in to Fangs spread ass like he was going to try to fuck him with his drooling wet muzzle. Fiddle rammed his tongue in as deep as he could and wiggles it about like a trapped snake fighting to find and way out.

Only to receive the same hot action from Fang. Fiddle could feel Fang's lower teeth scraping the taint behind his balls and the sharp fangs of the top set of teeth almost biting into the tender skin just below the contact of the Fox's tail.

It seamed as if Fang was trying to pull all of Fiddles ass in to his mouth.

Like he as going to at any second swallow Fiddle whole. Fang tried to force his own maws even wider and force the tongue even deeper. As the K9's fangs dig in to Fiddle's ass.

Fiddle yelped and whimpered .


"Please stop Your Hurting Me!"

Fang snapped from his lust trance at the cry of pain from his lover and his ears drooped in shame and fear.

He then spun and with a cry held his mate tight. Fang: Please forgive me I did not mean to hurt you. I wanted only to bring you happiness and love.

Fiddle :

Fang you are not going to get off that easy. Your ass is in for it now. Now get over my knees.

Fang :

You mean you are going to.....?

Fiddle :

You don't ask Fang You just do.

Now do it!

Fang :

Yes Sir!

Fang climbed over Fiddles knees who had placed him self on a little footstool at the foot of the bed.

Fiddle :

Lift that tail out of the way.

Drape it over to the side now.

Fiddle slapped Fang hard on the ass.


The firm cheeks danced it response to the blow. And Fang's tail responded by once again dipping down between his hind legs as he yipped out loud.

Fiddle :

Move that Tail "NOW!"

Fang complied and received several more hard slaps to his bottom.


Please I am sorry.

I'll be good.


That's more like it.

Know your place.

Right boy?


Yes Sir!


Who's Bitch are you boy?

Who owns you now.

Who's little wifey are you know?

Who do you love?


You Sir!

You Fiddle I am your Bitch, You are my owner, My Hubby, My LOVE! Fiddle pulled up fang from his lap and kissed him. Fiddle: "No!"

You are not my Property I do not own you my sweet silly Wolf. You are my Lover.

My Mate.

But I could never own you.

What ever we do will be because we both want it. I could never force you to ever do any thing agents your will.

If it is not given freely and with love my sweet I would prefer not to have it at all.


Oh my darling love.

I thought I could never love you more.

But once again you have proven me wrong. And I am so happy you have. Fang holds Fiddle tight and cried into his chest. Fiddle takes hold of Fangs lower jaw and tilts his muzzle up to face his own. And kiss's him gently.


Fang I need you.

May I have you know?


My darling.

If your passion is half as great as mine How could I ever say No to you? Let me run to the bathroom and get the Vaseline. Fiddle jumped up and ran to the door.



Fang was shocked at the sudden shout.

Fang spun and looked at Fiddle in shock!


Whats wrong?

Is every thing ok?

Did I do some thing wrong?


Your Ass!



Fang did his beat to try to see his own ass.


Whats wrong with it fiddle?


Are you kidding?


How could I have never seen that before? The way it jiggles and dances when you move. It is like its almost talking. Telling the world to make love to it.

And I am the lucky bastard who is about to do it. Fang: And it's also saying.

It's for you and nobody else but you.

With that fang flipped his tail up made the little hole give a teasing little wink.

a little fart and dashed out of the room. Fiddle: You better run or I will just have to take it dry. I can't take this much longer.

I am so hot I could cum just looking at that sweet ass. Hurry please Fucking hurry!

I need you!

Fang :

I'm Back!

as Fang dashes back in to the room.

With the jar of Vaseline in his paw and as he Giggled jump on to the bed and startles Fiddle.

Fiddle :

Oh Fang I missed you.

they share a kiss and both laugh.

Fang :


I can tell.

Fang looked back over his shoulder at the erect Fox Penis resting and throbbing in the small of his back.

Fiddle :

Come on lets do it right now.

Fang :

Now come on Fiddle not so fast.

Kissing Fiddle long and lovingly.

He then pulled back and rolled onto the bed. Fang kissed Fiddles Nipples and fondled his balls worked his way down his belly and slipped his penis in to his muzzle and sucked it gently and cleaned away the slick clear pre cum that had been released from it since it was last in his wet loving snout.

Fiddle :

No More No more I tell you.

I can't take any more.

Fang pulls back and then takes a last lick and looks at Fiddle.

Fang :

I cant belive we are really going to do this. With that said a nerves Wolf bites open and small foil pack he had brought to the bed with the Vaseline and pulls out a condom and places it on the head and rolls in down the Fox pole.

Fiddle :

What the Fuck is that?

Fang :

A condom.

Is something wrong?

Fiddle :

Yes get that fucking thing off of me.

I know where both safe.

Fang :

Well I douched and all but I was worried I might get you dirty. Fiddle Laughed!

Fiddle :

If it was any one but you my daring I would insist on one. But I want to fill you with my love.

I want you to be the holder of my seed. I want my love to be deep in you.

You are my life mate my Love in every way and form for ever. I need you to receive my offer of love as fully as much as the air I breath. If you deny me this I feel I will die.

Fang :

As I would die with out your love in me. Fang ripped the condom free from Fiddle's throbbing member. And with tear filled eyes showered it in kiss's.


How could I have been such a fool to even think such a thing.

Fiddle :


Fang do not me farther or I swear I will go MAD!

Fang :

No my passion it is now the time.

With a nerves whimper the wolf chuckled at the fox. With a Blush on his face what showed pink even though his white muzzle fur now. He popped the top off the Vaseline looked nerves at Fiddle and smiled as he greased the tail hole.

As fiddle smiled back Fang straddled over the Fox. Fang reached behind himself and took hold of fiddle hard penis and held it to the puckering tail hole.

As Fang held his tail straight up along his spine he eased back on to the head.

His cheeks puffed out he squinted his eyes and gritted his teeth. The Wolfs fart burn had made the hole very tender and this new stretching of it was even more painful then he thought it would ever be. Fang was fighting the urge to clamp his tailhole tight. And kept pushing out the love offering as he leaned back on it.


Fang Blushed.



Fiddle :

No Baby if it helps just do it.

The head then popped in and Fang gasped and Fiddle Yipped in a response of pleasure.

Fang :


Feeh! Feeh! Feeh! Feeh!

Fang panted as more of the penis stretched past his puckers in to the little pooter.

Fiddle :


Let it feed it's way in don't force it.

It will go in on it's own time Fang.

Fiddle held Fangs tail buns wide to help the hole to relax more and allow it to slip in with more ease.

How much longer could he hold off he did not know but he had to for fang's love he had to.

Fang :

Fiddle it hurts it hurts.

Fiddle :

Should we stop?

This is up to you I will not force you.

Fang :


I have to do this.

I must have you.

Just please help me!

Fang sobbed

Fiddles own eyes well up as he looks into his lover tearful eyes. Fiddle

"I Love You!"

Fang :

"As I Love You!"

Fangs little tale hole was resting on the knot of Fiddles penis. But it was to much.

As hard as Fang tried his hole would not open wide enough to accept the love knot.

With a nerves little cry and and a sob Fang then looked and fiddle and whimpered.


"Take me!"

Fiddle :

Are you sure?

Fang :

I cant do it with out your help.

Take Me!

My lover force me to take it.

"Fiddle Help Me please!"

Fiddle :


As Fiddle screamed these words.

He cupped hold of Fang's hips and brought the Wolf down on his shaft. The tail hole Ripped slightly as it slipped over the Foxes knot. And snapped tight around the base of the penis. A trace now of crimson could be seen staining the white of Fiddle's sheath Fur. Fang Yelped and cried out in pain.

As Fiddle raised up to his lover and buried his face in to his fur covered breast and cried.

Fiddle :

My darling I am so sorry.

Fang looked down at fiddle with love in his eyes and caressed his head and leaned down and Kissed it.

Fang :

"Do not Cry!"

You had to do it for me my lover.

You showed me only love by doing this for me. You showed me how much you loved me by taking me this way. I was a virgin. and there is always going to be pain before the pleasure. Now that it is over. Our love can only grow stronger from it. Fiddle looks at Fang and smiles.

Fiddle :

I am so happy to hear you feel this way.

Fang :

How else could feel?

You did it for us you did it fore our love. What you have just done was a thing of beauty.

Fiddle Smirks.

Fiddle :


I am quit the catch aren't I?


You better belive it.


Shale we go on?

With a Little yiff fang kiss's Fiddle.


Well with this knot stuck in me how could I ever say No?


Guess you are stuck being my Bitch after all? Now kiss me you sexy Wolf. They press there muzzles in a tender kiss of love.


Fiddle my love.

Yipping and Yapping like 2 little puppies at play. The two made love for the first time.

Fang was flexing his ass as well as he could locked tight on fiddles knot.

In many ways Fiddle was happy they where locked in this way. He could never stand the friction of a true fuck. Even the off and on presser of Fangs tail hole was driving him wild. All the while the penis in Fang's ass

did the most soothing things for his inner needs. the Fox knot pressed hard on fangs prostate. It was like a throbbing vibrator bringing him closer by the second.

Fiddle leaned forward and took Fang's penis into his mouth and sucked deep of it.

As he did so.

Fang whimpered and bucked hard.

He bent forward and snarled at Fiddle and nipped at the back of his neck.

Fiddle dug his fingers in to fang's buns and sucked hard.

Fang :



With this cry Fang grasped Fiddles head and pulled it deep to the knot. As he pumped best he could on the knot that had him locking in place. Fiddle sucked hard and tasted for the first time in his life the seed of love and he liked it.

He sucked hard and swallowed deep of it. But then soon came is own Orgasm.

The Orgasm of Fang had drove

Fang's asshole into a mad clasping frenzy. the shitter now vibrated fluttered Squeezed and danced around fiddles Penis. This was for then Fiddle could stand and he released his own pent up passion. Sending it deep in to his lovers Male whom. Fang felt this and cried out.

Not only from the way the hot seaman seared in his tender love tunnel. But with utter bliss.

Now Fang finally felt whole.

after all these years of waiting and living a lie now the truth was his. He was the lover of another male.

The mate to his only true love.

If he died now he would die happy in the arms of his true love. he was now compleat.

With the last of Fang's seed eaten Fiddle pulled back and off and fell onto the bed.

Panting and yiffing.

Fang slumped forward over his love and licked his muzzle clean of his own sperm and Fiddles Drool and then Kissed him.

Fang :

Thank you my Lover!

As Fang rested over Fiddles body and

They shared there tender kisses.

The Penis of Fiddle began to deflate.

As it did so Fang could feel it slipping free. and with a Little wet "PLLLOOOPPPP!!!!!!!

It slipped free from the Tail hole and back into it's sheath. They both looked at each other over the sound and laughed.

Fiddle :

"I love you Fang!"

Fang :

"I love you Fiddle!"

Fiddle :

It's late I have to work in the morning. Lets get some sleep. Fang pouted.

Fang :

Yes I guess I better let you sleep.

Fang got out of bed and started for the door.His head low and tall hanging between his legs as he walked.

Fiddle :

where are you going?

Fang :

I was going back to my room so you could sleep. Fiddle : Your place is here with me.

In our bed.

Fang :

You mean I can Stay in here with you tonight? Fang's tail waged wildly and he broke into a pant. Fiddle :


Is that all you want from me is just tonight?

Fang :


Oh Fiddle!

I what to share your bed forever.

Fang run to Fiddles bed and leapt into his lovers arms.

Fiddle :

Then forever it shall be my pet.

Forever it shale be.

but lets get some shut eye.

The Alpha of the house needs his rest you know. Fang:

Yes darling.

As Fang snuggled tight into Fiddles chest they drifted off in to a serene sleep wrapped in the warm glow of there love.

To be continued?

REPOSTED September 18, 2008

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